Buster, Bec’s , Me 3

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Buster, Bec’s & Me 3

Warning – The following story contains sex between “male-female-female incest sex”, “male-female incest”, “female-female incest”, “male-male incest”, “male-dog”, “female-dog”. ‘If any of these things offend you, or if any of these things are illegal to read about, in your area, please close this file now.

Part two finished with me sucking and licking my Mum to an orgasm, then me getting fucked by Buster.

Sunday is always a lazy in day for me, so it was late morning before I emerged from my bedroom. I went into the bathroom to relive my morning woody, but then decided against it. I was hoping that I could put it to better use later. I finished doing my ablutions before heading downstairs for breakfast.

I got my breakfast and a glass of juice and took it out to the patio. It was another glorious hot day. Both Bec’s and mum were in the pool playing around. I sat there on the patio watching them and eating my breakfast. I started thinking about last night, when Mum came into my room and I finished her off by sucking and licking her pussy. I wasn’t aware that I got a stiffy, only when I felt Buster’s tongue licking the head. I tried to push him away before Mum saw what was happening, but I was too late as my mum called out, “I see some one is pleased to see you this morning” and then laughed. I think I must have blushed a bit, but let Buster carry on licking.

Both Mum & Bec’s were standing by the edge of the pool looking at Buster licking my cock. Then my Mum surprised me by saying, “Are you going to let Buster have all the fun, or are you going to bring that monster over here”.

I was so horny, that I just stood up, my cock sticking up proudly to the sky and walked over to them. They both moved away from the edge of the pool, so I sat down on the edge with my feet in the water and spread my legs open. Bec’s came and stood between my legs, grabbed my cock and began jerking it, then lowered her head down and took me into her mouth. I lay back and let her carrying on sucking my cock.

My mother then got out of the pool and stood over my head so that I was looking at her pussy, she then pulled her lips apart so that now I was looking right up into her pussy. She then lowered herself down still straddling my head until her pussy was over my mouth and told me to lick her out. This I was most happy to do.

It wasn’t long before I was gushing my cum down Bec’s throat, and my mum was gushing her cunt juice all over my face.

By the time Mum and I were recovered, Bec’s was out of the pool and stroking Busters cock.

Mum said “Bec’s what are you doing”

Bec’s then said “Well we have all had some fun, thought Buster should get some”. And with that she carried on stroking his cock until he was fully extended. Bec’s then laid on her back, opened her legs wide and pulled them up. No sooner had she done this and Buster was at her pussy and licking away.

Mum said, “That is so horny”, and with that crawled over to Bec’s and began to lick and suck on her tits.

Not to miss an opportunity, seeing my mum’s arse in the air. I went and knelt between her legs and thrust my rejuvenated cock right into her cunt. Mum began moaning as I thrust hard and fast into her pussy. I then pulled her arse cheeks open and dribbled saliva onto her brown hole. Wetting my finger I began to push it into her arse. I was surprised how easily my finger slipped in going right in. I then began finger fucking her arse as I was fucking her pussy.

With Buster licking out Bec’s, she soon came to an orgasm and screamed out that she was cuuuummmmmmiiiiiigggggg. Buster then moved away, and mum moved Bec’s around so that she could get at her pussy and carry on where Buster had left off. By now my finger was slipping in and out of my mums arse so easily I slid a second finger along side. I could feel my prick sliding in and out of my mum’s pussy through the thin membrane between her holes. Her arse was opening up to my ministrations, so I tried to see if I could get three fingers into her. After the first couple of pushes my three fingers went inside her arsehole.

Mum screamed out, “Yes, Yes, Finger fuck my arse. Oh God I’m gonna cum. don’t stop, oh God, yes, yes, I’m cccccuuuuummmmmmmmiiinnnngggg.

With that her pussy muscles gripped my cock and I emptied my balls once again. I stayed inside her still fucking her arse with my fingers, until my cock started deflating. When it came out I saw my spunk oozing out of mum’s pussy. I moved to the side still finger fucking her. Buster was along side me and must have smelt the joint cum on my cock and began licking it. Once he had licked me clean, I pushed his nose towards mum’s pussy. Buster got a sniff of the scent and began licking mum’s pussy. Then without warning and taking me off guard, Buster mounted my mum and with one thrust found his mark and slid the full length of his cock into her pussy. With my fingers still buried in mum’s pussy, I felt Buster’s cock go the full length.

Mum lifted her head from Bec’s pussy and said,”What the fuck is that”.

