Brighton Graduate Ch. 03

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What has transpired before in Elmira Graduate 2:

After another night with his classmate’s mother, they arranged to spend all of Friday together. This beautiful African-American mother got divorced due to her husband’s affairs because she did not like sex. This has all changed now, as the story continues.


The next two days seemed to drag, but Friday at 8:15 Walter was out the door and on the path down to the road near Marjorie’s house. He was waiting under a tree for 15 minutes before she showed up in the BMW. He hopped in so quickly it was like she had hardly stopped.

“Where to?” she asked.

“Drive up to the lake, then drive east on shore drive.” he instructed her. “We’ll be there in about 45 minutes.” It was then that Walter looked over at this African-American mother. At a quick glance she looked like she was dressed for work. She was wearing a grey blazer and long black skirt, but beneath the blazer was some sort of black lace top and the slit in the skirt was open far enough to see the tops of her gartered stockings. The stockings were back-seamed and provided a line that your eyes could not help but follow down her legs to high-heel sandals. She was more that beautiful: she was sultry, a simmering sexiness that was waiting to burst into conflagration.

The problem was she was not dressed to go to the boat. Her business dress and high heels would be very noticeable in the yacht club setting. Couple that with her skin color (very few blacks at the club) and the fact she worked for Kodak (30% of the club members worked for Kodak as managers in some level of the company) made the boat suddenly not a good idea.

“You look so good, that I can’t take you to the boat.” Walter told her. “You are definitely way too hot to be climbing aboard a sailboat without the entire county noticing.”

“OK baby,” she pouted. “Do you want me to take you home?”

“Not after seeing you like that!” he exclaimed. “You do look good enough to eat!”

“I have an idea.” She pulled to the side of the road, picked up her car phone and dialed. “This is Ms Slade. Is Guest One available for today and tomorrow? OK, how about Guest Two? That will work. I’ll make sure the customer is out by noon so you can turn-around the cottage…no, just refill freezer & bar. Oh, and open the garage door. Thank you.” She hung up her phone.

“So where are we going?” he asked.

“Just wait and see.” She smiled. “Now it’s my surprise.” She turned towards the city. In just a few moments they were on East Avenue among the fancy turn-of-the-century houses. They drove past the George Eastman house and then turn onto the next street. She turned through a side gate he realized they were driving into the Eastman House property. She drove on the gravel drive through the gardens and into an open door in the old carriage-house/garage.

“It’s not generally known but the back cottage and the carriage house upstairs are guest suites maintained by Kodak for visiting VIPs.” She explained as she turned off the car. “I have put a number of business guests up here but never stayed here myself. I’ve always wanted to.”


“I love the Colonial-Revival style of the architecture,” she answered as she got out of the car. “And I love imagining myself living here after the turn of the century, when women and blacks were just discovering some freedom and independence.”

“Who else have your brought here?” Walter asked with a smile as he followed her up the stairs. He did not really care but felt like teasing her just a bit. She turned towards him at the top stair.

“Are you implying that I might be a ‘loose woman’?” She asked him rhetorically. “For your information, I have only brought business clients here before. And I never mix business relationships with personal relationships. As a lawyer, I know exactly what can happen when you do that.”

“So I have the wonderful opportunity to fulfill one of your fantasies?” he asked, moving to just an inch from her face.

“Yes,” she answered, with lust in her eyes. “But do not disappoint me.”

“Milady, I will do his utmost to ensure you are not disappointed, but pleasured in every way possible.”

“Then let’s go take the edge off.” She grabbed his hand and led him through the parlor and down the hall past the dinning room and kitchen to the bedroom. The young man just caught fleeting glances of some wonderful period decorating, with ornate decorations and furniture. Marjorie obviously was ready for sex and as soon as they reached the bedroom she turned quickly to him.

“Undress me!” she said. “I wore this outfit just for you, but please hurry. I need you so much right at this moment.” He undid her jacket and was surprised; the only thing under her jacket was a black satin and lace corset. Walter carefully put the jacket on a nearby armchair, then reached down to undo her skirt as she watched him. He unzipped the skirt and let it drop to the floor, revealing şişli escort her garters and stockings. Then taking her hand, he helped her step out of the skirt, and she did a perfect toe-point pirouette.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked him.

