Bound to Happen

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Bound to HappenLisa had always been shy. She had grown up in a house where her father was the dominate force. She along with her sister and mother had all strived to do whatever he wanted. Lisa remembered being instructed by her mother on the importance of taking care of the man of the family. Now she was away for her freshman year of college and frankly she felt disoriented as there was no one telling her what to do and when to do it. Frankly Lisa was miserable!The first month she did nothing but go to class and come back to her room. Her roommate was never around as she had a boyfriend with an apartment. Lisa was aware that her roommate was likely sleeping with him. She secretly fantasized about what it would be like to please a man sexually. She wished that she could find a boyfriend to fill the void in her life. However besides being shy she was also far from being a sexual hottie. Most people thought she was a young teen girl due to her A cup tits, thin build and demure five foot height. Her father had always forbidden her to wear makeup which along with her red hair and freckles only added to her youthful appearance despite being almost nineteen years old. Then one day she was in her literature class taking notes on Professor Wilson’s lecture when the bell announced the end of the session. She was just putting her notes away when she heard her name.”Lisa, I would like a word with you before you leave.” Professor Wilson said making her sit up straight.Professor Wilson was about forty years old with dark hair that was turning grey at the temples. He was tall and in excellent shape. Then there was his eyes! They were the most incredible blue. When he looked at you; you felt like he was a predator stalking his prey.Lisa walked up to the front of the hall and waited for him to speak to her. She was nervous and wondered if she had done something wrong. Then he looked at her and his eyes locked on her. She wanted to look away but could not.”Lisa, I wanted complement you on the excellent paper you turned in.” He said and Lisa felt the thrill of pleasing this powerful man.”Thank you Sir.” She said and realized that she was answering just like she would her father.”I was wondering if you would like to earn a little extra credit by writing a paper on a couple of novels.” He asked as he studied her.”Yes Sir! I would like that very much!” Lisa said as she found pleasure in doing what he asked.”Very well! These are somewhat more controversial stories. The first is called ‘l****a’. The second is a work that has never been published but it deals with two characters that have mutual need to live out a sexual fantasy. I would like you to write a paper on your perception of each of the main characters. Would you like to take this challenge on?” He asked”Yes, when do I need to have it done Sir?” Lisa replied as she was happy to do whatever he asked.”Good! I think you should have a draft to me in a week.” He said as he smiled at her and she again felt pleasure in of know she was pleasing him.Lisa started reading that night. l****a was a story of taboo desire between an older man and young girl. Lisa marveled at the thought that an older intelligent man could become so obsessed with a girl. Before she finished the story she found her sopping wet and she let fingers pleasure herself until her hips were bouncing off the bed.The second story was even more fascinating to her. It was about a young woman whose father arranges for her to work for a rich man. She was told to do whatever she was told. Lisa related so well to the young woman. Then one night the woman broke a dish at dinner time. The man said it was expensive and that she needed to be punished. Lisa felt her body tingle as the character was bound and then stripped. The master then instructed the head butler to spank her naked ass. The woman felt pain but she also became more aroused as she looked into her master’s face. The master then pulled out his cock and stroked it slowly as the punishment continued. The woman became ever more sexually aroused. Then the master walked over and held her head as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth until her filled her mouth with cum. The master then invited all the other men servants to do the same. Again Lisa was shocked at how aroused she became as the story went on with description of the woman being bound and used by the men of the house.Lisa could have never known that the kinky erotic sex scenes would have effect on her they did. She repeatedly stopped to masturbate and imagine herself bound and used. Her orgasm grew more intense each time until the novel and her paper were completed.Lisa trembled as she walked up to Professor Wilson with her paper in hand. He seemed ignore her for few minutes but then looked at her and smiled.”Ah, Lisa, you have your special assignment completed. I will read these right away. I’m afraid my time is short could you come by my office around nine this evening? I would like to give you my feedback.” He said as his eyes looked deep into her.”I can be there.” Lisa said and he smiles and left