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Subject: Blake’s Adventures 45 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I’d love to hear from you if you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BLAKE’S ADVENTURES Chapter 45 Blake had enjoyed posing for very sexy photos for Reynard but, despite the action being tamer at the private show with Colin, he got a greater thrill posing naked in front of a live audience. He wondered if it might be possible to take part in another one and decided to send an email to Colin. “Hi Colin, Last week I posed for some very sexy photos for Monsieur Reynard. Kasim was in some of the photos and you were lucky to have him as your previous stage partner. Anyway I am just writing to say thank you for making this business collaboration possible. I am certain that your decision was the critical one when I attended the audition/meeting. Do you think it might be possible for me to appear in another private show? I am happy just being the “warm up act” and I am not asking for more time on stage. I got a real thrill last time being naked and wanking off in front of a bunch of strangers. Hugs, Blake” Blake hit `Send’ and thought, “I hope Colin will agree to me being in another show. I won’t tell Dan that I have written to him until I receive a reply. He was delighted when Colin wrote back almost immediately. “Hi Blake, I’m happy that you enjoyed posing for more sexy photos. Did you get to suck Kasim’s dick? lol I don’t know about another private show. I don’t have another private show lined up but we should get together with our men and discuss it. Would you and Dan like to spend a weekend with me and Bill? Bill really fancies you. If you would allow him to fuck you, I’m sure he would be on your side when we talk to Reynard about it. I don’t know how Dan feels about me but if he wants to work me over in our `dungeon’ playroom and then fuck me, I’d be more than willing. I would also be happy to suck your cute little cock. I’ve never sucked one smaller than my own. Hugs, Colin” Blake smiled to himself. “Now I just have to persuade Dan that we should meet Bill and Colin for sex. I need to find the right time to discuss it with him. In the office the following afternoon, Dan said to Blake, “We haven’t been to the Glasgow sex shop for a while. Do you fancy going down and staying overnight?” “Yes, that would be nice,” replied Blake. “I haven’t told you yet that Colin emailed last night and invited us to spend a weekend with him and Bill. Perhaps we could combine that with the visit to Glasgow.” Dan looked puzzled. “Why did he invite us to visit out of the blue?” Blake had a guilty look on his face when he replied. “Actually I wrote to him first. I told him about the photo session with Monsieur Reynard last week and asked if he might help me take part in another private show. He suggested we get together sometime to discuss it before contacting Monsieur Reynard.” “We could discuss it over the phone. I wonder why he wants a meeting,” said Dan. Blake smiled. “I think he wants sex. He said that Bill would like to fuck me and that you could work him over in their dungeon and then fuck him? Would you like to fuck Colin?” “What gay man wouldn’t like to fuck Colin?” smiled Dan. “And getting to tie him up and torment that sexy body first would be a bonus.” “Great! I will write and tell Colin that we accept the invitation,” grinned Blake. A short time later, he sent this email : “Hi Colin, HaHa! Yes, I sucked Kasim’s cock while Monsieur Reynard took photos. He didn’t fuck me but he gave me a cum facial at the end. Bill is hot and I’d let him fuck me any time! I talked to Dan about visiting you and Bill. He was very happy at the thought of sex with you and said a bdsm session would be a huge bonus. So let us know which weekend suits you best. By the way, please tell Bill I’m into kinky stuff too. I can’t take as heavy punishment as you but he can tie me up and work me over. I’m into piss action too. Dan isn’t. Hugs & kisses, Blake” “I’m really horny now,” Blake said to himself. “I hope Dan is in the mood for some rough sex this evening.” *** The visit to Glasgow was arranged to coincide with the weekend Colin suggested. Dan reviewed the accounts at the sex shop and Blake rewarded Frank, the shop manager, with a blowjob. Both of them would have preferred a fuck but Dan suggested that Bill would like Blake to arrive with a tight pussy. Colin had said that Bill was a good cook and suggested they arrive about 6pm, in time for dinner an hour or so later. Neither Dan nor Blake had previously been to the part of the country where Bill and Colin lived but finding