Bound to be Seduced

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Alex’s sister was getting married, her life was settled and sorted out. She was three years older that him, had a good job, a fiancé and a bright future. Alex was twenty one, it was October 2013 and he’d graduated from university in the late spring but he was aimless, jobless and single. The phrase ‘considering his options’ had worn a bit thin.

He lived in small midland town with his mother, Glenda, and sister, Nicola. His father, Greg, formerly a finance officer for a large agricultural machinery dealership, was in jail regretting the financial fraud he had committed three and a half years ago to pay off his massive gambling debts. There had, of course, been a financial impact on the family, they had been forced to sell the large house they owned and had moved into a three bed semi-detached house nearer the centre of town. His mother was a high flying management and accountancy consultant, she was well paid and the family, minus his now divorced as well as jailed father, was finding its feet financially. Once the expense of her daughter’s wedding was over, his mother was looking to move to a large four bed detached house in a leafy part of town.

Unemployed Alex spent his days at home pottering around the house, playing computer games, doing errands for his mother, preparing meals and living with perpetually drying women’s lingerie. Both his mother and sister were in professional jobs and they dressed in smart skirt suits and heels for work. Alex had a constant battle with his swelling cock whenever he saw their stockings, suspenders, bras and panties drying on a clothes airer in the kitchen. He wasn’t worried that it was his mother or sister that turned him on, he was sure that it was just the abundance of sexy feminine underwear on display that made his cock twitch. His cock seemed often to be in a state of arousal, especially when, as she dashed off to work, his busy mother sometimes asked him to make himself useful and hang the provocative items up to dry when the washing machine had finished its cycle.

Since coming home from university, he had spent a lot of time in the house on his own and some days, most days in fact, he found it very hard to resist wrapping his mother’s panties around his cock while he masturbated. He was fairly certain that it was not his mother that aroused him, it was just her sexy underwear; any son would find it hard to resist, he’d convinced himself.


His sister was getting married to Luke, a civil engineer. There was much ado about the wedding plans, his sister and mother were constantly asking him to run errands. Things were getting fraught but, thankfully, the big day had arrived. The wedding was to be held at small, beautiful rural church ninety minutes drive away in a hamlet near the Welsh border. Glenda had booked the family into an expensive hotel in a nearby border town.

Glenda’s cousin Fiona, a writer, also divorced, was coming over from the States to attend the wedding. She arrived the day before and was staying over with the family for a week. The plan was for Alex to drive her to the wedding venue then they would stay over at the hotel for the night with the rest of the family and come back the following day.

As a boy, Alex had seen a lot of Fiona, their families lived in the same town until Fiona divorced her husband and moved to the United States. He had only seen her twice in the last decade, the last time five years ago. Technically she was his first cousin once removed but they had always regarded each other as aunt and nephew.

Alex remembered his ‘Aunt’ Fiona as a very attractive and desirable woman whom he’d had the hots for and had been the subject of his masturbation fantasies many times. She was forty seven, the same age as his mother.

Glenda and Fiona were more like sisters than cousins, their mother’s were twins so it was no surprise that Glenda and Fiona looked so alike. At five foot ten, Fiona was an inch taller than Glenda but, otherwise, they were very much alike with long black hair and dazzling green eyes of Irish ancestry. Their facial features were almost identical and their genes had given them shapely well toned bodies that had stayed firm into their mid to late forties. They also shared a colourful past together.

It had vaguely occurred to Alex that he was highly sexually attracted to a woman who looked so like his mother, but It wasn’t a thought that he dwelt on too often as he pumped the shaft of his penis to his favourite fantasy of fucking his ‘aunt.’

Early on the morning of the wedding, Glenda called in at the florists but she left behind the corsages. She suddenly realised her mistake as she was about to set off for the church with her brother’s family. She asked Alex to dash to the florist before he and Fiona set off. This put them half an hour behind schedule but still with just enough time to make it to the church.