the hall.Later that night she approached the building where his office was. Lisa felt excited as she opened the door. Most of the lights were off as she quietly walked down the hall. His door was open and as she looked in she could see him reading her paper.”Professor Wilson?” She said quietly as she tapped on his door.”Lisa! Please come in. I was just reading some of your observations again.” He said as he resumed reading as she stood in front of his desk and felt nervous as he read her analysis of the sexually explicit stories.”Very interesting. You write well. Tell me did you enjoy the stories.” He asked.”I found them different from anything I have read before.” She said.”Did they arouse you?” He asked with a straight face.Lisa had trouble answering him as his eyes studied her.”You may sit down.” He said and Lisa sat down in the chair in front of his desk. She noticed that the chair made her look up to him and she understood that he was in control.”Did you masturbate after reading about the sexual desire of the professor in l****a?” He asked and Lisa looked in his eyes and nodded.”You are shy.” He said with a chuckle. “Could you imagine yourself being fucked by an older man? Maybe even your stepfather?” He asked as Lisa squirmed.”What about the other story where the woman discovers hatay escort her need to be restrained and used by multiple men. It was only by doing her master’s bidding that she could find satisfaction like where she was gang fucked for his pleasure. Do you think that there are women who would like to be that submissive?” He asked and again Lisa felt it impossible to say anything.”So Lisa, since you cannot answer perhaps I could share my thoughts as a man to encourage you to join the conversation. I think many men have an obsession for sex with a younger partner. There is something special about a young woman as she blossoms into being an adult. Of course as a man we love being the first to fuck a virgin. I’m sure your first lover felt that way.” He said as he now stood behind her.Lisa felt so strange. She was totally terrified but at the same time felt so turned on.”You have been fucked?” He asked as his hand rested on her slender shoulder but her head slowly shook back and forth admitting that she was still a virgin.”I see.” He said quietly as he put his other hand on her other shoulder and slowly massaged her.Her body trembled as the older man rubbed her. Her mind raced as his fingers gripped her and then released her flesh.”Lisa, I am a man who has fantasies about younger women. I have a confession that when I saw you in my class I began to fantasize about you. You look so young and innocent and now I know you have never had sex. You really please me!” He said as he turned her head to face him.Lisa felt him stroke her face while he looked down on her. She watched as he stepped forward. He reached down and unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled out his fully erect cock. His hands held her head as his cock pushed on her lips. Her mouth opened and Lisa moaned as his cock sawed in and out of her mouth. The spongy cockhead rubbed against the roof of her mouth as her tongue felt the heavily veined bottom of his dick. Lisa felt her pussy grow hot and wet while her nipples grew hard and rubbed against her bra.”Look up at me!” He moaned.Lisa looked into his eyes as his cock jerked in her mouth. Cum was running down her chin as Lisa experienced the taste and feel of an orgasming cock as it emptied into her mouth. He released her head and pulled his cock out and looked at her with his load in her mouth and dripping on her blouse.”That was good.” He said as he zipped his pants.He pulled a towel from his desk and gave it to her to clean her face off. Lisa felt emotions of all kinds surge through her body. There was pleasure because she knew that she had satisfied his sexual need. She felt wanted as he clearly was attracted to her. She also felt more sexually aroused than ever and she hoped that he would tell her to get undressed so that they could fuck. She also strangely felt afraid of what could happen next.”Tell me Lisa, did you enjoy what just happened?” He asked as he sat down again.”Yes!” She said with desire.”I think you liked having sex with an older man as much as I liked living my fantasy by looking at your face as I busted my nut. If you did would you like to continue to explore the taboo sex?” He asked.Lisa shook her head up and down that she had.”Good! Lisa, I think you are very submissive. I like that along with your youthful appearance. In the second story there was a master and slave like relationship. That is what I want us to explore. It will get kinky but I think you will enjoy it. If you agree please tell me so.” He said as he looked at her.Lisa stood up and walked in front of him. She felt her knees bend and she knelt in front of him. “Yes, I want that Sir.” She said as she looked up at him.”Good! I have a very special scenario that I want to play out for you to lose your virginity but I need you to just react to what happens. It might get a little intense. Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked as he held her chin.”I’ll do whatever you want.” She said as she looked into those blue eyes.”Very well but if you want it to stop you will need to say ‘popcorn’. That is your safe word. If you say that whatever is happening will stop.” He said and Lisa nodded that she understood.”Go on back to your room. In a couple of days you will get a package and instructions. Do as they tell you and you will make me happy.” He said as he kissed her on the lips.A couple of days later a package was delivered. Lisa opened it to find a costume that looked very much like a Girl Scout uniform. The skirt came down to the middle of her thighs. There were knee socks and patent leather shoes. There was even a sash and bonnet. Lisa tried it all on and it fit like it was made for her. She smiled at her role play image in the mirror. She then noticed the note in the box.”Come to the address below at nine this evening. You are going to try to sell some cookies. Just relax and enjoy what is going to happen.” It said and Lisa began to wonder just what was going to happen.It was about a fifteen minute walk and Lisa felt odd walking across the campus dressed in the uniform. Only a few people seemed to notice and they probably thought she was on her way to a costume party. The address was a house and she walked up to the door with the cookies in hand. She rang the bell and waited. The door opened and to Lisa’s surprise there was a young woman in a maid’s outfit standing there. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes. She was also petite but she was much taller than Lisa.”May I help you?” The maid asked.”I am selling cookies. I was hoping that someone would buy them here.” Lisa said and suddenly wondered if she was in the wrong place.”Who is that Juliet?” Said the voice of Professor Wilson.”It is a girl selling cookies, Sir!” The maid said.”Please show her in! I love cookies.” He replied.Lisa walked ahead of the maid and had just entered what appeared to be a library to see the professor standing there. He smiled at her and Lisa felt a hand with a rag go over her nose and mouth just before everything went black.The next thing she knew she felt like she was waking up. Her ankles were secured in leather straps that kept her legs open. Her hands were in handcuffs with a chain that only allowed her to move a few inches. Lisa found that there was a gag ball in her mouth. Her first reaction was fear but then she saw the professor looking at her. She felt safe when he looked at her. ığdır escort Just then the maid walked into the room.”I see she woke up.” She said to the professor. “Did you have a nice little nap?” She asked Lisa and then giggled.”Juliet, please cut her panties off of her.” He said with quiet authority.Juliet produced some scissors and quickly cut the fabric just above the hip. Lisa felt the panties pulled away exposing her naked pussy. Juliet licked her lips as she looked at the girl’s pussy.”Don’t worry Juliet; you will get to eat her but not just yet. Please get me the vibrator.” He said as he stroked Lisa’s face.Juliet returned in an instant with the vibrator. The professor reached down and ripped Lisa’s blouse open. He then pulled a knife and looked at the terrified girl who was now wondering if she was in over her head. He used the knife to cut her bra where the two cups joined together. He then moved the cups off her small but perky tits.”Nice tits!” Juliet moaned.”Lick her nipple!” The professor said.Lisa jerked as Juliet’s tongue lashed over her hard nipple. She closed her eyes and jumped again as a second tongue licked her other tit. Her eyes flew open to see both of them licking her exposed tits. The pleasure was so intense that she screamed into the ball in her mouth.They both stood up and looked down into the eyes of the girl. The professor reached over and retrieved two small objects. He then clipped a nipple clamp on each of Lisa’s two nipples. She screamed into the ball as she felt the pinch on her sensitive nipples. Juliet then took the strings attached to the clamps and attached them to Lisa’s handcuffs. The result was that if Lisa moved her hands then her nipples would be pulled. Lisa was getting ready to panic but then the professor looked into her eyes and she felt that it would be alright. The professor then picked up the vibrator. He turned it on and gently pressed to Lisa’s flat stomach. It made her flinch and when she did her nipples got a quick pull.”I think she is starting to understand!” Juliet said with a cruel laugh.The professor ran the vibrator up and down Lisa’s thighs as he looked into her eyes that seemed to beg him for mercy. He moved the buzzing sex toy up to her virgin pussy. Lisa grunted as she felt the pulsing instrument move up and down her slit. “Wow she is really wet!” Juliet said as she looked closely at Lisa’s pussy.”Lick her ass!” The professor told the maid.Lisa felt her legs lifted and spread. Then she felt Juliet’s nose against her pussy opening just before she felt the tip of her tongue probe her ass.Lisa felt the sharp pain as her hands caused the nipple clips to pull so hard they popped off. Then there was the feeling of her pussy trying to turn itself inside out and