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This is a work of fiction, and all characters are over the age of 18.

So hello to all! I had originally started a ‘blackmail’ story and never finished it, and instead decided to rewrite it with my two favorite characters having a ‘conversation’ of sorts as they describe the events (and Ashlynn’s reaction!). Hope you enjoy!


It was early evening the next day when Ashlynn and Johnathan were enjoying a bit of cuddle time in front of the window overlooking St. Georgina bay That Ashlynn asked to hear more about Johnathan’s previous blackmail experience.

“Well you certainly seem excited to hear.” He said in a coy manner. Ashlynn’s answer was quite to the point.

“Well Hell yes! I told you before that blackmail stories are ‘my thing,’ and now I find out I’m living with a blackmailer? I’ve spent most of my day today with my hand between my legs! Bae, I’ve cum twice today already! Dammit man, I want you inside me now!” Ashlynn liked how her Man reacted, literally tearing her robe off her, turned her over onto all fours, and with no fanfare shoved her face into the bed, her ass up, and his dick into Ashlynn from behind, slamming it in and out like a jackhammer. With one hand holding her hips, the other holding her at the neck and pushing her into the bed, in no time at all Ashlynn released her murder-scream, her body convulsing in reaction to His dick and a spectacular feeling of warmth washed over her as He shot a huge load of cum deep inside her. They lay for a time just staring at the Sun riding lower and lower on the Gulf before Johnathan began to tell the rest of his story.

Johnathan was glad he had just blown a huge load, because as he began to tell this tale his woman took his cock in hand and started stroking and sucking it as his story continued. “Dayummm Bae…” he got out.

SLUUURP-“C’mon, tell me some more.” She said as she put the head in her mouth. Lifting off for a moment she said “I’m listening…” though it came out garbled with His dick in her mouth.

Well, I knew that Cole wouldn’t return from his business trip for several more days, so the next day when I got home from work, I called Antoinette on the phone, and told her to come across the hall to his apartment wearing nothing but a night shirt….no bra, no panties. I thought she would balk at that because she grumbled for a few minutes, but eventually agreed — I mean what choice did she really have?” As he said this Johnathan playfully rubbed Ashlynn’s butthole and the entrance to her vagina, making her moan.

“So when she knocked on his door, I opened it, and was standing there completely naked. I liked that she looked right at my cock as she entered. So I close the door, whip the shirt off roughly, and grabbed her left breast with one hand, while I pushed her to her knees with the other. Without fanfare I grabbed my hardening dick and shoved it in her mouth, telling her ‘you know what to do, Antoinette…. So let’s get this party started.’ To my surprise she got right to it, moving my almanbahis dick into and out of her mouth, while I stood there with my hands on my hips, rocking slightly to the rhythm of her bobbing head and really digging the ride.”

SLURP “like I-gahh…-am?” Ashlynn asked.

“Shee-yit! N-no Bae, you are mu-much better.” He said, and then continued. So I told to stroke it and play with my balls…yeah, like that” Johnathan commented, as Ashlynn played out his story but used her mouth. “So I also began squeezing and groping her tits. She really moaned and grunted loudly when I pinched and twisted one nipple, then the other. After a bit of this, as you can imagine I was fully hard, so I pulled Antoinette up by the elbows and spun her around, facing away from me. I think she was embarrassed, but I could tell that sucking my dick and the attention to her tits had excited her. So I then bent her over the arm of my couch, rubbed my dick along her pussy crack and shoved it into her from behind, causing Antoinette to grunt from the sudden thrust. I then held her hips and began pounding her from behind HARD.”

At that Ashlynn said “Dammit baby that makes me hotter than fucking Florida asphalt in July!”

“Yeah it felt GOOD to shamelessly pound this woman this way,” Johnathan said. “Baby I REALLY enjoy you best, but hitting her like this was a tight second.”

“So did you orgasm in her?” Ashlynn asked

“No Bae…not yet. She was yelping and twisting under me so it wasn’t like she could like she didn’t want it, so all at once I pulled out. I roughly lifted her up and plopped my ass on the couch, pulled her down with me, and stuffed my cock stuffed Antoinette’s pussy, with her legs straddling his lap.”

Ashlynn took the hint, and giving her Man’s fat cock a few hand pumps, she mounted him and began to grind her pussy on him. The effect took hold in a flash, and with mutual groans Johnathan Roberts slid inside this incredible woman. Looking down at her Man, she said “Oh my, I see you like this…please bae, please tell me more…”

“Ohh,dayumm……” he got out, then managed to get back to his story. “So for several minutes I had his hands on both her hips, bouncing her up and down on my fat dick, as her big tits bounced freely. But when I released her hips to grab her swinging tits, I noticed that she continued bouncing up and down on my prick all by herself. So from here, I began groping and slapping her breasts.” And of course he did this to Ashlynn. The feeling of being inside Ashlynn was off the charts, so he slowed her to a grind, then mumbles something about talking or fucking, her choice.

With Ashlynn now beside him, licking her juices off his cock. Johnathan detailed that then he didn’t last long….he exploded into a huge orgasm, spewing cum deep into Antoinette’s cunt. The final bit was when Antoinette continued to bounce on Johnathan’s shaft as he kept shooting rope after rope of cum into her. He owned that pussy now, and they both knew it. Johnthan then almanbahis yeni giriş detailed how Antoinette had reached one hand down and rubbed her clitoris when she stayed on him Cowgirl. Between her fingers rubbing her clit, and Johnathan’s cock still deep in her cunt, it wasn’t long before Antoinette erupted into her own orgasm. With a shaking, almost crying groan, she continued sliding up and down on Johnathan’s deflating cock, until the tingling sensation of his dick inside her died and he flopped out.

