Brotherly Love Ch. 02

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My sister always used to wear these shorts that were too long for my tastes that she hitches up when she’s feeling hot, so I thought I’d do her a favor and get her luggage stolen for her.

Not by myself of course, she would kill me. But I know this guy at a panel beater and a little monetary encouragement later our bags and my car were happily being never found again.

Suffice to say she was mortified. She thought we had left the crime and corruption back at home, and couldn’t believe that we could get our car stolen from under our noses. Of course with my ‘insurance money’ I managed to get voucher for clothes at a local lingerie and swim wear store. I took my darling shopping! Pretty soon after some coaxing her shorts and t shirt trips to the beach would become a bikini thong to the pool.

I had chosen the most devious of shops too! I had gotten only swim wear and lingerie catalogs back from the shop. She would obviously pick the more conservative items so I’d just reorder when she finished marking what she wanted. There was not a skirt or dress that finished off more than just past her ass. Nor were there any pants or long sleeved any things since I didn’t want her going to the pool in that. Instead thin tank tops, bikini tops and strapless boob tubes ruled the day. I made sure too that the underwear catalog was of similar tastes. Lacy teddies and ultra-thin g strings were all she was getting. I ordered an entire lingerie section for her as well as a few very daring evening dresses. She obviously wasn’t happy with her choices at first. But I told her we were going Tropical after all and everybody there dresses like that.

‘Besides’ I said. ‘You’ve got a beautiful body. Show it off a bit.’

She relaxed a little. ‘Okay we’ll see.’

‘Anyway if you don’t like it I’ll buy you more.’ I reassure her. The clothes came the next day and she modeled a few of the more conservative ones for me. I picked up a tiny yellow string bikini off the bed. It had double string attachments on both the top and bottoms. when I’d seen it in the catalog I just knew it would be perfect on her.

‘I bet you’d look great in this’ I say.

‘Not in public’ she said quickly ‘But I may let you see me in it sometime.’

‘Sometime?’ I ask her daring her to say when.

‘Sometime’ she says again smiling this time.

I had made sure I’d chosen all of the skimpiest swim wear I could find. She loved wearing hot pants so her selection was craftily chosen from bikini bottoms that were almost thong and skin tight. My favorite was the most innocent looking of the lot that I’d found in an adult shop. It was far more modest than the others but it came with a special feature. It became translucent when wet. She is now quite at ease around me. She has no qualms walking around in just a bra and a g string; she sees me watching her sometimes but keeps her distance still. I suppose that she is adamant about enforcing the rule that since our parents died we don’t get involved.

I knew that she was still very much a shy woman, growing up in a very conservative household and the idea of wearing any of these in a public place would be daring. So it was obvious that she would go for the trick swimsuit, and although it was very form fitting, outlining every contour on her body and barely covered the beginning of her fleshy cheeks at the rear it finished just under her navel, with the top being low enough to allow some of her cleavage to pop out squeezing her breasts together so that they appeared larger than they actually were. it was huge in comparison to most of the other swim wear.

Living almost on the beach front has its advantages. Access to your own private beach whenever you wanted and being able to step off your backyard and onto the sand was magical. No worries about carrying towels, sandals or even picnic baskets, although later on we did enjoy having our lunch out on a favorite rock that was expertly chiseled by the waves to provide sheltered seating and a table. The cottage that we had was beautifully designed and created to be secluded from its immediate neighbors. Hence with its high walls and easy beach access nobody would even know you were home. The only visible part of the house was the showers just on the edge of the property. An amazing feat of plumbing it was too, because you could get hot and cold water shooting at you all over your body from eight different places at once.

Our first stop this morning would be the beach, where we had spent countless hours of our childhood. We were both eager to re-explore the little slice of the ocean we could call our own. So we went off to the beach, no guesses at what she was wearing. There being not a soul in sight she is quite relaxed. She sits down on the sand near the edge of the waves and beckons me over. She’s a lot more fun when she forgets herself. It’s not long before she is splashing in the water and frolicking in the waves. Sadly I see no difference in her swimsuit. I move more inside the little beach to a rock izmit escort formation that is a semi tidal pool. The water is only knee high in most places but the calming effects of the ocean and added security of the rock pool are overpowering and even I let go of my body and let the sea have its way with it. She too eventually cools down a little and begins squatting in the water on her knees. After being submerged for about half an hour, I randomly get glimpses of her that are very promising. She lies in the water being caressed by gentle waves that pick her up and reveal beautiful pink nipples clearly through the transparent white top. Having swayed all this time with the ebb and flow of the waves, her eyes are closed, and her body totally relaxed quite oblivious of everything.