It had rained heavily for the previous thirty six hours, river levels were very high and flood artemisbet yeni giriş water was lying in fields. After and hour or so on the road, they came to a halt behind a long queue of traffic. Alex switched the car radio on and heard a report that a bridge, just up ahead, had been swept away. He turned back and spent twenty minutes trying minor roads but came up against flood waters each time. Eventually, he got back to the main road, he knew they’d be late now but he thought that if he could go back ten miles or so to the motorway, he’d be able to find another, albeit much longer, route.

Before long, he came up behind another traffic queue. After waiting an age, a police car passed them on the other side of the road informing drivers that the river up ahead had burst its banks and the road was closed. He realised that they were stranded but he remembered passing a roadside hotel further back so, thinking that other people would have the same idea, he quickly turned the car around and made for the hotel.

Inevitably, there was only one room still available and it was a double. Fiona smirked to herself as he agreed to take the room and said to her in a low voice that he would sleep on the floor. He left her to settle in and went to find a decent phone signal so that he could phone his mother with the bad news. The best signal was out in the car park but it was weak.

“Hello, hello, can you hear me?”

“Only just, can you speak louder Alex, where are you? The wedding’s about to start”

“I’m shouting as it is mum, listen, bad news I’m afraid, the bridge at Ledford has been swept away by flood waters and we can’t go back the way we came because the all of roads are flooded to the east of here. I’m afraid we’re not going to make it to the wedding.”

“Oh no, surely not, Nicola will be so disappointed, is there no way through?”

“We’ve tried the minor roads but we keep coming to a watery dead end, luckily we’ve found a Paramount Inn so we’ve got somewhere to stay for the night.”

“Oh heavens, is there really no other way through?”

“I’m afraid not mum, the police are closing roads all around this area, I’ve spoken to an officer and she’s been told that, providing there’s no more rain, river levels will peak at about eight o’clock this evening so with a bit of luck, the main road back home might be passable late tomorrow afternoon”

“Oh dear, what a shame, but I’m not surprised, the water was right up to the top of the arches when we crossed the river in Ledford earlier and it was flowing so quickly”

“I’m sorry mum.”

“Oh if only I hadn’t sent you to get the corsages that I left behind at the florist, you’d have got through in time before the bridge collapsed, it’s all my fault.”

“No it’s not mum, how were you to know that the bridge would be swept away?”

“Oh dear, how is Fiona taking it?”

“Like me really, she’s resigned to our fate.”

“And she’s come all the way from the States for this.”

“It’s no one’s fault mum, we’ll find a way to make the rest of her stay special.”

He had no idea how prophetic his words would become.

“Well at least you’ve found a bed for the night and you won’t have to sleep in the car. It’s fortunate that you were close to the hotel, I know the one you mean, we passed it on the way here, you’re lucky, it’ll soon be full I suppose.”

“Yes, we, er, we managed to get the last two rooms.”

He lied instinctively, he didn’t want to have to answer any questions about sleeping arrangements with his Aunt. Fiona seemed to him to be very self contained about the whole business as though she knew something he didn’t.

“Look mum I’d better let you go, give Nicola and Luke our love and our apologies, we’ll be thinking of them.”

“Okay, bye love, and don’t forget that Fiona makes her living writing erotic fantasy so you shouldn’t believe everything she tells….” The line went dead, another casualty of the extensive flood damage.

The stranded travellers passed a long boring afternoon at the hotel, Fiona read a book and Alex went to the bar for a pint then went for a walk in the soggy grounds. Later on, after an unremarkable dinner and more drinks with an inscrutable Fiona in the bar, the moment that Alex had been dreading arrived. Once they were back in the room, Alex told his aunt again that he would grab a spare pillow and blanket from the wardrobe and sleep on the floor. He hadn’t known what to make of her all day and was a little nervous around her, she struck him as a very sophisticated and experienced mature woman, very attractive and obviously out of his league; but she had the air on someone concealing something. He was surprised when she told him not to be silly and to get into bed while she undressed in the bathroom.

