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black takes overThis is the story about how writing stories got me into trouble, big trouble. For years I had been writing stories about interracial sex, you know the ones I am talking about, with shy white wives winding up becoming sluts for black studs. The sort of men who are every white man?s nightmare, big cock, muscles, and worse yet your woman can?t get enough of them.Anyhow it takes time to write these things, so one day my wife wanted me to go out to her girlfriend?s house with her. I ditched by lying to her and saying I had work to do. As soon as she was gone I turned on the computer and started to work on my latest batch of stories. It was a cold winter?s day and I turned up the heat a bit. After a morning of writing I decided to knock off early, and take a bit of a nap, bad move on my part as I overslept, and left the flash drive I store all my stories on in the computer. My wife Susan came home a bit early on the account of it was going to snow heavy in the afternoon and she did not want to get stuck on the road. The storm never really got going, but there was one in my house.?What the fuck is this?? she said holding the flash drive in her hands as she woke me up. Hundreds of stories of black guys fucking white women. And some of them were about me!? At first I tried to deny it, but how could I? I thought of telling her they were downloaded (as if that would make this situation better); but she was computer wise enough to know I wrote them.?I can?t believe what you wrote. Some of them have the women getting pierced, tattooed, pregnant? Leaving their husbands? Having their tits made bigger. Being enslaved by vapors or potions or voodoo? Making their husbands suck on another man?s cock to humiliate them! And what is with all these mandingo parties? And you but me in them??I tried to deny that also, but she only got angrier, reading a passage; ?My wife had red hair, big tits, a soft fuckable ass, and is Jewish. What does that got to do with anything? What sort of fucking pervert are you? Would you really want to see me with another man? A black man?? I was fucked at this point as my cock started to rise as the mere image of her doing a black guy flashed into my mind unbidden.?I can?t believe you. And we have black friends too. How would you like it if they found out about this? And how much time did you waste doing this shit instead of getting your degree finished? You almost were not promoted due to that.?For the rest of the week I had to sleep on the couch. My wife was pissed as all shit. She suggested we see a ther****t. I told her I did not need one. It was just a turn-on that is all.?Maybe I should have had that threesome when you suggested it, even that was more normal than the shit you wrote about.? She stormed out of the room angrier than when she came in.This went on for another week, then things got better, little did I know that this was the calm before the storm.Susan came in one day and told me her pussy was off limits to me for the rest of the month. Little did I realize why, actually I could never have guessed why. I was of course locked out of the bedroom again.Nearly six weeks to the day my wife went to her girlfriend?s house. I had to buy a new flash drive as she had destroyed the old one rather spectacularly involving the car, and running it over several dozen times. Naturally like a dog, wait a dog knows better and learns from its mistakes, I went back to writing my stories, and like the other time I took a nap.When I woke up I heard voices in the living room, had my wife brought her girlfriend over? Then I realized that the voices were my wife and the other ones were that of men. What was going on? I got up and went into the living room and there was Susan sitting on the couch between two black guys, a third sat in the lounge chair, leaving me no place to sit, but that would be the least of my problems; as I would shortly find out.I walked in and asked what was happening. My wife got up and ever so sweetly said ?I thought it over and we are going to do everything you wrote about in your stories, that way it will be out of your system.? Was I hearing right? Or was I still asleep??These guys and me are going to have, what did you call it? A mandingo party, and my pussy is going to take all of their cocks, as deep as it can.? She was wearing that tight black silk blouse that really showed off her tits, she started to open it in front of these men. This was happening way too fast. She was wearing a black bra underneath; with her back to us all she tossed her blouse into the türbanlı uşak escort corner of the room. When she turned around she was covering her breasts with her hands as she was wearing a cupless bra, then she took asked the guys, ?Ready?? They all said they were. I had not seen her naked for well over a month, when she took her hands off her tits, I saw that through each nipple was now a golden ring. ?Just like you like to write about in your stories, right honey? And on her breasts was written the words BLACK and SLUT in big old English letters. The guys clapped and cheered. My wife turned to me and told me the tattoo was only temporary, ?Unless I like it too much and then?.? Said my wife with some venom.She kicked off her sneakers, and slid out of her jeans, underneath which she was wearing stocking, a garter belt, and sheer black panties. She reached under the couch, and took out a pair of high heels and put them on. ?I found these studs through an ad in a swinger magazine and they are very experienced in satisfying unsatisfied white wives.? She said, making them clap. She then flipped down and up her panties, to show her bald pussy, which now had a clit ring through it. ?Did you guys bring it??. One of the men took out a bag, inside of it was a pair of electric clippers, a razor, and some shaving cream.?You are not going to?? I asked in shock.?Oh yes I am. Not now, maybe later, after all you are so fond of your wives having their heads shaved, well they are going to do it, so you can either move over and let it happen, or leave, I don?t care, but know