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Family Sex

You can get all the latest news about other people from Elaine. Elaine is my youngest sister, gabby, bossy, and not quite twenty one. And attractive enough to make even a brother admit it..

“Susan had her baby last week,” Elaine pronounced one day. “She was in labor for nearly ten hours. It’s a boy .” Susan lived in the same apartment block. Her husband had left her when she told him she was pregnant. Single mothers were becoming all too common in our neighborhood.

“She’s putting the baby up for adoption,” Elaine added. So Susan wouldn’t be adding to the number of single mothers after all. But I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of farming out a new born baby. But Elaine hadn’t finished. “She’s giving the baby to a woman whose baby was stillborn. The woman wanted a boy, so it all worked out rather nicely. It’s going to take a while for the paper work, but the other woman’s nursing the baby already.”

I wasn’t particularly concerned about the maternal problems of a woman who lived two floors up in the apartment block, so I was happy enough when Elaine left to spread the news to someone else. I must admit I’d envied Susan’s husband when they were married. He was taking on a beautiful girl with a luscious figure and a pair of tits to stop the traffic.

I forgot about Susan and the baby for a week or two until I met her at a party in one of the other apartments. “They only kept me in hospital two days,” she said after we had gone through the usual preliminaries. “I didn’t have any complications at all, apart from getting rid of the milk.”

“I think you’re looking real good,” I told her, and I meant it. I had got used to seeing her in a pregnant state for quite a while, and I was enjoying looking at her in her altered state.

“Thank you,” she said. “I can tell you mean that. It’s nice to be able to see how I affect man.” I guess I blushed, because I hadn’t been aware how much attention I had been paying to the cleavageshe was showing “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” she said quickly, “but we seemed to be discussing intimate things.”

I changed the subject. “I don’t understand about the milk problem.”

She laughed. “A man wouldn’t. You mean to say Elaine hasn’t told you all about it? I thought she told you everything there was to know. She tells me everything about you.” I must have blushed again. “Oh there I go again. But we’re like a couple of schoolgirls, we chat so much. The problem with the milk is getting rid of it. Without a baby to drink it I have to pump it out. Otherwise these boobies are in trouble.” And she jiggled one of her tits with the hand that wasn’t holding a glass. I couldn’t take my eyes off the display of pulchritude in motion. “I’m sorry again,” she giggled. “I didn’t realize breasts had this effect on you.”

“I was just thinking of the pleasure that baby is missing,” I stammered. “Seems a pity to have to pump it out.”

“There’s no other way. Unless I borrow another baby. Or a man.”

I was breathing hard. “Stop it, you’re giving me ideas!”

Susan laughed again. “You don’t mean you’d——-you’d really like to?” I gulped and nodded. She lowered her voice. “You’re serious? Darling that would be delightful.” She looked round quickly. “Are you really serious? You’d really like to drink my milk? God, I’ve got to keep my voice down, they’ve just got to hear this and the whole town would have it.” Now Susan was breathing hard. “You’ve got me going now. I’m getting horny as a goat. Darling, it’s nearly time for my evening session. Will you really? Now?”

“Let’s go,” I said before she changed her mind. “We’d better not go together. You go first.” And Susan went. Just disappeared out of the crowd. She was serious alright. And I found myself amazed at what I’d got myself into. Suckling at a pair of the most gorgeous breasts, and I hardly knew the woman. By the time I got to Susan’s apartment two floors up, she had changed from cocktail dress to house coat. She showed me the pump. “This is the apparatus. Can you imagine me using this when I have a real man volunteering?” She sat on the couch and dropped the house coat to her waist. My cock had been getting more and more droopy as I wondered what I was letting myself in for, but at the sight of two thirty-six D tits thrusting themselves out at me begging to be sucked it sprang to life and made a bold statement inside my pants.

I fell to my knees, and Susan Ankara escort opened her legs so that I could shuffle closer to the couch. I just had to get my hands on those two glorious globes. They were larger than Susan’s dress had revealed, drooping a little, presumably because of their load of milk, and deliciously soft in my hands. I fondled them and squeezed them and pressed my face between then to breathe their perfume, and then pulled back to gaze at the swollen tips. The aureoles were puffed out from Susan’s breasts like little conical cushions, with the nipples red and stretched smooth and projecting as large as fingertips.

“Suck this one fist,” Susan said, and thrust her left tit into my mouth. And I sucked at the nipple, and I nibbled at the aureole, and I sucked, and I drank, and as long as I sucked the milk trickled hot into my mouth. Susan gasped, and sighed, and caressed my head and my neck, and I realized for the first time that this was not for her just a matter of getting rid of the milk, but an experience as sexually exciting as it was for me. When the milk supply dried up Susan kissed my mouth and I understood that this was the end of the evening’s excitement for me. As the human pump I would be expected to perform again at eight the following morning.

