blackmailed wife part 8

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Teen (18+)

blackmailed wife part 8I have hired Christine as a secretary on tuesday 4to6 and friday 4to6,she come still wearing the school clothes,i sit her on my laps and while she tell me about her day i caress her fantastic body without touching her intimate parts,i undo her shirt enough to get an half decent view of the rigid bra and i only fondle the lower thighs.She blush a lot and some time i hear some imperceptible moans,i desire her madly and despite i could milk her like a cow i don’t want to force her in any way.Today i notes that she got red eyes,so i ask the reason and after trying to minimizes it she start sobbing and explain to me that every tuesday, as she pick up Tim,her 13 year old brother, from music lesson they always get manhandled by a small group of bully’s,2guys and 2 girls.She know them from school,they are just one year older then Christine.She say the gang want al least five dollars to let them trough the aisle and still hit Tim and grope her.I suggest to call the cops,she answer she did but as soon as the police leave they start again with renewed malice.When pendik escort the parents told the group to stop they got laughed at so they want to cancel the lessons despite Tim passion for music.Christine say”I am worried and scared”I look in her eyes and say”Don’t worry,is all over”She look at me very puzzled but i add”It is”.The following tuesday as Christine and Tim walk down the aisle as usual get intercepted by the gang,i am watching from 20 meters,with a big hat and a fake beard.The tallest guy push Tim around while the two girls manhandle Christine,then the guy rise his hand high aiming Tim face but before he can strike he get lifted from the ground and violentlythrown on the floor,he squirm in pain with his hands holding his left buttock, now all eyes are on two huge black guys,covered with tatoos.They both go to tower over the bully on the floor and as one put the his shoe on the bullys throat the other say”You go near them and instead of kicking your ass i will fuck it” and leave,i go too as i trust that the bullys got the message,the two guys get escort pendik in my car and i promise them a bonus cos i really liked theirs style,at my shop i give my wife 400 dollars and tell her to pay the guys.The leader look at Andreas braless tits swaing under the blouse, count the money and a bit disappointed say”Where is the bonus?” i answer”Standing in front of you”.My wife look at me shocked, the two guys look at me smiling as they lift Andreas skirt to expose the black stockings,rip her panties off,spit on the pussy and fuck her harshly.The vagina is stretched and the ass is penetrated at the same,i get close, kiss her and say ”Enjoy darling”as i leave i tell the guys to make sure they milk her hard .I just got back home when the doorbell ring,as i open Christine literally jump on me,she wrap her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips,tell me to sit down on couch and say”I have never seen Tim so happy,i will never be able to thank you enough” then gently push my chest to make me lie downand start to undo her shirt,all the way,take it off and slowly pendik escort bayan pull down her bra,exposing a pair of tits that i did not think they could exist,just incredible,so perky that i could hang a shirt on,the puffy nipples look so succulent and juicy.She smoothly move her hips and shoulders in every way,very slowly swaying her upper body like a belly dancer.She quickly get up,pull off my trousers,she balance on her knees around my hips and slide her hand under the school uniform.She grab my prick, lift the skirt to show me how she is pressing my dick along the slit and start to go up and down rubbing my cock on the clit.She looks at me and say”Take me,i want to be yours,do of me whatever you want”i pull down her head,kiss the marvelous mouth and deflower her,she moan as i pump my cock deep in and squeeze the tits harder and harder ,she push them out even more and as she climax shei am about to explode,she say”Yes,hurt me if it please you,i am all yours,I LOVE YOU”I grab her face and say ”I LOVE YOU TOO”i am about to explode,she pull the prick out of her pussy and start to suck it until i flood her mouth,she swallow everything and continue to lick the cock till is perfectly clean,look at me and say”Thank you so much,i will gladly do whatever you want”….more to follow

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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