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Subject: Brotherly Games, Chapter 18 Hey there! Long time no see. Sorry about that, I had to take a break from writing, but I’m back to it now and sincerely hope that you will enjoy this new chapter. The story is not finished at all, so don’t worry. Some chapters might take longer for me to write than others, but I will go through the story and have no intention to give up. Please do not forget to make a donation to Nifty for the amazing platform they provide for both readers and writers. If you wish to contact me, you may do so by E-mail: [email protected] Or follow me on Instagram: @Despanien I would also like to thank Max Potter for the taking of his time to check my chapters as I am not a native English speaker. You can read his stories on: fty//authors.htmlmaxpotter Brotherly Games Chapter 18 When I woke up the next morning I deeply sighed. Another day, another drama with my brother. I was truly getting tired of it. Everything could be so simple, and yet it was always so complicated with George. In the five years I had been friends with Jean-Baptiste, we had a handful of arguments, not more. I had come to consider him as my brother as well as my best friend, and I foolishly believed that a fraternal relationship could be that simple. Well, I was now seriously contemplating the idea that I was wrong after all, and that it would never be that simple. This realisation could have discouraged me, it could have made me want to renounce the special, yet fucked up, relationship I had with George. It didn’t, not even close. On the contrary, this realisation came with another: There was virtually nothing that would make me reconsider my relationship with my brother. Some people are drug addicts, some are alcoholics, nymphomaniac etc. Well, I was Georgeholic. I reluctantly slipped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to have a shower. I got dressed and prepared myself for school. Once I was downstairs having breakfast, I realised that my brother was unusually late for his. Maybe he was skipping breakfast, but I still decided to check on him, especially considering how late he came back home the previous night. I knocked on his door and got no answer. I walked in and sure enough my brother was still fast asleep. I had to get him to wake up very quickly and he’d have to get ready equally rapidly if we didn’t want to end up being late. I sighed and walked the short distance to his bed. I sat on the edge and gently grabbed his shoulder to wake him up when I realised something: George was boiling hot. I immediately touched his forehead and indeed he obviously had fever. I was immediately worried for my brother and as I removed the blanket from him, I noticed that he was still wearing his soaking wet jeans from the previous night. He had slept with his freezing and damp clothes, no wonder he was now sick. My heart sank to my stomach and a wave of guilt washed through me. I was undressing my brother the previous night and had planned to get him naked and dry before tucking him to bed, but because he upset me, I stormed out of his room in the process of doing so. As a consequence, he slept dressed and soaking wet, and was now ill. I know what you think: If he’s big enough to get shit faced downtown, he’s big enough to take care of himself. You are right, of course, but I couldn’t get myself to see it this way. He was my brother, and I had to take care of him, even if he can be an unsufferable twat! I immediately texted Timoth�e to let him know that my brother and I would both be missing school, because George caught what looked like a nasty cold and I would be taking care of him. I then texted Jean-Baptiste letting him know the same thing, but also telling him that he was still welcome for lunch, although we would probably postpone going to the cinema afterwards. As I was typing on my smartphone, George stirred and grunted hoarsely. He immediately frowned and seconds later coughed. Poor baby boy, I was truly feeling bad for him. He painfully opened his eyes and his groggy gaze quickly met mine. “I think I’m too hungover for school.” He mumbled weakly. I faintly smiled at him and leaned to kiss his forehead. “I think you’re sick, you have a high fever.” I explained with a soft voice. “Go get a nice warm shower while I change your sheets into dry ones, and then you’ll go back to bed.” “I thought I was the one giving orders around here.” He slyly joked before coughing again and wincing in pain as his throat must have felt like it was on fire. “Not today.” I simply answered before encouraging him to get out of bed. He sighed in disgruntlement, but complied, nonetheless. He slipped out of bed and removed his jeans and briefs before neglectingly tossing them aside on the floor. I couldn’t help but leer at his perfect muscled butt as he made his way to the bathroom. As soon as he closed the door, though, I started changing the sheets. The main problem was that now the blanket was moist as well, so I decided to replace it with mine and I’d bring it to the laundromat dryer. I put his blanket in a shopping bag and left it in the corridor. I then grabbed a Doliprane from the kitchen and brought it back upstairs. When I walked in my brother’s bedroom, George was blowing his nose. I handed him his Doliprane glass and he pouted in disgust before dutifully drinking it. Good boy, I thought ironically. Who’s bossing who around now? Urgh, I’m a terrible person, making fun of my brother on his deathbed. “I feel like shit!” George fatefully stated. I smiled sympathetically and took back his empty glass of Doliprane. “You should go back to sleep, I texted Tim and he’ll let the school know that you’re not coming today.” I explained with a soft voice. “Ok.” He acquiesced with a raspy voice. He winced in pain and touched his throat, realising that talking wasn’t a good idea. He coughed loudly and sighed in despair before sitting on his bed and slipping back under the dry and clean blanket. I increased the heating in his bedroom and closed the shutters that he left open when he came back home the previous night. I then picked his dirty laundry and sheets and walked out of his room. Initially, I was still mad at my brother for the way he talked to me the previous night, but now I felt nothing but concern and love for him. I was such a weakly-minded person, I thought. When it came to my brother, I didn’t need much to forgive him pretty much anything. Once out of my brother’s bedroom, I desperately tried to reach my parents on the phone, but all my calls went unanswered. My initial plan was to let them know George was sick and that they had to come back home to take care of him, but since they didn’t answer, I decided to ditch Lyceum too. As usual, since they wouldn’t take care of George, I would. I knew it wasn’t my role to replace them as an ersatz of a parental figure, but I couldn’t bear letting my brother down when he clearly needed someone to take care