Britney Ch. 02: Jerk!!!

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Having lost a world class bet with her twin brother Lance, eighteen year old Britney sat troubled. On her bed outstretched with his pants to his ankles lay Lance stroking himself.

As uncomfortable as the situation was Britney did find his dick interesting. It’s size and girth were formidable. Something she chose when dating guys. Her sex life had been active since she was sixteen. She loved sex. But, that was with boys of her own choice.

She hadn’t dated anyone serious in five months. Her hormones had been used against her today. Even if it had gone too far.

“Jerk me off. My hands tired.” Lance coaxed.

“God, Lance. This is soooooo wrong.”

“Could be worse. I could expect sex. You did agree to Anything Goes.”

“You’re not that cruel. You love me.”

“True dat. But, I still want things.”

She marvels over his erection and frowns, “So you watched me masturbate?”

“Yep. Recorded it on my cellphone too.”

She leaps to her knees letting the sheets fall from her naked body. Her tits bounced under her shocking movement. Lance took immediate notice.

“You What? Lance why?”

“Better than most pornos I’ve seen on Dad’s laptop. Somewhere on that laptop I hid the downloaded version.”

Her hand covers her mouth, “What if Daddy see’s it?”

“He might jerk off like I did. Damn Brit, stop being naïve. You’re a freaking pornstar. Your body is perfect.”

She tries not to laugh then sits back on her calves.

“Every guy I ever dated said the same thing. Then they broke up with me.”

“Their loss.”

“Thanks. I think. Can you please stop rubbing your dick.”

“Rub it for me then.”

She fidgets growling, “If I do it’s the only time ever.”

“Nope! 48 hours. If I want this 20 times in that length of time you gotta do it.”

Sneering she grabs a pillow and dives on to him as if to smother his face. He fights laughing at her assault.

Finally, she leaves the pillow over his face and grips his cock. Sliding her fingers and palm up and down it several times she stops long enough to spit into her hand for lubricant.

He removes the pillow to watch her tower over him and massage his tilted erection.

“That feels freaking awesome.”

“I know.” She smiles smugly then groans at her own simple pleasure.

“Give me the best handjob you ever gave.”

Rolling her eyes she moves her hand to squeeze his balls a few times before returning to his dick. Her hesitation followed.

“Really? Lance come on. This is way too weird.”

“I’m not letting you off. You lost the bet. Don’t make me find that video for Dad by accident.”

She freezes up, “So now you blackmail me?”

“Not what I want to do. But, I will.”

She strokes his cock harder suddenly. Her expression haunted.

“That’s better. You go Sis.” He gasps.

“I will get revenge.” She narrows her eyes.

“Bet you won’t.” He chuckles.

“Bet I will.” Her hand continues while raising an eyebrow toward him.

“Okay. Let’s bet.”

Brit rolls her eyes, “As if I’ll fall for that again.”

“That’s cool. You would lose anyway.”

“Knock it off. I would not.”

“Damn, that feels good. Now I know casino şirketleri why your boyfriends used to brag about you.”

“They did? Who?” Her curiosity stormed her senses.

“Derrick. Craig. Rick. Those are the only ones I know about.”

“What did they say? To who?”

“Whole school. They bragged about how good you sucked dick. That you were a screamer when they fucked you. Of course I knew that.”

“Really. I never once heard them tell anyone.”

“Heck, I heard Rick tell his basketball coach. I was eavesdropping outside his office during P.E.. Coach Dawson said he would love to hear that.”

“He didn’t.”

“Yes he did. I could record you from that video and sell him a copy.”

She stops jerking him and sneers hatefully, “DON’T!”

“Then obey our bet. Lean over and blow on it while you jerk me off.”

“UGGGGGHHHH!” She echoes before gripping him again. Bending over him she cringes just before exhaling all over his crown.

“Yeah! That was great. Don’t stop. Get your lips right over it.”