their house was easy with the GPS app in Dan’s car. Colin had heard the car arrive and he was at the door only moments after Blake and Dan stepped out onto the driveway. “Welcome, guys. Please come in,” said Colin. “Bill is in the kitchen so I’ll take you up to your bedroom now. You can freshen up and then join us for a drink.” “It’s good to see you again,” Bill said when Blake and Dan entered the living room. He shook their hands and invited them to take a seat. “I didn’t know that you lived almost in the countryside,” Blake said. “It’s a very nice house.” “We like it,” smiled Colin. “What can I get you to drink?” Bill and Dan had whisky but Colin and Blake stuck with soft drinks. “Shall we get business matters out of the way first, and then we can relax and enjoy ourselves?” said Bill. “Business matters? Oh, you mean the private show?” Colin had almost forgotten the excuse for this get-together. “Yes – the private show.” Bill frowned at Colin, knowing that he would be thinking about sex with their guests. He faced Dan and Blake and went on. “Colin only does a few private shows each year and the next one won’t be until the spring.” “I thought there might be one before then,” said Blake. “I expect to be making porn movies from early January.” “You won’t be making one every week and an appearance at one of the private shows would be good publicity,” Dan said to Blake. “Even though the audience is quite small, the men there will probably tell their friends about seeing a cute new porn star.” “Oh yeah. And I will enjoy being naked in front of a live audience,” smiled Blake. “Okay, it doesn’t matter if I have to wait a while. I’d still like to do it again.” “I can’t guarantee a higher fee,” said Bill. “It’s up to Monsieur Reynard but the audience are really only coming to see Colin.” “We understand that,” said Dan. “To be honest, the fee isn’t too important. Blake was really turned on last time and I just want him to be happy.” Colin grinned. “I feel much the same. The money is great and sometimes I’m a bit sore for a few days after each show but I love having a bunch of strangers watching me have kinky sex.” “I’d love to be gang-banged in front of an audience,” Blake said with a smile. “If you’re going to be gang-banged, I think it should be filmed so that thousands of men can enjoy it,” Dan said to Blake. “We can find a big studio with room for an audience,” suggested Blake. “Those buying the video would probably enjoy seeing that there was a live audience to witness me being fucked multiple times.” “Don’t be too ambitious,” said Colin. “A gang-bang might sound exciting but it could end up being painful.” “I won’t let him go too far,” said Dan. “We have discussed the sort of videos he might make and, trust me, a gang-bang – if it happens – is some years away.” “I think you will find that the majority of your customers won’t want anything too extreme with such a cute boy,” said Bill. “I agree,” said Dan. “We will make some kinky stuff because that is what Blake wants but I think the big selling point will be the contrast between Blake and his partners. He is small and looks young for his age but he is really into daddy types. So we will pair him with older, bigger men.” “It’s going to be very exciting,” said Blake. “I can hardly wait to get started.” “Well, I wish you the best of luck,” smiled Bill. “Now if you lara türbanlı escort will excuse me, I will finish cooking dinner. Colin will get you another drink.” Dinner went well and the conversation flowed easily. Shortly after nine-thirty, Colin noticed that Blake was getting restless. “Are you bored?” he whispered. Blake shook his head and replied, “Horny.” Colin smiled. “Shall we get the men to think about sex now?” Blake nodded eagerly. “Then let’s stand up and strip off. Let’s see how far we get before they notice.” Blake was on his feet first. He faced Bill as he unbuttoned his shirt but then turned to check that Colin was also undressing. “Go on,” whispered Colin. “I’m right with you.” Bill noticed the two boys undressing out of the corner of his eye but tried to remain focussed on Dan’s story about how he first met Blake. However by the time Blake was wearing only skimpy briefs, Bill was staring at the youngster. Dan followed Bill’s gaze and smiled when he saw what was happening. “Looks like our boys want some fun,” he said. “Let’s allow them to play with each first,” suggested Bill. “I always enjoy watching a couple of cute boys doing sexy stuff with each other.” Colin took hold of Blake’s arm and whispered, “We can put on a show for them. Hug me tight and then copy my actions.” Blake hugged Colin and, when Colin put a hand