Brian, My First Gay Experience Ch. 02

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“This is the second part of my early years there are other times I had with Brian and a few other men before I finally figured I was bisexual and not gay. These were and still are some of the better times in my life and I am glad that I can share them here in this forum.”

It was early Saturday morning, the day after I had my first gay encounter with my friend Brian. I awoke to find Brian starting to suck my dick. When he noticed I was awake he tried to smile while still holding my cock in his mouth. He then pulled his lips from my cock and gave me a kiss.

“Brian”: Good morning lover did you enjoy your first taste of dick last night?

“Bob”: I must admit I did very much.

“Brian”: Didn’t you once tell me your parents had a huge shower in their bedroom?

“Bob”: Yes you can use it if you want.

Brian grabbed my hand and said he wanted to take a shower together with me. As we went to the bathroom I got two towels, Brian started the shower and we both got in. Brian took the soap and started to lather the front of me taking his time when he got to my cock and balls. After he was done with my front side he got behind me and started to lather my back stopping at my lower back when he knelt down and started to tongue my ass. I couldn’t believe the feeling it sent shivers casino oyna down my spine, then he pulled away.

“Brian”: Do you like that?

“Bob”: Yes, I moaned as I leaned forward against the shower wall so he could tongue my ass deeper.

Brian dove back in trying to drive his tongue as deep in my ass as possible. As his tongue was buried deep he reached around and started stroking my cock. I just stood there leaning against the wall enjoying this great feeling.

After a few minutes of him stroking my cock I shot my load all over the shower wall and just collapsed on the wall. It was then that Brian stopped eating my ass and stood up and before I knew what was happening he pushed the tip of his huge cock in my ass. I tried to move to get away since I didn’t want that but he held me.

“Brain”: Don’t’ fight this Bob I’m sure you’ll like this.

“Bob”: I don’t’ want to let me go.

“Brian”: The hurt won’t last long.

It was then that he pushed his cock deep into my ass, I could feel my asshole almost splitting open, I tried to push him off but couldn’t. He started pumping his cock in and out of my ass and after a short time I noticed the pain had gone away and it actually felt great. I stopped trying to get away and let him continue to ravage my ass. After a few minutes slot oyna I could feel his cock swell as he shot his load in my ass and then he pulled out.

“Brian”: See I told you that you would like it.

“Bob”: Yes I did but please don’t ever do anything like that again without talking to me first.

“Brian”: Would you wash me now?

I rinsed the soap off myself and soap up his chest, when I got to his cock I knelt down so I could taste it after it had been inside my own ass. Brian leaned back and moaned as I took his cock deep inside my mouth as I started giving him a blowjob. I found it was much easier to take his cock into my throat, after a few minutes I could feel him arch his back as he shot his load down my throat. I got off my knees to finish soaping his front, and then I moved around to his back. When I got to his ass I knelt and stuck my tongue in his ass like he did to mine.

“Brian”: I was wondering when you’d get around to that.

“Bob”: I want you to be my first fuck.

“Brian”: Yes take me Bob.

After I got his ass wet I stood behind him as he leaned against the wall his ass jutting out to meet my cock. I took my cock and just rammed it inside his ass thrusting it in and out; I couldn’t believe how great it felt inside his warm ass.

“Bob”: canlı casino siteleri Oh Brain your ass is so hot and tight, it feels so good.

“Brian”: Yes Bob fuck me; my ass feels great with your cock inside it. Please fuck me hard.

I was so excited hearing him say this that I started ramming his ass so hard I pushed him straight into the wall. He just pushed back harder so I fucked him harder and faster. I could feel my cock swelling getting ready to shot a load of hot cum inside his ass.

“Bob”: Oh yes, I’m cumming I screamed as I shot my load up his ass.

“Brian”: Yes Bob Yes thank you.

I pulled out and collapsed backwards against the shower wall when I felt Brian start sucking my cock which started getting hard again within a few seconds of his lips meeting the tip. Once it was hard as a rock he started sucking me hard and fast until I shot another load this time in his mouth. We both finished showering and then got dressed going to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

“Brian”: So did you enjoy last night and today?

“Bob”: To my surprise I enjoyed it a whole lot.

“Brian”: Now I can tell you I always thought you were gay too.

“Bob”: I guess I need to try this out some more before I say that. My family won’t be home until after 5:00 tomorrow do you think you may want to stay over tonight also?

I could tell by the look on his face as he smiled what his answer was.

“Brian”: Let me call my mom and tell her I’m going to keep you company till you parents get home

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