Another groan later she puckers to blow a mere inch from him. Before she does he rears his hips and touches the tip of his dick to her lips. She jumps back scowling.

“HEY!” She pouts with a leer.

“Kiss him. You hurt his feelings.”


“Hey Coach Dawson? Remember how bad you wanted to hear my hot sister moan and scream? I can do one better. Here’s a copy of her masturbating on dvd.”

Tears well up in her eyes. She knew he would do it.

Without another word she arches her spine to lean over him. This time she kissed his crown tenderly. Nuzzling the foreskin she exhales the full length then kisses his balls. After the kiss she molds her tongue around his fullness and licks all the way up his shaft to the crown. Then another kiss.

Lance was speechless.

He watches her open her mouth over his head and close her lips around his crown. He could feel her tongue rolling around it.

“Don’t stop, Brit. Suck it.”

“Yes Sir!” She rolls her eyes then proceeds to swallow six of eight inches before closing her mouth around it. She taunts him with her tongue while engulfing him. Eyes meet and finalize his needs and her sudden willingness.

Finally, she grips his balls massaging them while her jaw moved up and down rapidly. Her constant rhythm made him close his eyes and hold his forehead with both palms. She gagged numerous times but maintained her mission. As he began shaking like a leaf she moved her mouth away and jacked him off. Her chin returned to a better angle to blow on him.

In minutes he squirts literally two feet into the air. She gasps and pulls back, but not fast enough to avoid his current. Splatter’s caught her forehead and left cheek.

“Ewwwwwwwwwww!” She grimaces.

“Taste it.”


“Do it.”

“Fuck!” She rolls her tongue along her left cheek and tastes a bit of cum. Aside from this being her brother, he didn’t taste terrible.

“More. Suck some from my dick.”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She obeyed again wrapping her lips to suck the trickles from his foreskin. Swallowing it she discovered she wanted more. In his grip she squeezed his balls and casino firmaları made him strain to offer the last in his reservoir.

“Daaaaaaamn! You liked that. Didn’t you?”

“SHUT UP!” She cursed trying not to laugh suddenly.

“Be honest.” He demanded.

“Yeah!” She frowned, “Not bad little Brother. Let’s not make this a habit.”

“48 hours. Over the next two weeks. Hour here an hour there.”


“I want that every day after school. Before Mom and Dad get home.”

Her jaw drops, “I disown you Lance.”

“Only after I’m done owning you.” He laughs.

Growling she roars, “I WILL GET MY REVENGE.”

“Bet not.”

“Stop that.”

“So bet me.”

“I’m going to brush my teeth.” She picks a pubic hair out of her lower teeth grossly.

“BET ME! I dare you.” He insists.

Rolling her eyes she slaps her pillow using it to cover herself.

“If I win. I don’t have to do anything with any of you creeps.”

“Alright. If I win I control you sexually for one full month. The guys still get you for 48 hours each.”

“A whole month? I’m not having sex with you Lance.”

“The bet includes sex IF I decide I want that.”

“What’s the bet?”

He leaps up and pulls his pants up long enough to retrieve her vibrator. Tossing it on the bed she reacts sheepishly toward it.

“Use it. Whoever cum’s first wins.”

“I just had an orgasm. You just got my bed messy. Neither of us has anything left.”

“I do. I’m good for three in a row.”

“Seriously?” She bulges her eyes.


“Will you delete the video too?” She pouts hopefully.


“No bullshit?” Hesitantly she doubted his sincerity.

“Nope. I swear. I won’t go back on my word as long as you don’t.”

Britney fidgets picking up her vibrator and resting her pillow behind her. She still wasn’t sure this was the logical move but she felt hornier than she let on. Every time she gave blowjobs her hormones grew so intense that she had to have sex or play with herself. This was her brother though. Her sexual appetite would have to be her own self inflicted pleasure.

