Boss’s Daughter

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Boss’s DaughterSince this is a true story and I want to keep my job I changed names to protect my ass…everything else is accurate. I work for a large company in Austin and my Boss is a really big asshole but I love what I do so I put up with her. Last year I decided to have a small party out at my house and decided to invite my Boss and her family to attend. Now I didn’t think they would attend but to my surprise she came out and brought her husband and daughter with her. Her husband was a nice enough guy but when I saw her daughter, Dana, I thought holy crap was she beautiful. She had long flowing brown hair that was very thick, an ass that filled out jeans the way they were meant to be filled out, and a very nice set of tits. But all that aside, she had the biggest brown eyes I’ve ever seen and a nice glowing tan. She was very shy and I later found out she was a freshman at Texas State which was about an hour down the road. We made small talk that night and I told her that I went to school at the same university but back then it was Southwest Texas State and she just giggled at that and asked me if the river was there at that time. I laughed and said yes the river was indeed there way back in the 80’s. Well flash forward about six months and I had to go to San Marcos for business. My Boss told me that since I would be near Texas State I should take Dana out to lunch since she was really struggling to adapt to college life. Looking at the weather it was going to be a really nasty day with the potential for freezing rain so the last thing I wanted was to extend my trip but turning down anything from my Boss wasn’t an option. She gave me Dana’s number and I texted her to see if she wanted to meet me for lunch and I hoped she would come up with an excuse to turn me down. Well she texted me back and said she would love a break from her classes so off I went down to San Marcos. I picked her up at her Dorm and we went to a local Mexican dive that I remembered going to when I was in college türbanlı muğla escort and to my delight we had a really good time. Well as predicted the weather was really turning south and it started to rain. Being that it was already in the 20’s the roads were starting to ice up so I dropped Dana off and went to check on my client which took another couple of hours. When I got finished with my client the roads were really getting bad. Now here in Texas one thing for certain is we can’t drive on ice. I called my wife and told her I was getting a hotel room in San Marcos to wait it out. There was no way I was getting on the roads since Austin is one hill after another. I grabbed some beer and checked into a hotel and made myself comfortable. My phone rang and it was Dana which was weird so I picked it up and she asked me if I made it home all right and I told her no and that I grabbed a hotel here in town. She said wow that’s a bummer and asked if I wanted to go to dinner her treat. I told her that I had just ordered a pizza and asked for a rain check. She asked me where I was staying and I told her and she said hell that’s less than two blocks from my Dorm so do you mind if we share the pizza? I was a little annoyed but had several beers in me so I told her sure but she couldn’t tell her Mom because it wouldn’t look good and she just laughed. About 15 minutes later I heard a knock on the door and the pizza and Dana pretty much arived at the same time. Dana was dressed in jeans and a white fuzzy sweater and looked amazing. We ate the pizza and talked and I kept drinking some beer and teased her that since she wasn’t 21 she couln’t have any. Well it was starting to get late and I told her I would walk her home and when we opened the door it was pure ice at that point and both of us busted our ass. We got up and decided that there was no way we were going to walk the two blocks so went back up to the hotel. Since the room had two beds I told her türbanlı muğla escort bayan she could sleep in the other one. She asked me if I had an extra shirt to sleep in and I told her all I had was my under shirt and she said that would be fine and teased me to look the other way when she came out of the bathroom. I told her to do the same since I was sleeping in my boxers. I did catch a glimpse of her tanned leggs as she walked by and the outline of her tits and ass drove me crazy. I thought to myself how in the hell did I get myself into this situation. Well it went from bad to worse because of the freeze the power went out and with no power no heater. At first it was OK but after about an hour the room really started to get cold. Dana asked me if she could sleep next to me because she was really getting cold and by that time I didn’t care because I was a little drunk and quite honestly pretty damn horny at this time. She crawled into bed with me and it was all I could do not to jump on her. She nestled her ass up to me and the next thing I knew I had one hell of a boner. I knew she could feel it but she didn’t move. Finally I started to grind it a little and she whispered to me if I wanted her to take care of it. Of course I said yes and she started kissing my nipples and slowly went down on me. Now I don’t normally come from head and didn’t expect much but man she was amazing. The way she sucked my cock and used her hand at the same time was intense but was really great was she never stopped. It was clear that she wanted me to come and after about ten minutes of non stop slurping and moaning I grabbed her head and came for what seemed like minutes. She didn’t spill a drop. It was arguably the best blow job I’ve ever had. I sat there a minute and whispered now it was her turn. At first she was reluctant and I thought maybe it was that time of the month but after some time I realized that nobody had ever went down on her and she türbanlı escort muğla was nervous. She later told me that when she went out on dates she learned that if she blew them they wouldn’t pressure her into intercourse. That explained why she was so great a giving head. Well I was determined to teach her that night what fucking was all about. I started kissing her neck and slowly took off the t-shirt. She still had tan lines which was so fucking sexy and it outlined her amazing tits. I kissed and sucked her nipples for several minutes not wanting the night to end. Finally I worked my way down to her panties which were by this time completely soaked. I slowly pulled them off and she had an incredibly tiny trimmed pussy. I kissed all around it and she was moaning so much that I was glad we were the only ones staying at that small hotel. When I finally worked my way to her clit she had a huge orgasm and damn near pulled my hair out. By then I was ready to teach her how to fuck. She whispered to be gentle because this was her first time. I pulled her legs up and just started to work the tip in. My dick is only 7 inches but it’s very thick so it took me a long time to work it in. After what seemed like forever I got most of it in and we started off at a slow pace. To my surprise she came again quickly. We stayed in this position for a while longer and then I then turned her around and fucked her doggy style and she told me she wanted me to come in her mouth so when I started to come I pulled out and for the second time that night she swallowed my load. Now I’m in my mid 40’s so coming twice in one night is pretty damn unusual, but so is fucking a 19 year old virgin. That night will go down as one of the best nights of my life. Dana and I fucked about two more times and it was really cool teaching her all the positions. The next morning we showered together and seeing that beautiful tanned body I got a boner again. She said she was too sore to fuck so she got down on her knees and gave me another outstanding blow job. While sucking my cock she never lost eye contact with me and I quickly came. She was simply amazing. We got dressed and then I dropped her off at the dorm and went back to Austin sore and tired. I know it’s playing with fire but about once a month when I have business in San Marcos I find time to have “lunch” with Dana…

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