this, every one of them is going to fuck me, and I am off the pill as of last month. So maybe one of them will knock me up with their black seed, just like you like to write about. But first I want you to strip now. You guys too.? The men got up and started to strip as my wife watched them. I knew I was licked, but I half hoped this was all a gag. That she would say for it to stop.My wife had us stand in a row. My cock was clearly the smallest of them all, even though it was hard from all the excitement. She surprised me by coming up to me and giving me a deep hot kiss as she pressed her hot tits against my body. ?Sorry little boy you have to sit this one out.? She said motioning me to sit down on the chair to watch as the guys laughed assuring me that they would take good care of her.She walked up to the guy on the left and kissed him deeply, passionately, as her hand reached down to grasp and milk his cock. She made sure to make a show of putting her tongue in his mouth. She kissed the other guys deeply also. The third guy raised her tits up and sucked on them. Then one guy sucked on each of her tits, making her nipples rock hard. They reached into her panties and fingered her pussy.She helped them slide her panties off and they finger fucked her pussy. ?I am all yours guys.? She said. The room filled with the musky odor of her cunt. My cock was hard enough to explode, I wanted to pull her away and fuck her brains out then and there, but I knew I could not. She sank to her knees and called me over to her. ?Now watch.? She said, as her lips kissed his big purple cock head with a loud smacking sound. She kissed his cock again again, then she took his shaft into her mouth, I had seen thousands of porno movies of white women giving black men head, but they were not half as exciting as seeing my own wife do it, her lips stretched tightly around the black cock, straining to take in its massive size. After sucking on his cock for a minute or so she got up. ?Mmm, it tastes so manly, just like you said in your stories.?The guys sat back down on the couch and she got on the first guy?s lap, Jamal, and ground her pussy across his cock giving him a lap dance, her sheer black panties being the only thing protecting her pussy from their cocks entering her. Then she did the same for the other two guys. Her ass smacked up and down against their now monster sized cocks, as they sucked her tits or kissed her deeply. ?Mmm! I feel like I could cum now.? Said one of the guys, named Eric.?Don?t do it yet.? My wife mockingly pleaded. As she got off the lap of Jamal the second guy, who was rail thin with the longest cock out of the three.She took the hand of Fred, the third guy, who had the thickest cock of the trio and they went into the bedroom, our bedroom, together. I had written about scenes like this hundreds of times, but to actually have it happen? I felt afraid, and at the same time turned on. Was she really going türbanlı uşak escort bayan to do this? I wondered still.In the bedroom she took off her panties, and turned to me and said, ?If you want to stay there is a price, you must put these on.? She said tossing them to me. What else could I do? I put them on and the guys mockingly whistled at me. My own cock felt like it was going to burst through the tight sheer fabric of her panties, but I knew there would be no relief for me now.She got up on the bed and Jamal spread her legs wide and started to eat her pussy, making her squirm and moan on the bed. ?You ready for some big black cock?? My wife gasped that she was. He smiled and kept licking her pussy making her squirm on the bed. Then Eric licked her pussy as he made her say how much she wanted a big nigger dick inside of her. Lastly Fred tasted her cunt, by this time she was begging to be fucked.?Well in that case welcome to the wonder world of black cock.? Fred said getting on top of her, he spread his legs wide and as I watched he pushed his cock into her as she laid on our bed. The look of ecstasy on her face was both arousing and shattering. She wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her.?Is this how you pictured it? Is this how you wanted it?? She said as Fred fucked her, sucking her tits and kissing her deeply. I was beyond words.Then Eric took his turn at her pussy followed by Jamal. All three got on the bed; as she was fucked by Jamal, she sucked Eric?s cock, and was tits fucked by Fred, her hands wrapping her tits tightly around his cock, my wife was being totally used in front of me.They changed positions again, my wife got on top of Fred, as Jamal and Eric stood on the bed as she sucked and jerked off their cocks. ?This is what you wanted right? And I am going to let Eric blow his load in me. In my fertile pussy. Maybe he will knock me up. Then I will be totally black owned. Isn?t that what you wanted honey?? she said humping the man?s cock harder and harder. ?You want me to be totally black owned right?? she said as she humped him faster and harder, the bedroom was filled with that funky fuck smell, as her now sweaty ass wetly smacked up and down on Fred?s cock.Finally he came in her, he grabbed her hips holding her still until she milked every last drop out of him with her pussy muscles. As she got off of him I could see his seed dribble out of her, but she had no time to rest as Eric but her onto her hands and knees and entered her from behind, her tits swung back and forth with each thrust.?Tell your husband how much you like being fucked by a big nigger cock.? My wife hesitated for a moment, she did not like to use that word, but under Eric?s encouragement she did.?Oh yes! Fuck me with that big nigger cock! Harder! Fill me up!? She said, until he obliged her adding a second load inside her pussy. Seconds later Jamal stuck his cock in her, slowly fucking her at first, until she begged him to go faster.?Honey third times the charm, just like your stories, maybe he will knock me up!? she said, Jamal rubbed her clit as he fucked her until she almost passed out, when he pulled out of her the combined sperm ran out of my formerly faithful wife?s cunt onto the bed.She got up and kissed