pucker in all at once. Her body was racked a tremendous orgasm.Lisa continued to feel Juliet tonguing her ass as her orgasm slowly stopped. The professor was looking into her eyes as she tried to catch her breath. He removed the gag from her mouth.”I’m going to fuck you soon. Juliet, get the butt plug. After I have finished your pussy there will be more fun for you. Then I am going to fuck your tight little ass. Do you understand?” He asked and Lisa nodded and then saw the tapered anal toy in Juliet’s hand.Lisa watched as the maid put lube on the toy that clearly would be pushed up her ass. The professor moved between her legs. She felt the tip of the toy push on her tiny tight hole.”Just relax. This will make getting butt fucked so much easier!” Juliet said.Lisa tried to relax and then she felt several inches push up her ass.”Oh fuck!” She screamed as her as began to be stretched.Juliet watched intently as the older man worked the toy up the girl’s asshole. She licked her lips and her eyes glowed with passion. Lisa wondered if it was because she wished it was her ass or if she could be the one pushing the plug up her ass. Lisa felt asshole being stretched as more and more of the butt plug entered her. Her eyes were bulging and she tried to pull away but the professor just looked at her and she knew the absolute control he had pleased him.”It is too big!” She pleaded.”Little ones like you need to learn! My cock will be in your ass today!” He said as he ran his fingers along her cheek before he pushed the toy deeper into her ass.”Take off your clothes Juliet.” The professor said quietly as he pushed and pulled the plug in and out of Lisa asshole.Lisa watched as the slender blonde slipped her maid uniform off. While she was taller than Lisa it was obvious why the professor would choose her as a lover. With her clothes off she had a body that was much more like a young girl than the college student that she was. Soon all she had on we’re her heals and fishnet hose that were held in place by a garter belt.”Juliet you may now eat Lisa’s pussy.” The professor said as he stepped back to watch.Juliet seemed to glow as she moved between Lisa’s legs. She bent over and ran her tongue over the girl’s flat tight stomach until she reached the fuzzy hair that lightly covered her pubic mound.”She smells so good!” She said as she sank to her knees.Lisa waited and then she felt a light kiss planted on her pussy. Then a tip of a tongue traced an outline of her outer lips. Lisa became more and more aware of how her asshole which was stretched tight by the butt would pulse as she anticipated what was about to happen. She felt Juliet spread her pussy open and then Juliet moaned as her tongue probed the opening to her pussy.”Ohhhh!” Moaned Lisa as Juliet’s tongue flicked in and out of her.Lisa lifted her head as best as she could to see the blonde head now between her legs. Lisa had never had any lesbian desires but now she wanted to cum and Juliet was going to make it happen. Lisa watched as Juliet put her hand on her pubic mound as her licking and kissing of the pussy became more intense. Then Juliet placed her thumb on Lisa’s clit and started to run harder. Lisa clinched her eyes as the intense orgasm made her body jerk. Never had the young girl ever imagined that ever nerve in her body could send pleasure at one time. She could not even release the air in her lungs to scream.”Well done Juliet! I think you made our little friend quite happy!” The professor said as he stroked his cock.Juliet stood up and her face was covered with pussy juice. Her eyes looked like she escort bayan was burning from the inside out.”Perhaps you need a little attention yourself. Go get the anal beads.” The professor said to Juliet. “I’m sure you want to repay your friend for giving you such a nice orgasm.” He said to Lisa who was still tried to catch her breath.Juliet returned and she had a string of beads in her hand. Lisa watched as Juliet bent over and the professor moved behind her. Lisa watched as he then started to push one of the beads after another up Juliet’s ass. Lisa watched as she flinched each time another small ball went in.”Get up on the table and squat over Lisa’s face.” He told her.Lisa watched as the professor put cuffs on Juliet that were then fasten to the chain holding Lisa ankles. Each time Juliet moved her hands down Lisa would have her legs pulled higher.”Go ahead Juliet let Lisa lick your pussy.” He said and Lisa watched as the shaved pussy was lowered until it was pressed to her lips.Lisa let her tongue probe the pussy now pressed to her mouth. As her mouth filled with the taste of aroused pussy her eyes opened to see what looked like a pull for a stuffed a****l sticking out from Juliet’s asshole. It seemed to quiver as her tongue slipped in and out of the other girl’s pussy. Lisa could feel her ass lifted and released as Juliet moaned with pleasure. Then the professor appeared looking down at her. He seemed to admire what was going on.”Oh fuck I am so close! Please! Please do it now!” Juliet was saying and Lisa wondered what she was talking about.Then he gripped the ring sticking from Juliet’s ass. He