Back in my apartment I relaxed and consoled my still rigid cock and revelled in reviewing the evening’s pleasure. When the door chimes sounded later I wanted to ignore them, but Elaine’s voice demanded entry. She was giggling as she entered the room “You dirty old man! You’ve always pretended to be such a goody goody, but Susan called me and told me all about it. She loved it, and you didn’t take advantage of her, and you’re going back again tomorrow, and you loved it too, didn’t you?” I should have known those two could keep no secrets from each other. But I was surprised how excited Elaine was. I would have expected her to be critical. “You’re a real quiet one, you are. You hardly know Susan, and you seduce her into letting you undress her and suck her tits.”

Remonstrations were no use. “Of course you seduced her. It’s always the man who leads the way. What I don’t get is why you go for a stranger’s tits when you’ve got a perfectly beautiful pair right here.”

Elaine pulled off her sweater, and flung it to the floor. She was naked to the waist. Two breasts that I hadn’t seen since her early teens were standing out firm and proud, fuller and firmer than I had ever realized when I saw her fully clothed. I wanted to lunge at them and grab them. But this was my kid sister. I just gulped.

“OK, so I’m your sister. That’s what you’re thinking. Don’t my tits look as nice to suck as hers? Someone else is going to suck them one day, so why not you? It’s part of a brother’s responsibility to give me some sexual education.” She walked across to me and sat astride my knees, her tits close to my face. They were rounder and more upstanding than Susan’s, and fully as large. The nipples were not so swollen, but pert and hard, and Elaine tweaked them inches from my face. “Suck them for me, darling, they need it just as much as Susan’s, even though there’s no milk in them. I want to feel your teeth on them, pinch them, twist them, hurt them, they need you so badly.”

Elaine pressed one tit against my mouth, and instinctively I opened my lips and took the hard nipple in. Again I sucked, and nibbled, and caressed and squeezed, but this time Elaine was crying out. “Harder, bite me, hurt me, don’t stop, I love it. You’re going to make me cum.” And she did cum, sitting an my knees, heaving her whole body from side to side but never letting her nipples fall out of my mouth except to change from one breast to the other.

Next morning the phones had evidently been busy again. “I didn’t want to frighten you away,” Susan greeted me. “You seemed so sort of embarrassed, I just let you suck all the milk out, which was what you came for. I would have loved you to go on longer. I had to masturbate myself when you left. because you excited me so much and you hadn’t made me cum. Darling, finish me off this time and make me cum the way you did Elaine , please. And I want to suckle you properly this time, like a baby. Lie across my lap and let me hold you to my breasts.”

She sat on the couch, and I lay across her lap while she held me in her arms. She pressed me to those soft hot tits, and fed me, and crooned to me, and caressed Ankara escort bayan me. But this time she opened my shirt and played with my nipples, and caressed me down to my belt, and unzipped my belt, and unzipped my fly, and gently pulled out a prick that was stiff and swollen and hungry to be played with. And while I sucked and chewed at those turgid nipples Susan played with my prick and caressed my knob and stretched my shaft. This time I didn’t stop sucking when the milk was drained dry , and as I sucked Susan cried our louder and more urgently, and eventually she was cumming, the body that was clasping me heaving and writhing in an uncontrollable orgasm. And very soon the random playing with my prick had become a practiced masturbation that brought the sperm spurting out of me till I too was drained dry.

Elaine was at my apartment in the early afternoon. She had been on the phone again. “So, we’re making this a game of catch-up are we? You’re not content to have your jollies just playing with tits, you have to get your own personal satisfaction. So now it’s my turn, and I’m going to get ahead of Susan this time.” She pulled her dress up over her head, and I saw my little sister more naked than I had ever seen her before. In fact completely and totally naked. I forgot she was my sister. I forgot all the taboos. I forgot everything but the naked loveliness in front of me, the magnificent tits that I had already enjoyed, the slim shapely body and the long slim legs, the parted thighs that led up to the wide parted labia and a wet fleshy pussy. As I looked at the open wetness I was aware of thinking that this horny chick had already been masturbating to bring herself to this state. And then my sister was hauling down my pants and my shorts before she pushed me down onto the piano stool and sat astride my knees. My rigid rod opened up the tight entrance to her cunt, and then her tit was once again forced against my mouth. “I still need your teeth on my nipples,” she said urgently, “and your hands all over me wherever you like, but now I want my big brother’s cock where I’ve always wanted it but you were too chicken-shit to put it. Fuck me and suck me, all at the same time, and I’ll cum for you whenever you’re ready .”

My kid sister had always been bossy. So I did as I was told. I fucked her and sucked her at the same time. And when I started to pump her tight vagina full of hot creamy cum she did as she had promised. She came for me. And because the sword impaling her was still stiff and hard she came again, crying out with ecstasy. And then she came again. And I stayed hard because her vagina was still narrow and tight and caressing every part of my prick. And also because I knew this was something I should not be doing. I was screwing my own sister.