of him. I was throwing the dirty clothes in the washing machine when Tim called me on the phone. I picked up and told him to wait for a second. I started the washing machine and quickly walked down the stairs. “Hi babe!” I joyfully exclaimed on the phone. “Sorry, I didn’t want to wake my brother up.” “How is the plagued boy?” Tim mockingly inquired. “He caught a nasty STD from Fatiah, didn’t he?” He said before laughing at his own joke. “Tim!” I lamented with an admonishing tone while rolling my eyes. “He came back home completely shitfaced in the middle of the night, soaking wet from the rain, and this dumbass slept in his damp cold clothes.” I explained. “Damn, I hope that blowjob was worth it!” Tim snickered. “Gross! Could you tone down your sexual jokes about my fucking brother, please?” I protested, rather hypocritically, but feeling it was somehow necessary after the previous day’s incident. Deep down I was super worried that Tim would finally put the pieces together and realise the full extent of the fucked-upness of the relationship I had with my brother, hence my overly prudish reaction to his jokes. On the other hand, I truly didn’t want to be reminded about Fatiah sucking my brother’s cock. Tim just kept laughing at the other end of the phone, triggering an exasperated sigh from me. “Okay, okay, sorry!” He chuckled, not sorry at all. “Alright, I’ll let the CPE (Administrator in charge of student’s discipline) know that he’s sick, but don’t forget to get a medical certificate.” Tim added more seriously. Shit, I didn’t think about that. I needed to get my brother to the doctor, but I had no idea when our parents would be back. “Yeah, I will.” I sighed. “And I will be missing school too, my parents aren’t answering the phone.” “Henri…” Tim began admonishing. “Tim, I can’t just leave him on his own!” I retorted defensively. Tim audibly sighed and paused before answering me. “Sure… take good care of him then.” He eventually said, knowing how pointless arguing with me about anything related to my brother was. “I’m dropping by at your place after school.” He added, not as a question but as a statement. Before I could even answer he hung up, leaving me shaking my head in disbelief. This guy was something, I thought, without knowing him you could easily think he was an only child, spoiled by his momma, and not taking no for an answer. I loved him anyway, I quickly thought with a tender smile. The whole morning unfolded in the same rather boring fashion. Going to the pharmacy to buy medication, trying to reach my parents on the phone, checking on my brother. As the time progressed, I felt a wave of pure anger wash over me. What if something happened to us, what if we had a life-or-death situation? It was extremely clear that my parents weren’t the one you wanted to rely on in case of emergency. The solution came naturally when Uncle David texted me around lunchtime. I jumped on the occasion and asked him to take us to the doctor in the afternoon. A few seconds later, Uncle David called me and bombarded me with a million questions. I explained to him, granted slightly bitterly, the situation and he quickly assured me that he would be able to take us to the freaking doctor. Finally! Goddamnit. Once this whole stupid problem was solved, I was finally able to relax. I grabbed croissants from the freezer (I know, it’s a blasphemy…) and turned on the oven. While I waited for my pastries to cook, I sat on the couch and scrolled through my phone. God, I was bored. I realised that ever since my life drastically changed a few weeks earlier, I couldn’t stand to just sit around and relax. I felt the need to live, to live fully. Something that Tim, but first and foremost my brother, provided for me. I was sick and tired of having to beg for people’s attention, to be afraid, to be dominated by my fears, to be abandoned. A fear that I had now clearly identified as the direct consequence of our parents’ lack of interest and care for both of their sons. I could feel a growing resentment inside of me, something that I can now pinpoint as a milestone in my psychological construction. After I ate my breakfast, I headed to George’s bedroom to check on him. The young cutie was peacefully sleeping, although pearls of sweat were forming on his forehead, betraying his fever. I sat on the edge of his bed and sighed. He was the most precious thing I had in my whole life, and the more I tried to understand the bond we had, the less I did. It was simply too deeply rooted inside of me, and based on things that I was not able to comprehend by a long shot. Truth being told, I was rather tired too. Due to Tim’s late departure, I had been to bed well after my usual bedtime, especially on school days. In addition to that, George’s noisy arrival in the middle of the night didn’t actually help me to get a proper restful night. It was then no real surprise, when I laid down next to my brother, being lulled by his peaceful slumber, that I shortly fell asleep as well. “What on earth are you doing?” A high-pitched voice admonished, unpleasantly snapping me out of my sleep. I opened my eyes and straightened up on the bed, feeling somehow disoriented for a moment, before I could comprehend why I was waking up on my brother’s bed and why the hell was our mother pissed at us, again. “Have you been missing school again?!” She inquisitively asked. “What… what do you mean again?” I answered confusedly as my brother painfully emerged from his sleep, seemingly even more puzzled by the whole situation than I was. “I haven’t missed school at all this year!” I managed to add defensively. “Oh yeah? What about the two days you missed in late October?” Mom exclaimed aggressively. I nervously chuckled and looked at her in utter disbelief. “Mom, I was at the hospital, a good enough reason to miss school, one would think.” I retorted in an apparent calm dissimulating my growing anger. “Thanks to whom?” She shot back, turning her gaze to George who was just silently looking at the confrontation in front of him. “What’s your point, Mom?” I inquired, summoning all the gods at once to help me keep my composure. “Are you planning on both miserably failing school together, and end up working as supermarket cashiers?” Mom rhetorically asked. For her, ending up being a supermarket cashier was the ultimate insult you could throw at someone. She held the firm belief that someone couldn’t reach a lower point than being a “mere supermarket employee”. No, she didn’t care about what actually interested us, what we liked or made us happy, but she certainly cared about not having sons ending up being the contemporary equivalent of peasants. After all, how would that reflect on her? “George is sick, I tried to call you.” I declared accusingly. “And you couldn’t stay home by yourself for four hours?” She told George with a mock compassion tone. “You’re a big boy when that suits you, aren’t you?” She viciously sneered. My brother opened the mouth to answer