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BLACK l****a 3BLACK l****a 3Jack had no intention of becoming a pussy hound, especially for his own daughter’s pussy. However, there he was getting into his sweet young l****a’s stuff night after night. It had become apart of his routine that had become the highlight of his day. It had been nearly two months since that first night in her room. It was a night of so many first for Jack. It was the first time that he had giving in to his temptation to go to her bedroom. Not that he ever thought that he would ever do anything, after all she was still his baby girl, and from the time she was a baby, he had always love watching over her as she slept.When Jack first entered her room he had no intention of letting things go as far as they did. But he was so troubled at all the crazy thoughts and feelings that he had been having for her. Feelings that he knew were wrong, but he just couldn’t seem to help himself. His l****a was all he thought about. At times he would try not to think about her in ways that no father should think about his own daughter, but he really couldn’t help himself. At night that’s when the dreams would come. They were not dreams of Teddy Bears and lolly pops. No these dreams were hot and nasty, the kind of dreams that fuel his lust for her. The very first dream had him waking up in a cold sweat. The image of her long lean brown naked body coming to his bed. Standing before him as she smiles and offers him her body. She was like no other woman he had ever known. She was pure and innocent, and as beautiful as the day the doctor laid her in his arms. Taking her father by his hand she laid them on her bare breast. Looking into her big beautiful dark eyes he can still remember her words. ”Don’t be scared daddy, I know what I want. I want you to touch me, and hold me and to kiss me. I want to feel you inside me, please daddy please.” That was when he suddenly woke up and realized it was all just a dream, a beautiful dream that he had to somehow make come true. And so it had come true. She had made all his dreams come alive. She had the ability to make him feel like a man of twenty again, and when ever he wanted her, she never turn him away. The love of this beautiful black pearl was the thing that he could never get enough of. In the weeks that followed the intensity of their love making began to overwhelm them. Jack was to the point where he wanted her two or three times a day. It wasn’t enough that he found himself slipping out of bed before dawn and creeping into her bedroom in order to get some early morning loving, but he often would fine himself thinking about her in the middle of his day. There were a few times that his need for her pussy got so bad that he would go pull her out of school for an hour and take her to an out of the way hotel and fuck her brains out. On those day fucking her seem so risky and naughty, but he also loved it.As for l****a, well she loved being her father’s lover. She was young and she seemed to never get enough sex. But Jack was not the only man she had her eye on. Jeff Wheeler was an boyhood friend of Jack’s. They had known each other since they were old enough to walk to school without their mama’s in toe. They had grown up side by side, getting in out of trouble together. Neither one had sisters or brothers of their own, so they more or less thought of each other as brothers. There was just one thing that had the potential of breaking what seemed to be their unbreakable bound apart, l****a. Oh yes Jeff had a thing for his best friend’s daughter, and giving the fact that the two men were so close in age, Jeff always figured if his old boyhood friend ever found out just how much he lusted after his sweet young baby girl that it would be the end of their friendship, and quit possibly the end of Jeff Wheeler’s life. But l****a had other ideas. There was always something about her dad’s best friend that always turned her on. Jeff Wheeler was a fine looking man for his age. A man in his early 50s, Jeff had been chasing young girls from as far back as he could remember. The fact that he never felt in any way guilty about some of the young girls that he had bedded, even tho most of the girls were either friend’s daughters, or they were daughters of people that he had worked with.Jack always trusted his old best friend. They had seen each other though life’s troubles, the divorce of Jack’s parents put a weight on his shoulders that almost broke him. Jack’s father left his mother for a nineteen year old girl the he had met in his offices the summer Jack turn fifteen. This nearly broke his mother, but as time moved on, so did she. It was the Wheeler family that emotionally took him in. He truly loved Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, and he often secretly wished that they were his true parents. Jeff was only a few months younger then Jack, so they hit it off right away. As the year went by and they grow into men you could see that it was Jack would take on the Wheeler’s more conservative way of thinking. However, Jeff took on a more liberal bent to his way of thinking. He could never understand how people could be married for years and years and not step outside of the marriage every now and then just to see what else could be out there. Jeff had only been married once, and that was more then enough. To Jeff’s way of thinking ‘there was just too much good pussy in the world for him not to sample as much of it as he could.For Jeff life was