Blackmailed by Fater-in-law

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Blackmailed by Fater-in-lawBlackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 1by hot-hot (C) thanks you all liked my first story ” spying the sister”hope you will like this one also.Toby was moaning in her bed as her first door neighbor pushed his cockin and out of his beautiful cunt. She was urging him to do so. She wasin so much heat and in a wanton state for his cock. His huge cock wasgoing deep in her cunt. Their affair started two weeks ago. Toby was25 years old and was married for 2 years. She was living with herfamily in a good house and was having a very comfortable life. Hisnext-door neighbor, James was a 40 year old and was having his ownfamily with a son and wife. Toby’s husband Jack was gone to a tour andshe was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she has calledher boyfriend to have a hot fuck. Now she was enjoying his cock in herpussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and bigboobs. ” Oh. James fuck my pussy with your hot and big cock I am inneed of it. Please give it me deep.” She moaned. And James pushed hiscock deep to her womb.Mr. Jon entered the home. He heard the moans of her daughter in lawand smiled on that. “Jack is always crazy about that hot bitch.” Hethought. He moved to his own room and then heard. “Oh James you are sodeep in my cunt oh I want it hard and deep.” Jon stunned to hear thatname. He knew that he was his next-door neighbor’s son. He moved toher room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Jameswas on her beautiful daughter in law and his cock was deep in herpussy and he was fucking her. Jon was surprised to see that. Hethought something and smiled. Then he opened the door abruptly andboth were surprised to see him. Toby was not expecting him so early.James pulled his cock out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moanand both stood up. Toby pulled a sheet on her naked body and Jamespicked his clothes and ran by Jon standing near the door.Toby was yet naked under the sheet not able to see into her father inlaw’s eyes. He came near her and said, “What was that dear?” shemumbled am sorry Mr. Jon.” He ignored her apologize and asked, ” forhow long its going on?” she was unable to say any thing. He smiled “Jack will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you.That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may killyou. What do you think Toby?””No please you will not say anything to Jack. It may ruin my life.Please Jon. I promise you that I will never do such thing again.” Shelooked to him and found him looking on her body curves and nudeshoulders and upper parts of her boobs. He was having a shine in hiseyes. “Yes Toby here can be a deal between us.” He said. “What type ofdeal?” she looked at him with surprise. “It depends on you what youcan do for an old man of 60 like me.” he said while rubbing hiscrotch. She was frightened. She looked at his hand on his growingbulge of his crotch and understood his demand. “No you cant do that.It’s impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. No. Not such abad thing.” He smiled and said, “Ok I am going to my room. And willwait for you and Jack both and will see who comes to me first. Now itdepends on you to save your life and marriage. Other wise both yourhusband will hate you and you will not blame me dear. Is it ok.” Hesmiled and moved out of her room.Now Toby was alone in her room. She was thinking about that what hadhappened so suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and herfamily. On the other hand it was also difficult to accept his offer.His husband’s father was going to black mail her. She knew that shehas no other choice and she would have to kneel in front of him tosave her home. She hated him but could not do any thing but to havesex with him. She decided to save her family life at any cost. So shegot up to go to his room. She did not tried to put on her clothes, asshe knew that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped thesheet around her naked body and knotted it in between her breasts andmoved out of her room towards his room. Next moment she was knockingon his door.”Come in my dear. Its open for you.” Jon called. She entered in andsaw that Jon was sitting in his bed. She was shocked to see that hewas naked and was having his cock in his hand. Second shocking sightwas his erect cock. Which was looking to be bigger and thicker thanher husband and her lover. The sight of such a big dick mesmerizedher. An itching started in her pussy and she felt it wetting. He wasmasturbating. He smiled and said, ” That’s good Toby you have taken agood decision. Now come here, on the bed.” She was not hearinganything or thinking anything but his cock. Her eyes were locked withthat huge piece of meat. She slowly moved to the bed while looking athis cock and as she was going to sit on the bed he said, ” leave thatsheet away from bed. Strip it off.” Her hands moved to the knot of hersheet in between her breasts and she undid the knot and the sheetslipped down to her feet and now her beautiful body was naked in frontof his father in law. Her beautiful breasts were protruding out andher nipples were jetting out towards him asking to be sucked. Her bushat the mound of her pussy was smoothly trimmed and her pussy wasdripping which was only known by her. “Beautiful, you really have agorgeous body.” He said. She sat on the bed near him while looking athis erect cock. He smiled evilly and said, ” Go ahead sugar. Suck meoff. You know you want to and you are to my dear.” Oh god she did, shereally did that unbelievable for herself. Her hand moved to his cockand she took it into her soft hand and began to rub it. Her handpumped that thick organ up and down. She had never really seen orhandled a cock that size before and it thrilled her instead of beingfrightened. It was thrilling her that her slender fingers couldn’tencircle its girth. “Oh my god its fantastic. It’s so good in my hand.I may die if it did not fucked my pussy.” She thought.”Well girl what are you waiting for? Suck it baby.” The wicked old mantaunted. In need of no further encouragement, Toby moved into akneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting upbetween Jon’s legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of thecock. Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled the cock headhungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length inher eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmmmmm” she purred, ” Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm”Suddenly she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this. Toby suckedit so deeply into the hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly chockedher, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then beganfeverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of thatcock and felt it throb and pulse to her touch. She tasted the pungenttang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of itstip. She cupped his big balls affectionately in the soft palms of hersmall hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain,and she moved her head up and down, up and down, in and out of herface in a lewd and lustful delight. Jon placed his hand on her softhairs and moved her head up and down his cock.”Oh what splendid, beautiful and big cock he had… What a dirty oldman he is… I hate him … I love this bastard…yes I love him andhis cock.” Those thoughts raced crazily and wildly through her mind asshe sucked with fury at his hard rod of flesh embedded deeply in herthroat. It occurred to her then that she was losing all control. Sheforgot that she was being blackmailed. She started to like hersubmissive and overpowered status by masculine dominance of her fatherin law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish andsluttish thoughts. “Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it andyou like to suck it. Yes you are really a whore.” He said whilepulling her head by her hairs. “You are a whore. My whore. My personalslut.”His rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her cunt was afirewith the licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And thensuddenly she felt her lewd old father in law reach down and slide herfirm smooth ass towards him. His rough hand moved on her smooth andcreamy ass and then he began to work his finger at the tiny puckeredring of her anus. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgoteverything as abruptly as he pushed his thick finger into her tightvirginal asshole to the palm of his big extended hand. “Ooooooohhhhh”she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth, “Ilove it! Yaaaaa I love it.”Her lips were yet encircling his father in law’s now fully erect cock.She swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner about the throbbing headwanting to suck that cock dry. She sucked his cock to please him and… To please herself too. She tried to take it deep until the swollenhead of his cock met with the resistance of her gullet. She moaneddeliciously once again when he pushed his fat thumb into her wettingpussy and began to work it in unison with his beefy long finger in herass hole. “God I can probably cum this way too!” she said to herself.Now Jon began to undulate his massive pelvis slipping his huge lustmaddened prick in and out of her lips. Never quite withdrawing butleaving the hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oralcavern. He began to pump his cock in and out keeping the pace with thefingers fucking into her dual passages from behind. He smiled with therealization that she was taking more and more of his penis between hertender clasping lips as she became accustomed to its fleshy presence.She sucked furiously to bring him to climax as she felt her own cuntready to cum.Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the thrusting cock inher mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around thethrusting finger in her cunt and gave a bath with her cunt juices toher hand. It was indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotchfelt wet and excited beyond belief. Tears of subconscious joy rolledfrom her eyes. Simultaneously she felt him push his hips upwardagainst her face and he groaned a soul-searching grunt as suddenly heflooded her mouth with his hot thick cum spurting wildly down herthroat in vast gushes. She gulped automatically swallowing theslightly pungent liquid in her efforts to satiate the still abandonedfeelings of degradation continued to overwhelm her. There was nothingelse in the world except the steaming throb of her wet passage behindand the squirting cock in her mouth. At last she swallowed all the cumof her father in law. Then it was all over and she still lay above himand he was caressing the round smooth mounds of her buttocks andstroking her thighs affectionately.Toby shivered with excitement as her father-in-law smiled down at her.It stemmed from the lubricious gleam in his dark eyes and the stillstiff flesh that jutted from his groin. She trembled and whimpered.The aroused thrills increased as he leaned over and pulled her to hischest. Without speaking, he pulled her half-naked body to his,crushing her supple form to him. She came without hesitation, thestiff nipples of her melon-like breasts stabbing at his chest. Therewas absolutely no protest as his tongue darted from his mouth. Herlips opened and accepted the oral probe that filled the emptiness leftby his withdrawn cock. Her own tongue playfully dueled around theflicking invader, then pushed its way into his mouth. Carefully, shewedged a thigh between his legs and rubbed it over the exposed lengthof his manhood, still hard and powerful feeling. He moaned around themouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of his throat. Shepressed tightly to him, relishing in the inciting sensation of her titmounds flattening against his chest, and then slowly swaying her hipsso that the globes rolled deliciously over him. She forgot that shewas blackmailed to do all this. Now she was doing this all because ofher own lust. Her hand slid down his back, anchoring into the tautboulders of his ass and pulled his crotch to hers. Simultaneously, hishands followed hers, dipping her buttocks.Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as hishands covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezeddown. His fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For severalminutes they clung to each other, their tongues darting and exploringthe now familiar interiors of their mouths. Their hands squeezed andurged. Their bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a silent secondor two. Then his hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the front ofher breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposingshaft that was touching wantonly from his crotch to her pussy. Withloving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moistspike of flesh; still damp with the traces of her saliva and hisspunk. It jerked and jumped under her teasing. Its red glans glistenedfrom the fresh sexual oils that oozed from his balls. She wrapped herarms round his neck and playfully nibbled at his ear. Then he turnedher and laid her down on his bed.He smiled down at the willing young woman, her daughter in law.Lowering himself beside her in his bed, he once more scooped her up inhis arms. Her inciting fingers were back at his cock, as he slid oneof his hands between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered witharousal as his palm closed around the fleshy mound of her pubis. Hesqueezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her sex. Her hipstwitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into his fingers. Hecould feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between theouter lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, butthat was exactly what made the things he did to her so enjoyable.Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her cunt, hesluiced into the juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting andtwirling the intimate digit. The soft folds of her tunnel of desireresponded, squeezing around the probe that had invaded her body. Herpelvis moved up and down, working itself on him as if it were feedingon the thickness of a cock, rather than a single finger. His nakednessonly made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts bahis firmaları that moreenjoyable. Heavy and round, they pressed against his chest, rollingand spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into his skin. Herhands slid up and down on his prick, neither demanding nor urgent, butletting him know she was more than ready to have its thickness buriedwithin the tight sheath of her belly. But he still waited, glidinganother finger into her heated hole of passion, while yet anotherfingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thinmembrane of its hood. It was as if he teased her body to quell foreverwhatever traces of “BLACKMAIL” still remained in her body.She whimpered, writhing against his body, as big fingers expertlymanipulated dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex, while histhird finger flicked and fondled a prodigious series of thrillsthrough her body. She felt him move beside her and his free handrolled her to her back. He edged up a little and his mouth kissed ather neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perchedcherries of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. His tongue moistlycaressed the stiffened bud as his lips sucked. She groaned. The doublestimulation of her body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with themounting desires that trembled through her. Her body writhed, swishingover the bed. Her hips rose and fell in time with the steady in outpumping of his fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around his cockshaft, squeezing and jacking along its pulsating length. He wascontrolling her once again. He knew the sexual needs of a woman andeven more important, he cared about fulfilling them. Only one man hadhad that type of control over her body until now – her husband, Jack.Now she had found another – her father-in-law.She groaned, as his fingers upped their tempo, sluicing into the hotmouth of her belly. Her hips surged up and down, matching theincreased rhythm. Jack! What would he think … what would he do, ifhe knew I was here? If he knew I was giving my body to his father withthe same willingness that I gave myself to him? She wanted to knowwhat to do and how to handle the situation, but those marvelousfingers gliding in and out of her vagina were too demanding. I’m awhore! A shameless slut who can’t get enough sex! Can’t get enoughhot, hard cock stuffed up my cunt! But she didn’t feel like a slut.She felt like a passion-filled woman who was getting the sex sheneeded and wanted, from an experienced man who knew how to satisfyher.God! He feels so good! I’m going to come if he keeps this up! I wanthis cock for that! Not his fingers! Still, her father-in-law pumpedhis vigorously gliding fingers into the trembling groove of her pussy.In and out, then twisting a little, he finger-fucked her, elicitingdesire-laden whimpers and moans from her writhing lips. Does he wantme to beg? Does he want me to plead for his cock? She knew the answersto her questions even before she asked them to herself. She knew hewanted to be asked to fuck her. He wanted her to know that he had onlygiven her what she had wanted and at no time had there ever been aquestion of blackmailing. He was right. She wanted him. Even as sheknew that his father in law was blackmailing her. She wanted and achedfor him now.”Fuck me!” she moaned, gasping for her breath. “Please, I want thiswonderful cock of yours! Please! My God, PLEASE! Please give me yourhard cock in my cunt!”His mouth immediately pulled off her tit and he slid atop her, hisfulI weight pressing her into the ground and she loved every manlyounce of his body. His fingers jerked free of her snatch and grippedher hips. Her hands guided the knob-like thickness of his shaft’s headto the waiting, throbbing entrance of her cunt. His hips jerkedviolently and he slammed up into the quivering wetness of her pussy.She grunted-whimpered with the abrupt penetration of her passion-keenbody. His thickness packed her to the brim. There was no pause, nohesitating moment to revel in the union of their bodies. His pelvisjerked up, wrenching the filling firmness of cock from her vagina,then he lurched forward, cramming his bigness back into the sheathingenvelope of desire. She grunted again, as his heavy impact forced theair from her lungs in a startled “Hooufff!” But this is the way shewanted it. Hard and rough! Again the straining hugeness of his sexualpole jerked curtly back. She felt her clinging cunt follow its rapidretreat, flowing wetly around his cock’s circumference. Downward hiships plunged again, grinding into her, as he shafted the ponderousroot of flesh back up into her belly. The tight channel of her cuntstretched back before the invading arrow-shaped tip of his cock. Thewalls of her vagina closed around his swollen mass, squeezing tautly.His breath was hard and fast, like the sound of a rutting a****l, ashe pumped in and out of her wet, pink cunt.The bestial manner of his assault only heightened the avid need shehad for him, this blackmailer, this bastard, this new lover, and herfather-in-law. Despite the heaviness of his weight, she worked herhips in the same rigorous tempo of his jack hammering strokes. Up anddown, she hunched, arching her back to meet each slamming thrust ofhis thick hard cock, and then dropping her ass to the bed as he jerkedout. His hands were moving on her. She could feel them through thelust-haze cloud that suffused through her body. They were movingdownward, from her hips, caressing her thighs. Now, they were slidingbehind her knees. Abruptly, her legs were whipped upward and pushedtoward her chest, his arms holding them there! The juice-filled furrowof her desire opened to him in an increased angle of entry. His stillramming prick lunged forward, spearing into the innermost depths ofher cunt. She groaned and writhed, her hips no longer able to move.Deep, thick and gorged, his inflexible length of cock skewered herbody. “Ahhhaggghhh!” she accepted the deep-rooted impact of his sex.Brutally, almost in a punishing fashion, his hips rose and fell. Heslammed into her.”You are a whore, a cheap whore. My whore. You bitch. Personal slut.Take my cock deep in your cock. Tell me you whore how you want mycock.” He ground his crotch into hers, his hairy ball bag slapping atthe curves of her up tilted ass cheeks. He lashed. He pounded.”Yes! I am a slut, I am a whore, your whore. Fuck your whore with yourhard cock. Give it to me deep. I want your cock deep in my pussy.” Sheloved it! Her hands were dug into his taut buttocks. Her fingernailswere biting into his ass as he fucked her. She pulled at him, tryingto force even more of the deeply slamming man meat into her pussy. Hervagina seared with the rising, consuming heat of her desire. He was aliving lance that speared again and again into the open wound of herbody. Unable to move, she made up for it by squeezing. Her cunt was asucking mouth that ate at the thick shaft that filled and packed it.She squeezed