He usually slept naked so he left his underpants on and laid as close to the edge of the wide bed as he possibly could. He could hear Fiona’s heels clacking on the tiled floor in slow deliberate artemisbet giriş steps and he become aroused. Knowing that they would be sleeping in the same room, he’d been trying all day long not to get too aroused by her. She looked so hot in a tight green dress just above the knee with high heels and a matching green and black patterned jacket. When she had been sitting in the car earlier, showing plenty of leg, with her dress stretched taut across her thighs, he’d noticed the tell tale sign of stockings and suspenders and this had done nothing to quell his ardour.

The bathroom door opened and Fiona got into bed in her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders. His heart was pounding, he couldn’t look her in the eye, surely she must have had something else to wear in bed he thought. Then he realised that she also probably slept naked. He listened hard for the sound of regular breathing to indicate that she was asleep. When he was sure that she was, he started to masturbate, he couldn’t help it, he’d been so turned on by her and couldn’t bear the thought that a beautiful, sexy, scantily clad, unavailable woman was lying next to him. He was close to coming when a low sultry voice asked, “Are you doing what I think you’re doing you dirty boy?”

A startled Alex muttered a shameful apology and turned onto his left side with his back to her.

“Well you’ve started something now, aren’t you going to finish it?”

“No, please, I’m sorry.”

“Were you thinking of me?”

“No, no, I’m sorry, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Before he could move she pulled the quilt off him and sat astride his back with his right hand in a painful thumb hold restraint, she was strong, she pulled his left arm behind his back, still reeling from the pain, he realised that she had started to bind his wrists together, she’d been prepared for this, she’d planned it from the moment that they had been forced to book the room. Now his wrists were bound behind his back with a cord from one of the guest dressing gowns hanging from the back of the bathroom door.

She turned him onto his back and admired his still erect cock, “My my, you are a big boy, how many tight little cunts have you stretched with that?”

She laid along his right flank and caressed his abdomen just above the tip of his cock and spoke in a slow sensual murmur, “Do you find me desirable?…Well?”

“I.. er, I’ve never…”

“Don’t lie, I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think no one’s looking, you spent a lot of time in the car staring at my thighs, were you looking for my suspender clips?…Well?”


“I wear stockings all the time, I catch lots of men ogling me and no doubt imagining putting their hands up my skirt and touching my accessible pussy. Is that what you do? Eh? Do you think about my warm wet accessible pussy? You do don’t you? I’m old enough to be your mother you dirty boy, I’ll tell you about your mother in a moment, do you think we look alike? We do don’t we? We’re the same age, born on the same day in fact, we look very alike and we’re both still hot, I can tell you’d like to fuck me, you would wouldn’t you? Tell me the truth now or you’ll never get another chance, would you like to fuck your aunt?”

She flashed her sensual, confident green eyes at him.


“Good, you see, that didn’t hurt did it? It was honest and I respect that. So, as we’re so alike, almost identical in fact, does that mean you’d like to fuck your mother as well? We’re you thinking of me or her while you were wanking?”

“Oh God, you, it was you, I’d never imagine…”

“You’d never imagine what? Fucking your hot sexy mother?”

“No, for God’s sake, what are you doing? Why are you trying to trap me into saying I want sex with my mother, Please let me go, I promise I won’t masturbate again, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“You will masturbate again when I tell you to but for now I don’t want to hear any more of your whining,” she said as she got up and removed her skimpy panties and pushed them into his mouth, then she took the other end of the long dressing gown cord and forced it between his teeth and tied it tightly at the back of his head before stepping into her stilettos and getting back onto the bed.

“I’ve got lots of dirty stories to tell you about your mother and I don’t want to be interrupted. Let’s see just how big and hard we can make that lovely cock grow.”

He tried to protest but the only sound he could make was a muffled wail. She started to caress his chest, abdomen and thighs making sure not to touch his penis. Half of him desperately wanted his aunt to make him come and the other half wanted to be released from her menacing sexual control. She continued in her slow sultry tone.

“Now let me tell you about your mother… when we were young girls, our families used to visit each other a couple of times a year and because we lived so far apart, we’d stay over at each other’s houses for a long weekend… It was a squeeze, artemisbet güvenilirmi four grown ups and five children in a three ‘bedroomed’ house. The visiting parents always slept on camp beds in the lounge and the three boys shared one bedroom whilst your mother and I shared another.”