istanbul travesti but before a sound could get out of it, I snapped. “He didn’t ask for anything. I took the initiative!” I promptly retorted. “You see, that’s the kind of thing we have to do for one another, since no one else will. That’s the kind of thing you do for people you love, but you wouldn’t know about that, would you?” I added with all the accumulated contempt finding a way out of my mouth. Mom squinted her eyes and shook her head in disgust, alternating her gaze between George and me. “You’re both grounded!” She exclaimed before storming out of the bedroom and slamming the door behind her. My brother and I exchanged a glance, and no words needed being spoken for the message was quite clear in both our eyes. I usually took my brother’s defence behind closed doors, trying to get him out of difficult situations by pleading his cause after the storm. For the first time, I took my brother’s side frontally and aggressively, and I felt quite good about it. Diplomacy failed, so it would be war. “Fucking bitch!” George croaked with his hoarse voice. I shot him an offended glance before we both burst into laughter. I then deeply sighed and fell back on the mattress with a loud thump. I was seriously fucked. I had maintained good relations with my parents so far, and I was always keen to maintain a kind of status quo with them, but when my mother is verbally assaulting my brother, I can’t help but to feel this irrepressible crave to slap her in the face as hard as I can. I know, we’re a fucked-up family. Still, the only thing that was truly upsetting me was to wonder how Dad would react. Mom had always maintained a kind of distance. Even if she was usually nice and kind to me, she was never tender and loving. We were more friendly than intimate to be honest… yeah, I think Mom was one of my friends. Dad, though, was a whole different matter. He wasn’t a talkative man, and not one to express his feelings or be emotional, but I felt that deep bound that he rooted in me from birth. I was his son, his flesh and blood, and although he majorly fucked up in so many ways, I sought his approval and love more than I ever did, and will, my mother’s. As I was lying on my brother’s bed, wondering where the hell my life was going, I felt a lump in my stomach thinking that my already paper-thin ties with Dad might deteriorate. My parent’s togetherness was the thing that mattered the most to both of them, and they wouldn’t let anything stand in the way, including my brother and I. Suddenly, my phone vibrated, snapping me out of my endless reverie. It was Tim, he texted me that he was on his way to my place. Sweet, I thought, just what we needed at the moment. “Tim is on his way.” I told my brother who was busy on his smartphone. “Mom’s going to kill me!” I lamented. “Nah, she won’t.” He responded. “She’s in love with your stupid boyfriend.” My brother added bitterly. “She’s not the one that suggested that he should suck his cock, though.” I shot back reproachfully. George looked at me quizzically before suddenly remembering what he told me the previous night. He then displayed a shit eating smirk. “Well, he said I had a nice cock, and a hole is a hole.” My brother provocatively sneered before coughing. “I’ll get your medications.” I simply said, leaving his puerile provocations unanswered. I walked out of his bedroom and made my way downstairs. I was a bit nervous to bump into Mom, after our fight, but I wasn’t going to stay locked up in George’s bedroom anyway. “Hey, son!” Dad exclaimed from behind me, making me jump with surprise. He chuckled from my reaction and walked to me. “How’s your brother?” He asked with a deep voice and a concerned expression. I was unsettled and, quite frankly, a little baffled by his question. If he knew George was sick, it could only be from Mom, and yet he didn’t seem mad at all. Did she withhold some “details” from our little conversation? “Uh… yeah he is… okay.” I stuttered as he squeezed my shoulder affectingly. “I mean, he’s not that okay obviously, but I think he’ll survive!” I added with a sly smile. “Uncle David is taking him to the doctor today at 3pm.” “He is?” Dad inquired with a fatherly tone. “Henri, you shouldn’t have bothered your Uncle for that.” He admonished me with a calm but firm voice. “But you weren’t answering!” I retorted, although I was careful not to seem aggressive or reproachful. “Well, if I remember correctly, that never stopped you from hopping into an Uber and going wherever you wanted, did it?” He pointed out with a smile. I stared back at him with a dumb expression on my face. Why didn’t I think about taking a Uber? Gosh, I felt so stupid now. “You’re a big boy Henri, almost as tall as your old dad actually!” He said with a wide smile. “I know you can take care of yourself, you’ve always been very independent and responsible, son.” “Yes, Dad.” I answered submissively. He smiled at me tenderly and gently patted me on the cheek before winking. I couldn’t get mad at Dad, he was far too calm, intimidating me by his stature, his natural authority, and I loved him so fucking much. I was walking away, feeling like shit for looking immature and unable to handle myself properly, when Dad halted me. “And, Henri…” He said as I turned my face to look at him. “Thank you for taking care of your brother, you did the right thing.” Dad added, ruffling my hair before walking up the stairs. I sighed and stayed still for a moment. I felt better, because Dad’s way of saying things made everything feel better, but I couldn’t help but still feel neglected. As if my parents considered that I was old enough to be on my own when, really, I didn’t feel like I was. When I came back into George’s room with the medication, he was asleep, again. I shook my head in amusement. I was always struggling to fall asleep again once I woke up in the morning, but this sleepy head obviously didn’t have the same problem. I put the medications on his nightstand and silently left the room. I had barely closed the door when the main door rang. Tim is here, I immediately realised. Without a second thought I grabbed a coat and rushed downstairs. I opened the door and before my boyfriend could walk in, I stepped outside and closed the door behind me. Tim shot me a puzzled glance but before he could open his mouth, I pulled him for a kiss. Although he was surprised at first, he quickly kissed me back and soon we were entangled into a passionate make out session in front of my house’s main door. “Let’s get out of here!” I suggested after we broke the kiss. “Yeah?” He asked me with a wide grin. “Where do you want to go?” “Mmmh… I think I’d be down for a Tea Room!” I exclaimed mischievously. “You want to have cake for lunch?” Tim asked with an incredulous expression, as if he mentioned breaking a very deep taboo. “Well… they have the most amazing salted pies for lunch too!” I retorted defensively. Timoth�e chuckled and dropped a peck on my lips. “Anything for you, cutie pie!” Tim quickly