“Very much!” She smiled, then started pulling his clothes off in a rush. As soon as his clothes were in a pile on the floor, she led him to the bed and pushed him down. She plopped down on the bed next to him and kissed him and stroked his cock.
“You have a nice shaft. It suits you, baby” as she leaned over to take it between her satin-covered breasts. She rubbed the satin and lace fabric over his shaft, until a drop of pre-cum oozed out, leaving a dark spot just below her breast. She kissed his belly and worked her way down until she licked the shaft a bit. She looked up and smiled, then took the young man’s cock in her mouth and went to work.
Walter looked down to watch the black woman’s head bobbing in his lap. She was blowing him quickly as her head jerked up and down.

“Feel how wet you make him,” she said as she rolled over on her knees. He slipped a finger down and found her pussy was quite damp and slick.

“Ohhhhhh…baby, that feels nice. I like sucking your hot meat. You feel so good in my mouth.” He couldn’t believe his ears. This definitely was not the “lady” he had met just a few days ago. Not only had she become much more aggressive, but her language was becoming almost whorish. Not that it was a problem, but it was more of a turn-on. He felt the first stirring of his orgasm as she took him deep in her throat.
“I’m…starting…You better stop…I’m”
“Uh huh…uh huh,” she grunted. “Give it up, honey.” Walter couldn’t believe she was going to let him cum in her mouth. He curled his toes and blew his first load as the wave of pleasure washed over him. Thick strands of cum poured out of his cock as the thrust his hips. Marjorie never let up and swallowed it as his thick, salty cum as quickly as it filled her mouth.
“Baby” she drawled, “That was a lot of cum. Have you been saving it for me?” she asked with a wicked smile. He nodded his ascent. “Here, let me clean you up.” Slowly and delicately he sucked and licked the little bit of cum she missed off his cock. When she was finished, she sat up with her back on the pillows.
“Your turn, baby doll.” Marjorie said as she spread her smooth legs apart and motioned the young man to get on his knees. He could smell her pussy and took a lick, tasting her clean flavor with a hint of musk. He licked and kissed her labia and she grew impatient.

“Oh, baby….please….up….don’t make me beg…” Walter licked her labia from top to bottom but that still do not get to the point she wanted. She spread her legs wider and reached down expose her clit, then put a hand on his head and moved his mouth onto it.
“Oh! There, yes, right there…mmmm” she gasped. “Lick it harder…yes…suck it…mmmmmmm…yes…lick it again….” She guided his head to apply his tongue to the spots she wanted.

“Put a finger in me.” She commanded. “OHHHHHHH! Yes, fuck me with it. Keep licking while you do that….baby doll…..give me two…” He slipped a second finger in her wet, sweet pussy and gently moved two fingers in and out while he lapped at her clit. Marjorie put her legs on his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair. Her orgasm was building and she squeezed his head and started to push her hips into his face.
“I’m cumming…eat it, eat me….I’M CUMMING!” Marjorie started to wail loudly as she went over the edge. Walter found it hard to breathe because her hands, legs and hips had his face pinned hard against her as her cunt juices squirted out. She finished her climax and her grip on the boy began to relax. She lay there a moment, her chest rising and falling as she recovered. Walter backed away and rose to his knees.

“Walter, sweetie…that felt so nice,” She purred. “Damn that was good. I have been thinking about that orgasm for too long.” Walter knelt on the bed and looked at her and she finally leaned up to kiss him.

She got off the bed and led him to the bathroom, where she washed them both with a wash cloth. Marjorie grabbed a large towel, and then, hand in hand, they walked to the parlor. She laid the towel out on the couch, and they sat on the couch chatting, touching and kissing until his erection returned. Marjorie smiled at how her young lover could quickly recover and be ready again. She was ready for more.
She straddled the boy and eased his hard cock inside her. The hard shaft felt incredible as it slid up her slick pussy. This hard cock of a man less than half her age inside her left her feeling decedent. She rode him slowly, feeling his cock fill her up as the shaft brushed her clit. While the sensation was nice, Marjorie needed deeper penetration. She eased off the young man again and laid flat on the couch. She put her legs on his shoulders as he lined his cock up again.

“I want to see it,” she growled. mecdiyeköy escort “I want to see your cock in me.” He pushed his cock back inside her inflamed pussy.