down the back of Blake’s briefs, he put his hand down the back of Colin’s. “Nice bum,” Colin said as he slid his finger up and down Blake’s arse crack. “Tight pussy,” said Blake as his finger went up and down Colin’s crack. Colin grinned and pulled away. “We’re both tenting and displaying damp patches. We should take our panties off.” He hooked his thumbs into the sides of his briefs. Blake did the same and, with a nod from Colin, the pair pushed their underwear to the floor and stepped out of them. The pair moved closer and did a sort of sword fight with their stiff cocks. “This is the first time I’ve played with a cock smaller than mine,” smiled Colin. “I want to taste it.” “I want to taste your cock,” smiled Blake. “I hope you won’t be offended when I say it’s too small for what I like doing most.” Colin laughed. “I agree. My cock wasn’t made for fucking…and neither was yours.” He took hold of Blake’s cock and said, “Let’s sixty-nine.” Without waiting for an answer, he led Blake over to the rug between the armchairs where Bill and Dan were sitting. The men were to get a close-up view. The two teenagers were soon kissing, licking and sucking each other’s cocks and balls. Then, with Colin taking the lead, they began rimming each other. Their cocks were leaking pre-cum when Colin sat up and said, “There are two boys here with hungry pussies. When are you men going to give us what we need?” “The playroom…?” Dan looked from Colin to Bill and then back to Colin. “Plenty of time for that tomorrow,” said Colin. “Blake and I just want to be fucked by man-size cocks. Isn’t that right?” “Definitely,” smiled Blake. “We want big cocks in our mouths and then filling our pussies. We want to be fucked until we cum.” “Preferably twice,” concluded Colin. Bill looked at Dan. “Shall we swap partners?” Dan smiled. “Yeah, for the whole night.” Bill lifted Blake into his arms and headed towards the door. “Goodnight, Colin. See you in the morning,” he called out. Colin smiled at Dan. “I’m yours now. What do you want to do with me?” “I want to fuck you,” smiled Dan. “Preferably twice, to use your words. First of all though, I want to play with those gorgeous nipples. My eyes go straight to them whenever I see your JustColin posters.” “I’m very happy to hear that,” responded Colin. “I love having my nipples worked on.” “Does that mean you have some nasty tit-clamps for me to use on them when we’re in the playroom tomorrow?” Dan asked. “It does,” smiled Colin. “You can use your fingers and your teeth tonight.” He held out a hand and pulled Dan to his feet. “Come on. I want to see you naked.” Upstairs in the master bedroom, Blake had just finished undressing Bill. He gazed open-mouthed at the size of the 59 year old man’s erect cock. “That’s almost as big as Kasim’s,” he finally managed to say. At 24 cm (9.5 inches), Bill’s thick cock was indeed close to Kasim’s in size. “You have experienced Kasim’s cock?” Bill asked. “I did a photo session with him for Monsieur Reynard,” Blake explained. “I sucked it but I thought it was too big for him to fuck me. I’m not sure I can take yours.” “I’d never force you but perhaps you will manage after some foreplay,” said Bill. Blake looked again at Bill’s throbbing cock and licked his lips. “It’s probably the same size as Tony’s,” he said to himself. “I should be able to manage.” Blake smiled at Bill and nodded. Bill tossed Blake onto the bed and then jumped up to join the giggling boy. He went straight for the small but very stiff cock and took it into his mouth. As he sucked and licked, he toyed with the hairless, grape-sized balls and caressed the ultra-smooth pubic area. He came off the cock and asked, “How do you stay so smooth?” “Laser hair removal treatment,” replied Blake. “It should be permanent. I want to look as young as possible for as long as possible.” Bill smiled. “Well, you certainly don’t look as if you’re almost eighteen. I would have guessed fifteen at most.” Blake grinned. “Thank you. You look very fit for a man of…what age are you? Fifty?” “I’ll soon be sixty,” laughed Bill. “Colin loves to remind me that I’m forty years older than him.” “You are a very sexy man,” said Blake. “I love your hairy chest…but I want to suck your cock now.” He wriggled out of Bill’s grasp and dived between his legs. Bill lay back and allowed Blake to do as he wished. Blake’s small hands explored the larger then average cock and big, hairy balls before he began to kiss, lick and suck them. Along the corridor, Colin was admiring Dan’s body. He thought that Dan’s build was similar to Bill’s. Both were broad-shouldered with hairy chests and in good physical condition. “He’s at