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It was a very cold morning in winter. Alison yawned lazily as she rolled over on her bed to check the clock, which read 10:00 am. She’d gone to bed late last night after watching one of her favourite movies, The Exorcist, and stayed up very late in an attempt to avoid the inevitable sleep. Each time she watched this movie, she’d be so scared as to be completely unable to close her eyes in the dark. Although she knew this would happen, it never prevented her from watching it over and over again. Something about the movie made her tingle inside, although she didn’t understand what that feeling was.

Reluctantly, Alison pulled the sheets off and went across the hall to the shower. She listened briefly for the usual hustle and bustle of the house coming alive, but it seemed her mom and dad both decided to stay in bed late today. It was a Sunday after all. After turning the shower on, she peeled off her tank top and panties, dropping them in a pile on the tiled floor. Alison danced gingerly on the cold surface, and she shivered slightly as she stood naked, the cold air shifting around her body. She rubbed her small breasts with her hands, their cold touch hardening her pink nipples to the point where it almost hurt. She pouted her lips at the mirror, just as she did to the all the boys at her school, but the only eyes that stared back at hers were her own. Oh well, she thought as she smiled to herself, it would have to do.

Hopping into the shower, Alison let the hot steaming water run down her body, savouring its warmth. She ran her hands down the length of her small frame, from her perky breasts down to her flat tummy, still down further to her hairless pussy and between her legs. Letting the soap cleanse her skin, she lathered it into her long, lean legs, then back up her thighs and bum. Once she’d rinsed the soap off with the hot water, she washed her shoulder length brown hair and climbed out of the shower again, drying her sun-kissed skin on the big white towel, light tan-lines barely visible. Alison wrapped the towel around herself, and skipped happily back to her room to choose her outfit.

Today, she’d been invited to go shopping with her friend Katie, and they were supposed to be there by 11:00 so that they could head out to have lunch beforehand. Although she really liked Katie, deep down, she had thought that Katie was cold to her even though she always asked Alison to hang out. Katie was the typical popular high school senior, tall, beautiful, blonde, and the center of attention. She was the cheerleading captain, and she the captain of the football team. It was so typical it was clichéd. On the other hand, Alison was on the swim team, which didn’t exactly make her popular, but she was pretty and fun, so she had a big group of friends and many boys who hung on to her every word. It always surprised her a bit that Katie tried so hard to be her friend even though they didn’t hang out with the same crowd, but she enjoyed the extra attention and it never hurt to be the friend of the most popular girl in school.

Alison never wore a bra because of her small breasts, so she picked out a pink lacy tank top and pulled on a long sleeved navy blue sweater over top. She chose a pair of dark blue panties that matched her sweater and dark jeans, pulling those on quickly as well since she realized that if she didn’t hurry, she was going to be late. It was almost 10:45, and it took 10 minutes to walk from her house to Katie’s.

She poked her head into her parents’ room. “Mom, dad, I’m going over to Katie’s house. I’ll be back by three okay?” There was a muffled reply from under the covers, so she assumed they’d heard her, and hurried off to Katie’s house.

Katie lived in a house the size of a small castle, complete with a white picket fence, a porch that housed a large wooden bench, and a pool and trampoline around the back. Perfectly manicured lawns spread out on all sides against the house, and the grass was so soft you could sleep on it if not for the cold weather. Alison knocked on the door.

The door opened almost immediately, and Alison found herself in a hug with Katie’s arms wrapped tightly around her. Katie was 5’11”, which was almost half a foot taller than Alison, and had her head pressed firmly into her large breasts. Katie sported a pair of D cup breasts that every sixteen year old girl craved for. “Hi Alison! You look great today,” she said, and Alison could swear that Katie had smelled her hair a second before she pulled away again. Katie’s lovely eyes, which were an odd mixture of hazel and green, looked up and down her body before they turned back to her face. She felt herself flushing a bit. Did she just check me out? Alison wondered. No, of course she didn’t. Why would she? She also felt a twinge of desire rise up her legs, but she ignored this feeling as well. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but something was playing havoc with her head.

“Hi Katie.” Alison felt a bit lame with her reply, but Katie didn’t seem to notice, and ushered her quickly inside her house.