accepted before winking at me. “I have a spare helmet, if you want us to ride there on my tiny scooter.” He added with a devilish smirk. I smiled back at him and nodded. “I’ll walk to the Garden’s gate, and you can pick me up there.” I told him, to avoid being caught by Dad riding Tim’s scooter. “Yes, Sir!” Tim answered theatrically before putting on his helmet and walking to his scooter. Surprisingly, I was getting much better at relaxing when I was with Tim on his scooter, and the ride downtown to the Tea Room was almost pleasant. It was a nice sunny day after the previous night’s storm, and people were wandering the old, paved streets and having a drink outside of the caf�s. As we were riding the scooter, I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I couldn’t check my phone while riding, obviously, so I waited for us to park in front of the Tea Room. “Shiiiit!” I exclaimed loudly as Tim removed his helmet. He shot me an inquisitive glance and I was inwardly cursing myself. “Uuuurgh! I’m so fucking stupid!” “What?” Tim inquired worriedly. “I was supposed to have lunch with Jean-Baptiste, and I fucking forgot!” I lamented before sighing. “So what? He can join us here! we’ll wait for him.” Tim shot back, shrugging. My eyes met my boyfriend’s, and I was considering his suggestion. “Seriously, he’s your best friend, and we’ve almost never done anything just the three of us!” He pointed out. “After all, you’ve spent plenty of quality time with Vianney!” He added with a sly smirk. “Yeah! Thanks for breaking the ice by the way!” I shot back playfully with an obvious reference to the sextape leak. Tim laughed nervously and blushed slightly. “Okay, I’ll let J-B know we are here, give me a second to call him back.” “Sure” Tim chuckled. “But he better get his ass around here ASAP, because I’m already fucking starving!” He added with a mischievous grin. I smiled back at him and brought my phone to my ear. Surprisingly, Jean-Baptiste was mostly okay with the idea. I could tell he was a bit reluctant and not especially happy about having lunch with Tim, since he distrusted him ever since the sextape leaking incident, but he accepted my lunch proposal anyway. “He’ll be here in approximately 15 minutes.” I told my impatiently waiting boyfriend when I hung up. “Uuurgh!” Timoth�e lamented theatrically. “And we’re waiting right in front of McDonald’s, it’s torture!” He added. “You must be really hungry to be appealed by McDonald’s!” I commented with a disgusted pout. Tim looked back at me and raised his eyebrow, unimpressed. “I’m sorry, not everyone gets to be the son of the Duke and Duchess of My-Balls-Upon-Thames! The peasants have to sustain themselves with simpler things.” He sneered at my snobbishness with an exaggerated aristocrat intonation. “Humpf! So uncivilised… that’s what you get from dating a barbarian!” I played along, teasing him back. Tim laughed and grabbed my hips before roughly pulling me to him. “That’s because you like the bad boy brute type!” He whispered seducingly in my ear. “I do?” I purred back, relishing on being trapped into his powerful arms, pressed against his muscled chest. “I’m fucking your rich boy’s ass so good; you can’t live without me now!” He exclaimed playfully. I giggled like a little boy, knowing full well that he was absolutely correct. Despite Tim’s endless complaining about Jean-Baptiste taking too long to join us, he quickly arrived and the three of us walked to the Tea Room. I could tell Tim was a bit unsettled, it was probably very far from the place he was accustomed to hang out at. The renaissance portraits hanging from the wall, lightened up by the massive crystal chandelier in a British 19 century atmosphere must have set a very different tone than the McDonald’s Tim so desperately craved moments earlier. However, as soon as our orders were on the table, he was back to his usual self. After all, the pies were delicious, served in generous portions, and for a super affordable price. Tim surprised me by being super friendly with Jean-Baptiste. Although my best friend was cordial, he wasn’t very enthusiastic when he chatted with Tim, and I could tell that he was doing it for the sake of me. Tim, on the other hand, seemed like he truly wanted to bond with my best friend. Between the beginning and the end of our time in the Tea Room, there was a noticeable change in my best friend’s behaviour. To be honest, I wasn’t utterly surprised, no one could ultimately resist Tim’s charms and charisma, and J-B was no exception. Inwardly, I was beaming with joy, witnessing my boyfriend and my best friend share a moment of complicity and fun. When we reached the dessert part, Tim was ecstatic. When the waitress brought his cake, a Banoffee, his eyes bulged, and I could see the spark inside of them. The piece of Banoffee was enormous, and it tasted amazing too. I was lucky enough to grab a bite with my spoon before Tim started devouring it. I’m not a gambler, but I was pretty sure Tim would be back at the Tea Room sometime soon. “Was your brother feeling better?” Jean-Baptiste suddenly asked as I had a mouthful of Raspberry and Pistachio Cake. “Nah, not really, but he was asleep when I left.” I eventually answered after painfully swallowing. “This dumbass came back home shitfaced in the middle of the night, soaking wet from the rain, after spending the evening with Fatiah.” I explained, displaying a disgusted pout when I said the word “Fatiah”. Both J-B and Tim looked at me with a mischievous smile. Both of them thought they knew the whole story, and that the other didn’t. My best friend guessed that I was wincing because I was jealous of Fatiah, because he knew how fucked up my relationship with George was. Tim thought I was wincing because of the sextape my brother sent me the previous night, and that I couldn’t get the image of Fatiah out of my head. Both were right, and I had come to fully realise I didn’t want to share my brother with any girl. “Anyway…” I continued after a long, thoughtful, pause. “He headed straight to bed, soaking wet, fully dressed in his damp freezing clothes, and fell asleep.” I concluded. “His forehead was literally boiling when I checked up on him this morning.” “And so you played the nurse all morning through.” Jean-Baptiste sneered with an amused smirk. I shot him a death stare and sighed. “Well, he slept most of the time anyway.” I said matter-of-factly. “Uncle David is getting him to the doctor this afternoon, which means that I’m free to go to the cinema as we initially planned, if that’s still okay with you.” I told my best friend with a complicit smile, knowing he was very impatient to watch the movie. “Fuck yeah!” He exclaimed enthusiastically. “Are you coming with us?” He then asked Timoth�e. “Hmm… I mean… I could, if that’s okay with you.” He cautiously replied, testing kadıköy travesti the waters. “Sure!” I confirmed. “I hope you like Marvels.” Tim was the only one able to eventually finish his piece of cake, but he was so