“Ohhhhh! Look at that!” she sputtered. “Look at that! Look at your cock going inside me.” Walter looked down to see his cock moving in and out of her pussy. The color change was amazing; all dark skin going in, then the pink inside of her cunt reveled as he pulled back. The hot, nasty talk was also exciting to him.
“Walter, turn me over,” she moaned. “Please fuck me doggy-style.” Walter loved being with a woman who was so frank in what she liked and what she wanted. Eating and fucking the woman at her direction was adding quite an element of eroticism. Marjorie got on all fours and looked over her shoulder.

“Come on, lover. Let me have that bad boy again.” He lined his cock up and put the head against her hot, wet opening. Marjorie pushed her hips back until she felt the head of his hard cock split her pussy lips and plunge deep inside. She rocked back and fourth fucking the young man.
“Do it, baby. Fuck me hard. Hard and deep…fuck me…” Walter put his hands on her hips and pulled her onto his shaft and picked up the pace of his fuck strokes.

“That’s it. That’s it. Come on, baby.” She was screaming now. “Fuck, you make me wet…fuck you do it good…that’s it. Bang me. Bang me hard, sugar. I won’t break.” Walter decided to fuck her as hard as possible. Sweat began to flow down his chest as he concentrated on fucking this incredible black woman. He kept thrusting with a demanding pace as the sweat flowed over his body. The sweat flowed into his eyes and stung.
“Talk to me, baby. Does that feel good? Does that pussy feel good?”
“God, yes” he grunted, barely able to talk
“You like that? Those long, deep strokes? Is that what you wanted?”
“Yes…you feel so good. Fucking you feels so good.” She liked making him talk to her.

“You’re good,” she panted. “God, your cock feels so good. You want me to cum on that hard cock?”
“Keep fucking me like that and I will. Fuck, you feel so good…” Marjorie lost her ability to talk as her next orgasm began to build. She made little noises of pleasure that built in volume and intensity as the young man drove in and out. She started to buck her hips until she found the rhythm and they fucked at each other with abandon.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming on your cock,” she wailed as her orgasm began to flood her senses. “Baby, give it to me!” Walter continued to fuck her hard through her orgasm. Marjorie was rewarded with an intense orgasm as her young lover never seemed to let up. She came back down to find the young stud waiting on her recovery, still dripping with sweat.
“You ok, babydoll?”
“Yeah, sorry. The second time always takes forever.” She couldn’t believe he felt to need to apologize for such a thing.
“Slow down and catch your breath. Take your time, sweetie,” she laughed. “Is there anything I can do?”
“No, not that I can think of,” he answered. Marjorie pouted as the boy started to slowly fuck her again.

“Nothing? Or nothing you can think of?” she teased causing Walter to smile.

“Well, actually there is one thing we have not done yet.” He smiled a devious smile and touched her ass.

“That was a dangerous question for me to ask,” she laughed. “You want a piece of my ass for real? Honey, anal sex is one of the most intimate things a man and woman can do. Ever done it?”
“Yes,” he replied. “I will be gentle.”

“You’d better be,” she cautioned. “Baby, I want you in my ass, but I need to be able to use it again.” Marjorie told him to pull out, and she disappeared down the hallway again. She returned with a tube of lube and a vibrator.

“Ok…put some of this on your finger and gently slip it inside him.” She got on her knees and Walter surveyed her ass. He got behind her, but instead of using the lubricant, he ran his tongue along her ass crack.

”What are you doing?” she cried, and tried to pull away. He grabbed her firmly by the hips, then took a deep breath and pushed his tongue into her asshole as hard as he could. He had been afraid to try this with her but Marjorie’s sphincter looked so good he could not resist. He worked his tongue in and out of her asshole and suddenly she started to move her hips in response. Even after all the cunt lapping, Marjorie never thought that this young man would be so precocious. And she never imagined how such a gross act like a tongue in her ass would be so stimulating. She loved the action, and it took only a few moments until she could wait no more.

“Oh baby, that feels good.” She moaned. “Ok…now your cock. Lube it up and shove it in. I can’t wait” Then she felt the tip of his cock at her opening. Marjorie reached around to spread her ass-cheeks.

“I want you in his ass. I want this, sweetie. Don’t be scared you might hurt me but go slow. Be a little gentle.” She felt the head of his cock reach her rim of muscle, then the extremely uncomfortable sensation as he popped past it and some of his shaft filled her tight ass.