Although after a while even though I was careful not to stare the way I usually do, she realized she was naked. She freaks out. I ask her innocently what’s wrong. And covering her breasts with one arm and her other jammed between her thighs she said ‘I think we need to go back. My suit is see through’.

‘Oh really!’ I exclaim ‘let me see!’

‘No ways!’

‘Look I’m the only one around and its a private beach. It can’t be that bad. Besides you have a beautiful body’.

She calmed down a notch.

‘Look’ I continued. ‘There’s no one about. Sit back down in the water and just relax’.

She did as I suggested.

‘You trust me, don’t you’ I asked

‘Yes I do you know I do’.

‘I’d never hurt you or let anything happen to you’. I said quite truthfully.

‘Thank you she says’, relieved. ‘I know you will take care of me’.

And pulling away from me a bit says ‘it doesn’t look that bad does it?’

And though I could see every curve of my sisters pussy, her beautifully crafted lips pressed together by the weight of the water on the material and her shaven cunt glistened within the cheesecloth thin pants, I reply ‘No of course not’ quite vehemently.

‘You can’t even notice, only up close. And don’t worry you are so beautiful I can’t take my eyes off your face anyway.’

She laughs at that, my silly vain princess, and splashes water at me.

After a while we finally tire of the water and just sit on the sand enjoying the sun. We head back to our cabin, to the outside shower and being full of sand and sticky from the salty water I jump in and wash up. Surprisingly she joins me and in seconds her body is alive with water drenching her almost naked skin. She watches me intently. A last look I think to see if I notice her. Does she want me to? I don’t look at her though but look at her straight in the eye and say ‘shall I order pizza?’

she laughs and says ‘last one in pays!’ And with a peck on my cheek she races in still dripping.

I follow her, thoughtfully rubbing the spot she kissed on my face. I just past her test, and was rewarded with a kiss.

She flops onto the sofa now towel dry. Her body is still fully visible under the suit. I’m so tired she exclaims. I think I’ll just sleep here till the pizza comes. And like a gift to my eyes she shuts her eyes, knowingly letting me soak in every visible pore of her completely exposed flesh, with my hungry eyes to my heart’s content. More rewards.

After a while I suppose when she is convinced that she is dried off and I won’t be able to drool over her anymore, she opens up her eyes and asks ‘when is the pizza coming?’

‘I don’t know’ I say ‘maybe half an hour more’.

‘Good!’ She exclaims ‘enough time for a bath’.

Only a woman would show you so much when you seem to not want to see anything. But when you do she won’t. Wondering what reward I was going to be in for next I switch on the tv and watch crocodiles dying for twenty minutes until the pizza guy came. As I open the door and greet the guy she comes bursting in, in the shortest towel I’d ever seen grabbed around her midriff covering her breasts and just about nothing else. The poor guy takes one look at her melts faster than cheese then looks at me and quickly takes his money and leaves. His last look back happens to be when she bends to pick up the box, the towel around her coming apart showing off her svelte stomach slender waist and thighs, but because she is bent over and has generous thighs there’s not a sight of those luscious lips. Oblivious to all this she bites in, right there. As the pizza guy stumbles out of the driveway I chastise her.

‘And you are worried about wearing a see through bikini’ I say disgustedly.

‘What’ she says innocently over a mouth full of steaming pizza. ‘You gave that guy quite an eyeful there’ I say getting worked up now.

‘I’m sorry’ she says ‘I got so excited about the pizza I forgot. Forgive me?’ She whispers in a baby voice as she kisses me gently on my lips.

‘How can I not’ I say a bit dazed.

‘Good’ she laughs, taking another bite. And still tasting mozzarella and oregano on my lips I watch her saunter off with one more slice.

‘For a moment I thought yahya kaptan escort you were jealous. That guy was cute.’