down, attempting to make her channel of sex a glove-likesocket for him. She strained, drawing her pussy tighter and tighter.He grunted like a lust-maddened bull, his hips lashing up and down.His cock whipped in and out of her. Harder and deeper, he crammed intothe burning socket of her body. He skewered her. He rammed her. Heplowed into the wanton slash of her hot sex. Higher and higher, sherose. Nearer and nearer to the release her body screamed for, hewhipped her on. Her hands were raking claws of desperation on hisbuttocks. Pulling and urging him, she dug into the taut rocks of hisass. He responded, his pelvis slapping into hers harder and harder.His cock was a fiery piston that only strove deeper, trying to splither up the middle. She squeezed and writhed, unable to get enough ofthe fatness of his sex, as she soared closer and closer to climax. Shegroaned and whimpered the urgent demands of her body. She moaned andgrunted as his body pounded over and over into her. In and out, outand in, his lust-laden shaft impaled the quivering slash of her sex.He drilled and ground. He skewered and poled. His whole body wastense, as he held back the flood that once more boiled up from hisballs. He fucked! He fucked her! He fucked her own daughter in law,doing his damnedest to slam his cock all the way up her! Like a seriesof unleashed earthquakes, it racked through her body. Tremors, fleshtremors of desire and release, writhed through her. She thrashed andtwisted under him, screwing her cunt fully with the fat, swollenlength of his shaft. She cried out in wailing whimpers of delight. Herbody exploded and blasted free. Her passion swirled and lashed in theecstasy of its freedom. Every nerve in her body sizzled with white-hotheat. She came, rocked and caressed by the ultimate of pleasures.Simultaneously, his balls broke free, gushing a fresh load of comeinto the orgasmic contracting folds of her cunt. He fountained intoher opened body, flooding the sheathing well of her sex with the thickfluids of his release. He filled her until the creamy whiteness of hiscome oozed around the buried thickness of his cock and seeped from hercunt.He lay over her daughter in law’s body. She was having her arms aroundhis neck caressing her back. He sealed his lips on her and probed hermouth with his tongue. Then he slipped over her body. He smiled andsaid, ” You are a whore. From now onward you are my whore. You will dowhat ever I will say. Yes you are my slut my bitch in law. Is it ok?”She nodded, what else she could say. “Now go to your bed and have somerest. Tomorrow I am calling one of my friends and I hope you will benice to him. Ok?”She objected, “Please Jon. Not anyone else pleaseeeee. It will degrademe. I am your daughter in law.””No way you are a whore. Only a whore for you and me will have to obeyme or… You know what I mean.” She once again nodded her head. “Butcan I know who will he be?” yes my dear why not. And you know himgood. He is mike.”Oh no.” her eyes widened with fear and astonishment. To be continued… Blackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 2by hot-hot (C) She was frightened because she knew Mike. He was about 70years old but much heavy and fat man. He never looked above 60 becauseof his good health. He was about 250kg in weight. Above all the thingsmost stunning for Toby was that he was a black man a dirty old fatblack man. She never liked him whenever he came to see her father inlaw, she found him staring at her body with lust and now her father inlaw was going to give him a chance to fuck her beautiful pink pussywith his ugly black cock. She tried to protest with fear in her eyes,” But uncle he is a black.””Yes my darling he is a black with a big and fat black cock. We bothare fucking the girls together for years. And it’s very sure that youwill enjoy his cock. And you will have to fuck him. Is it alright?” hereplied forcefully. Toby could not say any thing than nodding her headin affirmation what she did.Toby got up in the morning and found that her husband had gone to hiswork. She again thought about the last day and for the coming eventsto happen in that day and was feared. Jon’s friends were not includedin the deal. Not even in her wildest fantasies she never thought aboutplaying whore for her father in law. She had no idea what will happenwith her when both old men will come on her.She came in the lounge and found her father in law sitting with thepaper. He smiled at her and called her. She went to him and sat by himon the sofa. He began to caress her firm boobs and she could not doanything to stop him. She was behaving as a slave for him. He said, “Toby I fear that my friend might be going to screw that pretty littleass of yours.” Toby actually felt nauseous as she hared this. She hasnever fucked in her ass and now she was to be fucked by a black man.Then the bell rang. “He is there I think” He said as he moved to thedoor. He opened the door and she saw a giant of meat standing in thedoorway. She was terrified. Mike came in and smiled at her. His fatherin law said, “I have got something to do in my study so you two lovebirds will be alone for some time. Enjoy yourself.” And he movedupstairs.Big old black Mike sat in the sofa. He could see the shapely outlineof Toby’s firm breasts bulging through the thin fabric of her redblouse and tried to imagine how she would look standing stripped infront of him. With nothing to hide. She was looking at the floor.”Take your clothes off.” He ordered. His white friend’s daughter inlaw was just sitting in the sofa not fully comprehending what he’dsaid.”I said take your fucking clothes off.” He roared. Toby rose unsteadily to her feet and obediently she started tounbutton her blouse and slipped it over her shoulders and on theground. Mike’s cruel eyes widened as her naked golden breasts poppedinto view, her hard young nipples jutting proudly, her flesh smoothand tight. She looked at him through half closed bleary eyesmindlessly following his orders. Then she unzipped her skirt anddropped it to the floor leaving only her thin white panties guardingher nakedness. Her legs were long and smooth, twin golden stems thattapered sensuously from the warm milky softness of her thighs.”The panties too.” The big black man barked at the little white ladycommanding his newest slave girl to undress for his amusement.Toby’s head was still reeling from shock and she hesitated atstripping off her last garment. Then Toby pushed her panties down overher narrow hips then rolled them down over her naked legs and out ofher feet.Mike unzipped the fly of his trouser and pulled his limp fore skinnedmember out into the open. His cock was lying flaccidly over theleathery sac of his testicles. She looked at his shrunk cock and wassurprised to see that it was even bigger and thicker than herhusband’s in full erection.”Get down on your knees and suck my cock awhile and get it good andhard for your pussy.” He again ordered.Toby was frightened, whenever she had seen this black giant she alwaysfrightened. She knew that no woman in the world will like to fuck thatugly black old man and now she was being asked to suck his dirty