BJ Bliss Ch. 03 Claudia’s Clutches

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Katrin fumed as she followed Claudia and Danica down the long hallway that was lit by the soft glow of intermittent chandeliers. She noted the soft, red carpet underfoot and a collection of antique wooden chairs that lined the red walls in between a series of anonymous doors, any of which could lead to her missing intern, Holly.

Claudia led the way as she walked quickly in her black heels, causing her silky, see-through robe and brunette tresses to flow behind her. Danica, still donned in her blue garter belt, stockings, and heels, walked briskly at Claudia’s side. Katrin would have felt ridiculous in her skimpy, red lace teddy that slid uncomfortably into the crack of her ass if the women in front of her had not been wearing similarly revealing lingerie.

“Katrin, you have to realize how much excitement you caused at our little gathering as new and uninitiated attendees,” Claudia explained. “It might not be very visible to you, but I assure you that my friends and I get very competitive when fresh new faces show up.”

Danica continued to play the good cop and put her hand on Katrin’s shoulder to reassure her. “We just want everyone to have a good time. I promise we have no ill intent.”

Claudia suddenly stopped at an ominous, dark wooden door with a golden door knob. She brushed her hair over her shoulder and stood before the door protectively.

“Katrin, I want you to know that I enjoyed a drink privately with Holly and I got her to open up about her sexual fantasies,” Claudia explained. “This is my forte. I see a cute young girl and I just want to get inside her head and pleasure her beyond her wildest imagination.”

“Really?” Katrin responded, still suspicious yet somewhat relieved by the explanation.

“Of course,” Danica, interjected. “Claudia always hosts the parties and tries to make off with the newbies. It’s hard to hold it against her, considering how generous she is in opening up her home to us.”

“Danica, why don’t you go check on Katrin’s boys and make sure they are being treated well,” Claudia instructed with irritation, “and make sure they save some energy for me. I don’t want them cumming again until I return.”

Danica nodded her head and quickly made her way down the hall back to the ballroom, leaving Katrin and Claudia in front of the mystery door.

“So what is Holly’s fantasy?” Katrin asked with curiosity.

“Holly wants to be bound, exposed, and teased—a request that I was happy to oblige. See for yourself,” Claudia said as she pushed open the bedroom door.

Katrin was immediately alarmed by the unexpected sight of glowing candles that had been placed in a ceremonious fashion around the room. She followed Claudia past the doorway and saw to her shock that Holly was on her knees and bent over with her face against a silky red sheet that covered a luxurious canopy bed. Holly’s wrists and ankles were bound by velcro loops, which were attached to the bedposts with rope. She wore only a garter belt, stockings, and heels. Katrin stepped over Holly’s bra and thong, which had been discarded on the hardwood floor, and approached the side of the bed to see that she had been blindfolded.

“Holly, everything’s okay now. I’m here. It’s me, Katrin.”

“Are you ready to leave me now, Holly?” Claudia interjected as she moved in behind Katrin. Katrin glared over her shoulder at Claudia.

“No,” Holly replied submissively. “Katrin, I’m okay. This is what I wanted.”

Before Katrin could protest, Claudia chimed in, “Holly, would you like Katrin to stay and take part?” Katrin watched Claudia form a wicked smile.

“Yes, please!” Holly begged.

“Very well. Katrin, why don’t you join me over here by the chest,” Claudia instructed as she stepped over to an expensive-looking antique chest and opened the lid. Katrin was helpless against Claudia’s persistence and decided to play along, if only to make sure that Holly was safe. She joined Claudia by the chest and looked inside to see a collection of intimidating props and toys.

“Our little Holly has been enjoying some time in the dark. I assure you it hasn’t been long. Just enough to get her acclimated and anticipate my next move,” Claudia explained to Katrin who continued to look into the chest with fascination. “Have we gone over our time for your services, yet Katrin?”

Katrin helplessly tried to consider how much time had passed since they had first pulled up to the mysterious mansion. She looked around the room for a clock.

“Don’t worry,” Claudia assured Katrin before she could respond, “I’ll give you an extra thousand for each additional hour. I want to play this out,” Claudia said with a serious and demanding look on her face that implied she would not take no for an answer.

Katrin’s head was swimming. She was thrilled about the extra revenue, but quickly remembered her concern for her intern, who waited in the dark anxiously. She felt ashamed that she was soaking wet with excitement as she watched the tall, lingerie-clad Claudia bahis siteleri move methodically through her toy chest.

“Your little intern is laying there exposed and loving every second of it,” Claudia mused as she dug through the wooden chest. “We’re going to explore that soft innocent body, inside and out.”