And with that she turns around flings her towel at me and walks off into the bedroom, proudly showing off her sweet bare ass for a few seconds. She returned in an oversized gown however; ready to do justice to the rest of the pizza.

That entire afternoon I had been dreaming of getting into her panties. When she has a chance to wear any, that is. She had teased me the entire day and had flirted constantly but at the same time telling me how much she trusted me and valued my respect for her by not taking advantage of her. Enough to leave me totally insane.

After eating the pizza we sat together watching an old movie. The great thing about this place was that the mornings were warm enough for the beach and the evenings just chilly enough to hold and romance somebody with popcorn and an old movie. But she soon tired of the film and went up to her room saying she was going to change into something a bit more comfortable and came down ten minutes later in a lacy teddy. It was pink and low cut on the top with two spaghetti straps supporting her breasts. Although see through, she must have very carefully rearranged her nipples, because as hard as I looked I coudn’t see them, The briefs however were tantalizingly! Translucent, and were she not clean shaven she wouldn’t be walking around in it. The cut of the bottoms ended past her cunt beginning on her thighs which drew more attention to her pussy than anything else. She stood legs slightly apart and I loved the way her thighs always brushed together but molded away to leave a gap at the start of her lips. Even more so with this ‘outfit’ as I could see the beginnings of her ass cheeks from the front. They finished off nicely at the back tapering high between her cheeks.

‘And now’ I asked her.

‘Well’ she said ‘seeing as I can trust you around me I thought I’d try out some of the lovely little out fits you bought me.’ ‘What do you think’ she continues gesturing to her outfit ‘How do I look?’

‘Well’ I say, ‘you always look very beautiful and very sexy. But that outfit is sizzling on you. That would make any man go crazy.’

‘Thank you’ she flushes appreciatively.’ I knew you’d like it.’

‘Shall I put another movie on?’ she asks me innocently

‘Okay’ I say wondering what she was up to because I knew that tone of voice by now.

She picks out another movie from the table. We had rented a Dvd player, but the tv had come with the house. The Dvd player is on the floor under the table for the tv so she has to bend down to get to it. She gets on all fours and spreads her legs apart putting her head down near the Dvd player. As she wiggles her ass playfully from side to side her nicely packaged cunt shows through very clearly as the material underneath is stretched very thinly over her lips. Her tightly covered sex moves as well and I get the impression that she is making herself horny moving like that. I’m just an arm’s length away from her and whether she will say anything or not I just can’t help myself. I reach over and pretending to pull out her little wedgie for her, making sure to caress her outer lips and to my delight I find them wet. No wonder the fabric is molded around her lips so tightly! I lift up the thin fabric out of the lips of her labia, and work a finger into her sex.

She turns and smiles at me encouragingly but before I can delve in any deeper she gets up and snuggles up beside me.

‘You’re a naughty boy’ she comments.

She then turns over beside me resting her head on my lap and swinging her legs over the armrest. I comfortably place my hand on her bare midriff leaving it to lie on the base of her tummy.

She moves her head around my lap to watch the movie. She eventually falls asleep on me, and then, as she wanted, I put her into her room.

And true to form in the middle of the night she was screaming again. I was quite groggy when it happened so by the time I even get out of my bed and put clothes on she had already hopped into my bed and latched onto me tightly.

‘I don’t have any clothes on’ I complained.

‘Its okay’ she replies. ‘I trust you. Please just hold me. I know I tease you a lot but I just need you to comfort me now but nothing else. I’m not ready yet take another step.’

‘Are you saying then that there’s a chance of another step between us’ I ask.

‘I don’t want to talk about it now’ she replies. ‘Maybe some other time.’

As I hold her I realize she is still wearing that sexy teddy from this evening and I can feel my dick harden against her naked stomach as she burrows into me and I know she can feel it too.

‘I’m sorry’ I stammer out. ‘Its just that you in that outfit and me naked …’

‘I understand’ she says. ‘Don’t worry about it.’ ‘Although if you need to release yourself in the loo I don’t mind.’

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. But instead gebze escort of suffering the entire night with my sister who wouldn’t put out, I go find my own release. Knowing that she knows exactly what I’m doing puts me over the edge, and in three short strokes i cum harder than I’ve ever cum in my life by myself.