cock.”No, please Mr. mike…. I can’t do it. Please” she trembled as shelooked at his huge fleshy penis lying on his black kaçak iddaa hairy thigh. Thenconsidering the consequences of her denial, she said softly, ” let mehave a drink first…… maybe then…….” She knew that her only hope wasthe unknowing, senseless shelter of the alcohol.After the drink, she lowered herself reluctantly to his knees her handon his leg, just inches from his throbbing knob. She was lookingstraight on the ugly black dirty cock.He slid forward until his limp prick was immediately in front of herdry lips. ” First lick my hair, you white bitch.” He ordered. And shelowered her head and pulled her tongue out and started to lick hisblack stiff hairs on his cock. It smelled so dirty that it was muchdifficult for her to do this. Then he picked his cock up and said, “nomy balls darling” She moved her tongue to his heavy black hairy balls.These were like some tennis balls. She began to lick those dirtytesticles with her soft pink tongue. it was nauseating for her.Then she took his cock in her hand and raised it lowered her lips onit. “Yes now that way. Skin it back and lick it a little I want itnice and wet!” he said.As he watched Toby gently pulled back the thick fleshy outer layerstripping it back towards its base, causing the swollen blood filledhead to slip teasingly from its heavy protective sheath; then herwarm, pink tongue licked tenderly at its throbbing underside, rollingthe hardening shaft with her moistened lips until it glistened fromher saliva. She caught a tiny drop of semen hidden in the tiny hole inthe bulbous tip.A shuddering chill of sadistic delight surged over Mike as he felt hiscock jerking erect, her lips opened to take in its limp state,slipping the half hardened member between her wet lips until he couldfeel his hairy pelvis tight against her face and lips, her tonguecircling his cock maddeningly as it grew harder and harder.”Now you’ve got it…… suck it you little whore…..suck it with yourslutty mouth.” His eyes narrowed as he groaned the words at her, hishands holding her bobbing head securely centered on his swellingpenis. His head tossed back against the rear of the sofa, he shovedhis loins against her face, his cock hardening and swelling to itsfull, immense length. Her elastic lips ovaled as the glistening shaftslipped easily into the warm wet shelter of her mouth, her soft tongueswirling hungrily around the black throbbing head in the soft liquidconfines of her throat.”Squeeze my balls…… squeeze them bitch …… you white whore.” She obeyed warmly caressing the swollen sac cupped gently between hertwo hands as she sucked over hungrily under the ever-swelling hugeblack cock. Her fingers slipped under the sperm filled reservoir andteasingly flicked at the hair ringed brown hole of his anus, sendingnew shivers of ecstatic delight racing along his spine. Toby felt thethrobbing black member swelling in her mouth her cheeks hollowed tocontain it all, as he began to gasp and groan. She knew it would onlybe seconds before the huge thick black shaft will gush its whitesticky load into her mouth flooding her throat passage and chokingher. It was the first time that a black cock was going to cum in hermouth.She wanted more than anything on earth to spit this obscene dirtyblack cock from her mouth to run as far away from this nightmare asshe could. But she knew it was hopeless she couldn’t stop now she hadto please this old dirty black friend of his father in law. She knewthat it was her fate to have this dirty black’s cum in her mouth.Mike felt the agonizing pressure building in his swollen balls and heknew it was about to happen. Any second his painfully hardened prickwould blast its scorching load against the back of this white girl’sthroat. He could feel his whole body tensing for the coming moment andhe knew he couldn’t hold back for a minuet longer.He watched eagerly as his wet glistening cock slithered from betweenher taut pursed lops as she pulled her head back. Her pink moistfleshy lips clinging to its hard black stiff shaft as she raised andthen lowered her head to take it all back into the warmness of hermouth. Her full firm tits swayed and bobbed from side to side underher, her tender young nipples ripe and hard now as she suckedfrantically on the first black cock of her life.”Suck hard! Suck hard now I am going to cum in you mouth!” He grabbed her tiny head roughly and shoved it down over his longstiff shaft thrusting his loins forward to ram the swollen bulboushead far down her throat. And then it started like a surging hot floodboiling deep in his balls. “Oh god I am cumming” he moaned and itspurt wildly into her throat from the throbbing tip of the savagelybucking rod while he watched hungrily again and again, her pointedtongue swirling furiously as he continued to squirt his hot thickloads far back into the depths of her throat. Cold chills of sadismrippled through him as he watched her eagerly gulp down every preciousdrop of his filthy sperm, squeezing his balls tenderly as they emptiedinto her hungry throat. She licked every trace of it form hisdeflating shaft and finally the rubbery knob slipped wetly from herclasping lips.Toby looked up at him desperately like a wounded a****l, a thin trailsof his sperm still moistening the corner of her mouth and his blackcock yet in her little white hands. “Are you satisfied now, Mr. Mike?Is you thorough wit me?””Through with you?” Mike mocked cruelly, ” My dear Toby we have onlyjust begun!””What are you going to do?” Toby stammered in terror at the big blackman’s threatening tone. She looked down and found that his black cockwas again stiffening in her hands. She was astonished and feared.There seemed to be a strange and new vibration shrilling through herbody, a heat so penetrating it touched hotly at her very bones! Shedecided it was almost a delicious feeling.”Go to the sofa!” “The sofa?” “Yes get on that sofa” “Why? “So I can see you grinding that lovely ass up in the air.” Toby got on the sofa. “Now what?” “Up on your knees. ” Toby assumed the required position. “Now dancethat little white ass or yours around for me. Make it go in nice widecircles. Squirm it honey, squirm it like a real white whore.””Like this?” she asked his master as she moved her hips. “Yes, yes like that grind up at the air with it spread your knees so Ican see under there! Ah there it is. You are juicing! I can see youjuicing!”it was so true. The grinding was exciting her beyond any control. Hermind was beginning to spin with the new heated passion of the lewddance her elevated behind was doing. He emitted a gasp telling Tobythat her wide sensuous grinds were making him hard.Then he did something that almost turned her off. He dug a fat blackfinger roughly into her upended anus…… and it hurt. Toby was too stungby it to know whether it hurt good or it just hurt. He twisted thefinger and she growled. He laughed loudly knowing that he was hurtingher but at the same time assuming that she was beginning to enjoy it.”Do you want more sugar?” he cackled loudly. “Oh no! Please!” she cried with pain. “Raise that ass up!” He ordered without another