just one big artvin rus escort party, with sex thrown in as a bonus. Yes Jeff liked them young, while he would never considered himself a c***d m*****er he could honestly say that he saw nothing wrong in bedding a young girl. When he was nineteen or twenty he had fucked a young girl that lived in the neighborhood, she could not have been no more then fifteen years old. According to Jeff he was her first, and she enjoyed every minutes of it. The night l****a was born Jeff Wheeler was one of many friends that was at the hospital to welcome her into the world. Needless to say she was a beautiful mix race baby. And somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that one day she would share his bed when the time was right.As l****a grow from a baby to a little girl, and now into the smoking hot young girl she is today, it is her dad’s best friend that has captured her attention. When she was a little girl it was her Uncle Jeff who she loved to play with. Hide and go seek and jacks where their game of choice back then. As the years flow by and l****a’s body began to blossom into womanhood there were other games that young l****a wanted to play with her Uncle Jeff. Of course by now Jeff had certainly starting to noticed l****a’s ever changing body. While she still might have been very young, l****a had a maturity about her that was truly amazing. It was like there was an old soul live in this young girl’s body. And there was something about l****a and Jeff that was electric. She was just sixteen the first time he noticed her in that way. Jack and Pam were throwing a mid summer party at their home. Several of their friends had gathered on that late summer afternoon. Jeff had just walked into their big back yard were everyone was enjoying the smell of bar-b-q cooking on Jack’s new build in pit. There were about twenty-five people in swimsuits and shorts all hinging out by the pool when he spotted her. Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes. He tried to remember the last time he saw her, and for the life of him Jeff Wheeler could not remember the daughter of his best friend ever looking this good.The pure white bikini she wore barely covered all her goodies. l****a laid on the soft chaise lounge sipping a red fruit punch, while the sun baked her beautiful dark tan body. The moment Jeff laid his cool blue eyes on her, his cock did the happy dance, she was so dam hot and sexy. She was at the age where she knew she could get a man’s attention. She had seen the way that her dad, and most of his friends looked at her, and lately she started to dress very sexy mainly to get her dad’s attention. But now other men were starting to notice her as well. It was something about knowing that she could turn on horny older men that gave l****a such a charge.He was her dad’s best friend, and she has wanted to fuck him since she was thirteen years old. Other then her father, Jeff Wheeler was just about the best looking man that she had ever laid eyes on. He was a good six foot five inches. His slim muscular body was the stuff that most girl’s fantasies were made of. She has a crush on him every since she was seven years old. At that time he seemed lager then life. He was sweet, and very good to her. She remembers what it was like when ever he dropped in to see her family. Her father always seemed so happy when his best friend came over, it was always like her father was a new man when Jeff Wheeler was around. The summer party was in full swing with more guest going in and out it was easy to loss track of friends and family. Standing by the pool, Lita was talking to friends when she noticed Jeff and her father walk out to the patio. They had been back and forth between flirting and bickering neither one could deny the sexual tension between them, but could they act on what they were feeling.Well l****a was sure. There was no question in her mind that she wanted to fuck her dad’s best friend. After three months of being her father’s lover, and knowing that she knew how to please her man, she was confident that she could have any man she set he sights on.For Jeff it was just a matter of when and where. He has known for years that he would fuck his best friend’s daughter one day. She was just his type, a young beautiful girl, with a smoking hot body. If he had any reservation he didn’t show it. When ever he saw her there was always something unspoken between them. An attraction that was so strong that at times Jeff would avowed his best friend and his family in order to keep from thinking about what he wanted to do to l****a Davis.When Jeff spotted her standing by the pool there was a slight acknowledgment. He seem to love their back and forth bickering and flirting that went on between them earlier. But he knew that it was just a cover for what was really going on between them. It was written all over her face, the lustful look in her eyes. Her whole body languages told him that she wanted to fuck.She has always been a bit of a tease, but that day she was in her element. There were more then a few men there that she openly flirted with, including her own father. She had shamelessly flirted with her dad right in front of her mother knowing that she was turning him on . The whole situation wasn’t lost on Jeff, who saw the whole thing, but of course had no idea that his best friend was fucking his own daughter behind his wife’s back.When artvin rus escort bayan she caught his attention l****a flashed that oh so sexy smile, winked and looked in the direction