Blaine the Agent Pt. 01

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The hidden speakers throughout LifeForm Corp. repeated the message over and over again. The mechanical voice managed to be louder than the blood that pulsated in my ears.

I ran through the maze of metal corridors. The case strapped to my back flew from side to side. With security on the way and the entire facility sealing all doors, I needed to find an alternate route. The only relief I felt was brought on by the cool metal of the beretta in my hand.

GODDAMMIT! That poor bastard just had to be so fucking cautious about my identity!

“You’re late.” He growled. “Can you confirm your courier I.D. number?” He whined.

He was practically begging for a bullet to the forehead. But it was only until he wanted to call down to reception for verification that I granted his wish. I popped the second one in the back, but not before he pressed the button that meant trouble for all those like me. I had to get out now, and fast!

Think. I was going through the east side of the building, which stood next to the Andin River. If I could get to a window that overlooked the water, I’d be all ace’s.

I was heading in the right direction, but knew thing’s had the potential to get worse. Maybe the window to my freedom would be bulletproof. Or even better, I’ll end up trapped like a rat. Security on all sides, with twenty assault rifles pointing at my face. All the more reason to floor it.

Just as my feet began to race faster than my thoughts, I could hear a dozen footsteps join me from behind.

“This is Alpha! We have visual on target in corridor three!” A husky voice shouted.

I didn’t dare look behind. Instead, I produced a black pen from my pocket. Almost at the corridors end that veered a sharp right, I clicked the top of the pen and dropped it behind me.

As I rounded the corner, a shot was fired. Pa-too! The bullet whizzed past my head, missing home by mere inches, and ricocheted off the wall. Too close for comfort.

Once I saw the window at the end of the hall that was now twenty feet away, my pen did its magic. BOOM! A brilliant light flashed from behind, bathing the metal walls in Heaven white. Within a few seconds, it dissipated. I heard the frustrated howls of the temporarily blinded as I neared my escape. Mentally congratulating myself for bringing a ‘Doozy Pen’.

I aimed the pistol at the window and fired. One. two. Three shots, and the window shattered into a thousand jagged pieces.

I leaped out mid-sprint, then began to spread my arms. Executing a decent swan güvenilir bahis dive, my feverish skin met the cool water’s surface and broke through. I allowed myself to sink and decided to swim underwater for as long as possible. All of my fear’s and worries were washed away by the good Lord’s purest element.

When I opened the door to the hotel room, Derek fled from the window and rushed towards me. Worry dominated his masculine features.

“My God, Blaine! What the hell happened to you? Are you hurt?”

He looked at my wet clothes and grasped my damp shoulder.

“Yeah,” I started. “Guy just got a little nosey. The rest was downhill…” I didn’t want to go into detail, taking the case off of my back and rested it on the floor. He never changed his concerned expression.

Derek was my supervisor and he hired me himself. He was twenty-four with olive skin and an athletic build. I was nineteen with a pale complexion and still very much had a boy body. Our contrast on the outside, though, meant nothing when it came to the inside. We both wanted the same things. To protect innocent lives and take down those that threatened them. We both just wanted to find balance, love, as well as our own place in the world.

I walked over to the only bed in the room, placed the beretta on the nightstand and stripped. I started with my dark brown wig, letting it fall to the ground and revealing my dirty-blonde skater cut. Then I took out my matching contacts out and gave my grey iris’ a chance to breathe. I removed the retainer that gave the impression that my teeth were spaced apart, and placed it back in its case.

Derek walked over and helped me remove my very wet shirt that was stuck pretty good. He threw it on the floor and looked at me.

“I, uh, got pretty nervous when you didn’t check-in.” He said in a hushed tone.

I always felt that ‘soul mate’ energy between us, but no one ever made the first move. He cared for me. No words had to be said, I could tell from his pained expression as he thought the worst.

“Phone’s aren’t as reliable after they’ve been submerged in the Andin.” I said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

He offered a slight smile, and threw me by surprise with a hug. His heat sank into my shaking body, and I wrapped my arms around him so he was locked in place.

“I shouldn’t have sent you there. If something had happened to you…” Derek’s voice cracked and couldn’t continue.

I pulled my head back and looked up at him. Just in time to see a tear forming in one beautiful blue eye.

“I know,” I breathed, wiping away the tear that escaped to his güvenilir bahis siteleri cheek. “I’m not exactly sure what I’d do without you, either. But i’m here, and I got what we needed.”