moment’s hesitation. He eyes showed she didn’t liked it but she complied obediently drawingher knees together and elevating her golden hips to an outrageousheight on the towering heels. Mike positioned himself behind hersquirming buttocks, his long hard cock finding its own way up betweenher thighs. She jumped involuntarily as his prick made its firstelectric contact with the sensitive, soft folds around her succulentvaginal slit. He held his prick with one hand and teasingly worked itup and down between the warm pink folds of her pussy., brushing asidethe soft wispy pubic hairs with the swollen head of his burning cock.”Are you going to fuck me in doggy style?” she asked with fear. The big black giant could only grunt in response. She was his to useand abuse. Mike grinned evilly as he slid his cock along the moistcrevice of her pussy over the tiny sensitive band of flesh thatseparated her cunt from the tight puckered opening of her anus. Shejerked away as his cock probed her tautly clenched little hole but hegrabbed her with both hands around her hips and pulled her back, hisprick rubbed against her tight opening.Toby tried her best to clench her ass hole but he pulled her creamybuttocks apart roughly and shoved his cock against the hole. “Noplease….. Not there. Mr. Mike please…. it will hurt too much pleasenot there.” She struggled to wiggle away from his rubbing shaft but hecaught her again and pulled her back roughly.”Quit fighting it you silly little cunt. You are just making ittougher on yourself.” He said to her while pressing his black cock toher pink tight ass hole. “Raise it up higher. Get your pretty littleass up here where I can get to it.” He barked, as she never heard him.Her breasts were pressed tightly against the leather of the sofa armcrushing them beneath her naked body. Mike pushed her legs even aparthis own hairy black legs brushing against the insides of her creamywhite smooth thighs. Her bare soft white ass was wholly his, totallyat the mercy of his black cock.She gasped aloud as he made blunt contact with the tight opening. Shecould never take his big black cock in this way. She jerked forwardwith renewed energy, but it was useless to attempt to escape. Shecould feel his black hairy loins brushing against the sensitive fleshof her buttocks as his thick black cock probed hard into her upturnedass. He gripped the soft fleshy cheeks of her buttocks and spread themwide opening up to full view the puckering little hole of her rectum.Then she felt his hard cock probing her ass.”Oh no not this way pleaseeeeeee noooooooo!” The pain shot through Toby’s body as the tight resisting nether ringgave way before his insistent probing, the swollen tip of his prickslipping inside with a loud popping sound.Damn she is tight the big black man thought with a thrill. It’s goingto squeeze my cock off!She screamed in pain, but there was no one to answer her mournfulcries. There could be no way out of this unexpectedly depraved attackin her helpless body. A long low tortured moan poured from her hips ashis long rigid black rod pushed its way between the widely stretchedwalls of her anus in waves of searing pain. She heard him grunt as hestrained to shove the hard shaft into the soft tight hole. It was asthough a giant tree trunk were being rammed up her anal opening.Mike gasped as his loins smacked against the upturned softness of herbuttocks, his long black stiff prick buried to its brushy hilt in herwhite ass. She cried with pain and shame. She never had felt sodebased and so completely debauched and used.He positioned himself better behind her trembling buttocks and leveredhis aching cock with long deep strokes into her grasping hole. Itpulled small pink ridges of her bruised flesh out with the base of hiscock as he withdrew for another sadistic plunge. The soft fleshypassage gripped his black cock like a warm velvet glove. She tried toraise her body but his hand on the small of her back shoved herroughly back in place. She was helplessly held in this slave likekneeling position before her black master as he punished her with hisblack steel hard rod.Toby’s milky white young body quivered and jerked as his extra deepthrust speared its way into her tortured asshole. She could hear himgrunting like a stud bull and she hated him for it. Not so much forwhat he was doing, exactly but rather that he was using her body likea plaything solely for his own enjoyment, without regard for the painand humiliation she was suffering at his will. She contracted her analmuscles hoping that the change in muscle tone might ease the awfulpain but it only increased the rhythm of his deep thrusts. Sheshivered convulsively then as the big man’s hands slipped undetectedunder her kneeling form, sliding gently along the smooth flat plane ofher belly.Mike leaned forward still buried to the hilt in her clasping tunneland grabbed the soft yielding flesh of her breasts dangling under heras she knelt on his searing shaft. He gripped the hardened nipplesbetween his fingers and squeezed them firmly as they began to throb inrhythm with his deep agonizing thrusts.”Mmmmmmm ……!” she moaned in sudden surrender moving backwards to meetthe forward thrusts of his hard prick grinding her wet naked buttocksin tiny rotating circles clutching his long black cock with her tightclasping rectum.With a knowing grin of delight big black Mike surged into the whitegirl’s soft belly with renewed strength. She was totally his, a lowlyslave, kneeling in front of her master, completely prepared to followhis every wish and command. He knew her could give it to her now likeshe’d never known it before and she’d beg him for more.She was rapidly going out of her mind with lust, her back hollowed asshe skewered herself lewdly on his fleshy shaft, her buttocks pumpingup and down on the long rod in ever quickening rhythm, as her mindtriggered on very deliciousness of her obscenely bent position. Herface was flushed from the superhuman intensity of her effort as shesquirmed to get every millimeter of his long black cock buried in thesoft moistness of her tender passage. She bucked and tossed in timewith his relentless thrusts, sensing that he was near the end,squeezing even tighter the stretched muscles of her rear passage as hesawed into her puckered ass hole, his balls about to burst their hotsticky load into her insides.The big black man gripped her upper thighs tightly ramming her back onhis pole with all his strength, his moist shaft slithering wetly intoher enormously stretched anus. His eyes were wide with a****l fury atthe incredible spectacle of this luscious young white body writhingwildly, impaled on his glistening black shaft, bucking in front of himlike a tortured savage and the sadistic desire to inflict pain coursedthrough his sweating body as he rammed forward with a powerful thrustthat seared up her ravaged ass like fire.”Oh God ……. Aaaaaa uuuuuurrrrrrrggggggghhhhh” she screamed as hepounded his punishing spear into her again. “Ohhhhh I love it!”She was now pumping back and forth on his lust hardened kaçak bahis black penis ata frantic pace as his cock began to throb inside her body swelling solarge