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Chapter One: Return of the King

When the chapter starts, all you see is Kendall’s brown couch, stained with the sex she and James have had on it. There is a single light shining on it from above and a darkened set all around it. A single camera is framed on it, and you can see the couch through that camera. Off stage, the author sits.

Kendall enters the set with her hair up in a high ponytail. She is wearing glasses and a white button-up blouse, and her breasts bounce with each of her steps. Her blouse is tucked into a denim skirt that goes down to her ankles. She is not wearing shoes and walks in socks across what appears to be a hardwood floor. When she stops in front of the couch, she squints up at the light before smiling at the camera. From off-stage, the author begins speaking to her.


Kendall squints into the darkness and, seeing me behind the camera, smiles and waves. She smiles at the camera, at you, and gives you a wave, too. “Hi.”

“You can go ahead and have a seat.”

Kendall looks at the couch. Seeing the stains all over it, she frowns before smoothing her skirt beneath her as she sits. Her blouse is buttoned up to hide her cleavage as she bends, but her heavy breasts do shift and sway with her movements. Even with how loose the blouse it, she cannot hide her perky and upthrust bosom despite her efforts to do so.

“So, would you like to take the time to introduce yourself to our audience, please?”

Kendall looks at you again, staring into the camera with knowing discomfort. “I feel like they know me, but sure,” she says, tucking back some stray hairs. She smiles again. “Hi. I’m Kendall Coxson, and I guess I’m the main character of this crazy story.”

“You are. And why are you here today, Kendall?”

“To answer questions or talk about the story, I guess.”

“That is exactly right. And what is the story exactly?”

Still smiling, Kendall rolls her eyes. She sits with her legs crossed and her hands on her lap. From the way she positions herself, it is clear that these questions are making her a little uncomfortable. She keeps looking at the camera, at you, as if she knows that you will be watching later. “You know what the story is, KC.” She waits patiently for a response after this and, when she doesn’t get one, sighs. “You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?” After another pause with no response, she adjusts her ponytail and frowns. “Fine. The story is Geis, the one where I get fucked by my well-hung, asshole ex.”

“Thank you. Today, we’re going to talk about chapter one since we don’t really have any questions to answer.”

“Chapter one, huh?” Kendall’s cheeks go pink. She glances at the camera again and then looks away. “That feels so long ago.”

“It has been a while. Why don’t you give us a quick summary?”

Kendall’s slender eyebrows arch as her pretty blue eyes go wide. She points at herself, placing a single index finger against her chest in surprise. “You want me to do it?” When no response is heard, she sighs again. “Well, alright, let’s see. I was at home over the summer because school had let out and our position for the year was over. Jackson was out working, picking artemisbet yeni giriş up some extra cash for us and saving it up for the coming school year. I was alone when James showed up out of nowhere and started ordering me around.”

As Kendall reaches this part of the story, she begins to rub her thighs together as she stares off into the distance. A small smile touches her lips. “He smacked me a few times and generally treated me like trash, made me lick his feet and stuff. Then, he whipped out the biggest dick I’ve ever see in my life and made me jerk him off until he decided to fuck me into submission. His words, not mine.”

“And did he fuck you into submission, Kendall?”

Kendall, blushing now, smiles at you through the camera. “I guess everyone will have to keep reading to find out, huh?” Even with a bra on underneath her blouse, Kendall cannot adequately hide the swelling of her nipples. They are beacons of her arousal which she has to cover with her arms to keep you from noticing. She looks at me off-stage. “Anyway, was I missing anything?”

“Not that I can think of. So, let’s move on to the reader comments and questions, of which there are none because no one is asking.”

Kendall rolls her eyes. “What do you expect, KC? They’re her to masturbate, not for the lore.”

“Fair enough. Without questions from the readers, I guess I can try to answer any questions you might have.”

Kendall taps her chin in thought. “Actually,” she says, “I do have a question or two.”

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, first,” she holds up one finger for you all to see. “How exactly did James’ dick get so big?” A lengthy pause follows her question and, squinting into the darkness to see me, she says, “Hello?”

“I’m here. I’m just trying to decide what to answer.”

“You don’t know?”

“I do.”

She frowns again. “And?”


“Magic,” she asks, her jaw tightening as she speaks. She crosses her arms over her breasts. “And let me guess, magic made my breasts grow?”

“That’s puberty.”

She gives another roll of her eyes and says, “You’re stupid.” Shaking her foot for a moment, she asks another question after some thought. “How about the mind control or whatever it is. How does that work? Is it magic control? Is *it* magic? Is it pheromones? Or am I obeying because I secretly am a size queen and always have been? Or is it all just fear?”


Her frown tightens along with her jaw. You can see it mostly in the lowering of her brow. “You’re being difficult on purpose, aren’t you?”

“I am. Any more questions?”

Closing her eyes, Kendall draws a deep breath which makes her breasts briefly stick out. Then, releasing it, she also releases the tension in her body before settling back into her cross-arms, cross-legs posture. “Yes, actually, though you won’t answer it.”

“Try me.”

“James. Why James and not Jackson?”

“Well, that wouldn’t be much of a story, now, would it?”

The frown comes back quickly after that. “I think it would be just as much of a story, and it could be a story with happy ending, too.”

“This story has plenty of happy endings, actually. Besides, artemisbet giriş corruption is part of the fetish. So, sure, the story could be just as satisfying to a certain audience, but it would be satisfying in a different way. What James is doing to you, however, is part of the appeal to the people who are following along loyally.”