“Oh my gosh, it is freezing şırnak escort out. I made some hot chocolate for us, come on!” Katie said excitedly as she led Alison around the house by the hand. Alison had never seen Katie so happy and excited before, and she wondered what put her in this great mood. She let herself be led into the kitchen, and Katie handed her a steaming hot mug of rich chocolate. Alison took the cup gratefully, sipping the liquid and feeling her insides warm up instantly.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” Katie asked. “My mom brought it from this specialty store the other day. She said it was a special blend that was exclusive to that store. I’ve been drinking it every morning since she got it, but I think it might be making me fat.” Katie bit her lips at this horrible idea, turning around to show Alison her butt. She was clad in a pair of short shorts with a large 39 across the back, which Alison assumed was her boyfriend’s jersey number; her shorts were stretched tightly and barely covered the bottom of her ass. Katie had a voluptuous, tight butt that was the wet dream of most of the guys at her school. She knew that it was what they called a bubble butt. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and it fell down all the way to the small of her back, almost twice the length of Alison’s. She was wearing a small, gray t-shirt that exposed her sexy belly and stretched dangerously tight over her breasts so that it looked like it might rip in half any second. Alison noticed that Katie wasn’t wearing a bra either. She looked like a supermodel, but the ones that Alison saw in magazines had nothing on her boobs and butt. Had she not caught herself, she would have most certainly started drooling on the spot. She felt that tingle between her legs again.

“No… you look great.” Lame response number two. Alison cursed herself, but she couldn’t think up anything else to say. She couldn’t pull her eyes away from Katie’s fantastic figure.

“I thought it’d be a good idea to hang out here for a while before we went out later. I’ve already ordered pizza for us, so we can eat in my room and hang out there. My parent’s aren’t home, so we have the house all to ourselves. I wanted to show you this really cute dress I got last week at the mall,” Katie said as she turned around to look over her shoulder at Alison. She bit her lower lips playfully, and fluttered her eyelashes in a way that Alison couldn’t dismiss as anything but provocative. Alison wasn’t even into girls, but Katie was making her so wet that she was afraid it would show through her jeans. The girls headed up the stairs to Katie’s room, and Alison caught a glimpse of a dark patch through Katie’s shorts. Alison had no idea what was going on, but she followed her friend into her room.


Alison woke up to slightly blurred vision and a heaviness in her head. She was lying face up on a really comfortable bed, with the sweet scent of aromatic candles about her. There was a light moaning sound coming from somewhere, but she couldn’t pinpoint its location. When she tried to move, she found that her hands and legs had been tied down. This last fact woke her up immediately, and she craned her neck to look around.

She was completely naked from head to toe, and there were ropes tying her hands to the posts of someone’s bed. Her arms were tied above her on either side, and her legs were spread at a wide angle that not many girls who didn’t do regular sports could achieve. Now that she thought about it, the last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was the touch of someone’s lips on hers, and the smell of fruity perfume. As more and more memories came back, she now realized that it had been Katie who had kissed her, and she remembered her soft hands roaming gently over her body. That was also when she realized that the moaning sound was coming from herself.

Now Alison looked down her body, and found that a head was between her legs, bobbing slowly up and down. Lush, blonde hair spread out around her lower body, and she found herself staring at another naked body. Katie had one hand on Alison’s thigh, kneading her flesh softly while her other hand disappeared underneath her hair; she could see Katie’s shoulder moving in rhythm to the soft music playing in the background. Alison watched in amazement as her own hips moved to the sound of the music, and she began to finally understand what was going on. Her pussy was on fire, and her body spasmed each time she felt Katie’s fingers move in, then out of her. She could feel the light flicking of Katie’s tongue on her clit each time she moved her fingers inside her. Alison thought she was losing her mind from the sensations coming from her sex, and her moaning got louder and louder, overtaking the volume of the music. Her thighs were quivering, and she wanted to close her legs, but the ropes restricted her movement so that she couldn’t stop from exposing herself.