each of the men deeply. Then she got down on her knees and started to suck and stroke their cocks hard again. ?Come over here now!? She said to me. I approached the group, ?Rub my pussy while I take care of them. I hesitated, her pussy was a sloppy mess still dripping cum, ?It is either that or get out. This is going to happen with you or without you just like in your stories.? What else could I do? I got behind her and rubbed her messy cunt, it seemed like for the near future my finger was the only thing that was going to enter her, and my cock ached at this point.Her hands jerked off the cocks that were covered with her spit. Her head bobbed up and down on each cock stretching her mouth for all it was worth. ?Now get down there and lick my pussy, boy!? she said. I refused, she turned around and told me the only way I was going to get any satisfaction was by cleaning up her cunt, as she said this she pulled on my cock and gave it a few strokes. I trembled , relief was so near and yet so far away. ?Come on get down there and lick it all up.? She said taunting me. Swallowing the last bit of pride I laid down on the floor. She swung her leg over my head and planted her pussy right on top of my mouth. ?Get that tongue working.? I regretted writing türbanlı escort uşak every last word of erotic fiction that I ever had written. She rubbed her pussy hard against my face. I stuck my tongue into her wet hole and started to lick her. As I looked up she started to suck their cocks again.From a ?worms eye? view I watched her suck off and jerk off each guy. Once Eric came she kept his cock in her mouth swallowing every drop of his seed. Then Jamal came, all over her face and in her hair, lastly Fred dumped a huge load all over her tits, which she rubbed into her skin.My wife got off my face and told me a deal was a deal. She had me suck her tits as she jerked me off, to my shame I came the hardest I ever had in my life, but I did it in under thirty seconds, making all the guys, and my wife laugh at my ?short comings.?Jamal and Fred got dressed saying they had to go home to their wives. I wondered why Eric was not getting dressed, and my wife said that he was staying the night. After she saw the other two guys to the door, she gave me a kiss and went into the bedroom with Eric, as I sat outside of my own locked bedroom door jerking off my pathetic cock to the sounds of my wife getting fucked by a black stud, and all I could think about was how this was all my own fault.The next morning, I got off the couch, for a minute I had hoped that the night before had only been a dream, I heard a buzzing coming from the bathroom, and the sound of two voices giggling, that of my wife, and her new black lover. Exhausted I went back to sleep, maybe hoping I would wake up again and it would truly have been only a dream (or a nightmare).I woke up again to the smell of cooking. I went into the kitchen and there was my wife, in the tight, sexy silk robe I had bought her in Japan. She had on her glasses, and to my shock her head had been shaved bald. Acting like nothing was amiss she got out a plate for me, and put some eggs and bacon upon it. ?Did you sleep well dear? I sure I did.? She said laughing as her lover ate his breakfast.Despite the embarrassment and humiliation I could feel my cock rising as my wife put me into the role of a cuckold, something I had done in countless stories of my own writing, a fact that did not escape my wife.?You know something, I can see why you have so many stories where the wife shaves her head, or has her head shaved for her black lovers. It feels so liberating.? She said.?Yeah! And it makes her like some of the sexy sisters out there.? He said pulling her towards him, he gave her a sensual kiss as his hands squeezed her breasts through the sheer red silk of the robe.?Eat your breakfast honey, while I take care of the man at the table. No don?t put down your fork, keep eating.? She said getting down on her knees in front of her black lover. She pulled his cock out and sucked him off as I watched. I wanted to jerk myself off but she told me to keep watching. When he came she let it splatter on top of her bald head and it dripped down onto her glasses. She took off her glasses wiping them off onto a napkin which she threw in my direction. Then she rubbed the cum into the skin of her bald scalp as if it were beauty cream.The man got dressed and left. My wife and I were finally alone. I told her I had learned my lesson. She laughed and said so had she. ?I?m sorry honey but from now this is going to be an open marriage, well at least on my part.? She said laughing. ?But don?t worry you can go back to writing your stories.? She said taking off her robe. She lead me over to the couch and had me lay down on it. She freed my throbbing cock from the pajamas I was wearing and told me to keep my hands at my sides or she would stop. She took my cock into her hand and rubbed it lightly.?Hmmm. Let me see. What else do you like to write about? Um! Poor little white wives going on vacations to be banged by their black studs. Would you like that? Me taking a separate vacation from you.? I could feel my cock getting harder.?Interracial pregnancy? Maybe not yet. But here is the next thing. 40DD.? I had to think about what she was saying. ?White wives getting their boobs made bigger for their black lovers. That I could go for. So you are going to barrow from the 401K and I am going to turn these 34Cs huge. Oh and I am going to get these tattoos permanently done. What do you think of that?? I was ready to explode. She took her hand off of my cock for a moment to let me cool down before starting again.?And with that a sexy new wardrobe to show off my new, uh, assets. And one last thing maybe I ought to take a transfer to the downtown office, the one with all the black guys in it.? At that point I could not take it anymore. I exploded, she aimed it all over my chest, as I was not worthy of cumming on her.What happened next? You will find out in my next story, that is after she reads it.Feedback is always welcome at

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