BluBalls for Kitty’s BootBoy Ch. 05

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My new BootBoy and I had been having a nice conversation about our mutually shared desires and interests, and I had been spinning my wicked web around him by acting out our little boot-loving scenario, starting by simply showing off for him. He had been made to watch as I teased him with this particular pair of shiny white spike heeled boots, the ones I wore the night we met. I was strutting around the room, exuding confidence and seduction while coaxing him to tell me all about the naughty little things he wanted to do to them…

But we were going to take things very slowly – I knew that I had all night long to make him unravel completely, and I intended to take my time, coaxing and teasing him to slowly make him reveal his fetishistic desires to me, and make him tell me all the yummy things that he wanted to do to my slutty boots. So I intended to do it little by little…

I could make him tell me the simple things he wanted, like wanting to touch them and caress them, then I could coax somewhat more erotic things out of him, like wanting to kiss and lick them all over, and I figured I could even make him tell me how he would love to worship my sky-high heels!

And later, I was pretty sure I could have him simply begging me to let him play with himself, and if he did everything I wanted, perhaps I might even let him CUM all over my slutty boots…but I’ll bet he had no idea I was going to let him go that far with them, and even I was not sure yet! But it was going to be great fun for both of us to find out!!

For now, however, we were starting things off with some visual stimulation and encouragement. I began by enticing him, showing off in my sexy outfit and displaying my sexy white boots for him, and asking if he might want to touch them. He definitely wanted that, I already knew it, but I made him say it, and he wasn’t ashamed to do so.

And when he confessed his desire to touch them, I offered them to him…and that was when the real fun began!

I was standing right in front of him, and he was sitting on the floor in front of me. He reached out for them, and I instinctively took a step back away from him, denying him with barely any effort at all. It felt wonderful! He just sat there, holding out his hand, and letting out a short breath as my rejection sank in.

“Well now, that’s nice of you, just letting me tease you like that!” I giggled as I repeated the process, openly sharing my level of excitement with him as I again stepped forward and brought my sexy boots within his reach, allowing him to try to touch them.

This time, when he reached out, I allowed the tips of his fingers to just barely touch the shiny white material of my boots, and then I simply moved back a little again, just enough to prevent his touch, only inches away. Again he just kept his hand still, and he could have simply reached out more, but it was as though he was accepting my rejection, even encouraging it.

This excited me greatly – somehow I imagined him being more aggressive with his pursuit of my slutty boots, but his cooperation in the tease and denial was quite thrilling!

“Yeah, that’s it!” I said with satisfaction, “That’s really hot! You want to touch them, I know you do, and I can show them to you, and then I can decide whether to let you have them or not! And even if I do let you touch them, you’ll never know whether it will be a little or a lot – I get to decide that too!” I giggled with glee at the thought of this, getting hot as the words came out of my mouth, describing the little scenario we had both dreamed about…and having it come true for both of us!

I was instantly becoming fascinated with the power and control that he was affording me, and I knew I was going to let him touch them, but I could decide when, and how much to allow. This was clearly a very amusing little game, and I began to have some conflicted feelings…part of me just wanted to indulge him and let him rub his hands all over my boots, but another part of me knew I could just string him along, and keep repeating the little teasey game, over and over, until I was good and ready to İstanbul Escort give in.

I came back to him slowly, feeling a bit of pity for the way he had surrendered to me so quickly and completely…but as he reached out again to touch my boots, I backed up just a little, this time without even letting him touch them at all. Suddenly I remembered something my girlfriend said, about how it was better to give a guy a little bit of something sexual that he wanted, and then take it away, how it made him want it much more than just showing it to him and not letting him have it…

“Wow, ” I said, my breath getting heavy, “that’s turning me on! Look at that – those sexy boots, right in front of you, and you really do want to touch them, don’t you! But you can’t…at least not yet, and I get to decide whether I should let you have them or not!” Even though I was repeating myself, the words felt so good to say again, I simply adored it!

He kept staring at my boots, so close and yet so far, and panted, “Yeah, Kitty, this is incredible! I want to touch them, but I know you want to tease me first, so I’m trying to let you have your fun too! But it’s so hard for me to resist them, I just want to grab them, but I’m not going to! It would be disrespectful to you, and I want you to be in charge! Wow – I’ve always wanted to do this, and now I have my chance, you are so hot, this is more incredible than I could have imagined!”