I told mum just to relax and enjoy the best fuck of her life. I pulled my fingers from mum’s pussy, and Ankara escort got down beneath her. I licked her pussy and nibbled her clit, watching Buster piston his cock in and out. I then noticed Busters knot banging against her pussy lips. I pulled her lips apart and on Busters next thrust his knot went right in, and started inflating.

Mum said, “What was that, it feels like a lemon gone into me, and it is swelling up”

Just told mum to relax, that was Busters knot, you will now be tied with him for at least 20- 30 minutes.

Mum just said, “Oh Fuck”

Mum was trying to pull away, but I told her she should push back as he fucks forward. Buster then turned so he was arse to arse.

Mum said, “What has he done now”

I told her has turned and is now ready to shoot his cum into you.

Mum said, “Oh my god I can feel his shooting his cum”.

Seeing mum, like that, her arse to arse with Buster and her arsehole still open after the finger fuck I had given her. I pushed Busters tail out of the way, straddled my mum, spat into her hole, wet my cock then placed my cock to her arse ring and pushed. The feeling was incredible.

Mum said, “Oh my god, yes fuck my arse, I’m coming again”.

I pushed harder and harder into her arse and I could feel Buster’s cock throbbing each time he shot into her pussy. I was banging away at mum’s arse going ten to the dozen, when I couldn’t hold back any longer and unleashed the biggest load of cum that I had produced into mum’s arse. I pulled my cock out and Buster was still tied to Mum. Her arsehole was wide open and I could see my spunk in there. About five minutes later, Buster’s knot deflated enough for him to pull out, and it came out with a plop and his cum was running out of mum’s pussy. Buster just went over onto the patio and laid down licking his cock. Mum just collapsed onto Bec’s.

Bec’s crawled out from underneath Mum. Mum rolled on to her back and said, “That was fucking

Bec’s and I jumped in the pool leaving mum to recover. After about ten minutes mum got up and said she was going to make some lunch.

Fifteen minutes later Mum called us for lunch. Whilst we were having lunch Mum had a phone call. After she finished on the phone she came back out to the patio, and said that she had just had a phone call from Uncle Zac in France. (Uncle Zac, Andy and Karl moved to France and bought a Farm two years ago after my Aunt died). Mum said That Uncle Zac has got to go into hospital next week and is likely to be out of action for a couple of months, and was wondering if I would like to go out there for the summer holidays to help Andy and Karl on the farm. She told him that she would ask me and ring him with the answer.

I told Mum I would love to.

Mum said, “Uncle Zac said that it would be hard work and not a holiday as I would be required to help with the day to day running of the farm.”

I told Mum that would be no problem and it would be nice. I would of course miss her and Bec’s, giving her a wink.

Mum the said, “I will talk with your father and if he thinks it will be ok then you can go. You finish school on Wednesday, so you can go out on Friday.”

Bec’s said, “Well if your gonna be away for the summer, I’d better get it while I can”. With that she dropped to her knees, got between my legs and sucked my cock in to her mouth. In seconds I had another raging hard on.

Mum said, “Come on you two cut it out, we have to clear the table then go to Gramps”.

We both said, “Cant we stop here, while you go”.

Mum said, “I’m not leaving you two here to have all the fun. If we go now we can be back for a bit of fun before Dad gets home”.

So I got up and Bec’s followed still sucking on my cock, before I pulled her head off of my cock. We cleared things away and then went and got dressed. When Bec’s came down stairs, (I had already got changed and was sitting in the lounge waiting for her & Mum). I noticed that she was not wearing her bra, her nipples were sticking out very nicely. A few minutes later Mum came down, and I also noticed that she too was not wearing a bra. Things were looking up.

Mum said, “Come on then”. We got to the truck, I got in the middle so that I had Bec’s on my left and Mum on my right. We had only driven for a few minutes, when Bec’s undone my zip, pulled out my cock, dropped her head into my lap and started sucking on my cock.

Mum told Bec’s to stop that, there will be plenty of time for that later.

Bec’s reluctantly stopped sucking my cock, and I put my cock back into my shorts.

About fifteen minutes later we arrived at gramps house. He was pleased to see us. We all went in and Gramps got us all a glass of squash.

After we finished our squashes, mum took the glasses into the kitchen. When she came back, Gramps said to her, “I see you are being sluttish again today, you know what that means don’t you”.

Mum said, “No Dad not in front of the children”.

Gramps then said, “It won’t do them any harm, they will then see what happens to a slut”.

He then told her to strip. Mum reluctantly took off her top then slid out of her skirt.