Waving the vibrator at him she gave him a stern glare, “Okay. I’ll take that bet. You should know I’m fast.”

“Get ready to lose. I’m gonna shoot the ceiling.” He teases her.

“Yeah, right.” She had to giggle as he again dropped his pants and crawls in to lay side by side.

“Hip to hip? Really? I need room.”

He fondles his timid erection back to life in seconds. Just inhaling his sister’s shampoo scent made him hard.

Before he committed to beginning he pulls his t-shirt over his head and sits naked beside her. She blushed for some reason.

“Get ready to lose Little Brother.”

Lance elbows her forearm, “Fire up your jackhammer.”

She turns on the vibrator and listens to it hum for a second. She takes a deep breath then begins to move it to her clit for stimulation.

“I’ll even give you a head start.” Lance winks at her.

His cocky attitude intimidated her slightly. Thirty days was a long time to honor any bet. Least of all one that put her in such a compromising position. Still, she had to try güvenilir casino and beat him at his own game. That video could present a whole lot of unnecessary heartache. Her Dad would kill her. The Coach seeing or hearing her just made her sick.

Finally, the vibrator struck a chord within her. She jumps at the sensations then looks over at Lance who grinned at her shivers.

“Quit staring at me.” She hisses trying to concentrate.

“I can’t help it. You’re tooooooo sexy.”

“No fair. You’re trying to break my mood.”

“No, I’m trying to turn you on more.”

“Lance? Come on now. I’m your sister. That’s just not right.”

“Here I cum.” He jests as he begins masturbating.

Her eyes darts from his face looking at her, to his hand coordination. Watching him did turn her on but her reality check toward family kept her grounded.

“I like the way you shave your bush.” He goads her.

She did her best to tune him out. Focus on her clit led her to massage it vigorously with her fingers while inserting the vibrator inside her pussy. She knew just where to apply it for maximum pleasure. Her g-spot screamed under the vibrations. It was just a matter of minutes she thought. She had this.

Thirty seconds later Lance snarls and blasts a geyser of jizz all over himself. She hadn’t even noticed in her zone until she felt the wetness of his cum soaked knuckles rubbing all over her face.

“Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! NO WAY! How did you beat me?”

“I told you. You’re too sexy. 1 to 10 you’re an easy 9.5.”

Her interruption forced her to stop rubbing herself to wipe his cum from her cheeks. She turned beet red from her loss. Anger mixed with despair.

“Finish.” Lance prodded sitting forward to observe the vibrator still inside her.

“I can’t believe you. That’s not possible. So soon after I got you to cum earlier? How?”

“What can I say? I got game.”

“And zero girlfriends. You must jack off constantly.”

“I do.” He cracks up, “Finish. I want to watch you up close.”

“Sicko.” She has to laugh with him. Once her sights were set she resumed massaging her clit. Having troubles suddenly Lance decides to rub her inner leg softly. Her eyes flared at how good his caress felt.

“Come on Brit.” He whispers, moving closer so that his drooling erection touched her hip. The closeness made her seal her eyes from further distraction. It was difficult enough having him watch her play. Him touching her made her queasy.

After five more troubled minutes she squeals and cums all over herself.

“Oh my God. That felt so good.” She hisses with a dramatic sigh.

“One full month. I’ll delete that video when you fulfill your end of the bet.” He offers a sincere expression.

“You better Freak. I’ll honor the bet. Just don’t make me do anything too crazy. Please?”

He crawls to his knees facing her and folds his arms.

“Don’t tell me what to do. You’re my slut for thirty one days. Tell me no one time and the Coach gets the video first. Tell me no twice Dad see’s it. A third time I’ll find a way to play it over the school’s P.A. system. Everyone can here you.”

She cringes at the thought. She knew her brother was evil. But, not this evil.

Acceptance sets in. She covered herself up and wept. As he got up and left her room with his clothes, she made sure he heard her final thought.


Lance shrugged and thought to himself.


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