Black Man’s White Sex Slave

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Black Man’s White Sex SlaveI was waiting outside of John’s apartment. He had invited me over to come at 6:00 sharp. As soon as heard the big town clock ring it’s first big dong He opened the door and pulled me inside.”Well, if it isn’t my new little boy-toy! Go in the bathroom and strip naked. I wanna see you begging for some cock down your throat by the end of the night.”I came back to the living room to see John and his friends naked. My cock started to throb.”Look! The pussyboy’s got a throbbin’ cum gun!,” said one of them.”Alright, blindfold him.” said John. He knew a way to tie the blindfold so that zero light got in. “Bend down for some nigger cock.” As I bent down I could feel the presence of his nigger fuckstick coming closer to my lips. He shoved all 11 inches of cock down my throat at once, quickly retrieving so I could get gasp of air before the head touched my tongue again. I felt ropes tied around my wrists and ankles trying to pull me back as John retrieved his cock from my mouth, but I kept pulling, kaçak iddaa savoring the last of his precum before he humped my mouth over and over, faster with each push.After he was finally done, the ropes that were tied around my wrists and were now tied together and a metal circle was pushed in between my legs with the ankle ropes tied down to it. “Tell me that you will call me Daddy. Tell me that you want more nigger cock and you will be my slave and sleep tied up for my fuckstick. Tell me that you will always be my pussyboy slave.” said John. I was in the lust of the moment.”I want more nigger cock and I will be your slave, Daddy. I will sleep tied up to get your fuckstick, Daddy. I am your pussyboy slave, Daddy.” I heard a clank as the blindfold was quickly removed and was replaced by some metal dome that kept my eyes shut. There was a smaller clank as a metal neck piece was put around my neck. It must have had a chain around it, because when we moved to a different room and stopped, after awhile it sounded kaçak bahis like they bolted it to the wall, because I couldn’t move very far. More metal braces were attached to certain spots, like my ankles, whose braces were bolted to the floor. Same thing goes for my wrists. All in all, the braces had bolted me to the floor in a doggy position.”You wanna hump this bitch dog style?,” John asked Aaron.Aaron didn’t answer, he just thrust his cock up my ‘pussy hole’ and I moaned in pleasure. I felt empty for the split second his big cock was out and moaned in pleasure every time he pushed deeper and deeper.”Yes yes yes!,” he screamed when he squirted his manseed into me. I couldn’t enjoy it for much longer when John pushed his cock into my mouth. The head went in first. I licked off the precum.”Yum Daddy give me more yummy Daddy ooooooooooooooh Daddy,” I gurgled. His 11 inch cock began squirting out cum.”Fuck yeah!,” he shouted and whooped, “Little bitch faggot want some more? Little sex slave want some more cum illegal bahis for his ass and his mouth? Slave want some more nigger juice?,””Yessss Daddy me want more ooooooooooooooh Daddy cuuuuuuuuuum me Daddy yesssssss want more nigger juice OOOOOOOOOOOOOH DADDY YESSSSSS,” I said as he cummed. Aaron cummed, too. But right then I was more focused on John. He was starting to go back and forth now, so fast that his balls were slapping against my face. Just before he cummed again, he and Aaron stopped. His head came out of my mouth and I found myself reaching towards it to make it last longer. Aaron took out his cock, too.”Noooooooo Daddy noooooo I want your cock in me noooooooo!,” I groaned. He unclipped the metal blindfold. I had a metal collar on and I was chained to the inside of a large cage. All the braces around my wrists and ankles were also bolted to the floor. John and Aaron left the cage and locked the door to it.”Get some sleep, sex slave.” said John, “There is going to be a party tomorrow, and you’ll be the main show. You little drooling faggot of a lazy sex toy fuckstuck licker pussyboy.,”Aaron and John left the dark room, and I was stuck there, in a cage. With my pussyboy self to keep me company.The End

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