Gramps Ankara escort bayan then said, “Right you know what to do”.

With that Mum bent over Gramps legs, placed her hands on the floor to steady herself. Gramps then raised his hands and brought it down hard onto mum’s arse with a sounding “Thwack”. He repeated this several times. He then looked at me and Bec’s and told us to strip. I looked at Gramps not quite sure what to do. Bec’s had already started to strip.

Gramps then shouted at me to do it. So I quickly got out of my clothes, trying to hide my hard-on. Gramps, then told me to move my hands so that he could see what I had got. I dropped my hands to my sides, exposing my hard cock.

“You got a good specimen there boy”, Gramps said, wonder if you know what to do with it. Come here and stick it in your mother’s mouth.

I looked at Mum, and she just said, “Do as you are told son”. So I moved over in front of mum and put my cock into her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Gramps had by now stopped smacking mum’s arse, and was rubbing his fingers between her legs. I looked at Bec’s and she was just standing there with her eyes wide open watching what was going on.

Gramps then told me to take my cock out of my mum’s mouth and he then told mum to get on the floor on her hands and knees. He then told Bec’s to come over and take down his trousers. Bec’s did as she was told, and as she pulled them down both Bec’s and I had a shock. Gramps cock was huge, half hard he was about 2” in diameter and about 9” long. He then told Bec’s to get on her knees and suck his cock till it is hard. Bec’s did as she was told, her hand could not get around the thickness of his shaft, and she guided it towards her mouth.

Gramps then said, “Come on girl get on with it”.

Bec’s opened her mouth and took him into her mouth and started sucking on the cock head. Gramps put his hand behind her head and started to fuck her mouth pushing more into her with each thrust. His cock was beginning to thicken up and I could see Bec’s struggling with the size of it. He then pulled her mouth right onto his cock forcing it down her throat, then releasing her so that she could gulp in air. He kept on doing this until he was pushing the full length down her throat. Gramps then pulled her head of his cock and it was massive, must have been nearly eleven inches long.

Gramps the dropped to his knees and told Bec’s to put his cock into her mother’s cunt.

As Bec’s put his cock head against Mum’s pussy, he shoved the full length of his cock into her and started fucking her fast. He kept going for about ten minutes before he pulled out of Mum’s pussy.

Gramps then turned to Bec’s and said, “Right you little slut, dressing like you do, no bra & knickers it is now your turn”.

Gramps then sat down and pulled her over his knee and started spanking her arse. Her arse soon became red with his ministrations. He then stood her up and turned her so she was facing him. Pulled her legs open and pulled her so that she was straddling his legs. He then told me to come over to him and hold his cock up right. I put my hand around it and could feel the power in it. He then slowly lowered Bec’s on to his cock. He slid her down six inches onto his cock then started lifting her up and down on his cock so that he was fucking her.

Gramps said to her, “You are no virgin, you little slut.” And began fucking her faster. Bec’s was moaning and squirming with his cock going in and out of her pussy. With Gramps next thrust up he lost his grip around her waist and Bec’s weight pushed her right down on his cock. Bec’s screamed as she was impaled on his huge cock. I could see that the full eleven inches was up inside Bec’s pussy. It must have gone right through her cervix into her womb. Gramps thrust a few more times then held Bec’s right down on his cock. He made a few moans and I knew that he was shooting his spunk deep into Bec’s.

Gramps lifted Bec’s off of his cock. He told Mum to lay down on the floor on her back, then he instructed Bec’s to sit over her mouth and let her mother eat her out. He then told me to get on my knees, as I did so he stuck his cock in my face and told me to suck him clean. I licked his cock, but he told me to open my mouth. As I did so he pushed his cock right into my mouth. Gramps began to fuck my mouth, and with each push he was going deeper into my mouth. Mum was slurping away at Bec’s pussy, when Gramps gave a huge push and his cock went right down my throat, I nearly gagged, when he pulled it out of my throat, I took a huge gulp of air when he pushed his cock back down again. He did this several times, when finally he grabbed my head and pulled me right onto his cock. It once again went right down my throat and Gramps kept my head pressed into him. I felt his cock throb and knew that he was unleashing his spunk straight down my throat. Gramps pulled out and fired two more shots straight into my face.

I thought that I would have been repulsed by Gramps fucking my mouth but strangely, I enjoyed it, especially when he pulled out and shot into my face.

