Boytoy Ch. 02

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Having been introduced to the joys of worshipping cock I had grown ever more addicted to fucking and sucking, especially if I was treated like some kind of sextoy. I thrived on the feeling of being used purely for someone else’s pleasure and went out of my way to experience it as often as possible. I took to hanging around several well known pick up spots, dressing as provocatively as I possibly could, making it clear I was there for one thing and one thing alone; cock.

I was not particularly worried about whose cock it was that I sucked or took up my butt and this resulted in one or two somewhat risky encounters, not least with two of my father’s work colleagues. One of them had walked into a cubicle in the public toilets near to where he and my father worked to find me, on my knees sucking frantically on a solid 8” of prime tubesteak. He never said anything, just got behind, unzipped his fly, pulled down my jogging pants and fucked my arse for all he was worth. That afternoon alone provided me with enough material for several enjoyable wanks in the weeks after wards.

The second workmate actually lived next door to us and as it turned out he had seen me in one of those afore mentioned pick up spots, getting rather friendly with this tall good looking Jamaican guy called Leo. I was walking home one night, having been out playing football, when I heard him call me over. He was standing in the doorway of his double garage, and as soon as I went over he pulled the door down behind me, grabbed my arms and forced my torso down over the front of his Merc. Within seconds he had my shorts down and was reaming my arse with his cock, calling me all the filthy names he could think of, hissing them into my ear as he pumped me. He held both my slim wrists together in one hand, forcing them higher up my back with each thrust he made, his other hand reached round in front and he pinched and twisted at my hard nipples. His wife and three kids could not have been much more than 10 feet away on the other side of the garage wall, but that did not deter as he savaged my arse!

Of course I should make it clear that I loved this kind of treatment, a rough abusive fuck was the best kind I could get, but I liked to put some kind of token resistance or objection to heighten the pleasure even further. Unfortunately, well known as they were, my favourite haunts did not always provide me with a truly fulfilling encounter, sometimes I completely struck out. After one such complete blow out and feeling incredibly frustrated and horny I decided to head into the city and see if I could get into the porno theatre. The porno theatre was in an area next to one of the old industrial sites and the whole place was pretty run down. The actual theatre was a fairly large three storey building on the corner and might have looked reasonably stylish if not for the layers of dirt and grime on the outside (and the tacky neon lighting of course). I got in with surprisingly little difficulty (I was still rather young looking), the cashier in the ticket booth hardly taking time to look up from whatever he was reading.

I went up the stairs and into the screen. Once in it took me a few seconds to get oriented in the dim, flickering light, but eventually to the accompaniment of moans, groans and other sex noises from the screen I made my way to one of the back rows. I could only see a few other figures in the theatre and none were anywhere close to me so I hunched down in my seat and began to rub my stiffening prick through the material of the loose tracksuit pants I was wearing over a pair of red casino şirketleri silk panties (I had also become just slightly addicted to the feel of silk close to my cock, and in particular the silk of women’s panties).

My cock gradually got harder as I watched stud after stud with beautiful hard cocks screwing their way around and oh how I longed to be up there instead with one of those cocks buried in my arse and another choking me from in front as two well muscled (and I mean well muscled) hunks took me and used me as their own fucktoy. My hand began rubbing more vigorously as my cock became fully engorged, straining against the material of the panties. I was aware that the theatre was getting slightly busier and that there were one or two bodies nearby, but at that moment I was only interested in the love muscles I saw twitching and pulsing up on the screen. Most especially one.

A scene had just started in which two small teeny boys were on their knees before the biggest, blackest cock I had ever seen, it was absolutely fucking enormous. Not just long but thick and solid as well, my own cock began to twitch as I tried to imagine the intense pain/pleasure I would feel if that black god were to force that unbelievable prick into my tight butthole, I moaned out loud I think as my mind began to run away with me. Slowly I slid my pants down over my hips and arse cheeks, then slid one hand under me to play with my tight hole through the silk of the panties, the other I continued to stroke my cock with. I was fast approaching the point of no return as the black monster spewed gallons of cum onto the upturned faces of the two little fags on the screen. I decided now would be a good time to retire to the toilet and bring myself to the first orgasm of the day. I hastily pulled up the tracksuit bottoms and shuffled towards the end of the aisle. Not watching exactly where I was going (the black mamba was still spurting jism!) I tripped almost as I reached the end. My flailing right hand landed right in someone’s lap as I stumbled forwards and landed on my knees.