full that he didn’t dare finish mine, or J-B’s. I could tell he was ready to pass out in a food coma at any point though, and when I paid for his lunch, he only offered a slight resistance, as if all of his energy was focused on digesting. I shot J-B an amused gaze and we both snickered at his predicament. When we walked out of the Tea Room, heading to the Movie Theatre, we passed by a pastry shop called “La Bonbonni�re” and my eyes suddenly widened. “Oh my… look at these Macarons, they look fucking gorgeous!” I exclaimed boyishly. “You can’t be fucking serious!” Tim lamented, displaying a disgusted pout. “I’m so full, how can you even think about food without throwing up!” He said only half-jokingly. “I love Macarons!” I retorted with a giggle. “My parents used to get me a box from Ladur�e every time they were traveling to Paris!” I reminisced with a nostalgic smile. “I remember that!” Jean-Baptiste chimed in. “You would get this pale, green, round box full of Macarons of every possible flavours, and very reluctantly share some with me!” “Is that… they must have made a mistake. Is that really the price for each, not for the whole box?” Tim asked with incredulity. “It’s so fucking tiny, that can’t be the right price, right?” He insisted as if he just unveiled a national scandal. “These are actually rather cheap, they’re twice as expensive in Paris.” I answered with a devilish smirk. “You’ll change your mind when you’ll try one of these heavenly bites of paradise.” “Let’s move on or we’ll get stuck with the worst seats!” Jean-Baptiste pointed out, interrupting my endless staring of the Bonbonni�re’s showcase. Once in the movie theatre, J-B picked our seats, since he was really picky and as I couldn’t care less. I was sitting between my best friend and my boyfriend, in the Gaumont’s comfortable large seats. I was very eager to watch this new Marvel movie, as I thoroughly loved every single one of them, but as I was about to find out, Tim had something else in mind entirely. By now, you must be accustomed to my boyfriend’s constantly horny mind, as well as his exhibitionist tendencies. At the time, however, I was still somehow na�ve. At least na�ve enough to think that I was safe in a movie theatre. God, how wrong I was. From the very moment the lights were out, my boyfriend’s naughty hand began its wandering journey along my thigh, occasionally grabbing my hand and bringing it to his lips to kiss the back of it. Tim was usually a tender boyfriend, of course, but I knew his lustful stares when I saw them, and the beast was horny. I shot him a puzzled glance, but my attention was quickly drawn back to the movie that was just getting started. The movie wasn’t the only one that was just getting started, however. For a time, Tim stuck with caressing and kissing my hand. After a while, his fingers hooked my chin and he began making out with me sensually. After he broke the kiss, I was left smiling boyishly at him, utterly in love with this young Casanova. My boyfriend then grabbed my hand and guided it to his crotch. His massive cock was rock-hard under the fabric, obscenely stretching out the jeans’ fabric. Thankfully, the dim light coming from the screen wasn’t strong enough to publicly betray his state of arousal, but still. I faintly giggled and he smirked back at me devilishly. He leaned over until our faces were mere millimetres away. “That’s how I feel whenever you’re near me.” He whispered, making me shiver and, although no one could see, blush. “That must be unpractical in school!” I playfully shot back before dropping a peck on his lips and leaning back on my seat. I wasn’t going to let some dick stand in the way of a good movie. I shot a nervous glance at Jean-Baptiste, but he was totally absorbed in the movie, and visibly didn’t pay the faintest attention to Tim’s little seduction game. This could have been the end of the story, but Tim isn’t exactly easily deterred. For one thing, he never stopped playing with my hand, keeping me in a state constant arousal. At some point, he placed his hand on my thigh and delicately made his way up, until his fingertips were virtually touching my crotch. As discreetly as possible, I sighed with pleasure. This boy was driving me nuts, for real, and his horniness was contagious. I was worried, and slightly guilty, that my best friend was sitting right next to me, not knowing any better. Suddenly, Tim took my hand and guided it to his crotch, once more. This time, though, the palm of my hand came directly into contact with his bare skin. His huge cock was out in the open, proudly standing at full mast for everyone to see, if we were not sitting in the dark. A jolt of adrenaline washed through me, and I wrapped my fingers around my boyfriend’s shaft before gently, and slowly, jerking him off. Despite the deafening volume of the movie, I could distinctly hear his repressed moan when my hand went down his shaft, peeling his foreskin off and revealing his cockhead. His manly rugby man’s hands squeezed my thigh almost to the point that it hurt, and I was having more and more difficulty focusing on the movie in front of me. I was rock hard, too. Tim’s hand wandered around my waistband and, discreetly, tried to slip his fingers under my jeans and briefs. Realising that he intended to reciprocate the pleasure I was giving him, I lifted my butt a little and slipped in my seat, facilitating his job for him. His fingertips eventually reached their goal, my boiling-hot cock, aching for attention. I closed my eyes in pure bliss, relishing on yet another experiment of sexual exhibitionism. I later realised how lucky I was to live in a country such as France, where people wouldn’t label you as “sexual pervert” but rather as being a horny teenager. Still, I didn’t want to get caught. Which means that, when I opened my eyes after a few minutes of Tim jerking me off, and my gaze instantly met my best friend’s with a mixt of disappointment and shock in his eyes, I was overwhelmed with guilt. I painfully gulped and quickly removed Tim’s hand from my crotch. In the same time I retracted my own from his cock. I had no idea if my boyfriend understood that we had just been caught, and frankly didn’t give a shit. I was feeling terrible. One is not supposed to talk while watching a movie in the cinema, but somehow this silence was like a ton of bricks that I carried on my back. I wanted Jean-Baptiste to say something, to yell, to shout, anything would have made me feel better than his silence. We finished the movie, but I was too preoccupied to really enjoy it. Without a word, we exited the large movie room, and walked down the stairs before passing the movie theatre door. There is something about being in a movie room for so long that makes you forget the sun is shining outside. I squinted my eyes, almost surprised with daylight. “Well, I better head back home, I have homework for tomorrow.” Jean-Baptiste lied unconvincingly. I looked at him with a lump in my throat, almost