she knew it would burst her apart. It was killing her but shewanted more ….more…. more. She was now enjoying it fully and waslusting for his black cock. Thought it was her first time to fuck inher ass but she was not in pain now. She wanted to have his black cockdeep in her ass. So she was pushing her ass back to slide her tightbrown ass hole on his glistening black cock.His one hand was pinching her nipple while his other hand moved downto her clit and he started to rub it and she was flying in air. Hisone finger moved in her pussy and the thumb rubbed her clit. Shestarted to cum. Her cunt juices were flowing on his hand. In the startshe hated this black man, she was still hating this black fat man butshe was definitely liking and loving his black thick and throbbingcock deep in her ass. She was really enjoying her first ass fuck byher first black cock. On part of her mind was still taunting her thatshe cheated on her husband and now she was getting the punishment. Shedid not know how much more was left for her”Oh my Toby, I never expected that you would do such a naughty thing.”They heard and both at once turned to the voice.Blackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 3by hot-hot (C) It was the moment when both Toby and Mike were soabsorbed in sodomy that they did not noticed that her father in lawentered they room. They both looked at him at once on hearing him. Jonwas stark naked with his erect cock. “Hi k**s, you have got some roomfor one more?” he said while running his lewd tongue over his rubberylips.”Uncle Jon what—” she could manage to say only this. “She loves it you old bastard, do you want to try it?” Mike said yethaving his erect black cock in her ass hole.Jon approached the lewdly postured couple, his hairy hand busilyworking the heavy wealth of his foreskin back and forth over thecrimson head of his large penis. He smiled broadly at the deep scarletblush on his daughter in law’s face. “I think you will not mind oldman perhaps we can share her attention. “Mike winked slyly in acknowledgement, and then rapidly withdrew hisblack weapon from her tight pink ass hole.”On don’t, please, Mr. Mike please fuck my ass!” she protested as hepulled his cock from her ass, as she was enjoying his cock fucking inher tight shit hole.Jon snorted, “See Mike I told you the k** was a natural slut!” Mike grunted approvingly, “How do you want to play it Jon?” “Mike you lay down on the couch, we will make a sandwich out of it andshe can be the meat!” he said.Toby straightened shakily and dutifully awaited further instructionswhile her Mike took his position on his back on the leather sofa, withhis fantastic black cock jutting straight up towards the ceiling. LikeJon he also started to manipulate the foreskin of his cock inanticipation, covering the bulging head on the upstrokes.”Ok, Toby honey, now climb aboard his cock!” the old father in lawinstructed her daughter in law.The white babe moved quickly into the desired position in her renewedeagerness to have a cock… any cock…thrust deeply up inside of herquivering pussy. God she was dripping for it! Placing one tremblingknee on either side of the sprawled black fat man, the excited youngbride centered the nearly foot long cock at the entrance to her wetlyhot cunt, then sat down easily, letting the black meat glide into herpink pussy inch by delicious inch, until the prickly hairs on hisbelly meshed with her own soft blonde pussy hairs.”That was good sugar” he leered up at her lust controlled beautifulface. “Now slide up and down it again and again and fuck your cuntwith my black cock. “Toby again complied, squatting ever so slowly back down on his blackcock until his bloated balls wedged tightly in the crevice of her ass.Mike, then satisfied with the arrangement on the sofa, came behind thewrithing golden form of his exotically innocent daughter in law andpressed his own turgid penis into the sweat crevice of her ass.”Oh yes uncle Jon fuck my ass! Fuck my as with your big cock!” sheshivered excitedly as the fat man’s penis slithered easily into herbowels to the hilt. “ohhhhhhhh… gheeeeeeeeee””Sweet fucking ass what a tight little ass hole you have dear” Jonhissed behind her. He ground his teeth tightly together then tookseveral long smooth strokes into her bringing a groan of pain andhumiliation from her tortured lips each time he thrust his cockforward in to her asshole.Toby lay moaning and twisting, sandwiched between tow of those old andfat men like an insect, only the thin wall of flesh between her anusand cunt separating the two vicious instruments that she felt surelymust be the biggest cocks in the world.There was no further delay. Mike already excited from his previouscruel **** of her anus, fucked furiously into Toby’s hot, moist andtight pussy while Jon above her began thrusting with long strokes intothe depths of her rectum. It took a moment but then they began anatural rhythm, buffeting her between them like a side of beef. Shewas uttering a single low whine which went on and on all the time theyground into her, but interrupted occasionally by a deep grunt from herchest as they smacked into her body with greater and greater force.Mike took one pink erected nipple of her young breast into her mouthand started to suck it and a moan escaped from her mouth.Toby was nearly overwhelmed by a strange kind of masochistic joy.Perhaps it was from the very helplessness of her position or thedeliciously naughty thought of being fucked half to death by two dirtyold men at once, while one of them was a black and other was herhusband’s father. Whatever it was, she liked it. Her slender goldenhips began to move backward to meet the up thrust of her father in lawcramming into her rectum and then forward again to swallow the wholeof Mike’s black cock into her hungrily nibbling pussy. Her whole bodyundulated between the two fat men and her buttocks moved in tinyabandoned circles.”Fuck me … fuck me… fuck me…” she chanted in time to their bonejarring thrusts into her vagina and rectum. “Fuck me … Screw me…use me like the whore which I am. “She had never been so carried away with anything in her entire younglife, and she prayed that it could go on forever. Here was nothing inher mind that she was forced to do this. Now she did not dislike thatold fat black giant. The very level of corruption that had promptedthe two old men charged her with a lewd delight that she hadn’timagined could exist in this life. She was a whore.. a concubine… alowly slave bent in submission in front of a pair of cruel oldmasters.She was cumming as they were ramming their cocks in her cunt and assholes. ” Ohhhhhhh fuck me …fuck my ass with your cock. I am cumming.”They both were also about to cum. “Lets give her a taste of our cum,Mike” Jon suggested and both of them withdrew their cocks from herboth holes and she sat on the sofa. They came to her mouth with theircocks in hands. She replaced their hands with her own white hands andstarted to masturbate them. Then she licked their heads one by one.They were about to come. Mike took his black cock away from her handsand began to jerk and his cock erupted and he began to splash his