“Work it in slowly,” she hissed through her teeth. “That’s it…nice and slow. God! Your cock feels so big in my ass. Baby, you’re being wonderfully patient. Ok, slide some more in.” Finally Walter had most of his cock inside her ass.
“Ok, be still a moment. I need to adjust to you being inside my ass.” The young man paused and Marjorie felt drops of sweat drip off him and on to the small of her back.

“Start slow, baby. Start slow and fuck this tight ass.” The nasty and direct talk coupled with the sensation of his cock in her tight and well-lubed brown ass pushed Walter closer to the edge. He drew back slowly and pushed back in quickly.

“Owww! Baby, slow. Get me used to it.” Walter slowly fucked her as Marjorie slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy. She pressed against his hard cock through the thin membrane.

“Can you feel that?” Walter was amazed at the sensations of her fingers rubbing his shaft as it was inside her ass.

“Jesus. That feels good. Fuck me a little faster.” Moments later he was thrusting hard and fast. Marjorie howled and encouraged him to fuck her ass. Faster and faster he stroked chasing his orgasm. He screamed with pleasure as his cum exploded into her colon.

He pulled his cock out of her and collapsed backwards on the couch. Marjorie remained on all fours with her fingers deep in her pussy and her thumb rubbing her clit. Walter finally recovered from the powerful orgasm and saw he had left her asshole much wider. Marjorie was moaning again as she stroked herself to another orgasm.

“You like the show, honey? You watching me do myself?” She rolled onto her back and began to furiously rub herself with one hand while pinching her nipples with the other. He watched transfixed as the woman fucked herself hard and finally exploded with another orgasm. She collapsed into the couch. When she caught her breath, she complimented the young man on his skills.

“I have never enjoyed anal sex before!” She purred. “Doug’s father was actually bigger than you and I only let him try it once. He never got it in me and I still had trouble sitting for three days. Thank you for a wonderful new experience.” She cuddled up next to him. After a few minutes, Walter could feel the dried sweat on himself.

“We need a shower,” he told her.

“You’re right. Follow me.” She led him to the bathroom, also decorated and furnished in period style, and started the water. She stripped off the corset and stockings as the water warmed up, then stepped into the claw-foot tub and invited him in. He stood there as the water flowed over his body. Marjorie took the soap and lathered up his body. As she rinsed him off she licked and nibbled his back and chest. It was very sensuous to Walter and he returned the favor, carefully cleaning every part of her body. They both were further excited by the touching and closeness, especially when Walter cleaned her pussy and ass, but they resisted progressing any further, saving it for later. Marjorie stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She then took a fresh towel and told him to step out. She dried the young man off and gave him a long, deep kiss.

“Baby, how long can I keep you here?”
“If I come up with a good story, I don’t have to be home until tomorrow.” He told her the story he gave to his mom about an internship interview with Kodak.

“I have an idea,” she smiled. “Call your mom’s number and give me the phone.” She walked to the phone by the bed and handed it to him. Walter called his mom’s work number and handed Marjorie the phone.

“Mrs. Meyers? This is Mrs. Slade at Kodak Corporate Headquarters. We have William here to interview for our internship program. Although he does not fit into the program, we actually can use him for a video shoot we are doing in Niagara Falls this evening. We will pay all his expenses and put him up in a hotel tonight with the rest of the crew. He should be back sometime tomorrow afternoon. Is that OK? … Great. Do you need to talk to him? Just a moment.” She handed him the phone.

“Yes.” He said into the phone. She asked him if he was getting paid. “No, I’m just doing it for the experience. One of their sound assistants is injured and I volunteered….Can you let Dad know? OK…bye.” He hung up the phone.

“So I have you until tomorrow?” she asked him as she rubbed up against him.

“Yes.” He replied, grabbing her ass and pulling her to him. “You asked me to please you and that’s what I’m here for.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Ravenous.” She pulled away and went into the kitchen. Walter followed and stood in the doorway and watched as she prepared a salad and some sandwiches. Just seeing Marjory work in the kitchen naked made him raise a hard-on. Her ass was wonderfully shaped, and her skin just glowed. As she prepared the meal, she talked to him about her life at work, speaking to him as an equal, as a hot-assed woman to her horny lover. She turned to serve the food and saw his growing erection.

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