Business Trip, The Morning After

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seems as though most of the bubbles have been pulled up to cover your breasts leaving your toes and knees to poke out of the milky coloured water.

I realise at this point that I’m still naked as you give me a casual once over, your eyes lingering on my soft cock before you give me one of your mischievous smiles.

“I’m just about finished, if you want to check?” you tell me from somewhere beneath the bubbles.

“Check what?” I reply, to which your grin returns and you hold up a disposable razor out of the water.

Moving to the side of the bath I kneel down dipping my hand into the hot water. You take my hand and guide me between your legs, to your smooth freshly shaven mound.

“mmm” I purr continuing to run my fingers over your submerged mound, “nothing better than a smooth, wet pussy in the morning.” My fingers gliding over your skin to the folds of your pussy, gently moving side to side, my middle finger teasing and searching for your opening.

My fingertip slips just inside you before you push my hand away.

“Mr Brown, what kind of a Lady do you take me for!” chastising me with mock indignation.

“The offer of inspection does not extend to usage.” You laugh raising yourself out of the bath still covered in bubbles and perching yourself on the end away from the taps.

“If Sir would be so kind as to allow me, I could tidy up your gentleman’s area?” Your wicked smile once again beaming at me as you brandish the razor and nod towards my quickly stiffening cock.

Never one to turn down an offer from a Lady, I step into the bath, dousing myself in the water briefly before turning to face you and moving close to you. My feet go either side of your legs, my toes just touching the bath as it slopes up from the base. Your head is about a foot above my cock, now at half mast, pointing towards you and bouncing seemingly involuntarily all on its own.

Reaching down you bring handful after handful of hot cleansing water up to wash my cock, each splash of water making me twitch and stiffen until I am fully erect and pointing straight into your face.

“Keep still, we don’t want any little accidents!” you tease as your hand gently takes hold of me and the razor is brandished once again.

A squirt of shaving gel is applied and rubbed generously over my cock, balls and surrounding area. Your hand massaging the gel into my skin rubbing my balls and slowly stroking my cock. The first stroke with the razor leaving a clean patch of skin, now bereft of foam and hair. My pubes are first to be dispatched the razor dipping into the bath after every stroke and my cock sometimes slightly unnecessarily being woman-handled this way and that to allow you clear access with the razor.

After a few minutes the blade begins to remove a few stray hairs on my cock and then my balls.

You go slow and carefully with my balls. Pulling my skin tight before waving the magic wand lightly over the skin. Every so often re-massaging the gel around and removing it along with every last follicle of hair.

More handfuls of water and you wash the remaining foam suds from me as you admire your handiwork close up. One or two stray hairs are quickly removed once again your hand holding my erect penis while the razor Konya Escort finishes the job.

With the razors work finished your hand remains firmly around my cock, gently pulling and pushing, moving the skin back and forth so the tip of my cock emerges and then gets covered again by my foreskin. You keep this gentle movement going, slowly increasing the pace and pulling back on my skin until the head remains exposed and your hand becomes more of a blur.

Another handful of warm water drenches the tip of my cock, your hand still moving quickly as you lower your head and take the tip between your lips. Shaft pumping and your tongue circling around my sensitive head making me gasp. Your hand stops pumping me to allow your mouth to sink onto my cock, easily taking half of me before pulling back and then pressing further down.

Deeper and deeper you plunge your mouth until with a gag you press your nose hard against my skin. Holding it there for a second before pulling back and trying again. You gag again, but once more you pull back and then drive forward. My cock must be in your throat but you hold your ground, bobbing ever so slightly back and forth.

Out of carnal instinct my hands move to your head, holding you tight and forcing my cock even deeper inside your mouth. Again you gag and you try to pull away but I have a good hold and force myself back fully inside your mouth. Holding you tight I replicate the small bobbing motions you were doing and fuck your mouth, your attempts force me off and the gagging noises quickly subsiding.

After a few moments I withdraw fully to let you catch your breath but now I have a raging hard on and desperately want to cum. My hands move from your head to your breasts, squeezing your nipples before pushing them up and together. Your tits are still covered in bubbles although your dark nipples are just visible through the white bubbles. Bending my knees and pulling you forward I slide my cock in-between your breasts then begin to move your 34D breasts up and down, wanking my cock with your fantastic breasts. Your hands quickly take over, cupping your breasts tightly together leaving my cock a narrow channel to plough.

Quickly the bubbles are disappearing from your tits, as is my control. As the soft flesh of your breasts massages my cock beyond the point of no return I let out a deep groan and erupt. Cum splashes on the underside of your chin before you take me in hand and you direct my cum over both of your breasts. Your hand quickly wanking me, wanting to get another spurt, another splash of cum onto your skin.

My final spurt weakly falling over your fingers as you slow down your hand and engulf me once again with your mouth, sucking the tip for anything still in the pipe before licking your fingers clean of my expelled cum.

Casually I rub the patches of cum on your tits all over them, playing with your nipples and leaving them coated in my thick cream, only to have you lift your breasts to your mouth and suck one then the other nipple clean.

A final wash and all traces of my cum are cleaned away, my cock softening but looking much bigger than normal, possible due to the lack of hair, possibly due to the thought of fucking you for another two days solid.