“Damn that makes me want more…” Ashlynn said, “But not sure if I can, thanks my masturbating earlier.”

“Well see, that’s what my bad girl gets for that.” He said, “I should roll you over and spank you>

“You know John,” Ashlynn replied, “I have been thinking about it as of late. But please baby Please! Tell me more, and then let’s talk about what a bad girl I’ve been, OK?”

Johnathan smiled. This was a part of their relationship he had always wanted, and now here it was…so how could he help but smile? Keeping on subject though, he continued. “Well, when our breathing had returned to normal, I had Antoinette grab a towel from the bathroom and clean them both off. Then — just like the previous evening — she cooked dinner in the nude, and then fondled and stroke my prick while we both ate at the dinette table. But this baby-girl, is where things took a fun turn.”

“Oh?” Ashlynn asked.

“Yeah. We were both about to sit on the couch again, same as last night, when my phone rang. When I answered it, of course it was Cole — looking for Antoinette.” They both broke into mutual grins. “I don’t remember it all for verbatim, but wow was Antoinette worried, her eyes big like a deer caught in the headlights. She was frantically shaking her head “NO” to me, as Cole asked him if I knew where Antoinette was. So you know me bar, I immediately pointed at my cock, which had come alive, and was starting to grow. Rolling her eyes, Antoinette grabbed and started jerking it, all the time staring at me with pleading eyes and shaking her head.”

Ashlynn responded by making a show of using her full tongue to like her palm and fingers, then began giving her Man a hand job. With her other hand she kind of waved it as though she wanted Him to continue.

“Well you know me, Bae, I’m all about helping out, so I pushed Antoinette’s head toward my lap, and slipped the tip of my dick into her mouth. Antoinette bobbed her head up and down feverishly, as Johnathan continued his conversation with Cole, hoping to make shoot my wad, and soon.”

“Yeah I know you Bae…” Ashlynn offered, playfully rolling her eyes.

“So of course I said I hadn’t seen her.” Johnathan said, continuing, “Then said “Sure Cole, I’ll walk across the hall and see if she’s in, I’m pretty sure she is.”

Now my dick was now fully erect, but Antoinette had stopped sucking on it and was looking at me frightfully when she heard me say I would go across the hall check on her. I ran my cock almanbahis giriş in and out of her mouth once more, then I turned her around on the couch so she was on her hands and knees. I then knocked on the coffee table, as if it was her apartment door, then said ‘Oh, hi, Antoinette. Cole called me in my apartment because he couldn’t get a hold of you on your cell. Here, you can use my phone’ you should have seen that look as I handed it to her.”

Johnathan then detailed how he handed Antoinette his phone, who took it with a rightfully worried look. “I bet you pushed right into her while she was on the phone!” Ashlynn said with a bit of a laugh.

“Damn right I did. It made Antoinette to stifle a grunt from my assault on her cunt. With supreme effort, she managed to sound light and breezy when she spoke into the phone. Ash baby, that pussy was WET so deep down I knew the deal.” As he described this, he had only to touch Ashlynn to get her to roll over. Like a (mostly) good girl, Ashlynn had turned to face her dressing mirror. Johnathan had to take a moment to lightly touch and rub that magnificent apple ass before he straddled her and enjoyed the look on her face as puuuuushed himself inside her.

“Dammit Ashlynn…y-y-ou are the BEST I’ve e-ever-h-had…” And slowed. I’m gonna hold you like this while I talk.” Johnathan said. The view of himself buried balls deep in Ashlynn Luker was incredible, and it took a bit before he could continue. “Well I kept at it the whole time they were talking, but not hard, just sliding in and out of that juicy twat. I liked how Antoinette bit her lip and stifled moans and grunts. After they said their ‘I love you’s’ and ‘goodbyes’, and Cole told her to hand the phone back to me, and she did so with pleading eyes, then buried her face in the couch. I grabbed her hips and put the phone first on speaker, then on her ass. My orgasm was almost there, but I was holding off. Cole said, ‘Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for checking on Antoinette for me. I appreciate it.’ Ash, AS SOON as I disconnected, I dumped every ounce of liquid in my body inside that woman’s pussy. I just couldn’t take it anymore baby.”

Ashlynn had been slow grinding this whole time, and at that point, her eyes locked in this incredible Man, she began thrusting back into him and squeezing those kegel. “Please cum in me!” she shouted, and it didn’t take long to get that wish.

As they both lay here gasping, fatigue was really taking its toll on these two lovers. This time it was Ashlynn who just managed to guide her Man to the shower. Johnathan elaborated that his neighbors moved a few weeks later, but shortly thereafter Antoinette started showing up on her own, the incentive to do so had apparently changed.

“Well Johnathan Roberts, I have to say that you are FAR and away the most creative and interesting Man I have EVER known.” Ashlynn told him, as they cuddled in the dark. As sleepy delirium began to overtake them, Johnathan ended the night by saying “You know that bad-girl punishment you mentioned? Yeah Antoinette was really into that.

Settling in with her Man wrapped around her, feeling totally safe, Ashlynn hoped that he’d tell her about it as Johnathan Roberts did the same to her, and slipped off into very, very pleasant dreams.

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