We gazed in silence for a bit. Not knowing if we should be doing this. Our relationship didn’t call for romance, it was solely platonic. All I knew was that I was safe, in his arms, and tonight I was alone with the only person that made me feel that way.

Without anymore hesitation, I pressed my lips against his for the very first time. He kissed back hard, passionate, and we soon became the only people on this earth. He ran his fingers through my hair and tugged. I broke the kiss to breathe, then resumed. My hands went underneath his shirt and massaged his back. I tugged at it and he got the message, peeling it off and revealing his smooth chest and accommodating six pack.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Derek whispered, his eyes full of compassion.

“With you? More than anything.” I responded and undid his pants button. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues while I pulled down his Levi’s and silk boxers. His erection pressed against my stomach and his muffled moans became louder. I ran one hand over his impressive cock and tugged him over to the bed. Sitting him down, I got on my knees and went to work, Stroking his length slow.

“Oh, Blaine.” He moaned, laying himself down as his dick entered my mouth.

I sucked at a medium pace, going up and down. His member had a life of its own, twitching and throbbing inside its temporary home.

I started taking off my wet pants and boxers, and stroked my own rock hard cock. Derek writhed and squirmed, his heavy breathing making me jerk off faster.

“Blaine…ohhh, shit.”

His satisfaction turned me on to no end. I bobbed up and down, sloshing his dick around my mouth and kissing it every so often.

“Come here. I want you to sit on my face.” He breathed.

I did what I was told. Crawling up his perfect form and kneeling onto that beautiful face. He grabbed both cheeks, smacked the left one, and started to lick inside of me. Within seconds, he was darting in and out of my hairy hole with his rugged tongue. My cries of pleasure only made him go faster. He tongue fucked me with everything he had and I wanted even more. I started to rub my ass all over his face, fucking his mouth and even his nose. He grunted his approval and slathered his mouth muscle all over.

After I had my fill, I got off of his face and laid on my back. He quickly got on top and kissed me with all his might. I savored the moment, rubbing iddaa siteleri my hands all over Derek’s slick body. Eventually, he slowly put his member inside of me and I threw my head back in slight pain. He quickly pulled out.

“Are you okay?” His said, with a familiar worried look.

“Yes. Please don’t stop, Derek…make love to me.” I pleaded.

Without a word, he spit on his cock, kissed me again, and put his meat back inside of me. I groaned in pleasure as his tongue rubbed against mine. He thrusted achingly slow and his shaved groin danced in circular motions against my balls and ass cheeks. I responded by giving his bubble butt a smack and began to massage each cheek. His cock took me into ecstasy. Penetrating my hole with his length at such a slow pace, I knew I needed him to go faster.

“Ohh, Derek. Fuck me, Derek. Please…” I pleaded. I needed my release now.

He grunted in my mouth and his thrusts’ almost instantly became pure poundings. The bed’s headboard started to bang wildly against the wall. I broke out off the kiss and screamed.


His cock pulverized me into oblivion. Each thrust guaranteed a high pitched scream. Derek’s moans of ecstasy became shouts and started to send me over the edge. I felt the pressure building up inside of my dick when I felt his cum shoot inside, filling me up. Derek grunted with each shot of cum. My own release shot all over my stomach and chest. Soon, Derek collapsed on me and breathed hot air into my ear. His backside glistened with sweat and I went back to massaging it.

“Blaine, thank you.” Derek said, catching his breath.

“What, for this?” I asked.

“Not just this.” He started, then held himself up to look at me. “For everything. You’re the only reason I have hope that this world can be a much better place. Trying to achieve that, with you, has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me.” His expression began to falter again.

“Derek…” I breathed, fighting back tears. I felt the same exact way, and hearing it made my heart skip a beat.

“I…I love you, Blaine…More than anything.” A tear dropped from his eye and crashed on my cheek.

He loved me. He LOVED me. My own tears began fighting for release.

“I love you too, Derek. More than words can say…”

With that, he kissed me one last time and put his head on my chest. I ran my hands through his hair and soon enough, Derek was asleep. His low, steady breathing was the sweetest sound.

I looked over at the window as the sun set cast red over our bare bodies.Soon enough, my eyes closed, and I dreamed of Derek.


-What’s in the case? Why was it so dangerous that Blaine did everything he could to steal it?

What’s the next assignment? And what happens the next day with Derek and Blaine now together and in love? Stay tuned!!

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