least fifteen years younger than Bill but they are very closely matched,” Colin said to himself. “Except when it comes to cock sizes.” Colin dropped to his knees in front of Dan, smiled up at him and took hold of the 20 cm (8 inch cock). Still looking into Dan’s eyes, he kissed and then licked the cockhead. He then opened his lips and took the cock into his mouth. He sucked, teased the cock with his tongue and sucked again. Slowly, very slowly, he took more and more of the cock until finally he had taken the whole shaft. Then he slowly backed off and started to bob up and down on the top half of the cock. “You’re good,” Dan said as he looked down on the underwear model he had fantasised about a number of times. Colin came off the cock, wiped the saliva off his chin and smiled up at Dan. “I have a hot, tight hole too. A hole that’s hungry for your cock.” “Soon,” said Dan. He put his hands under Colin’s arms and lifted him onto the bed. “I need to work on your beautiful big tits first.” Colin watched Dan lick his lips and then come towards his chest. Dan kissed and then licked each nipple in turn. Next he used his fingers and thumbs to gently pinch each erect nub. Colin knew that Dan wasn’t going to be gentle for long and moments later he whimpered when Dan’s fingernails pressed into the nubs while twisting them painfully. “Not too sore?” Dan asked when he released his grip. Colin shook his head and said, “No, not at all. I enjoyed it.” Dan leered and lowered his head towards Colin’s left nipple. He stuck his tongue out and licked it, before suddenly taking the nub between his teeth and biting hard. Colin let out a yelp and Dan sat back, only to find Colin smiling. Moments later Dan was biting and tugging Colin’s right nipple with his teeth. Colin whimpered but didn’t complain. Dan returned to licking the nipple and then sat up with a smile on his face. “I have wanted to do that for a long time but I never thought I’d ever do it.” Colin grinned as he looked down at his blood-red nipples. “You have succeeded in making me even hornier than before.” Dan’s hand lara ucuz escort reached for Colin’s stiff cock and found it dripping with pre-cum. “I must taste this,” he said before licking and sucking Colin’s cock. Along in the master bedroom, Blake was giving Bill the best rim-job he’d had in a long time. “You’re making me very horny, Blake.” Blake pulled back and said, “I’m pleased because I really want you to fuck me now.” Bill sat up. “I need to prepare you well. My cock is a bit bigger than average.” “It’s bigger than Dan’s and I used to think his was enormous,” said Blake. “I know it might hurt at first but I really want your cock in my pussy.” “Okay. Let me use my tongue first. Then I’ll use my fingers,” said Bill. “I don’t want to hurt you if I can avoid it.” Blake lay face-down with a pillow under his middle and his legs spread. He enjoyed the feel of Bill’s hands on his thighs and buttocks but the real pleasure began when Bill’s tongue licked and then poked into his tight hole. This lasted for several minutes before Bill pushed some KY jelly into the entrance and started to finger-fuck Blake. Again Bill took plenty of time. He added more jelly before using two and then finally three fingers to loosen Blake’s hole. Blake was moaning and leaking lots of pre-cum by this time. “I’m ready, Bill. I want your cock now,” he cried. Bill was very aroused himself so he didn’t argue. He greased his cock, got into position and pressed for entry. Blake pushed back and tried to relax but he couldn’t help screaming when the thick cock burst through his sphincter. Bill paused immediately and asked Blake if he should stop. “No! It always hurts at first. Just give me a moment and then push deeper.” Blake took some deep breaths. Bill recalled the video Blake had given him where Blake had cried out and had tears in his eyes when he took Tony’s cock for the first time. “He wasn’t acting then,” he said to himself. “I’m ready for more now. Don’t stop again,” said Blake. Bill slowly pushed deeper. He paused for a second when he saw Blake wince but then carried on. “You have taken it all now, son. I’ll give you time to adjust.” “Thanks,” said Blake. “I feel really stuffed but that’s good.” He closed his eyes and relaxed. Less than a minute later, he opened his eyes and smiled up at Bill. “I’m ready. Fuck me, Bill. Fuck me hard.” “I want to dive in there,” Dan told Colin. He was holding the teen’s arse cheeks apart and gazing at the pink rosebud. “Help yourself,” said Colin. “Have a taste and then give me your cock. Fuck me as hard as you like. I can take it.” Colin moaned softly when he felt Dan’s tongue lapping