“What the fuck d’ye think you’re doin! Fag bastard!”

“Jesus I’m sorry I just tripped. Look I was just leaving OK!”

I was hauled to my feet unceremoniously by one arm.

“Yeah right, you just wanted to cop a quick feel of my prick! Fuck off!”

I started to do precisely that, but as I stepped out of the aisle I walked into a wall. A wall of muscle. This guy must have been at least 6’5” and looked to be about twice my weight! His head was shaved and he had a pretty ugly face, all bashed up like he had maybe been a boxer at one time.

“I saw that, I think Frankie’s right, you were trying for a feel.”

I tried to protest but he only ignored me and looked past me at Frankie, who was now right behind me.

“Y’know maybe this little pretty boy could do us a favour. That films got me feeling real horny and I could do with easing the pressure on the nuts before I head off. Pretty boy heres got a mouth like a slut anyway, so maybe he’ll oblige us and we won’t have to be nasty.”

I took another step back into the aisle as I heard Frankie sit down again. Muscle man forced me to turn round and face Frankie and then pushed down on my shoulders. I knelt between Frankies thighs, muscle man sat in the row behind me, in front of Frankie, his hands still with a vice like grip on my shoulders and neck.

Frankie was a good deal smaller than his friend, about 6′ in height, less bulk as well although he was still fairly hefty. He was a damn sight better looking , with mid length casino firmaları black hair and cold eyes, but like his friend his nose had obviously been broken at some time in the past. His cock was still out of his jeans and it was big, uncut too.

“Get those pretty red lips of yours round that prick right now”

I was in no mood to disobey and in any case my head was being inexorably pushed forward by the big hands of Mr Muscle. I started by taking just the tip into my mouth and swirling my tongue over the soft head, teasing the foreskin, savouring the taste of my first prick of the day. I was pretty sure it would not be my last. Gradually I started to sink lower, finally taking his entire shaft down my throat and began to suck. Muscle mans hands were still on my shoulders but now I could feel hands rubbing my buttcheeks, more than one set of hands as well! Once again my tracksuit trousers were lowered and the hands began to roam over my panties.

“Kinky little fucker” someone murmured.

A hand went under the panties and two fingers ran along the crack of my arse, they kept stroking and I began to squirm as the soft sensation started to get to me. One finger wormed into my tight hole, soon followed by another, then a third.

“Hmm, nice tight arse’ll do for me. Get him on his feet, I’ve waited long enough.”

Without detaching my lips from Frankie’s rampant cock, my arse was raised in the air until I was standing bent over at the waist. My panties were gone now and I could feel cold air on the skin of my cheeks. That wasn’t to be the only thing I felt.

“You’re going to get it now all right, faggot! No fucking mercy!”

I heard some one spit, once, twice. My arse cheeks were forced wide open.

“UHHF! Take that you little fuck!”

I grunted around Frankie’s slimy fuckpole as a fat prick speared my buttcheeks and embedded itself in me. This cock had to be seriously thick, it wasn’t the longest I had taken but I felt incredibly full and it almost hurt as he started to bugger me.

Suddenly Frankie clamped both hands down on my head and bucked his hips. I started swallowing as spunk cascaded down my throat, so much that I couldn’t take it all and some dribbled down my chin. I wasn’t given time to catch that or my breath. As soon as Frankie moved another pair of hairy thighs was their, pubes tickling my nose as they rammed their fat sweaty cock into my face.

The moans of lust from the screen were now playing counterpoint to the fierce grunts as they began to really go at me. Pounding into me, raping both holes with abandon. I now had nothing to do with the process, other hands held my arms and my ankles as I was violently pushed and pulled onto the poles impaling me at either end.