By this time Bec’s and Mum had finished and were sitting on the couch watching. Escort Ankara Mum then said right you two, looking at me & Bec’s. We had better be going, I have got to get home and get Dad’s dinner going. Say goodbye to Grandpa. Both Bec’s and & I said our fair wells, went out and got in the car. A few minutes later Mum came out, got in the car and drove off. Nothing was said for some minutes, until I said to Mum, “So what was that all about”. Mum then said “I will tell you all about it later”.

When we got home. I said I was going to have a shower. I was in the shower and Bec’s got in. She got a hold of my cock and began to wank me. I told her not now I am bushed, maybe later. We washed each other then got out and dried ourselves. Bec’s went to her room and I went down stairs

Mum was in the kitchen when I got down stairs; I went over to her, put my arms around her and said, “Sorry about this afternoon”.

Mum said, “There is nothing to be sorry for, I will explain it all to you and Bec’s later”. With that she grabbed my cock and squeezed it, and then saying will you lay the table ready for dinner, I am going for a shower.

I finished laying the table then went into the lounge and switched on the television, flopped down on the sofa and started watching the TV. Bec’s came in and flopped down along side me. I put my arm around her and she snuggled up to me.

Bec’s said, “So did you like sucking Gramps off then,” I replied, “At first I disliked it, but the started to enjoy him fucking my mouth, especially when I learnt to take him right down my throat. I also liked it when he shot his spunk down my throat and over my face”.

Bec’s said, “That was real cool to watch”.

I then asked Bec’s if she liked it when Gramps fucked her. She said, “At first it hurt like hell, but after I got used to the size it was good. Do you reckon we will do it again?

Before I could answer, Dad came in. he asked where Mum was, and Bec’s told him she was having a shower. Dad then sat down on the other sofa and asked us how our day was. I told Dad that is was ok, we played around the pool this morning then Mum; Bec’s and me went and saw Gramps.

A few minutes later, Mum came down. My jaw dropped a little as she was butt naked. Dad said,”What’s with the clothes, or I should say the lack of clothes”. Mum’s reply was, the kids have been walking around the house for weeks now without clothes on, so I made an executive decsion that from now on, clothes will not be worn in the house unless we have guests. So go and get you shower because dinner is ready.

We were sitting at the dinner table when dad walked into the Kitchen. Bec’s was facing the door as Dad walked in. I saw her eyes widen, she was looking right at Dad’s cock. I knew Dad had a big cock, and secreatly hoped that when I was fully grown mine would be as big. Dad’s cock has a bigger girth than Gramps, but as I have only seen it flaccid I do not know if it is as long. But there it was hanging between his legs about 10” long and not yet hard.

Dad sat down, and we ate dinner in almost complete silence. After we finished dinner Mum said to Bec’s and me to clear the table and do the washing up. They then left the kitchen and went into the lounge.

Bec’s whispered to me, did you see the size of Dad’s cock, it was huge. I want him to fuck me with that monster dick..

I said to her, “You can’t do that”.

She said, “Why not”.

“Just because you cant”, I said.

We finished doing the dishes without any more being said, then we went in to the lounge with Mum & Dad.

Dad said to me, “Mum told me Uncle Zac phoned today and asked if you could go and help his cousins out on the farm while he will be in Hospital. You realise that this will not be a holiday and the work is pretty hard.”

I replied “Yes Dad, I know but would like to really go”.

“In that case” said my Dad, “You can go, your mother will finalise details with Uncle Zac tomorrow, then you can go when school has finished”.

I said, “Thanks Dad”. Bec’s was sitting next to me, and cuddled up to me and said, “That she will miss me”. Gave me a big kiss and in doing so grabbed a hold of my cock.

I looked at Mum & Dad, then noticed Mum’s hand on Dad’s cock, and she was slightly pulling on it. As I watched he was getting a hard on. Dad laid his head back and Mum began wanking him faster. Bec’s noticed what Mum was doing and started doing the same to me, within seconds I too had a raging hard on.

Mum then bent down and took Dad’s cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. She was trying to get all of his cock into her mouth, but she couldn’t get it all the way in. Bec’s seeing this began sucking on my cock but she was showing off by deep throating me, taking all of my cock right down her throat.

Dad said, “Hey honey, let’s change places”.

Mum laid back and opened her legs, and said, “There you are honey all ready and waiting”.

Dad the replied, ”No I didn’t mean us, You go over to Mark and Bec’s comes and sits on my lap”.

I looked at Bec’s and she looked at me. She was up off the sofa, quick as a flash and knelt between Dad’s legs, took a hold of his cock in both her hands. It was too big for her to handle it with one hand. Becs then opened her mouth and slid that cock in.

Mum came over and sat next to me.

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