“I’m glad, honey! I know you want this, I love how we’re talking about it too! And I want to make sure that you know I’m going to let you do what you want to my boots tonight, but just let me have my fun too and we can talk more about whatever you want to do, okay?”

And with that, I went to him and decided to let him have a little. I stood a few feet away from him, again with my hands on my hips, looking down at him as I and told him, “You know, I just love seeing you sitting on the floor like that! It feels so naughty to be marching around in front of you, showing off for you while wearing these sexy boots you like so much, and the way you’re sitting, you can’t reach them, unless I decide to let you. God, that feels sooo good!”

“Yeah, I like it too, I’ve always wanted to be on my knees at a pretty girl’s feet, her spike heeled boots right in front of my eyes, just like this! Oh, Kitty, this is a fucking dream come true, thank you so much!!”

I grinned broadly at his confession, saying confidently, “And we’re just getting started!” Suddenly my demeanor changed and I asked pensively, “So…what if I told you I wanted you to follow me around a little, on your hands on knees? I’ve always wanted to try that, to be strutting around wearing sexy high-heeled boots while a guy follows me on his hands and knees like a little puppy! Could we do that?”

He just looked at me and smiled, and, without saying a word, he started to move toward me, crawling on his hands and knees. I just stood there facing him, watching him approach me, and when he got within reach, I took a step backwards. He continued to follow, and as he approached this time I spun around on my high heels, facing away from him, and tossed my hair over one shoulder to look back at him.

“Oooh, look at you down there, crawling after me! Wow – this is sooo naughty! I take it this is okay with you?”

“Yes, Kitty, I’ve always wanted to do this too, it’s more than okay!”

“Good boy!”

I watched as he approached me again, and this time I turned to face him and just stood there, putting my hands on my hips again as he sat down right in front of me. I noticed how he couldn’t reach out while he was crawling, he’d just fall on his face, he had to stop and sit down on the floor instead. There was a certain helplessness about this, how he couldn’t have me as long as he was chasing after me, and it was only when I stopped eluding him that he could put himself in a position to even try to touch my slutty boots. How delicious!

He looked up at me as he reached out his hands, moving them close to my boots but not touching them, and he asked meekly, “May I?” Things were definitely heating Anadolu Yakası Escort up, and I simply could not have imagined how much he would willingly submit to my little teasing game…it was more than I could have asked for! I was so happy with his behavior, I knew it was time to reward him…just a little!

“Go ahead!” I said encouragingly, and when he reached out this time I did not deny him. His hands trembled as he softly touched one of my boots, and he very slow ran his fingers around it, right below my knee. His breath quickened, and I watched intently as he slowly wrapped his hands around the boot and grasped my calf, squeezing gently and then releasing it.

He then ran his hands down towards the high heel and stopped just above it, wrapping them around my ankle and squeezing again, several times. His hands were shaking, and I could sense his nervousness – it was so obvious he was intimated by finally being confronted with his desire to tend to a sexy girl’s sleazy spike heeled boots!

I watched as he focused on what he was doing, and I knew I was in complete control. I had total confidence that I could allow this attention, or simply pull away again, and I knew full well that he was mine to toy with as I saw fit, according to my whims at each moment of our encounter. I could tease and deny him while standing still, or I could make him crawl after me as I displayed myself for him, it was all up to me!

I watched in fascination as he slowly rubbed his hands back up the shiny white boot, and I coaxed him, “There now, is that what you wanted??”

“Yes, Kitty, it’s wonderful, thank you for letting me have them!”

No sooner did he say this than I pulled away a little, taking a couple of steps back, and this time, his hands followed, maintaining contact for a second or two before losing their touch on my boots. His eyes were completely focused on them at this point, and he mindlessly followed on his hands and knees again as I spun around to face away from him and began mincing along playfully. As he approached once again, crawling on his hands and knees, I glanced back and stayed just out of his reach.

With me walking and him crawling, it quickly became obvious how easy it was to deny him…I could simply walk more quickly than he could crawl! I toyed with him for a while like this, taking advantage of this fact as I led him in a big circle around my apartment. I paused a little every few steps, letting him get closer, and then casually starting to walk again.

Suddenly I burst out laughing at the whole situation, and he moaned as his frustration began to increase. There were several times he could have grabbed my sexy boots, but he seemed to be allowing my teasing, just as I had noticed earlier. I couldn’t have been more pleased about that!