at his hole. He moaned louder when the tongue probed inside. After only a few minutes, Colin begged for Dan’s cock. “Fuck me now. Please Dan. I need your cock inside me.” Dan lubed his cock, placed the head on the twitching entrance and then rammed the full length inside in one savage thrust. “Yes!” cried Colin. “That’s how I like it. Don’t hold back, Dan.” Having been accustomed to Bill’s much bigger cock, Colin could easily take Dan’s and he wanted the man to have a good time. Dan was happy to hear Colin asking for more. He loved sex with Blake but it was a thrill to be with the sexy underwear model and know that the cute teenager, fancied by thousands, wanted to be fucked by him. It wasn’t long before he was fucking hard and fast, enjoying listening to Colin’s gasps and moans. Whenever he glanced at Colin’s cock, he saw it leaking pre-cum so he knew that Colin was enjoying it too. A short distance away Blake was whimpering and trying to hold back. The pain of penetration was forgotten. Bill’s huge cock was pounding against his prostate and bringing him incredible pleasure. “I can’t…oh, I’m going to cum…aaahh!” Blake cried as he started spunking off. Blast after blast of boy-cum shot from his stiff cock, hitting Bill’s hairy chest. This took Bill over the edge. “I’m cumming too, darling boy!” He grunted and fired his thick man-cream deep into Blake’s tight hole. “I’m gonna…oh, here it comes!” Colin gasped and let go one of his famous hands-free cums. His arse muscles clamped and unclamped around Dan’s cock as he erupted. Dan watched as the first burst of cum flew up to land on Colin’s face. The second and third landed on Colin’s chest. He didn’t notice where the rest fell as he was too engrossed in his own orgasm. With his eyes closed, he pumped his load into Colin’s arse and then collapsed on top of the teenager. When he came to, he licked the cum from Colin’s face and then kissed him. Colin closed his eyes and hoped that Bill had enjoyed himself. *** The following day everyone piled into Bill’s car for some sightseeing. Then had the freshest of seafood for lunch in a restaurant overlooking a small harbour and then later had afternoon tea in a village with connections to the poet, Robert Burns. “I don’t think any of us will be wanting to eat for a couple of hours,” Bill said when they got back home. “What shall we do now?” Colin and Blake looked at each other and smiled. “Have some fun in the playroom?” suggested Colin. “Great idea,” said Blake. Bill looked at Dan. “Are you happy with that idea?” “Definitely, if I can work on Colin,” replied Dan. “And I will be your sex-toy, Bill,” said Blake. “You know I can’t take the same kind of heavy treatment as Colin though?” “Yes, I know,” smiled Bill. “I will be gentle with you.” “Except when you fuck me,” suggested Blake. “You don’t need to be gentle then.” Bill laughed and stood up. “Okay, everyone. Let’s go to the playroom.” He turned to Dan and said, “Unless you brought leather gear to change into first.” “I didn’t bring any but I think we can have fun without it,” said Dan. Blake was surprised to learn that Bill’s playroom was in an outbuilding rather than being a basement `dungeon’ like Dan’s. However it didn’t seem much different inside. Then he spotted the wooden pillory and hurried over to it. “This is one of those medieval pillory things, isn’t it?” he said. “Yes, and I think I’d like to see you locked up in it,” replied Bill. Blake grinned. “Naked?” “Of course. Strip off and I’ll put you in it,” said Bill. “I think I’d like to see you chained to the St Andrew’s cross,” Dan told Colin. “Yes, Master.” Colin was more than ready for some role-play. Bill showed Dan the various toys and implements he had as the boys stripped off. Dan watched amused as Blake – cock already at full mast – had his head and wrists secured in the pillory by Bill. In the meantime, Colin had fitted leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles ready to be chained spread-eagled to the wooden cross. His cock too was fully erect by the time he was locked into position. “Are you okay with wooden clothes-pegs?” Bill asked Blake. On receiving confirmation, Bill attached pegs to each of Blake’s nipples. Blake whimpered and then watched as Bill knelt to attach two pegs to his ball-sac. He winced only slightly at these. Dan had selected heavy stainless-steel nipples clamps for Colin. The clamps had sharp `teeth’ which would bit into the nubs when attached but Colin just smiled when he saw them. He was pleasantly surprised when Dan sucked and then gently nibbled his tits before attaching the clamps. Bill was undressing in front of Blake when a sharp