of the empty pool house. When he saw her walk towards the pool house, and he saw her go into the pool house a small cocky smile appeared as he realized it was time. He made his apologizes to Jack and his wife, telling them that he had just got call back into work, he lied.He got into his car and drove around the block. He parked two doors down from the Davis house and walked though the back alley to the back of the house. He was sure that he could slip in the back gate and make his way to the pool house without being seen. He softly knocks on the door and waits. There was no answer, so he knocked again, still no answer. He knew she hadn’t left him high and dry, not with all the come on she had giving him. He decided to try the door, and sure enough it was open. Opening the door to a dimly lit room he could see her standing there as the soft lights illuminate her beautiful face. ”What took you so long, I expected you a lot sooner.” Her voice was low, sexy and soothing. And some where deep inside he knew that this was not just a mere girl that he was about to mess with, but this was a rare fine that only a few men would have the pleasure of fucking.”I had to make my apologizes to your mom and dad, I told them something had come up at work. Besides you wouldn’t want them to interrupt our rondevu.” He said as he closed and locked the door behind him.”A rondevu, is that what we are having?” Jeff could hear the sex in her voice as she stepped from the shadows. Still wearing the sexy bikini that made Jeff’s cock come alive the instant he saw her. ”I would say so.” Jeff said as he caressed her beautiful face. Her dark skin was as soft as cotton, and just merely touching her made his heart swell with pride. Taking her face in the palms of his hands their lips met in a blazing first kiss of passion. Their bodies melted into each other as l****a felt his cock come alive. Looking into each others eyes Jeff and l****a decided to take it slow. Pushing her against the wall as they continue to discover each other. She felt his hand tug at her bikini bottom as he sled his hand inside. She was wet, and much to his delight he felt something else that he hadn’t felt in years, hair. ”You have hair on you pussy.” He asked. Giving her a slight smile of approval.”Yes, you don’t mind?” She whispered.”No. I like a woman to look like a woman, and not a little girl. Besides the sex is so much better with a hairy pussy then with a shaved pussy. She saw the gleam in his eyes as he started finger fucking her tight little fuck hole. He couldn’t believe just how wet and tight she was as he added a third finger to his routine. He heard her moans of pleasure as he played with one of her tits with his other hand. He was so turned on until he could barely believe what was happening”Undress me.” He whispered in her ear. She had always wondered what her Uncle Jeff looked like naked, and she was not about to pass up a chance like this. Giving him her most sexy wink and a smile, she complied to his request. She started with the light blue shirt that he was wearing. l****a slowly undid each and every buttion and removed it from his body. There was no question that Jeff was in great shape. He worked out at least two to three times a week, so his body was in the best shape that it had been in years.After she took in the beauty of his upper body, his strong arms and back, and his chest was covered in blond hair, as well as those rippling abs. l****a was in complete awe of what she was seeing. Jeff sensed her hesitation and he took by her hand and gently her palm. ”Don’t be scared little one, you doing just fine.” He said.She smiled when he called her ‘little one.’ It had been his nickname for her every since she could remember. The look in his eyes gave her the courage to continue on. She allowed her hands to cascade down his body until they stopped at his long slim waist. She wasted no time in undoing his belt. l****a felt a sense of excitement in the air as she started to unbutton his pants, and then slowly takes down his zipper. She felt as if she were unwrapping a rare and beautiful gift on Christmas morning. One tug, and then two, and then there it was right before her very eyes. The most magnificent cock that was ever made. It was a man’s cock, one that could only belong to a man that knew how to use it. There was no question in her mind that she was in for an experience that she would not soon forget. He was already hard, and he was in need of release. It was well define, long and strong. He looked to be about nine inches. ‘He is so much bigger then daddy’ She thought to herself. She question her next move. She knew what she wanted and she knew just what to do to get it. But could she really do it. Over the last few months Jack had taught her well, and now was the perfect time to put her new found skills to work. l****a hit her knees taking Jeff in the palm of her hands. ”Stroke it.” She heard him say. And with that one simple conman, l****a moved her hand up and down massaging his rock hard cock. Looking up into his eyes she could see the affect that her very movement was having on him. She kissed the tip of his cock, before wrapping her lips around it. She know she wouldn’t rus escort artvin be able to deep throat him right away, but she was sure that in time she would meet her gold.Fucking him with her mouth and tongue l****a slowly increased the speed. Oh yes she was good, real good as a matter of fact. Her lips felt like warm silk as it slides up and down his cock. She knew just