Exhausted I creep into bed, and the only thing I am aware of is awaking the next morning with her atop of me, snoring gently.

She stirred a little and I realized she was awake now. I rub her hip gently caressing it like a hungry lover.

She looks up at me and smiles easily. She moves her hand from around me and onto my naked chest twirling her fingers around the little hairs there.

‘I thought you’d have raped me by now’ she says slyly.

It took every ounce of good in me not to I think to myself.

But I reply that ‘I would never have done such a thing’.

Her face grows solemn suddenly. ‘Yes’ she replies ‘I know I can trust you now and I appreciate your respect for me’.

The she becomes a raptor again, and dives down to my right nipple, biting it.

She moves to get up from bed and as her hand traverses my torso she brushes against my rock hard erection, squeezing it gently.

‘Although I’m glad I still make you happy,’ she grins.

She leaps off the bed and goes to my bathroom.

When I go in after a while I find her still in there, brushing her teeth. She’s standing over the sink still in her sexy little teddy, which in the light of day isn’t even necessary as a clothing option. I don’t pull on my boxers, proudly waving my always erect penis about, wanting her to acknowledge it. I go inside but I make to leave when I realize that there’s not that much space for the both of us, when she beckons me over saying ‘I’m nearly done.’

‘I see you moved in quite comfortably’ I say to her, noticing all her toiletries strewn in my bathroom.

Staring at my erection, through the mirror, she finally tears her eyes away to looks up at me and smile. She bends over in front of me, to spit out the water in her mouth, so to move out her way I go into the little space between her and the wall but she stays down and I become stuck behind her. I’ve got no option but to stand directly behind her as she does this. Now to reach my brush I need to get right up against her, with her butt jammed up against my already hard dick. As she brushes her entire body moves, and the friction makes me even harder than I already am. She takes almost years to brush her teeth, and nearly makes me come when she suddenly stops and whisks around I almost toppling over her.

She gives me a naughty wink, says ‘brush your teeth quickly I’m gonna have to have another shower after that’ and saunters out the door.

After Katy’s shower she comes out in just a g string, covering her breasts with her left arm.

‘There are no towels in your bathroom.’ She states to the room in general which I ignore.

‘Pass me a towel please’ she says, curtly.

Seeing an opportunity to be naughty I throw the towel a little too short of her knowing full well that she’d forget herself and try to catch it with both hands. She didn’t disappoint.

‘What a nice … Catch’ I say to her.

She glares at me but makes no motion to cover herself up. Instead she slowly covers her dripping hair with the towel wrapping it around her head. She walks off in a huff to her room

But a while later she comes into my room and wants to talk. She flops down beside me still in her g string, and says her back hurts and wouldn’t I massage it for her? I climb up beside her to do her bidding.

Her body is stiff and tense but the signals she is giving me are anything but that. My fingers enjoy the supple curves of her back tracing the contours of her spine as it flexes in trusting response to my gentle kneading. As I work my fingers into the knots between her shoulder blades I feel her body emanating heat especially from the zones that I activate with my touch.

‘Why don’t I get some massage oil’ I ask her after a while.

‘Okay’ she says ‘there’s some in my room.’

I go to her room to fetch the oil and when I get back I find the g string now thrown on the floor with her on the bed, naked, but lying on her tummy.

‘I thought you could give me a full body massage ‘she says huskily ‘if you don’t mind.’

‘Oh not at all’ I reply with as much husk as I can possibly stammer back…

Beginning with her legs now I slowly rub her soft sensuous thighs working her legs gently apart. Not that her legs need much coaxing to stay together. Within minutes of massaging I can see her beautiful sex glistening invitingly. I work up higher and higher every so often letting my oily fingers slip between her inner thighs. Finally unable to take it anymore, the scent of her arousal becoming stronger with each passing moment I let my fingers roam up to her cunt and begin fondling her. As I tease her lips apart and slowly slide a finger in she tenses up.

‘No!’ she cries out. Thinking that I’d somehow hurt her I jump up and start to apologize when she says

‘I’m sorry I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet. I don’t mean to lead you on or tease you. Just give me some time okay?’

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