pleadingly, but he couldn’t bring himself to set his eyes on me. It truly broke my heart. “See you guys!” He eventually said before walking away in a fast pace. “Babe, wait for me here!” I told a confused Timoth�e before catching up to my best friend. “J-B!” I called as I ran to him. “J-B wait!” “Yeah?” He answered dismissively while still walking away. “Damnit J-B just wait!” I exclaimed annoyedly. He eventually halted and shot me a death stare. “What!” He snapped with a hint of anger. I had rarely seen him that mad, especially at me. I sighed and briefly closed my eyes while I was catching up on my breathing. “Listen, I’m sorry!” I eventually declared. “About… what you saw. I didn’t mean for it to happen.” “You mean he forced you?” J-B immediately asked. “No! It’s not what I said!” I shot back. “I didn’t mean for you to see.” I specified with my face completely flushed with shame. “Oh, you somehow managed to forget I was sitting right next to you, is that what you’re saying?” He retorted sarcastically. “That’s a lame fucking excuse!” “Come on J-B! Don’t be like that, it’s not a big deal, is it?” I pleaded. “I’m really sorry, I swear!” “Henri, I am your best friend!” J-B exclaimed with a softer tone. “You and me, us, it will never be about sex!” He declared fatefully. I snorted in disbelief, insulted by the insinuation. “I know, J-B I wasn’t trying to…” I began before he cut me off. “I felt like shit, realising you were willing to risk our relationship for the thrill of jerking off in a movie room.” He said with a stern expression. “I didn’t realise I was risking our relationship.” I retorted with a hint of panic in my voice and tears building up. “You weren’t, but you didn’t know that, and you took the risk anyway.” He pointed out. A sob accidentally escaped me, and I looked away, doing my best to maintain my composure. “I’m sorry J-B… I’m really sorry.” I apologised with a shaky voice. “I love you, and you mean so much to me. I just wasn’t thinking clearly, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I added before our eyes met. J-B sighed and looked back at me with a tender smile. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too, I might have overreacted a little.” He apologised back. “Just keep me out of your sexual escapades from now on, okay?” He concluded with a chuckle. I faintly giggled too, and he friendlily slapped my shoulder. “You little perv!” He teased before winking at me. “Don’t you want to stay with us this afternoon?” I asked with a hopeful tone. “Nah, I’m heading back home.” He declined nonchalantly. “Have fun with the boyfriend!” J-B told me mischievously before pulling me for a “bro” hug and taking his leave for good. I don’t know how I can explain this, but I both felt a lot better and a lot worse after this conversation. What he said made sense to me, I had been stupid, and I would definitely be a lot more careful in the future. Tim might be a shameless exhibitionist, but there were lines I was not willing to cross, and he’d have to understand that. “He really needs to chill the fuck out!” Tim exclaimed as I just finished telling him what happened with J-B moments earlier. “It’s not that much of a big deal…” “Tim!” I scolded with a disapproving gaze. “Maybe it was a big deal for him, and I need to respect that.” “Sure, whatever.” He concluded, seemingly a little bummed that I didn’t share his very liberal views on public sex. “Do you want to come back to my place with me? My brother should be back from the Doctor by now…” I suggested absentmindedly as we headed to where Tim’s scooter was parked. My boyfriend grabbed my hip and pulled me to him, pressing our bodies together in full view of the crowd surrounding us in the busy streets. “I thought that maybe we could go back to my place and… you know… finish what we started.” He counter-proposed suggestively. “You know you cannot let your barbarian and primitive of a boyfriend with blue balls, right?” Tim added with a shit eating smirk. I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He had a gaze full of animalistic lust, but most importantly, he made me feel deeply desired, as if I were the most coveted thing he could think of. I still had no fucking idea about what this guy saw in me, he could have literally anyone, and yet he chose me. It didn’t make any sense to me, but I was not about to complain about it. “I’d like that.” I simply answered with a sly smile. “Good!” He exclaimed before leaning over and bringing his mouth to my ear and whispering. “Because I was not asking anyway.” He added half-jokingly. I giggled like a boy. Tim liked to believe he was in charge, and I thought it was kind of sexy too. Once we arrived at his place, I noticed with a certain relief that his place was empty. Tim grinned at me and grabbed my hand before leading me straight to his bedroom. Once inside, he slammed the door behind himself and quickly hugged me from behind. His bulging crotch was quite noticeably pressed against my lower back and I sighed with anticipated pleasure. As much as I liked our public sexcapades, I liked the privacy of our bedroom because I knew there wouldn’t be anything holding us back or interrupting us. No more containing our moaning or caring about how much noise we were making. Timoth�e’s hand slipped under my T-shirt and caressed my stomach as his lips assaulted my neck and ears. His wet kisses, combined with his warm breath on my skin made me shiver and I pressed back against him, fully abandoning myself to him, without inhibitions or hesitations. This boy was mine, as much as I was his. He must have been super horny, because in a few swift movements, he fully undressed me. I wanted to undress him too, but he had other plans. He lifted me from the floor and literally threw me on his mattress. Good thing I’m on the light side, because otherwise he would have definitely broken a lath or two. I rolled on my back so I could eagerly marvel on the erotic sight of my boyfriend undressing. He smirked back at me as he unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his waistband, exposing his rock-hard cock to me. I gulped in anticipation, he might have been my boyfriend, but there was still a residue of anxiety whenever I expected to take care of that fucking fat cock. Timoth�e hopped on the bed and, in the blink of an eye, this tall and strong teenager was completely over me. My body disappeared under his, and my arms were crossed behind his broad back. Tim was doing the minimum not to crush me under his weight while still pinning my body on the mattress, preventing me from moving anything else than my arms and my toes. He kissed my neck and jawline and grabbed a fistful of my hair for better leverage. I was his thing, his sextoy, and he would bakırköy travesti do as he pleased with me. I fucking loved it. “Can you feel my cock twitch against your naked skin? It wants you; it wants you bad.” Tim seducingly whispered in my ear. “You’re going to be a good little faggot for