“We used to have great fun under the bed sheets telling each other scary stories and clinging on to each other for protection against imagined monsters of some sort… As we got older, it happened less often and we didn’t share a bed at all in our early to mid teens… Then my older brother got married and your mother’s family stayed with ours on the night before and after the wedding. By then we’d both just turned nineteen and were at university. I think that being born on the same day had always made us feel more like sisters than cousins, twins really.”

“So your mother and I shared a bed again for the first time in years. We were young women by then and we talked about stuff that young women talked about… I’ll never forget that Glenda got into bed naked, she had quite a body I can tell you, and so did I… I asked if she’d forgotten her night dress but she said she always slept naked, so I got into bed naked as well, it just felt like the right thing to do. But being naked in bed with your naked mother stirred something in my pussy. We laid on out backs together, talking and laughing about how we used to tell ghost stories to each other when we were little, I asked her if she remembered how we used to cling to each other half scared out of our wits, she said yes and it struck me, and her I think, how careful we were being, in our adult nakedness, not to touch each other’s bodies, as though physical contact between us had suddenly become taboo.”

“I realised then that I wanted her so I steered the conversation toward sex… Out of the blue I asked her if she’d ever been with anyone, she blushed and said she’d slept with two men at university and she’d enjoyed it, I think one was her maths tutor and the other was a student… I probed her on how much she liked sex and what turned her on most but she was embarrassed and she clammed up. So I told her to ask me if I’d slept with anyone, she did and I said yes, that I’d had one very special lover, she asked if he was good in bed and I said yes she was magnificent… Her face was a picture, she didn’t know whether I was being serious at first, then she looked wide eyed and curious one minute and like a deer caught in headlights the next. She didn’t know how to deal with what I’d told her, she laid down with her back to me, switched off the bedside light and said goodnight”

“I could tell she was very curious so I spoke to her in the darkness, to make her feel better I told her that I was bi-sexual, which was true, and that going with a woman was nothing to be afraid of or disgusted about, it was a wonderful experience. She stayed silent, I could feel her trembling, I think we both knew what was going to happen, that we were about to fuck each other for the first time… My cunt was hot with desire for her, I’ve got to tell you that the thought of committing ‘incest’ with your mother became overpowering and irresistible. I spooned her from behind, we lay there skin to skin with my pussy pressing into her buttocks, it was intoxicating. I said that I wouldn’t let the monster get her, her body relaxed and she didn’t resist when I cupped her breast then she turned onto her back and we kissed deeply and passionately, holding on to each other like we’d never let go.”

Alex whimpered and his rigid cock twitched several times as it signalled his arousal. “My goodness, you’re really turned on by this aren’t you. Do you want to hear more about what a good fuck your mother is?”

He grunted and growled his disapproval and tried to roll himself off the bed but she pulled him onto his back again and sat astride his chest and pinned his shoulders down with her knees. He wanted her to stop talking about his mother in this way but his cock wanted her to continue. Her musky scented cunt was close to his nostrils, he breathed it in and his cock twitched again. She sank her wet silky vulva over his gagged mouth and pressed her cunt right into his face.

“It’s useless to try to resist, I’m going to have you in as many ways as I want tonight and before I’m finished with you, you’ll be desperate to fuck your mother.”

His Aunt laid down beside him again and caressed his abdomen taking care not to touch his loaded cock which by now was on a ‘hair trigger.’ She continued with her revelations about his mother in her sultry, almost hypnotic tones.

“That first night we fucked for hours, what we didn’t do to each other isn’t worth mentioning… She was shy at first but she soon overcame her inhibitions, I can clearly remember, as dawn broke, kneeling between her open thighs as she sat on the bed, her beautiful fresh pink cunt glistening with with my saliva and her come juices. She smelled and tasted so sweet and earthy at the same time. She still does… I ate her cunt last night and she squealed with stifled delight as she came in the bedroom next to you. Poor dear, she wanted an orgasm so badly, she hasn’t had sex for over three years, but she was desperate not to wake you or Nicola.”

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