cry followed by “Yessss!” drew his attention to Colin. Bill saw Colin wince and throw his head back when the second nipple clamp was attached. He looked lower and smiled when he saw the pre-cum oozing from Colin’s piss-slit. Blake was watching Dan and Colin too. “Focus on me, boy,” Bill told Blake. “Forget about them!” “Yes, sir,” said Blake. He watched as Bill finished stripping and admired the mature hunk’s huge cock. Bill selected a light whip and stood where Blake could see him easily as he `tested’ it. The boy jerked in his bonds at the loud cracking noise and wondered how much it would hurt when Bill moved behind him. Bill was an expert with whips. He knew how to make a scary sound but, as Colin could have told Blake, he also knew how to tease by laying gentle strokes on a boy’s butt. The crack of the whip had caught Dan’s üniversiteli escort attention but he relaxed when Bill winked at him. He found the ball-dividers and weights he wanted and soon had then fixed to Colin’s balls. Colin moaned and said, “Oh, Master” in a pitiful manner. He was of course just acting. Dan smiled and stripped off. “Ow! Ow!” Blake cried out as Bill gently whipped his buttocks. He felt the whip sting but it wasn’t as painful as he had imagined. After six strokes, Bill swapped the whip for a riding crop. He tapped the clothes-pegs and then Blake’s balls, bringing little whimpers from the boy. Blake’s little cock remained rock-hard. Bill used the leather tongue on the riding crop to gently hit the boy-cock. Blake whimpered again but now he was leaking pre-cum. Colin was whimpering now because Dan was using a cockwhip on him. Dan had been quite gentle when he started whipping Colin’s throbbing cock but then Colin thrust his cock forward, inviting harsher treatment. Dan was only too willing to comply. Colin moaned when Dan started whipping his bound and weighted balls but he didn’t ask the man to stop. Dan noticed that Bill was now using a paddle to warm up Blake’s butt and decided that he should turn his attention to Colin’s rear. He released Colin from the wooden cross and then bound him over a padded bench. He caressed the buttocks he had admired in the JustColin advertising posters and then found a leather belt. Colin’s cries when he received six hard strokes were genuine. Bill was now finger-fucking Blake, having applied a generous amount of lubricating jelly. “Yes, sir. Fuck my pussy,” said Blake. “I need to be fucked now.” “I don’t care what you need.” Bill pinched Blake’s bum. “You are here to serve me and don’t forget that!” “Sorry, sir…master,” said Blake. Bill smiled as he noticed the pre-cum dripping from the youngster’s small but very stiff cock. He pushed a second finger into the tight hole. Dan couldn’t wait much longer to fuck Colin. He moved to stand in front of him. “Suck my cock, slave. Get it ready for me to fuck your worthless arse.” Bill heard Dan and tossed a tube of KY jelly to him. He didn’t want to risk Colin being fucked with insufficient lube. Dan nodded at Bill and continued to enjoy Colin’s mouth working on his cock. Bill found another tube of KY and added more jelly before pushing three fingers into Blake’s hole. Blake was pushing back now, eager for more. Bill greased up his cock and got into position behind the boy. Blake gritted his teeth and pushed back when he felt the thick cock pressing for entry. He really wanted Bill to fuck him now but he knew the initial penetration would hurt. Bill spanked Blake’s arse and the boy relaxed enough for a moment to let his cockhead into the sphincter. He pushed again and Blake cried out. It wasn’t as loud as the previous evening but Bill paused to let the boy become accustomed to his size. Dan glanced across at Blake and pulled his cock from Colin’s mouth. He needed to fuck him now. He felt a bit guilty when he looked at the red stripes on Colin’s butt as he lubed his cock and then pushed some jelly into Colin’s hole. However he told himself that Colin was experienced in heavy SM and that the stripes would soon heal. With no more foreplay, he placed his cockhead against the entrance and pushed. Colin gritted his teeth and did his best to relax. He wished that Dan had prepared him more but he had taken cocks much bigger than Dan’s. He knew that he could take this one without too much trouble but he decided to scare Dan a little. When Dan’s cock burst through his sphincter, he screamed loudly. Bill, who was still easing his way into Blake’s arse, looked over in concern. He relaxed when he heard Colin say, “I’m okay” and slowly pushed deeper into Blake. “Your cock feels good now,” said Blake. “It doesn’t hurt?” Bill asked. “Well, it