Boy in the Bar

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Boy in the Bar.

My name is Benji and my Dad owned a bar a bit like the one in ‘Cheers’ – quiet and discreet. Tucked away below street level in a quiet part of town. We had a select and regular patronage that made it very profitable.

It got busy around 6pm when the guys left their offices and stopped by for a few relaxing drinks before going home to their loving wives and families for dinner. Some stayed much longer than was good for them, moving onto some of the exotic, highly alcaholic, and fucking expensive cocktails, for which the bar had become famous.

By 6.30pm. it was quite usual to have 100 people there, who also spent plenty on fancy crepes and tapas.

Not all had loving wives, as I found out pretty soon. Some were single, for a very good reason!

When things were quiet in the early afternoon, especially during school holiday times, Dad would often take a nap upstairs before the ‘rush’ began, leaving me in charge of the bar, as I knew how to operate everything, even though he wasn’t supposed to, according to the Licence dept. But he didn’t care, as he was an alchy and fell into a deep sleep around 3pm every day.

Mom worked in a retail store and didn’t get home until around 5.30pm, in time to help with the busy period.

The kitchen staff always stayed in the kitchen.

I was 12 years old, athletic, with a firm but mature young body and tight arse. I was ‘well blessed’ in the cock department. I used to wear a singlet and tight sports shorts most of the time, with no underwear. It was more comfortable like that.

What I didn’t realise is that kit was also a turn-on to certain patrons.

Anyway, one afternoon during school holidays, I was all alone when Bernie and Bob, two regulars, entered the bar.

“Hi Benji” casino şirketleri they said, eyes gleaming, ‘where’s Fred [Dad]’. “Asleep upstairs” I replied.

They looked at each other and grinned, ordering 2 x double Black Jack & 7’s. I didn’t notice Bernie slipped away and locked the outer door!

“Join us” said Bob. “I don’t drink” said I. Well you’re old enough for anything now” he said and insisted I poured a drink for me. I didn’t want to upset regular customers, so, despite the fact I’d never had alcohol, I took the same as they had and didn’t know any better so drained the glass like it was just seven-up.

“Let’s have a toast” said Bernie, “to Benji’s becoming a man. Fill us up again Benji”

I’d only just swallowed my first ever drink and now had set up 3 more large Bourbans.

Bob and Bernie seemed to look at each other and indicated that a toast was to be downed in one!

I didn’t want to be seen as a wimp [my Dad was known as a hard drinker] so I just downed it in one.

Bob & Bernie moved to one of the “U” shaped booths and invited me to join them, but to bring more drinks. I thought Dad would be pleased to see how much had been consumed in a normaly dead period, so duly obliged.

I was off my fucking face with booze, and delivered the drinks, when Bob pulled me onto his lap. “No hurry” he said, “we’re the only paying customers, Benji so don’t lose our business” he said. I thought I’d better humour them or dad would be mad if they complained I was not up to their needs.

He put his arms under my shoulders and pulled my head back, locking onto my lips in the first sexual kiss I’d ever experienced. His tongue was soon invading my throat. At the same time, although the drink numbed my senses, Bernie was sliding my shorts casino firmaları down to my ankles, leaving me naked from the waist down.

My young 6 inch cock sprang to attention [I didn’t know why but it was fairly normal these days] and Bernie slid his mouth over my cock, taking it completely into his mouth.

I took a huge breath – I’d never felt such a sensation before. At the same time, without my noticing, Bob had slid a hand down the back of my shorts and was fingering my arse crack, at first gently.
Then he withdrew his hand; the next thing I felt was a cool liquid between my arse cheeks, followed by his finger pushing into my anus.

I tried to draw back, but with Bernie sucking my cock, and Bob pushing from the other side, I was trapped! Bob’smiddle finger pushed through my sphincture and gently entered my anal passage. After a sharp intake of breath, I was soon enjoying Bernie’s sucking of my cock, then Bob’s experienced finger pushed hard into my virgin arse, soon exciting my prostrate gland.

Losing all control, I shot my load of cum into Bernies mouth – he sucked me dry and made me cum again! Meantime, Bob had worked first 2 then 3 fingers into my virgin anal canal.

I was in a total daze. Bob applied his spittle to his by now hard 8 inch cock, and started to work it in between my arse cheeks.

I knew what was to follow, but pleaded with Bob not to hurt me.

“You’re only a virgin once and it only hurts the first time” he said, and with that he unmercifully lunged his huge 9 inch cock into my arse, a small amount at first making me howl, then after a few seconds, he grabbed my hips and just rammed all of it into my poor unsuspecting arse, up to his balls.

I cried out in pain, feeling like I’d been split in half.

There güvenilir casino was a flash of bright light. “What was that” I asked.

Bernie smiled and replied, “You know, on Facebook, it’ll look like you were ecstatic!”

“Oh no” I said. “Oh YESSSS” sneered Bernie, “ So you’d better do as we want from now on, or the world will see what a boy-slut you really are.”

Bob then proceeded to fuck my arse unmercifally until he shot his load of cum [and I DO mean a LOAD] into my bowels.

“Thank God that’s over”, I thought as he withdrew his now flacid cock, only to find that he held onto me, pulled me over so that I was facing him, and then I felt something like a steel rod at the entrance to my anal canal – it was, of course, Bernie wanting his share!

Bob’s arms were around my bck, and he began to kiss me and suck my neck, leaving hickies, when I felt Bernie’s weight on me.

If I thought Bob was big, Bernie’s cock was HUGE. “We do it this way around so it’s not such a shock” said Bernie.

With that, he stood astride me, bent his knees, Bob pulled my arse cheeks apart, and Bernie lunged forward.

Bernie entered me and it felt like the end of his prick was somewhere up near my throat!

Giving me all of 3 seconds to adjust to the feeling, he then did a great impression of a steam train! He fucked my brains out for 10 minutes then filled my arse with his cum, such that it overflowed onto the floor.

It felt like I’d been cut in two! Cum flowed out of my atrse everywhere.

“Clean that up before your father sees it” they said, “We’ll be back for more as much as we want – unless you want all this on Facebook” says Bob.

“By the way” says Bernie, “You will make yourself available as often as want for our Private parties”, and they just left the bar.

I was disoriented, scared, confused, sore – but most of all, excited about the next time Bob & Bernie ‘came’ to Dad’s bar!

To Be Continued . . .

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