Finally, I walked by the big, full-length mirror and caught a glimpse of this kinky little activity going on between us, and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw this confident older gentleman following me on his hands and knees, his eyes practically popping out of his head as he stared at the slutty boots he had just been granted! And now they had been taken away from him, and I instantly understood what my girlfriend was talking about, how much better it was to let them have them for a while, and then take them away…

I stopped in front of the mirror and let him catch up to me, saying, “Awww, pooor baaaaby, has Kitty been teasing you with her sexy boots? Now, I already told you, honey, I AM going to let you have them, but I simply must tease and deny you with them for a while first, okay?”

“Yes, Kitty, I understand! Tease me all you want, just let me have them after, please!”

How could I deny him? Well, easily, of course, but again I started to feel a sense of pity at the way he was so completely submitting himself to me so I could toy with his desires before giving him what he wanted. I watched, again in complete fascination, as he came to me and reached out again to tend to my sexy white boots. And this time, I let him.

Again I allowed him to wrap his hands around them, and I Üsküdar Escort encouraged him to squeeze them, as it felt quite good, like a nice leg massage! His hands moved from just below the knee, downward to the ankle, and I made him massage and caress every inch of that area. I noticed how he kept focusing only on that area, and it excited me to encourage him to explore more of my boots, but I didn’t do it…yet!

“You wanna touch the high heels, don’t you!” I said in a sweet but also accusatory way, as though I was encouraging him but also serving up a little tone of punishment…the mixed message of my femininity blended with my sexual power was starting to take over his soul…

“YES! Please, I love high heels like that, please let me touch them!”

“Awwww, is that what my little BootBoy wants? He is very naughty, isn’t he!!” My tone was playful but quite scolding, and had some elements of baby-talk to it. I was becoming more familiar with the pleasure of teasing him like that, being sweet but cruel, seductive but wicked…

I turned to face away from him and looked down at my slutty spike heels, pointing at them to draw his attention to them and appearing to give him permission to come and get them. We wasted no time in coming after them! His eyes were completely fixated on them as he reached down to touch them, but I took one step forward with the heel he reached for, and when he reached for the other one, I did the same thing, taking a step forward, pulling it away from him!

He moaned again as my denial enveloped him, and he crawled after me. I paused, offering my heels to him, but when he tried, I just repeated the wicked little game, denying him…and I proceeded to repeat the offering and denying a few more times…what fun this was!!

Finally I decided it was time to switch gears, and I also figured I should put on the next pair of boots to continue his enslavement, so I decided to have one last little teasing game and then move on to the next phase of tonight’s activities…

“So, my BootBoy wants these sexy high heels, doesn’t he!”

“Yes, Kitty, I want them!”

“And what does he want to do to them?”

“Please…I want to touch them…please let me caress them!”

“And what else?”

“I…I…I wanna kiss them!!”

“Ooooooo!! Naughty little BootBoy!! Did I say you could do that??”

“Please Kitty, I’ve always wanted to do that, it feels so good to tell you that! Please let me kiss them!”

“Hmmmm, well, we’ll just have to see about that!”

Neither of us knew exactly what would happen next, but we both knew that I would be the one to decide…

So I started by sitting down right in front of him on my couch and lifting one of the boots up for him to see up close, holding the spike heel up and sticking it right in front of his face, and of course, predictably, he reached out for it. I pulled it away very slowly (I was not about to just give it to him quite that easily), and I showed it off for him some more, moving it around above his eyes, just out of reach. He could have tried to reach up for it, but somehow he knew to just let me have my fun, and I continued to revel in the way he was allowing me such control over him!

“Is that what you want?”


“And what do you want to do to it”

“Kiss it!!”

“Don’t you want to touch it first?”

“Yes, please!”

“And after you touch it, should I let you kiss it??”


“Well, okay,” I said abruptly as I put the high heel down and stood up. “But I’m going to have to change into my next pair of boots before I let you go any further. Now wait right here, and when I’m ready I will call for you, and you come and get me, okay?”

He could barely contain his excitement, and he just kept staring at the high heels of my slutty white boots while I waited for his response. A few moments passed, and I began to wonder if I was going to have to repeat myself, when finally, he said two words to me that I will never forget, as long as I live…

“Yes, Mistress!”

And with that, I smiled, quite pleased with myself and spun around and marched out of the room, mincing along with perfectly dainty little girly steps, leaving my poor, aroused little BootBoy sitting on the floor to wait patiently and obediently for me while I put on the next pair of boots to tease and deny him with…

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