Her frown deepens as she stares into the darkness at me. She spares you a quick glance before answering. “But *I* don’t like it.”


She opens her mouth to respond but, finding nothing to say, closes it again. After a lengthy pause and a general shifting of her body in her seat, she finally says, “I don’t think I ever will.”

“You already enjoy it. It’s hard for me to imagine that you won’t come to like it later on.”

“I enjoy his dick,” she says, and a faint smile tugs are her lips. “I don’t enjoy him.”

“You mean this dick?” James comes sauntering on stage with his pants open and his big, thick dick swinging in front of him. Kendall goes wide-eyed, her gaze fixing immediately on his manhood as he comes to a stop with it hanging half-erect in her face.

Kendall spares a glance up at him before staring at his dick again. “I didn’t know you were here.”

James shrugs, looking at you over his shoulder. “Thought I’d stop by and see what was going on.” He moves his hips forward and taps her on the cheek with his thickening cock. “See something you like?”

Kendall smiles up at him. Moving her arms, she rests her hands on her lap as she stares up his length. “You’re just so big,” she says, and her nipples show through her blouse.

James grins down at her. “Thinking you might be a size queen after all?”

“I wasn’t,” she says, chewing her bottom lip as she takes hold of him around the root. Her fingers don’t meet around him, and that seems to arouse her. “I might be now,” she whispers. Holding him firmly in hand, she begins stroking him from root to crown, her fist flattening his pubic hair on each downstroke as she hefts him. “God, James, your dick is so fucking heavy.” Lifting his shaft, she uses her free hand to tug his briefs down and stare at his balls. She traces her fingers along them as she strokes hi, smiling as their size before cupping them to weight them, too. “And your balls are heavy, too.”

“Kiss them.”

Kendall looks up at James, scrunching her face as if in distaste, but her smile never leaves her face. Leaning forward, she obeys while staring him in the eyes, kissing his hairy testicles while stroking his enormous dick. James cups her head and groans.

“Fuck, that’s hot.”

Kendall sucks one nut into her mouth before releasing him with a wet pop. She sits back to show off her saliva-slick smile as she strokes him. “I agree,” she says, and staring up his thick, veiny shaft, she leans forward to kiss his cock root and whisper into his pubic hair. “Mm. Why couldn’t Jackson be the one with the huge dick?”

James laughs. “Cause that ain’t how the story goes,” he says, and he looks at me off-screen. “Right?”

“Right. This story is about betrayal.”

Eyes closed, Kendall takes to ignoring us and parts her lips to taste James again. She licks artemisbet güvenilirmi his shaft and his pubic hair before finding her way back down to nurse his testicles. She sucks one into her mouth while stroking him, and James throbs in her hand. Hot, sticky precum gushes from his swollen crown, wetting her hand. When Kendall feels it, she purrs around him, smiling as she spreads it along his shaft.

James watches in wide-eyed awe. “Fuck,” he says, glancing at you through the camera. “She’s hungry.”

“After how hard you’ve been fucking her, I’m not surprised.”

James’ brow grows heavy as he swells in her hand. “Fuck, I’m about to nut!”

“I’m not surprised by that, either.”

Ignoring me, James grunts down at Kendall, who is nursing him with her eyes closed as she strokes him. “Where do you want it?”

Kendall slurps off of him and, oblivious to the world around her, smiles up at James as she strokes him with both hands. “Mm.” She wipes her mouth on the back of her wrist before kissing his crown again. “Wherever you want it,” she says, and she winks up at him. “Daddy.”

With that, James cannot contain himself. Staring wide-eyed, he grunts again before exploding in her hands. “Fuck! Nutting!” James takes her by the hair as he comes, holding her place as she strokes him. Positioning himself in front of her, he lines his dick up with her lips. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!”

Still wearing a lazy smile, Kendall obeys. She opens her mouth and extends her tongue as she strokes James off onto her face. His load his thick and plentiful, and Kendall moans throughout it, seemingly experiencing her own orgasm as she is drenched in his. When both are finished, James makes sure to hold her hair out of her face while Kendall sucks him clean. They stare into each other’s eyes as they do it, and James whispers, “Fuck…”

“Anything you want to say to the audience, Kendall?”

Kendall slurps off of James and glances at me before staring at you through the camera. She is covered in come, her face sticky with a thick mask of it, and her bosom collecting everything that is slowly falling down her. “I know how it looks,” she says, her smile unmoving and unchanging as she holds James’ thick shaft inches from her face. “But I am definitely not a slut.”

Removing her hands, James uses his dick to gather cum from her cheek and shovel it into her mouth. Kendall welcomes his cockhead with a moan and sucks him clean, staring cross-eyed at her sudden intruder before shifting her gaze to look him in the eyes. “You aren’t? Cause you’re sure acting like one.”

Kendall, when allowed to release him, gives a breathless laugh before showering his cockhead with kisses. “That’s my point,” she says, pausing to lick his crown for good measure. “That’s all this is. An act. For the story.”

The lights then fade, and the two of them leave the set.

“That’s all for now. Leave any questions you might have in the comments for them to answer, if you have any. Otherwise, tune in next time to see more behind the scenes footage for the story.”

Koto’s Commentary:

This is an idea that I have had for a while. It turns out that I like it. I can do whatever pops into my head without worrying about story continuity. Expect more but withtout a consistent schedule. Feel free to leave comments with questions for characters if you want. Thanks to my Patrons and my readers for your support, and happy fapping.

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