You Konya Escort Bayan grab a towel wrapping it around yourself and sauntering back into the bedroom, I clean my teeth, then take a quick shower as the bath gurgles and drains noisily away leaving remnants of hair and bubbles in the tub.

By the time I walk back into the bedroom you have already started getting dressed. A black bra and matching panties already in place. One foot just beginning to slip into a stocking, your foot raised on to the bed and your ass pushed out as you ease and smooth the stocking slowly up your leg, a sly glance over your shoulder at me confirming that you know exactly what you look like. Half naked and oozing sex appeal.

Demurely you lift the other stocking from the bed and begin to gather the materiel up before slipping the bunched stocking over your toes, repeating the same slow smoothing on the stocking up your leg until it too is fully in place. The hold-up stockings both having an elasticated band around the top negating the use of a suspender belt.

I can feel myself twitch underneath my towel as I look at you, standing in front of a full length mirror now slowly brushing out your hair. Moving up behind you I wrap my arms around your waist pressing myself against your ass while you lean forward slightly to continue brushing your hair.

My cock swelling beneath the towel now as it presses against your ass. You wriggle slightly and smile as you obviously feel me, anticipating that you are not going to get to finish your hair right now.

You tilt your head to one side to brush your hair and I plant a kiss on your exposed shoulder, kissing a few inches down your arm before you flick your head and you hair falls to the other side. This time I kiss the back of your neck, my hands still around your waist holding you. Kisses land between your shoulder blades down to the small of your back as I slowly crouch down behind you, delicately lowering your knickers as I crouch, my hands caressing your soft thighs and silky stockings as I lower the underwear to the ground before standing back up kissing once again up your back until my lips are on the back of your neck.

The brush is idle now, your head still tilted to one side and I can see from the reflection in the mirror your eyes are closed and mouth slightly open. My towel only requires a short tug and it falls easily away from my body, my cock springing up against your ass.

My hands move to your legs as I press against you, slightly shifting your weight onto your right side so I can encourage you to lift your left leg. A small bend of my knees and my cock slips into the gap created between your legs nudging at your pussy. Slowly I straighten my knees and guide myself into you, my cock like a heat seeking missile aiming at the intense heat of your pussy.

I watch your face as I slowly connect with you, your mouth changing from a slight opening to you biting your lower lip as I press inside you, ending in an open mouth sigh as I reach the limit of penetration in this position.

I lift your leg slightly higher while at the same time lean back to make an angle that allows me to slowly push up and into you. It is all very slow and careful, you Escort Konya are balanced on one leg, I am trying to keep you upright and move in and out of you. I quickly come to the conclusion that to fuck in this position you have to either be a contortionist or have a cock that fucks around corners.

Having failed to meet either criteria, I lower your leg. Holding your hips firmly and pushing your shoulders forward you place a hand either side of the mirror, bracing yourself as I stand between your legs and begin to fuck you from behind, my hips pressing hard against your ass as I bury myself as far into you as I possibly can.

Slowly withdrawing then pushing forward I build up an easy rhythm. My hands continue to hold your hips, providing purchase for my building tempo, as my upper thigh and hip slaps repeatedly against your ass. Each thrust making your ass jiggle a little with every impact.

Up to this point you had been quiet, only communicating with a smouldering look or a sultry glance as you dressed.

The assault on your womanhood washing away the mask of elegance and control you had when I walked out of the bathroom, your body now a slave to the carnal instincts and desires being stoked between your legs.

Slowly you begin to moan and groan as my cock fills your pussy. Your hand grasps at your breasts, still in your bra, mauling and squeezing yourself briefly before you put your hand back on the wall for stability.

Encouraged by your moans I increase the force of each thrust, fucking you slightly slower but harder, at the same time my fingers slip around to play with your clit. Rolling it firmly between two fingers as another thrust rocks you forward against my hand.

Your moans are getting louder, almost pleading with me to make you cum. I know you must be getting close, my fingers now rubbing quickly from side to side over your clit. As I slam harder and harder into you from behind. I can feel a cold trail of sweat run down my back dragging me away momentarily from the pressure building inside my balls, as another thrust slams against your pretty arse.

Another thrust and you scream in joy, your pussy pulsing and squeezing as you cum, my fingers making sure and continuing to abuse your clit as I push my cock into you again and again.

“Oh baby I’m close” I tell you, your own climax still ripping through you. But you have the composure to help me along. Moving your legs together and bending forward a little more, your pussy squeezing my cock tightly as it pushes deep inside you over and over again. Your tightness and heat pushing me beyond the edge as I erupt inside your pussy.

My thrusting stops as my cock twitches and spits cum, your pussy still contracting around me as I shoot another load before you squeeze me tightly once more.

I feel like I’m being milked, your squeezes happening immediately after every twitch and spurt, draining every last drop of cum out of me until I had nothing left to offer.

Both of us almost breathless and still locked together, you stand upright leaning back against my chest as my arms envelop you from behind and I bury my face in your neck and hair.

We don’t move for maybe a minute, satisfied mews and purrs coming from both of us. As my cock softens and shrinks you move in my arms turning to face me and wrapping your arms around my neck. Kissing me deeply, passionately before light heartedly complaining that you now need to have a shower again as the combination of our mixed cum slowly drips down your inner thigh.

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