hurts a bit but in a good way,” replied Blake. “I feel really stuffed.” Bill smiled and began to fuck the boy with short, gentle thrusts. “That feels even better,” said Blake. “You’re rubbing my love-nut.” Bill soon began to speed up. Across the room, Dan was already fucking Colin hard and fast. He occasionally spanked Colin’s buttocks, savouring the opportunity of having Colin at his mercy. Dan thought Blake had a great arse but Colin’s was even better. The room was filled with the sounds of sex. Two alpha males were fucking two submissive teens, their bodies slapping against shapely butts. The two youngsters sometimes whimpered and sometimes sighed with pleasure. All four were working towards a climax. “I’m going to cum, Bill.” Blake was the first to reach the edge. “Fuck me harder, please!” Bill increased the speed and force of his thrusts and moments later, Blake cried, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and started spunking off hands-free. “I’m close,” said Colin. “Sorry, Master. I can’t hold back.” He gasped and then he too was shooting off hands-free. This took Dan over the edge. He moaned loudly and blasted off inside Colin’s arse. Then Bill groaned and sent volley after volley of cum deep into Blake’s hole. There was silence for a short while and then Dan eased his now semi-hard hard cock from Colin. “Are you okay?” he asked as he unfastened the leather cuffs from the legs of the bench. “Yeah, I’m fine,” said Colin as he stood up. “That was great,” he added. He held his hands out to allow Dan to remove the cuffs from his wrists and then howled when the nipple-clamps were removed. “Tits still very sensitive?” Dan asked, not trying to hide his smile. “Yeah, they bloody hurt now,” the normally non-swearing Colin replied while Dan knelt to remove the ball-dividers and weights. Blake was happy to be let out of the pillory. He stretched and then rotated his shoulders. He looked coyly up at Bill and said softly, “Did Colin tell you that I like piss-play?’ “He did,” smiled Bill. “Do you want to receive a golden shower?” Blake nodded. “Yes, please.” “Come with me,” Bill said. He led Blake over to the open shower in the corner of the playroom. Blake knelt down and smiled up at Bill. “Soak me, please.” Dan turned to Colin and said, “That’s not my kind of thing but Blake likes it.” “I do too but I know that many don’t,” responded Colin. He and Dan watched as Bill hosed Blake down and then returned to spray over Blake’s face. The youngster closed and eyes and opened his mouth, drinking some of the piss and letting the rest tumble from his mouth. As Bill’s flow came to a stop, Colin moved forward and stood beside him. “Do you want mine too?” he asked Blake. “Yes, please.” Blake smiled and then opened his mouth again. Colin loved receiving piss over his face so he directed all of his golden liquid at Blake’s face. His bladder held less than Bill’s but Blake loved being `used’ again. “Thanks, Colin. I don’t get to enjoy this kind of thing much.” “It’s fun, isn’t it?” Colin smiled. “Now we can have a proper shower together.” Blake squealed as the water started off quite cool. It quickly heated up and the two boys enjoyed soaping up each other’s bodies. The men looked on and then they showered separately. “Anyone hungry now?” Bill asked as they returned to the house. “Me!” Colin and Blake replied in unison. “It’s lucky that supper won’t take long to cook then,” said Bill. “Fancy a whisky, Dan?” After a very pleasant evening together, Colin insisted on sleeping with Bill. “I miss sex with my Daddy,” he told Dan and Blake. “I understand,” smiled Blake. “I loved sleeping with Bill last night but I want to be with Dan tonight.” “It has been a great day. Thank you both,” said Dan. “Sleep well,” said Bill. “I’ll give you a good breakfast in the morning before you head back north. “Goodnight and thanks,” said Blake. *** “I really enjoyed that visit,” Blake said to Dan as they drove off the next morning. “They are both nice guys. It’s a pity they live so far from us.” “Yeah, I like them too,” said Dan. “But don’t forget that Colin is a university student. His life is quite different from ours.” “He told me that he wants to be a teacher,” said Blake. “I hope he doesn’t get teased for being small and looking young.” “Perhaps he will teach primary aged children,” suggested Dan. “However Colin seems very determined and I’m sure he will overcome any challenges.” “My next challenge is to pass my driving test,” said Blake. “Tom says you’re doing really well and should pass first time,” Dan said. “I hope so,” smiled Blake. To be continued

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