Katrin was stunned. She could not form any words and just watched with wide eyes as Claudia pulled out a long staff with a soft leather tip at the end of it.

“Have you ever gone horseback riding?”

“No,” Katrin replied fearfully.

“Well this is a riding crop. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt her. I just want to play. Join me by the bed,” Claudia directed. The both turned to the side of the bed where Holly waited in suspense.

“Holly, my dear,” Claudia teased as she scratched her fingernail lightly down Holly’s back, making her squirm and moan, “I enjoyed making you remove your bra and panties earlier and having you bend over to show me your hot little pussy. You have been dripping down your legs ever since I tied you up to the bed, you filthy little slut. I have a very special toy for you.”

Holly shuddered as Claudia teased the leather tip of the rider crop to her lower back and slowly stroked it down the crack of her ass. Claudia suddenly slapped Holly hard on the ass cheek causing her to yell out. Katrin cringed as she watched from the side of the bed and considered stepping in.

“Holly, don’t be scared. I’m just checking your reflexes,” Claudia assured her in a calm, ice-cold tone. “Do you like it when I stroke my staff over your sexy little body, knowing that I could give you a sting at any moment?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly approved, completely overwhelmed in anticipation. The sting on her ass cheek slowly warmed into a hot, soothing sensation. Claudia slapped her again on her other ass cheek. Holly didn’t jump nearly as much the second time and actually moaned in pleasure. Katrin watched with fascination as Claudia continued to spank Holly with glee. Holly responded very well to the lashes and ached in anticipation for Claudia’s next move.

Claudia lifted Holly gently by the ass, directing her higher into the air, giving Katrin a good view of her asshole, swollen labia, and a small groomed patch of red pubic hair. She teased Holly with the riding crop and rubbed the leather end piece up and down her inner thighs.

Holly moaned loudly and begged, “Please.”

“Please what?” Claudia shot back as she delivered another slap to Holly’s ass with the riding crop and made her jump in surprise.

“Please, touch me.”

“Okay, Holly, your little cunt is just dripping wet. I’m going to give you a taste,” Claudia taunted.

She slowly dragged her finger down Holly’s wet slit and teased her clit. Holly moaned approvingly and squirmed with pleasure. Claudia approached Holly with her dripping finger and stuck it in her mouth, allowing her to suck off the juices.

“Good girl,” Claudia said proudly as she looked back to make eye contact with Katrin. Katrin flashed back to the orgasm she had back in the ballroom where Claudia came out of nowhere to feed her tastes of Justin’s cum.

Katrin looked down and admired Holly’s smooth labia and protruding clit. She had never tasted another woman between the legs before and suddenly felt the urge to do it.

“Go ahead and have a taste,” Claudia called out as if she could read Katrin’s mind. “Don’t you want to help relieve your suffering friend, Katrin? She is going out of her mind with frustration. I want to see you put your tongue on your sweet little intern and lick up her juices. Do it.”

Katrin stood for several moments in hesitation and then slowly lowered her tongue on to Holly. She moved her tongue up and down Holly’s swollen, wet pussy lips and enjoyed her first real taste of another woman. She took in Holly’s pleasant grapefruit-like smell as she worked her tongue across her slit and tasted the sweet and acidic flavors.

“Oh, Katrin is too good to you,” Claudia commented as she continued to tease Holly’s mouth with her fingers. “Good girl, Holly. Keep sucking,” Claudia encouraged with a devious grin as she pulled out her wet fingers and rubbed them around on Holly’s lips.

“I’ll bet all the boys just love rubbing their cocks over your big wet lips, Holly,” Claudia teased. “Do you let them cum in your mouth and all over your face?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly whispered. “I do.”

“Good girl. I can tell that you are a submissive little whore and that you’ll do whatever I want you to do, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly confirmed. Claudia stuck her fingers deep into Holly’s mouth and continued to toy with her wet tongue.

At the edge of the bed, Katrin slid her tongue across Holly’s sensitive clit causing her to moan. Faster and faster, Katrin worked her tongue until Holly felt an intense orgasm building through her entire body. Claudia quickly relinquished her fingers from Holly’s mouth.

“Katrin, that’s enough!” canlı bahis siteleri Claudia commanded. Katrin quickly backed off and left Holly shivering and waiting in frustration.

“You are so cruel,” Claudia teased Katrin. “I’m sure Holly would have loved to ride that out. It’s not going to be that easy, Holly.”