your man, aren’t you?” “Yes!” I managed to squeak in a high-pitched voice. “Good!” Tim chuckled. He then straightened up and straddled me. His thighs were pinning my whole torso down, preventing my arms from moving, and my face was right in front of his cock. He looked down at me and widely smirked with a devilish expression. He then grabbed his meat and slapped my face with it. With a series of loud smacks, his fat cock hit my lips and cheeks. My nostrils were filled with his manly scent and I was high on lust. I opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue. Tim peeled his foreskin off and smacked my tongue with the tip of his cock. “Fucking faggot, you want to suck that big cock, don’t you?” I submissively nodded and Tim didn’t waste any more time before shoving his dick inside of my mouth. I wasn’t sucking his cock, no, I wasn’t doing much actually. Tim was literally face-fucking me. He was pounding my face against the mattress and shoving his meat inside of my velvet throat relentlessly. I was gagging and choking like crazy, but Timoth�e didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. I must confess I was a bit worried that Tim would let me die on his cock, but he managed to allow me some moments to breathe, how very generous of him. With each thrust, his heavy balls slapped my saliva-wet chin. Despite not being able to touch my cock, I was rock-hard, my horniness was at its highest level. Tim showed me what being a true submissive bottom could look like, and this trip into submission was so fucking exciting! Perhaps it was because we already had our foreplay in the Movie-room, but Tim didn’t last long before blasting my throat with a big load of his cum. He buried his cock to the hilt and grunted animalistically. I could feel his cock twitch in my throat, but I didn’t get a taste of his cum, for his dick was too deeply buried inside of me. Tim suddenly pulled out of my mouth and collapsed next to me with a heavy sigh. He was catching up on his breath and his whole body was glittering with sweat after this intense push up session. He grabbed his briefs and tossed them to my face with a chuckle. “Sorry about the mess I’ve made on your face, babe.” He teasingly joked, widely grinning at me. He was not sorry at all, on the contrary, he was quite pleased with himself. “Asshole!” I retorted with a fake-offended pout. “Yeah… give me a minute or two and I’ll take care of your asshole too.” Tim shot back cockily. He then rolled over me and dropped a peck on my lips. “You didn’t think your man was going to let you go before you came, right?” “Oh yes?” I mischievously asked with a boyish smile. “What, you thought you were going to go back home frustrated and jerk off alone in your large bed?” He sneered before groping my cock and giving it a few teasing motions. “You like that?” He asked lustfully. I timidly nodded, relishing on my boyfriend’s hand jerking me off. Tim leaned even closer, and his lips eventually touched mine. I opened my mouth, and our tongue began dancing together. We made out as he jerked me off and, honestly, I could have easily just cum with that. My boyfriend, however, had different projects for me. Timoth�e grabbed me and rolled on his back, making me straddle him. He took his semi-hard cock and loudly slapped it against my butt crack with a wide smirk. Putting his hand on the back of my head, he pulled me for a kiss and resumed our make-out session while teasing my expecting pussy. “Put it in… please.” I whispered pleadingly. “What?” Tim asked. “Put it in!” I repeated. “Fuck me, please fuck my ass!” “Get these wet!” He commanded me, presenting his fingers to my mouth. I promptly obeyed and nursed on his fingers, making sure they were extra lubed with my saliva, for I knew where they were going. Tim retracted his fingers from my mouth and quickly targeted my eager pussy, directly showing the two of them inside of me. I winced with surprise and the little pain, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t endure. My boyfriend fingerfucked me for a few minutes, getting me ready for what was next, and I whimpered and moaned from pleasure on top of him, my rock-hard cock leaking precum like a faucet. Suddenly, Timoth�e yanked his fingers out of me and grabbed his massive shaft. He placed the tip of his dick at the entrance of my hole and targeted it with his missile. Slowly, but steadily, he shoved the tip of his cock inside of me and I groaned from the intrusion. High-pitched noises escaped my mouth as his 23cm (9inches) made their way inside of me, where they belonged. Then, he was finally ball deep. I felt so full, and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. I immediately started bouncing up and down on my boyfriend’s dick and I saw his face express his orgasmic pleasure. “Jerk yourself off baby!” Tim commanded me. I complied and took my dick in my hand as I was fucking myself with his cock. I was on cloud nine, it was my turn to use him as a sex toy, wanking as I stimulated my prostate with his massive cock. Tim then surprised me when he pinched my nipple, and I felt a wave of something new wash through me. As if I had been electrocuted, but somehow managed to like it. I opened my eyes and shot Tim a half-confused, half-offended glance. We were both one another’s first partner, but I felt he knew so much more about sex than I did. Tim pinched my nipples again and twisted them too. I grunted in response, as if my cock were directly linked to those nipples. My boyfriend noticed the pleasure and confusion on my face and he displayed a shit eating smirk. He kept twisting my nipples and I kept beating my meat, I could feel the impending orgasm building up inside of me, and my breathing became more and more erratic. Then, Tim once again grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him, almost yanking me off of his dick, even though I managed to stay firmly seated on my prize. “I love you baby, I love you so fucking much!” He panted with a soft and low voice. “I love you too Tim!” I immediately answered. “You’re the man of my life, you’re mine forever baby!” He added as, surprisingly, these words brought me closer to orgasm than anything else. “I’m gonna cum!” I warned him, out of breath. “Cum all over me! Go for it!” Timoth�e instructed me with a deep and hoarse voice. I didn’t need to be told twice. I straightened up, properly sitting on top of him, and seconds later my cock began firing off one of the most impressive loads I ever produced. It went literally everywhere: his abs and chest, of course, but also his chin, mouth, forehead and even some in his hair. A mighty roar escaped Tim’s semen-soiled mouth and both of his hands gripped my hips before burring his cock ball-deep inside of me. My boyfriend just came, right as I plastered his whole body with my load, and it was so fucking hot to witness! I was just slowly getting down from my orgasmic bliss, but Timoth�e roughly rolled over, incidentally pinning me on the