Katie seemed to notice that she was moving, and began to increase the rhythm of her tongue and fingers until they were just şırnak escort bayan a blur of movement attacking Alison’s pleasure zone. There was nothing she could do to stop her friend, and the orgasm that had been building up was peaking. She felt her pussy spasm as Katie took her love button inside her mouth and sucked on it hard, her lips wrapped tightly around her bud as her fingers curled upwards to the inside walls of her pussy. The orgasm ripped through her body, and she thrust her hips into the air as an animal scream of pleasure escaped her throat. Over and over again, the walls of her pussy tightened against Katie’s fingers, but she wouldn’t stop sucking on Alison’s clit so that a few seconds later, another orgasm hit her, this one almost rendering her unconscious. Alison’s toes curled convulsively, and she tried to move her arms and legs, push Katie away, but she was powerless to stop her. Finally, her orgasm subsided, and she felt Katie slow down. Her sweat soaked body felt like she’d climbed a mountain, and her tiny frame was shaking slightly from the exertion. She had never cummed that hard before, nor that many times consecutively. Little did she know, it was only the beginning.

“Ohh, you’re awake! Your pussy tasted soo good,” Katie cooed, running a finger up Alison’s slit to collect her juices before sucking on them. She licked her lips as though she had just had the best strawberry ice-cream sundae she’d ever had, and gave Alison’s clit a small peck with her mouth before kissing her way up her navel. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. “You have the cutest bum ever, and I couldn’t wait to taste you before you woke up, I hope you didn’t mind.”

Despite being naked with her legs splayed wide, sweaty, bound to a bed and having just had her pussy eaten out by another girl, Alison began blushing furiously from the comment. She didn’t know what to say, because her mind was telling her that everything that had happened was so wrong, but her body wanted more, much, much more. She was still leaking juices, and she could feel that a small wet puddle had formed under her butt. Katie took one of her nipples into her mouth and began suckling on it. Alison tried to wriggle away from her tormentor, but it only made Katie giggle to watch her lovely friend squirm under her touch.

“What did you do to me?” Alison croaked, her voice coarse from all the screaming she did. “Untie me this instant, Katie!” She struggled against her binding ropes, causing her breasts to wobble. At this, Katie smiled again.

“I put a sedative in your drink. Don’t worry, it’s nothing dangerous, it only makes people fall asleep. You might still be feeling a little bit weak, but it shouldn’t last too long. At least, I really hope not. I have a long day planned for us.” Katie laid her full body on top of Alison’s, wrapping her arms around her shoulder and her legs around her waist. She snuggled up close to Alison’s neck so that she could gently nibble on her earlobes. Alison tried to turn her head away, but it was no use. She began to feel extremely aroused, her pussy begging for more attention. Katie kissed her, running her tongue around her lips slowly, tracing the outline of the sensitive skin. Alison closed her eyes, and let her friend’s tongue enter her mouth. She could taste her own juices, a thick mixture of tangy muskiness that she’d only ever once tried out of curiosity, and she wondered what Katie would taste like before she could stop herself.

Saliva flooded her mouth as she imagined taking a drink of Katie’s sweet nectar, and she redoubled the passion of their kiss. Katie responded by grinding her pussy into Alison’s pelvic bone in a very slow motion, her slickness letting her glide down just far enough to reach Alison’s clit, leaving a trail of her juices on Alison’s stomach. She circled her pussy around Alison’s, letting their engorged lips tease each other, both of which were sensitive beyond belief. Alison moved her hips in rhythm with Katie, their clits coming into contact each time Katie pitched her pelvis forward. The girls panted loudly, no longer aware of their surroundings, only of one another, the feeling of slipperiness between their legs, the tingle of their love buttons gliding past each other.

After about five minutes of grinding, Katie could feel Alison reaching her climax, so she stopped just as Alison began to shake and pulled them apart, kneeling up and sitting her butt just below Alison’s pelvis so that their pussies barely touched. “No, please, don’t stop,” Alison whispered, desperate to finish. The girls’ juices had mingled together to form a sticky mess under Alison’s butt again, the pool of wetness increasing in size until it almost looked like she had peed on the bed. Both of them were flushed red and dripping with sweat, and Katie began to knead her large breasts together, twisting her own nipples and sighing loudly. Alison tried to press her legs together, touch herself with her fingers, but the ropes wouldn’t let her. She began to moan in a low voice, frustrated that she escort şırnak was so close to her climax. The sight of Katie massaging her own breasts and gyrating in a slow dance over her to the music was enough to make Alison go wild with desire.