Claudia returned to the edge of the bed and slowly caressed Katrin’s arm. Katrin shivered in anticipation as she felt Claudia’s breath on her neck and her finger slide down her forearm to her wrist. Claudia clasped Katrin’s hand tightly and positioned it suggestively between Katrin’s legs.

“Katrin, I want you pleasure yourself next to Holly,” Claudia whispered into Katrin’s ear. “I’ll bet you are awfully wet after tasting Holly’s delicious little cunt, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Katrin responded. Desperate to satisfy the swelling between her legs, Katrin quickly climbed up next to Holly so that they were both bent over in front of Claudia. Katrin reached between her legs to pull aside the red lace of her Teddy and exposed her hairless, wet pussy.

“Lovely, Katrin,” Claudia encouraged. “Now, stroke yourself for me. I want to see it. Holly, you too,” Claudia instructed as she walked over to free one of Holly’s hands from the bedpost. “I want to see both of you rubbing your wet little cunts right now,” Claudia demanded. “Pleasure yourselves in front of me you insatiable little sluts.”

Katrin did as she was told and ran her middle finger slowly up and down her labia and enjoyed the feeling of her own soaking wetness. Holly propped her ass up high and rubbed herself softly. Katrin felt the soft touch of Holly’s ass against her own and moved herself closer, making them cheek-to-cheek.

“Well done, ladies,” Claudia encouraged as she stepped away to reach inside her toy chest. She returned quickly and reached down to feel Katrin’s firm ass. Katrin trembled at Claudia’s touch and continued to pleasure herself and moan while Holly kept pace beside her.

Katrin suddenly felt the drip of wet lube on her asshole and yelped in surprise. The dripping continued slowly until she could feel it on her fingers as she rubbed herself. Claudia explored Katrin’s slippery crack with her finger and teased her asshole mercilessly. Suddenly, Katrin felt a cold stainless steel butt plug circling around her hole and called out in excitement and fear.

“Do you want me to put this inside of you?”

“Yes,” Katrin begged.

“Tell me that you are a dirty fucking whore,” Claudia demanded.

“I am a dirty fucking whore,” Katrin yelled out. “Please!”

“Did you enjoy it when I fed tastes of sticky cum to you back in the ballroom? Are you a dirty cum-loving slut?”

“Yes!” Katrin moaned, dying to feel Claudia’s big hard toy inside her ass. “I am a dirty cum-loving slut!”

“Did you like the taste of your sweet little intern when you took advantage of her and put your tongue on her clit?”

“Yes! Please put it in my ass. I’ll say anything. I’ll do anything.”

“Good, I’ll remember that,” Claudia said as she finally showed her mercy and eased the hard toy into Katrin’s asshole, causing Katrin cry out with pleasure. Claudia held the plug tightly in Katrin’s ass and looked on with satisfaction as Katrin rubbed herself and neared a strong climax. Claudia suddenly reached down and yanked Katrin’s hand away from her clit.

“That’s enough. I’m going to leave the plug in, but don’t even think about touching yourself.”

Katrin resisted Claudia’s grasp and reached back to touch herself with her other hand. Claudia quickly intercepted and held Katrin by both of her wrists tightly. “I said that’s enough. You can’t keep your hands off of yourself can you?” Claudia laughed as she maintained a strong hold on Katrin’s wrists.

Katrin groaned in frustration and struggled to pull her hands away from Claudia’s grasp. Claudia laughed and twisted Katrin’s arms. Katrin yelled out in pain and fell submissively limp.

“Good girl. You’re strong, but you can’t overpower me. Now get back up here and assist me with your intern. Holly, I didn’t forget about you, my sweet little angel,” Claudia assured her as she maneuvered her hands up Holly’s thighs. “I have something big in store for you.”

Claudia walked to the side of the bed and yanked Holly’s hand away from her crotch in order to bind it to the bedpost again. Holly moaned and suffered in frustration.

Claudia handed Katrin the bottle of lube that was lying on the bed. “Go ahead and explore those lovely curves. Get her nice and shiny for me, but only her thighs and her ass. Don’t you dare touch that sweet little pussy. It’s mine now.”

Katrin nodded and popped open the cap of the lube and looked down at poor, helpless Holly. She proceeded to move the bottle over Holly’s ass and squeezed a few dribbles onto her round cheeks. Holly moaned loudly in pleasure, encouraging Katrin to continue. Katrin repositioned the bottle and let small beads of lube slowly trickle directly canlı bahis on to Holly’s asshole.

“Very good,” Claudia encouraged. “Are you enjoying yourself, Holly?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly answered in between heavy breaths.

