Boss Finds Out My Secret 3

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Boss Finds Out My Secret 3Friday came and I brought a weekend bag to work. I walked into the admin area and Carol was there sitting behind her desk I stared at her big tits for a few moments. I took out my phone and looked at them naked. Carol told me to quit she was getting horny and that wasn’t good at 7:30 on Friday morning. Rick walked in while I was talking with Carol. I followed him to his office. I closed the door as I walked in and Rick told me that we would be going to Vegas for the weekend. He said he wanted me to go to his house and pick up his bags and I would find a uniform for the weekend. I went to his house and Susan answered the door. She was naked and I noticed that her pussy was bright pink. She led me to a bedroom and laid down on the bed she spread her legs. She told me Rick had left a present for me. I started eating her cunt licking Rick’s cum from it. Finally she made me lie on my back and squatted over me. As I tongued her hole I found cum rolling into my mouth. She got up on all fours and I thought I am finally going to get to fuck someone. Susan told me to lick her asshole and get it very wet. She said her trainer was cuming this morning. He would take her asshole. I rimmed her until she had an orgasm. She then showed me the clothing. A pair of linen pants with snaps on the sides. I realized that the ass of the pants would come off. I picked up a pair of panties again no ass. I slid on the panties kadıköy escort and pulled on the pants. I put on a white shirt and a black tie. I pulled on a pair of cowboys boots and left for the office. When I got to the office Rick was standing outside waiting a limo was there to take us to the airport. When we got into the limo and were on our way to the airport Rick unsnapped the pants and felt my ass and played with my asshole. He asked if I had sufficintly lubed Susan’s asshole. I assured him that I had lubed her with my tongue and cleaned her cunt sufficiently. He smiled. He said we were going to an adult motel just outside of Vegas. Swinging conventions and other adult activities were held there often. He told me that when we landed I would go to the room and prepare my ass. I would come back down in the suit he had prepared with out the ass piece. After we got to the hotel as I walked in I could tell this would be a wild weekend. I came back down after about half a hour. Dressed up but my ass was totally exposed. I walked into the main meeting room. There were at least one hundred people there. I walked over to Rick who was talking with a large man. He was at least 6’3″ tall and over 300 pounds. He was nude. His thick cock was semi erect. Rick was standing there in leather underwear and had a collar in his hand. As I üsküdar escort walked up he put the collar on me. I then met the large man Rick was talking to. Brad was his name. Brad bent me over and started licked my asshole. Rick haned Brad the leash and told him to bring me over when he was finished. Brad moved to my head and his big cock was pretty big. He told me to get it as wet as I wanted it. I immediately made sure I slobbered all over that big cock. I wanted to make sure it would slide in my ass. Saliva was dripping off his cock when he moved behind me. I felt his big tool enter my ass. It slid in and Brad became the eveready fucking bunny. Soon I heard his grunts getting more and more frantic and then wham I felt a hot spurt in my ass and another. When Brad finished he picked up the leash and took me to Rick. There were four others with him. Two of the four had on leashes and collars a woman about 50 or so was on all fours and naked except for her collar. Rick told me to bend over. I heard another say now eat that fucked ass. I felt a tongue rimming me. It was great. I could not see who. My cock was rock hard and I hoped I would be able to fuck someone or get a blowjob at least. Rick asked me if I liked having my ass licked after being fucked and I moaned a yes. Rick moved around and felt the tongue leave and then Rick’s cock was in my ass. After he came I felt another tuzla escort tongue in my ass. A little while later Rick told me to strip my hard cock bounded out. We walked up to an older couple they looked to be in their 70’s. The old guys balls were hanging almost halfway down his thigh. His wife was smaller but we rounded and her tits sagged almost to her waist. Rick told me I belonged to them until morning. The man took the leash and they lead me to their room. The woman pulled out her teeth and started sucking my cock. It was incredible. Soon I was so hard I could not believe it. The man told me to fuck his wife. I slid my saliva coated cock into her old pussy. To my surprise she was very wet. In fact the bed we were fucking on became soaked with her pussy juice over the next 15 minutes. At one point the man told me to lie on the bed and the woman lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I licked her and she came again. She laid down and her husband moved onto the bed. He put his cock on my mouth and I opened for him. He told me he could cum but could not achieve an erection. I sucked him off for a good 20 or 30 minutes. Granny was back on my cock. I felt a small spurt come from the cock in my mouth. The man shuddered and sighed. I felt two more small spurts and he was done. Soon granny had my cock ready to cum. I moaned I was going to cum and granny went to work harder. She sucked me dry and never spilled a drop. We laid there and pops went to sleep. Granny had her head on my thigh. I fell asleep and was awoken about 3 in the monring by the toothless mouth sucking my cock again. After I came we went back to sleep. The next morning I was waking up and there was popa and granny dressed for a day out. I got up and went back to my room. I went back to sleep getting ready for another night.

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