Around me all I could hear was the low chant

“Fuck the slut, fuck the slut, fuck the slut, fuck the slut!”

I couldn’t breathe they were fucking me so hard. I got a brief respite as the guy behind suddenly pulled out and squirted all over my back.

Hands pulled me out of the aisle and as one guy lay on the floor, I was forced down to impale myself on his rigid shaft. With my back to him and the other guys still holding my limbs someone else crawled between my splayed legs. I was pushed to lie slightly back, my legs were raised slightly.

“Gimme some of that” a voice muttered out of the darkness

A searing pain in my arse! No GOD! They couldn’t be!!

But they were holding me still while two guys raped my tight arse in unison. I tried to scream but an enormous cock gagged me. I was stretched to the güvenilir casino absolute limit, felt like I was being ripped open . Again and again they fucked into me. They came together, scalding my insides with their hot load.

And they were replaced, at least three times I was double pumped, my hole was fucked raw as they continued to rape me. I was crying now, in a mixture of pain and pleasure, my own cock hurt from coming so hard.

Then silence: the film had stopped, they had stopped. I could feel cum dribbling out of my well used hole onto the floor beneath me, my jaws were so stiff I couldn’t close my mouth and almost every inch of my body was covered in spunk.

“OK boys let me in, time he took the real thing.”

I looked exhaustedly towards the sound of the voice. Holy SHIT!

Mr Muscle was walking towards me and bobbing in front of him was an almighty, huge cock. It dwarfed everything else that had raped me there in that dim, sleazy pit that now stank of spunk and sweat. It looked as big as the Black mamba I had seen earlier on screen.

One massive paw reached out and I was dragged to meet my fate. Pushing me onto my back, he grabbed both legs just behind the knees and forced them into the air, lifting my buttocks off the floor. not giving me time to prepare he slammed his hips forward!

The feeling was indescribable, even with my arsehole loosened by the ferocious double fucking and lubricated with enough spunk to float a battleship it hurt. I had never been this full!

Forcing his full weight down onto me as I gasped in pain he began to rape me, I can’t think of any other way to describe the incredible violence of his fucking. I was like a doll made of paper before this strength. All the while he grunted insults at me, calling me a whore, tramp, fag, slut, cockteaser, fuckboy anything he could think of, spitting at me as well, even slapping my face once or twice.

The rest of the gang, at least 6 men had surrounded us and were wanking themselves to a final mind-blowing cum as muscles continued his assault. I felt spurt after spurt of creamy juice land on my face as one by one they could hold out no longer.

By now I was unconsciously calling out for muscles to fuck me even harder, after all this is what I am, an incredibly cock hungry slut. He was certainly obliging me as well!

After what seemed hours of this brutality he gave one mighty heave that felt like he’d broken my shoulders and his cock pulsed once. Then it exploded inside me!

He slumped over me, twitching with every spurt. I went limp still curled up under him, waiting for him to withdraw the monster. He didn’t.

His head raised and he looked into my eyes with a malicious grin. I gasped as I felt the prick pulse again, but this was different! I could feel a strange steady warmth in my belly and an immense build up of pressure.

“AHHH!! JESUS!!” I yelled.

My own cock started to spray its seed everywhere as I realised the dirty bastard was pissing in my arse! It felt like it would never end and I truly thought I would burst before he finished, but then he pulled the plug. His mighty weapon slipped easily out of my now utterly used hole, followed by a warm stream of piss and cum.

He pulled me to my feet.

“Walk around slut, I want to see this”

Tenderly, I started to walk, the combined liquids trickling from my gaping hole and soaking the insides of my thighs.

“Oh yes we’re a dirty little bastard aren’t we? Loved every second of that didn’t you?”

I could only nod mutely (my lips almost sealed shut with drying cum anyway) as I acknowledged the truth of what he said.

“I’ll see you here again I reckon.”

Again I nodded, he just laughed and turned and walked away, leaving me a cum and piss soaked wreck.

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