cumon her face. She opened her mouth and took his jism on her tongue andgulped down. Then Jon also followed. Now they were showering their cumon her face, hair and breasts. After completion his cumming Mike tookher blonde hair and cleaned his cock with them, as it was a cloth. Shedid not resist. She looked herself into the mirror in the bathroom andsmiled at her as she was looking like a whore. She smiled, “yes I am awhore. A cheap whore. “Blackmailed By Father In Law Ch. 4by hot-hot (C) Toby was up early in the morning and she looked at herhusband still sleeping in the bed. She smiled and came out of the bedand wore the gown and came down into the kitchen. She made the coffeeand started to think about what she had started to do. About one thingshe was sure that she liked what she was forced to do. She was a wifeand slave of her own father in law. He had ordered her not to wear thepanties under her skirts so that he would be having easy access to herpussy any time. She was not allowed to wear the panties even when shewas going out. It was thrilling for her and always made her pussy wetthrough out the time she was out.”Good morning sugar!” She heard her father in law and saw him in thedoorway in his pajama and robe. “Mind if I join you?”Toby smiled at her master and lover and said, “Sure daring!” Jon took a beer and sat near her on the stool and started to sip. Heplaced his hairy paw on the warm and naked flesh of her lower thigh.She gasped with his touch but did no effort to remove it. “You are ahelluva piece of ass golden legs and a born cock sucker.Thank you uncle for your sweet comments. She became hot and blushed athis comments.Jon moved his beefy fingers in the hair on the back of her head andturned her face to him for a brutal tongue-probing kiss. She did notresisted and started to suck his tongue. Their mouths locked themboth. His hand had reached up her bare pussy and started to massageit. She was getting wet with his touch as she always got. With theother hand he took her hand and placed it on his erecting cock. “Whatdo you think about a morning blow job for your old man baby?”Toby felt her tiny clitoris perk up responsively to this. She smiledat his question and slowly slipped down from her stool and pulled hispajama down and took his cock out. She was going to love his hard andbig cock. She took it in her hand and kissed the purple head andstarted to lick it while looking into his eyes. He placed his hand onher head and pulled her and his cock was in her mouth. She started tosuck it . it was going deep in her throat. With one hand she startedto rub her clit. He was yet sitting on the stool. He moved his big toeto her pussy and she placed it on her pussy hole and his big fat toeentered her pussy. It corked her pussy hole. She was so hot.When he was about come, he pulled his cock out and took it in his ownhand. “Bring your coffee cup!” he shouted. She took her cup and placeddown to his cock and he started to erupt in her cup. His whole cumdropped in her cup and made a white layer on her black coffee. When hewas finished she took his cock in her mouth and cleaned it. Thenplaced the cup on the table. He smiled and said, ” Now have your creamcoffee. I know you like cream coffee.”She was surprised but did not like to disappoint him. She smiled andtook her cup and again started to sip the coffee. She really liked thetaste of his cum in her coffee. It had made it tasty. She got an idea.She took her cup to his mouth and asked, ” you too dear uncle”He could not refuse her and took a sip out of it. With the coffee hesipped his own wad first time in his life. Then they both heard herhusband coming down. He left her breast and she settled her clothesand straightened on the stool.Her husband come in and sat on the table. She got up for his cup ofcoffee while leaving her own on the table. “Wow cream coffee!” he saidand took the cup to his mouth.”No no its mine. Don’t take it…..” before the completion of hersentence he sipped the coffee. With the coffee he sipped his ownfather’s cum. “Mmmmmm tasty” he said and she smiled while looking ather father in law. She came to him and exchanged the cups and startedto sip her cum filled coffee.She was sitting in front of her father in law. Suddenly she felt afoot trying to reach her pussy. She looked at her father in law with asmile and opened her thighs for her foot. She removed the robe fromher pussy and he started to rub her pussy with his toe. She placed herhand on his foot and guided his big toe into her pussy. She wasplaying with her father in law just in front of her husband and it wasthrilling for her. In the same position they took the breakfast andcame back in the lounge.After some time Jon winked her and called her in the kitchen. She camein and he was standing with his cock out of his pajama. She said, ” ohdear uncle we can be caught.” But with that she was on her knees andstarted to suck his cock. She can never refuse to his cock. She washis cock slave. She started to take it deep in her throat. At thattime her husband called her she left his cock with a deep kiss andrushed to the lounge.She sat in such a position that she could see in the kitchen but herhusband couldn’t. She saw that Jon started to masturbate and calledher in. but she smiled and started to tease him. She saw that he tookbread and came all over it. He splashed his cum all over the bread andthen tucked his cock in his pajama. He placed another bread on thatand made a sandwich, A cum sandwich. She was seeing all this and knewthat he will bring it for her. She smiled when he came to her with thesandwich. He gave it to her, ” have a sweet sandwich baby” she smiledand took it from him and took a bite. Here was long thread of cumwhich attached from her lips as she took the bite. “Its tasty uncle”she smiled and again took it in her mouth.Such type of kinky games continued between them and she also fuckedhis black friend many times.One day while she was alone with her father in law and was sucking hiscock in his bedroom when he said, ” darling I want a baby from you””What, what are you saying? How is it possible?” “Yes dear. Its possible and I want to make you pregnant with my baby.””But what for your son?” “He will go out of country for a few days when you will be off frompills.”She agreed. “When I am to leave the pills?” “From today.” “Ok. One more thing for you darling!” He made her pregnant with his baby. Now she was pregnant with herfather in law’s baby. The baby continued to grow in her stomach. Itwas so kinky for her that it was not husband’s baby but that of hishusband’s father. While her innocent husband was thinking and happythat it was his baby.She gave birth to a baby boy at term. Her husband said, ” he is just like his grandfather” She smiled and looked to her father in law, ” I think he is just likehis father. Am I right uncle?”Jon understood and smiled back, ” you are very right baby.” Her husband smiled and said, ” ok, ok he is like his father, as youboth say.””The poor guy is thinking he is the father of baby.” She thought andsmiled.”Rather you are his brother poor hubby.”

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