As I expected, the phones had been busy by the time I next visited Susan. “If Elaine thinks she’s going to stay one up on me, let her top this,” was her greeting. I thought “THIS” was the fact that when she flung the door open for me she was stark naked, posing specially for me so that every detail of her sexy body was open for inspection. And I do mean open. But Susan had more in mind. “Come with me,” she ordered. She led me into her bedroom. I had never been in a woman’s bedroom before. Of course, everything about it was feminine. Except for the large mirror on the ceiling.. I was still looking around in a bemused state when I became aware I was being undressed.. I was getting used to this, and I liked it. By the time I was as naked as Susan my pole was erect and ready for action. But it was not to be needed, it seemed. “Lie down,” was the next command, so I did just that. It could only lead to good things.

Susan climbed on the bed and spread herself over me, opening her legs and pressing a wet open cunt into my belly. Looking up at the mirror, I could see another delicious view of Susan, one I had not seen before. My eyes focused first on the backs of her thighs, wide apart as they were, leading to the rear view of her wide wet cunt The full round cheeks of her ass looked beautiful, and before Susan had finally settled herself I was clasping them in both hands, my fingers probing in to the crack between. Then Susan was blocking my view, pressing one of those swollen nipples I was beginning to know so well into my mouth. “Suck,” she commanded, “and I’ll see whether you deserve any treats when you’re done.”

This was altogether Escort Ankara a different Susan. But it was also a new experience, and I had no complaint. Except that I could no longer look at Susan’s butt in the mirror. Her nipples were as suckable as ever, and the milk still flowed. I sucked one nipple and played with the other, nibbling and squeezing and pinching. And drinking. I could tell that Susan was on the way. Her wet pussy was grinding against my body. her butt was heaving up and down in my hands, and she was breathing hard and whimpering. My prick must have been sticking up in the space between her legs, desperately needing something to masturbate it, but this was apparently not to be until after I had satisfied Susan completely.

The milk ran dry just as Susan began to shout, “I’m going to cum. Keep on sucking, suck me hard, and play with the other one. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh my god I’m coming I’m cumming I’m cumming and it’s wonderful.” I had a hard time holding onto Susan’s butt. It was heaving and rolling as she rubbed and pressed her pussy into my belly button. My fingers were pressing harder into the crack between her cheeks, and I found one finger slipping into the crater of her anus, delving deeper as she heaved. And then she was finished. Suddenly, just like that.

“Oh my god that was incredible. I never knew feeding a baby could be like that. It was more intense than being fucked. Thank you my darling you were wonderful.” Sucking those magnificent nipples with their delectable supply of milk had been wonderful, too, but all the time my prick had been waving at the sky between Susan’s legs getting no satisfaction at all . I was ready to cum at any moment, but just sucking tits wasn’t going to do it. But I didn’t have to complain to Susan. She was way ahead of me. ‘I’m sorry my darling, you must be suffering lovers’ nuts in spades. I’ve been cumming and your poor cock has had no fun at all. Lie still and I’ll give you a lovely cumming. I’m going to fuck you till your balls are empty and you’ve no more cum to cum with.”

This from a young lady I’d hardly known a few days before! But it was a lot better than cocktail party talk!

Susan slithered down my body and got up onto her knees. She really was going to fuck me, apparently. She squatted over my crotch, and lowered herself so that one of her hands could feed my prick into the wide open entrance between her thighs. “I’m still way up high,” she proclaimed.. “I haven’t come down yet and I’m all set for multiple orgasms. Don’t you dare cum until I’ve raped you thoroughly. I’m going to drain every drop of semen out of you till you’re drained completely dry.”

She sat down on me, forcing my prick right up into the very depths of her cunt. Then began the roughest fuck I had ever experienced. Again and again Susan’s whole body rose until I feared I was going to slip out of her, and slammed back with a force that left me breathless. Her vagina was wide and hardly gripped my prick at all, unlike the tight young vagina of my sister, and slippery with a copious lining of cum juice. It was a continuous masturbation, but mild enough for me to enjoy every movement but still obey Susan’s instruction not to cum too soon.

It was when Susan was beginning to cry out in the ecstasy of orgasm that my attention was captured by the unexpected activity around my head. A pair of knees were taking position on my shoulders, with two naked thighs leading up to two most attractive naked cheeks. And where the cheeks joined I could see a set of naked feminine genitalia. Quickly the cheeks descended, and the genitalia settled wetly on my face. My sister Elaine’s voice came from above. “You’re becoming so good at sucking I just couldn’t bear to leave your mouth unoccupied. It looks as if you two are going to have a nice cosy cumming so make me cum too, darling.”

It seemed as if Susan was set to keep on cumming and shouting “Fuck, fuck. Fuck,” for the rest of the day, and I was beginning to feel the onset of an orgasm I could no longer delay. And my mouth was so used to sucking whatever was presented to it that Elaine quickly joined the shouting. “You’re going to make me cum. You’re fucking me with your tongue. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

And the chorus continued. And my groin began to heave, and I flooded Susan’s vagina, until she made good her promise and drained every drop of semen out of me.

When all became quiet, it was quite a while before I heard Susan’s voice again. “I think we just plumbed the depths of depravity. Can anyone get any more depraved than this?”

That’s another story.

– The end –

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