how much saliva to give so it would have that warm silky feeling as he fucked her lovely face. His dick started to push against her lips as it throbbed in need of her pussy. But she never let up on her assault on his cock. She wanted to taste him, as she had tasted her father the first time they made love. He was on the edge of release, and he knew he couldn’t hold out for too much longer. As she came up for air he suddenly shot his hot salty milk all over her face. She some how manged to get a nice load in her mouth. ”MMMM. You taste heavenly Uncle Jeff. It was fifteen minutes of non-stop cock sucking and ball licking that set the tone for their first fuck. To say that Jeff was overwhelmed would be the under statement of the year. ”Did I do a good job?” She asked as she whipped the cum from her chin.”I think we both know the answer to that” He chuckled as he pulled her down on the floor beside him. ”Where ever dd you learn how to suck cock like that young lady?” He asked.”Wouldn’t you like to know.” She said when they bumped heads as he took her on his lap. He was soft again for the moment, but they knew that it wasn’t going to last very long.. She had removed her top giving him full access to her nice round tits. Her beautiful golden brown nipples was hard yet sweet and he loved feasting on them. He rolled her over on her back and as he laid on top of her and kissed his way down her body and between her legs. Pushing them apart Jeff went in search of l****a’s clit. The fact that it was covered in dark thick hair made his search that much more delightful. When he found her sweet little bud it prove to be well worth effort it took to fine it. Licking the sweet walls of her pussy, and taking small bites of her clit made his dick come alive again. His passionate pussy eating brought out the sex b**st in him. He had sampled some fine black pussy in his day, but non of those little stupid bitches could even come close to what l****a Davis had. He soon added two fingers to his routine. Yes she was tight, but still he could tell that he wasn’t going t be the first to bed her. He wasn’t going to have the pleasure of being her first. He couldn’t help being a bit jealous of the boy who popped her cherry. But non of that mattered at the moment. The only thing that mattered at the moment was that he was about to have a dream of a lifetime become a reality.l****a’s head was jumbled with all sorts of thoughts. She loved sex and the thought of fucking her dad’s best friend was exciting to say the least. And what of her dad. She wondered just what he might do if he knew that she was about to fuck another man, and that man just so happens to be his best friend. But what ever worries she might be having all seemed to be wiped away when she felt Jeff climb between her legs His cock felt so strong as it played with her clit. She could hardly believe the things that he was doing do her body as she became his own playground of pleasure. Using the power of his legs to push her legs apart, Jeff felt l****a wrap her legs around him. There was no turning back now. With one good push, he knew he would be in her pussy. Looking into her big brown eyes he knew it was time to make this dream of having his best friend’s daughter become real. Without a word being said, Jeff gave it one big push and before he knew it he was inside l****a’s lovely garden. ”OH GOD, OH GOD UNCLE JEFF.” Was all she could mange to say over and over again as he fucked her little tight pussy into submission. Rotating her his to match his rhythm as they did their dance of forbidding pleasuring. Her pussy felt like heaven as he fucked her over and over again. Thrusting and pounding was the order of the day as Jeff Wheeler took his pleasure in the sixteen year old daughter of his best friend.Pure waves of pleasure jolted he body as he continued to assault her pussy. By now he had manged to get all nine and a half inch inside her. Jeff slid smoothly in and out of her pussy, fucking her with both speed and grace. Never in all the years of fucking young girls had he wanted to pro long the process, but with l****a he never wanted to stop. They were on the edge of something so beautiful that neither one of them had the ability to express how they felt. ”Oh baby this pussy is so fucking good.” She heard him say as he continued to grin and pound her sweet little body.l****a let out a scream that echoed though the small room. ”OH GOD I”M CUMING, I’M CUMING DADDY. OH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD DADDY.” She screamed.They both came together as the heat of their passion consumed them. Jeff thought he had died and gone to heaven. No other woman has ever made his body feel as good as it was feeling at that moment. The fact that he didn’t want to pull out when it was time was a clear indication that this was something special, that she was someone very special to him. There was no question in his mind that he would have her again.As she lay in his arms she wonders if she had pleased him the way that he had pleased her. It was nothing like it was with her daddy. Sex felt forbidding with Jack. But she was in love with him, and it really didn’t matter if he was her father or not. However, now that she has been with Jeff she knew that there was something more out there, and she wanted it all. The question now is who would be in better position to give her what she most desires.TO BE CONTINUED

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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