Katie watched her friend struggle and squirm in delight, and bent over her friend’s face, kissing her again before pulling away. “Did you like that, you dirty girl? You like to watch me dance, and grind on your pussy and eat you until you come over and over again? Is that what you want, Alison?” As she said this, she reached down and began to touch herself, inserting her fingers inside slowly to wet her fingers before rubbing the length of her pretty pink slit. Alison watched Katie with ravenous eyes.

“Yes, I want you to eat me again, please,” she moaned desperately, her big brown eyes looking into her friend’s eyes with unbound lust. She unconsciously licked her lips and almost came from the idea of it. Katie had other plans for them.


Katie got up quickly from the bed, and danced out of sight as Alison watched her helplessly. Alison had no idea what was coming over her, but she had never felt this good before. The only other experience she’d ever had was with an older boy from school that wanted to get laid really bad, and she’d come close to letting it happen. He’d asked her to shave herself one night, and so she did it just for fun. His fumbling hands and nervous grinding had turned her off immensely, but she kept shaving herself down there after they’d broke up until it became obvious that it was so much easier to get a Brazilian wax. She noticed that Katie had also waxed herself, and the memory of the smoothness of Katie’s pussy rubbing against her own made her struggle futilely. All she wanted to do was to masturbate until she fainted into a blissful ignorance.

Just as her lust was about to subside somewhat, Katie danced back into her room wearing a lacy pink bra and matching panties. The crotch of her panties were soaked through, and Alison could see her friend’s puffy pink lips through the thin, wet fabric that barely covered enough of her body to be called underwear. “Untie me, please,” she begged, her voice clouded with lust.

“Only if you promise to behave yourself, okay?” Katie replied huskily as she dipped her finger into her panties, pulling out a pair of sticky digits. She held them in front of Alison’s face, and she started sucking on them hungrily, savouring every string of the sweet tasty liquid. “Naughty girl,” Katie said as she reluctantly pulled her fingers away and began to loosen the ropes tying Alison down. Once she’d had them undone, Alison tried to sit up, but she realized that she was still too weak to move freely on her own, so Katie grabbed her hands and pulled her up. She then moved Alison to a large chair by her desk, and proceeded to sit in her friend’s lap, grinding her butt into Alison’s lap so that her thighs soon became covered in her juices. Katie moved from one leg to the other, tugging at her panties seductively, revealing just enough of herself to make Alison want to jump up and rip her friend’s underwear off again.

As she watched her friend’s lithe back moving in time to the music, Katie hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties, tugging them off agonizingly slowly. The crotch of the tiny piece of fabric stuck to her honey pot for a second before it peeled off to reveal a pair of perfect, pink lips with strings of girl cum sticking to her panties. She pulled them down to just below her knees, and stood up with her legs spread wide, her body bent over so that Alison could get a perfect view of her friend. Katie reached back and put two fingers to Alison’s lips, and they parted, suckling and coating them in saliva. She took her fingers and ran them down one of her butt cheeks, leaving a trail of glistening fluid there, before reaching behind her and spreading herself wide, at the same time unclasping her bra so that it fell to the floor. At that moment, Alison wanted nothing more than to reach out and suck on those vertical lips.

With one hand coming up between her legs and the other between her bum, Katie smeared the fluids from her sopping wet pussy up and down her butt, taking her time to spread it onto her bum hole liberally. Once she was satisfied, she pushed a slick finger in as Alison hears a low growl coming from Katie. Looking back at Alison, she bit her bottom lip, her eyes blinking rapidly from the pleasure. Alison couldn’t stop watching her friend as she drove her middle finger in all the way down to her last knuckle, all the while mashing her pussy and clit with her other hand. Faster and faster, until her hands became just a blur of movement, and still Katie stared deeply into Alison’s eyes, wanting her to see everything. Her breasts wobbled as though someone was swinging them from left to right with their hand, her back shiny with perspiration. Katie’s long legs shook slightly, one hand now driving her middle and ring finger swiftly inside herself as the other continued to attack her butt. Honey dribbled into her hand and down her wrist, dripping down and wetting her panties, which were soaked through entirely. When she could take no more, her hand found her love button again, rubbing it as though her life depended on it, and she came like a thunderous storm, squirting her love juice into Alison’s lap.

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