mattress on my back, his cock still inside of me. Our bodies were pressed against one another, mixing my cum and our sweat. I browsed my hands on his back, as I loved to do, and he savagely kissed me, giving me a taste of my own cum from his mouth. We exchanged looks and suddenly burst into laughter. “Phew! It was quite something.” I exclaimed, completely out of breath. “Yeah… I was feeling kinda horny.” Tim confessed with a cocky smirk. “You beast!” I jokingly complained with a boyish chuckle. Tim straightened up and pulled out his dick, which exited my butt with an audible pop. I sighed and shot a look at my messy stomach. “I’m going to have a shower.” Tim declared as he drank from a bottle of water that was on the nightstand. “Wanna join me?” He added with a mischievous smile. “Am I going to be raped once again?” I provocatively asked. “Meh… you might.” Tim nonchalantly answered. “Don’t try to pretend you would mind.” “I’m not as athletic as you are!” I vocally protested before slipping out of bed and following him to the bathroom. “You drain the living energy out of me.” “Alright, I’ll take it easy on you!” Tim concluded before tickling my laughing arse up to the bathroom. Timoth�e and I cuddled under the shower, and we made out a lot, but thankfully he didn’t try to initiate more sex. I was exhausted, and when it was time for me to head back home, I felt a lump in my throat. Even though Dad tried to calm things down, I was still mad at Mom, and she probably felt the same way. I walked to the nearest subway station and cursed myself for forgetting to pack my headphones when I left the house earlier. Without the music, the trip back home felt so much longer. When I arrived, it was getting dark outside, and we were getting close to dinner time. I opened the main door and walked inside. Someone was cooking in the kitchen, and of course I knew it was Mom, so I quickly passed the kitchen door without looking and headed straight upstairs. I tossed my backpack at the foot of my bed and collapsed on the mattress with a deep sigh. I had some homework to do, so I turned on my computer and sat at my desk. I studied until Dad knocked at my door to let me know dinner was served. The dinner that followed was terrible, the tensions were obvious, and the silence was heavy. My brother was here, but he was in a poor condition, I felt so bad for him. I sipped my Soupe � l’Oignon as quickly as possible, hoping to shorten this earthly version of hell as much as I could. At least the food was great, I’ll give her that. I felt relieved when I was back in my room and came to wish that my parents travelled more frequently, which deeply saddened me when I realised how things had changed. Honestly, I was ready to call it a day and head to bed when Dad once again knocked at my door. “Henri, would you please join me in the study?” He calmly asked me, although I knew he wasn’t actually asking. I nodded and followed him with a lump in the throat, what the fuck was that about again? Once in his study, Dad closed the door behind him and sat at his desk, in his mighty leather chair. He was quite intimidating, to be honest, with his natural authority, his imperturbable composure and phlegm. He looked at me, scrutinizing my facial expression, but didn’t say a word. I was unable to open my mouth, and just looked back at him nervously. “Henri, tell me what is happening to you.” Dad eventually asked me with a solemn tone. “What… what are you talking about, Dad?” I answered completely confused, and not frankly super confident. “This whole situation with your mother, with your brother. What is this about?” He specified while staring at me inquisitively. “I… I don’t know.” I confessed desperately. Dad raised his eyebrows, not convinced at all. “I mean, it’s just that… she’s so unfair to George! She is always picking up on him and blames him for everything!” I explained before sighing deeply. “That’s not true, Henri. Your mother simply is concerned for your brother, she loves him.” Dad retorted calmly. “Does she?” I questioned. “I do love him, with all my heart, which means that I trust him!” “Henri, you’re his brother.” Dad pointed out with a faint smile. “I’m not expecting you to understand, but there is a big difference. George is our responsibility: his education, his well-being, his safety, and opportunities. I can assure you that it’s not an easy job to endure. Neither your mother, nor I, are perfect, we might lose patience sometimes, but we do love both of you.” He enumerated. “Besides, George is perfectly able to stand up for himself if he feels unfairly treated, if you remember correctly.” “I know but…” I started saying. “There is no but, Henri.” Dad cut me off. “You cannot treat your mother the way you did recently, you are hurting her, more than you think.” He told me. I felt tears silently building up in my eyes and looked at my feet in shame. “I’m sorry.” I apologised as a tear dropped from my cheek and fell on the carpet. “I am not the one you should apologise to.” He told me. Dad then hooked my chin with his finger and gently forced me to look up at him. “Can I trust you to make things right?” He asked me with a softer tone. I quickly nodded and in an impulsive move wrapped my arms around him before hugging him tightly. It felt so fucking good, a pure regressive childhood bliss, to cuddle against Dad as I used to do when I was just a little boy. That’s how I felt, a little boy, as he kissed my hair and caressed my back. “I love you Dad.” “I love you too, son.” He answered. “Now off to bed, I still have some work to do!” He eventually told me, encouraging me to break the embrace. I nodded and straightened up as Dad affectionately ruffled my hair. “Have a good night, Henri.” “You too, Dad.” I said before walking out of his office. I stopped in my tracks when I reached my brother’s bedroom door. I hesitated for a few seconds, and eventually nodded before pulling on the knob. My brother was lying on the side, smartphone in hand, and visibly looking at something, probably a video. “Hey, how are you doing?” I asked with a soft voice. George simply shrugged unconvincingly, while not diverting his gaze from his phone screen. I closed the door and walked to his bed. I considered sitting on the edge, but I finally fully laid down next to him. He didn’t say anything and kept looking at his phone, probably feeling too sick to do anything else. It was fine by me anyway; I was exhausted and just wanted to feel my brother’s presence next to me. Half an hour later, I was peacefully sleeping, in my brother’s bedroom, by his side, without a single complaint from him. **** If you want to send me comment, questions, or just want to chat about the Story, feel free to add me on Instagram: Despanien Or send me an E-mail: [email protected] Also, I mentioned some recipes in this story, and I wanted to tell you that I translated them into English, and you are able to find them pot/

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