Katrin began to slide her hands across Holly’s sensitive skin, making her slippery and shiny, just as Claudia instructed. She started with Holly’s inner thighs and then moved up in circular motions over the curves of her ass cheeks, making Holly tremble in anticipation.

Claudia returned to the toy chest. “Holly, I found something nice and big to thrust into the tight wet little pussy of yours.” She proudly presented a large glass dildo, which Katrin eyed with concern, and returned to the end of the bed. Katrin backed away submissively and watched in suspense.

Claudia slowly teased the cold glass up Holly’s slippery thighs. “I’m going to stick this into your tight little cunt and make you squirm. Would you like for me to do that?”

“Yes, Claudia,” Holly begged.

Claudia positioned the thick dildo for insertion and began to gently slide it past Holly’s tight folds. Her pussy stretched around the dildo impressively as Claudia eased it in to the halfway point and began subtly thrusting.

“Katrin, I need your assistance. Lube up her ass and stick this inside her, just like I did for you,” Claudia instructed as she pointed to a separate but identical stainless steel butt plug that was laid out on the bed.

Katrin nodded in compliance and picked up the lube. She was still reeling and throbbing from Claudia’s teasing and felt the prominent pressure from the plug that was still inside her ass.

Katrin poured out drops of lube on to Holly’s asshole while Claudia forced the dildo more aggressively into Holly’s tight pussy. Katrin slowly circled Holly’s hole with the tip of her finger to warm her up. She eased her finger inside Holly’s ass and felt the strong movements of the dildo against her finger from the inside as Claudia pumped it harder and faster.

Katrin made sure the steel plug was nice and shiny with lube and then pressed it into Holly’s ass. Holly cried out in pleasure as she felt the intense and wholly unfamiliar sensation of being penetrated by two large objects at the same time.

Just as Holly’s entire body trembled and surged with another intense buildup, Claudia quickly removed the glass dildo with a look of disappointment on her face. Katrin followed by removing the plug from Holly’s ass. Holly moaned in frustration.

“Holly, you’re going to cum too quickly,” Claudia announced cruelly as she walked to the side of the bed and caressed Holly’s head. “I can’t let you do that.”

Holly breathed heavily in her crouching position and awaited Claudia’s next move.

“I’m not quite finished exploring your sexy little intern,” Claudia said as she turned to Katrin. “I have one more activity in mind and I’ll need your assistance. Will you assist me?” Claudia asked as she raised her hands to stroke Katrin’s slender sides.

“Yes, Claudia,” Katrin replied, both excited and guilty for her continued participation.

“Oh, you look so angry,” Claudia laughed. “Are you mad that I took your hands away from your throbbing wet pussy?”

“No, Claudia,” Katrin replied, hoping that if she played the game on Claudia’s terms then Claudia might allow her some release.

“You have some very lovely little breasts, with nice pointy nipples,” Claudia said as she gently massaged Katrin’s nipples over the fabric of her teddy. Katrin moaned and looked into Claudia’s haunting eyes.

“Do me a favor and undo my bra,” Claudia requested as she turned her back and tossed her silky see-through robe to the floor. Katrin reached up and unclasped the lacy black bra, causing the straps to loosen on Claudia’s shoulders. Claudia turned to Katrin and slowly unveiled her round natural C-cup breasts and small, dark nipples to Katrin, who looked on in admiration and lust. Claudia still had a black garter belt and stockings to decorate the lower half of her body.

“I think you should remove that lovely red teddy so that I can have a better look at you,” Claudia suggested. Katrin eagerly complied and turned around to peel off her lingerie. She bent over and slowly pulled the fabric down from her ass and hoped that Claudia was watching with approval.

Claudia approached from behind to stroke Katrin’s firm ass and pull her upright. She pressed her soft breasts against Katrin’s back and reached around to stimulate Katrin’s nipples.

“Do you like the way my breasts feel against your back?” Claudia whispered into her ear.

“Yes, Claudia,” Katrin said in between deep breaths. Claudia suddenly slipped a leather collar around Katrin’s neck causing her to gasp in surprise.

“Don’t worry,” Claudia whispered into her ear as she buckled the collar. “Now that you’re naked, I thought I’d give you a little accessory that I can use to keep you nice and close to me.” Claudia clipped on a short leash and pulled it tightly as she pressed her breasts even tighter against Katrin’s naked back.

“I want you oil up my breasts so that I can tease Holly with them.”

“Yes, Claudia,” Katrin replied as she grew excited from the suggestion.

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