started to pull and one bead after another popped out of Juliet as her pussy released a torrent of pussy juice onto Lisa’s face.”Do it baby! Cum all over this little sluts face!” He said as he laughed and pulled more of the beads out.Juliet was screaming as the orgasm ripped through her. Lisa felt a puddle of pussy juice form around her head. Then her eyes opened wide as she felt the professor put his cock against her virgin opening.”Let me see her face! Time to make this girl into a woman!” He said.Juliet lifted her pussy off of Lisa’s face and her hands went down pulling her legs up. Lisa looked to see the giant purple head of the professor’s cock being rubbed to her opening. Then it disappeared as Lisa felt her pussy opened. Then he grunted harder and she felt a pain as her virginity was smashed. He fucked her hard! There was no gentleness just his cock slamming deep into her and pulled back out again.Lisa could feel tears dripping down her face as she was fucked hard and deep! “This is what I want! Take that fucking cock! I don’t want those fucking cookies! I want the virgin nookie! You will like it from now on!” He said as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her shattered cunt.Juliet was fingering her pussy as she watched the brutal fucking. She knew what her master liked and this was part of what she too experienced when he had seduced her to being his sex toy. Lisa was grunting as her pussy adjusted to her first ever cock and while she felt pain she looked at the intense pleasure on his face and she knew he was pleased. That was what really mattered was him being pleased. Even as these thoughts crossed her mind she began to feel another sensation; pleasure! Her body was now listening to her mind that knew she was pleasing her….master!”Fuck yes! Get ready!” He grunted as he pounded her ever harder.Then he shook and even though Lisa had never been fucked she knew he was filling her pussy with his cum! He must be putting a big load because she could feel it pooling below her butt. Then she heard the delighted squeal of Juliet as she too felt joy at him having an orgasm. Slowly he recovered from getting off and he looked down at the small red head and smiled. It was then that Lisa also began to orgasm as the thought of his pleasure was what she lived for! His cock slid from her pussy and he looked down and smiled.”Yes you were a virgin! Juliet, please clean her up.” He said as he released her hands.The professor then put the gag ball back in her mouth. He then went and sat down. Juliet quickly returned and she gentle cleaned the used pussy of the recent virgin. Lisa felt her tender touches as she was thoroughly cleaned. Then Juliet walked over and knelt before the professor. She lovingly washed his cock and balls clean as he her stroked her hair.Lisa watched until he was clean and then Juliet took his soft cock in her mouth and slowly pleasured him until he was again fully erector. Then she reached over for a tube of lube. Lisa watched as Juliet stroked the hard cock until it was thoroughly greased up. They the stood up and kissed passionately. They walked over to her. Juliet pulled her ankles back to her shoulders. He pulled on the butt plug and suddenly Lisa could feel her ass empty but gapping opening. In an instant she felt the big head of his cock enter her ass.She screamed into the ball as he pushed deep into her ass. He did not stop until he was fully up her. Then he eased it half way out before push it back up her butt. Lisa had a shocked look on her face as he fucked her ass with long deep thrusts. Juliet released her grip on her ankles and moved to the side. The professor’s hand gripped her neck and pushed her face down into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa felt the other girl’s tongue flicking her clit as her ass was fucked hard and long. The next orgasm hit her so suddenly that Lisa nearly passed out. Then he pulled his cock from her ass and Lisa heard Juliet moan! He was cumming! He was cumming in Juliet’s mouth!Then Juliet looked down at her. “Open your mouth, Lisa.” The professor said as he removed the gag.Lisa had no idea why he wanted it but she would do anything he asked. Then Juliet slowly let a stream of cum drip from her mouth into Lisa’s. Lisa nearly came again as she realized that what was happening was so erotic. Then the two girls kissed open mouth and shared their master’s gift to them.Lisa and Juliet watched as the professor left the room. Then Juliet helped Lisa to get free of the restraints. Lisa could hardly stand but Juliet helped her.”That was pretty intense. Are you ok?” Juliet asked Lisa who was shaking like a leaf.”I think so. Did I please him?” She asked.”Yes! I have never seen him so horny. I do hope you will join us in our little fantasy world. My stepfather is a passionate man.” Juliet said with a smile.”He is your stepfather?” Lisa asked.”Yes! Next time maybe mom will join us as well! Let me show you the shower.” Juliet said.The end.(I hope you enjoyed my little perverse tale. If so a thumbs up will tell me.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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