BMSWG Ch. 02: Training for My 1st Match

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Mike had graduated college ten years ago. He mastered in Physical Education. He could coach in any school in the state. Mike revealed to me that he was not going to be able to train me as he has a match himself next week.

Big Mama was in charge of who was training me. I was to show up the next morning to start training It was Sunday morning. I arrived a half hour early so that I could get ready.

I was in gym shorts when in walks Ingrid. She is my new trainer for the next couple of weeks. She ordered me to “go to the ring for lessons and working out.”

Ingrid told me to wait in the ring and to warm up.

Ingrid came out about 10 minutes later in a robe. She ordered me to ” remove your clothing.” I hesitated and she yelled for me to “remove your shirt and shorts and underwear..” I quickly did so.

Ingrid then slowly and sexily started to removed her robe. My shriveled manhood suddenly came to life. “No, no! Do not get excited yet! You must control your emotions when you are about to wrestle! Make her work for it!” Ingrid barked.

She spoke perfect English. “You must control all your emotions! Control your sexual desires! I will work with you on that tomorrow.

But You have no strength or endurance. We will work on that for the next two weeks. Now we go for a run. you must be able to keep up with me!”

Ingrid removed her robe completely to reveal that she had jogging clothes on. I quickly got dressed and we ran 2 miles. When hatay seks hikayeleri we got back to the arena, I was gasping for breath. Ingrid wasn’t even sweating much less breathing hard.

We went to the gym and she had me work out with weights. We challenged each other in a private weightlifting competition.

Of course she beat me and continued until she was almost at her maximum lifts.

Ingrid benched 100 more lbs than I did. She then dead lifted 250 lbs compared to my 200 lbs. She squat 300 lbs compared to my measly 150 lbs.

Ingrid sat down and we talked for a while on a bench “You do need to make progress this week. Every single girl here is stronger and faster than you are. They also can outlast you. Most of all, sexually they can reduce you to nothing.

I know you enjoy sex. Everyone does. But you have to control your sexual drive.”

I asked “today you spoke perfect English but last night you spoke broken English.”

Ingrid responded “I played with you’re mind. It worked like a charm. I seduced you with my words and accent.”

That is part of controlling your emotions.

Tomorrow we will run 3 miles and improve your strengthening.

Week one was finished and my muscles were sore. I struggled to get out of bed on Friday.

I only had a light workout and coaching session with Ingrid. Today I would find out who I would be wrestling next week.

Ingrid told me that I was possibly in trouble. My opponent was Holly. a 25 year old witch.

Holly is 6’3″ of semi-hard body.

Ingrid reminded me that she is semi-hard body and I lost to her. Holly is a super fitness oriented.

She has had 2 matches and her record is 1-1. Ingrid told me that I might have a chance but I had better watch the two videos of her matches.

Not only that, but you need to come tonight as she wrestles Mike.

I watched the videos and studied her strengths and weakness’s.

Holly uses her height to her advantage. She has very strong legs and is just like Ingrid had said “upper body strength.”

I am almost nervous about my upcoming match. Mike came in and we talked strategy.

She has a short temper and can get thrown off her game plan. Holly is also weak in sexual endurance.

Mike got ready for his match with Holly. I went out to study Holly and plan my strategy.

Mike got pinned within about 3 minutes. Mike injured his shoulder when Holly bounced off the ropes and she shoulder blocked him to the mat.

Holly focused on Mikes left arm and shoulder. Mike groaned from the impact.

I believe that he landed wrong and tried to win the match anyway.

Holly landed hard elbows on Mikes shoulder. His arm became useless.

Holly picked up Mike and placed his arm in a hammer lock and body slammed him.

She pinned him 1,2,3. Holly was ahead 1-0.

Mike struggled to his corner. His trainer examined his shoulder (not broken. Just deeply bruised).

Mike decided to continue. Ding the bell sounded.

Holly rushed and climbed the rope, and dropped an elbow on his injured shoulder. Mike went down on the impact.

Mike was moaning and groaning from the pain. Holly grabbed Mike’s hair and guided him to her next move, an abdominal stretch.

Mike wouldn’t submit so she changed the hold into the octopus. Mike wouldn’t submit. He blacked out.

The ref called it a KO and Holly won the match. I suddenly realized that Holly was mean and vicious. I didn’t like her.

I started to leave when Holly started talking directly to me saying ” Hey you! Jay! I heard about what happened to you last week.

I will make your career very short. I just ended the career of Mike your trainer. I dislocated Mike’s shoulder.

I heard it crackle when I put him in my octopus. I will injure you too!

You won’t last 4 minutes with me! After I injure you, I will suck and play with your manhood. You will exist no more! You will be my slut boy! Ah hahahaha.

On second thought, I will destroy you badly! You might not be alive when I finish you!” Holly giggled.

I was just about to go up to the ring when Ingrid stopped me and held me back. “I am now training Jay! You don’t matter. You will see!” Ingrid yelled.

“Oh how sweet! Ingrid is now training Jay now! A slut is going to train Jay. You lost badly to her. I’m bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than Ingrid! Don’t walk away! I’m going to remove you from this place forever!” Holly giggled as we left the ring area.

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