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Bisexual car sexI was relatively new to having sex with men (mostly confined to glory hole action) but one night I met a nice guy at the XXX video store (I actually met his cock briefly via a glory hole but before that could get too involved) and he asked me if I wanted to get out of there and go have some fun somewhere else. I agreed and next thing I knew we were in his car with him saying “I know of a place where we can go.” That sounded OK with me and we ended up an area that was off the road and pretty secluded from any casual viewing.It was a warm summer night and he exited the car so I followed his lead and also got out. He came around to my side and met me there. He stood in front of me and immediately unzipped my pants and reached inside my shorts. He grabbed on to my cock which was already pretty hard with anticipation. “Mmmm, look at what I found” he said as he gently stroked it a few times before looking up at me. Our eyes met and after a moment he leaned in to kiss me and as our tongues swirled around one another I thought to myself – this just might turn out to as much fun as if we were in a bed. I grabbed his ass and squeezed it while we were kissing and it was nice and firm. He let go of my cock long enough to unfasten and pull his own pants down far enough to expose his cock. When he did, it touched mine and like me he was already hard. We continued our kiss as he ground his cock against mine and the whole experience felt nice. He had a great cock and I reached down and took him in to my hand. I squeezed and stroked him a few times before taking both of our cocks in my hand to stroke them together. Moments later I stopped our kiss and I looked down at his cock while simultaneously squatting down in front of it. He was about 6 or so inches long maybe and felt firm in my hand. I was staring at and admiring karabük rus escort him while stroking back and forth on his shaft when I felt his hands on the sides and back of my head. He moved my head toward his cock and I had no choice but to open my mouth and take him in.I began sucking on him and he said “Oh yeah.” He was trying to control my head with his hands and I kind of resisted by grabbing his hands with my own and moving them off of my head. I was trying to go slow and deep and when I looked up at him he saw what I was trying to do I let go of his hands and he pretty much let me have my way. I sucked on him slowly going up and down his shaft and taking him right up to my throat before I backed off and let him out. My saliva was oozing off of him and dripping out of my lips but I got my tongue under his shaft to catch it and play with it a little. I used my fingers and tongue at the same time to play with all the moisture and he seemed to be enjoying it. He was really hard at this point and while continuing to look at him, I moved my mouth to where my lips covered only the tip of his cock and we watched each other as I slowly moved my lips down the entire length of his shaft until his head reached the opening of my throat. I still wasn’t really good at deep-throating a cock yet but I tried to relax my gag reflex and pushed him in. Amazingly to me I didn’t gag at all and before I knew it he was down my throat and his balls were resting on my chin. He momentarily closed his eyes and said “Oh my god” and I could feel his cock expand a little in my throat and between my lips as he squeezed his sphincter muscles with pleasure. He grabbed my head again this time forcing his cock in to me as deeply as possible and that made me gag slightly but I controlled it. “Oh yeah” karabük rus escort bayan he said “Swallow that cock.” I continued sucking him and deep throating him as much as possible while striking my own cock at the same time and before long he said “Get up.” He helped me to stand up and quicky took my pants off of me.He turned me around, spread my legs apart and bent me over the front fender of the car. He began squeezing and playing with my ass and pulled my cock down between my legs and back toward him. I helped out by pushing my stomach backwards off the fender to give him a better angle. He put his head down under my ass and between my legs and began sucking my cock from below. I was very hard and I could tell that I was already leaking precum. He only sucked me for a moment or two before focusing on my asshole. He began licking it and sticking his tongue inside of me like a man that hasn’t eaten anything for a while and it felt really good. Moments later he put my cock back into his mouth and just held it there while he slowly started fingering my ass. His fingers felt good but I was ready for something bigger. “I want your cock, fuck me now.” He played with me a little bit longer while spreading and stretching me out a little more before stopping and standing up. I turned around quickly, bent over and stuck his cock back in to my mouth. He was nice and hard and ready to go. “Do you want to fuck me?” I asked him. “Yes” he said. “Good” I said “cause I want you to fuck me good and deep. I want to feel all of your cock.”With that said I stood up and jumped up on to the fender of the car sliding my ass right up to the edge for him. I pulled my legs back and he wasted no time getting that cock in to me. Like I said he was nice and hard and as he began fucking me he said rus escort karabük “You want this cock? You want it deep?” Well that’s what you’re going to get.” He proceeded to fuck me deep and hard. His cock felt amazing and while we were fucking I could see out to the road that we drove in on which was about maybe 200 yards away and saw a police car drive by and I thought to myself ‘if they only knew.’Well the fucking felt fabulous but I wanted to cum so I started playing with my cock and it didn’t take me very long to jack off a big load all over my stomach and the shirt that I had tried to pull up high enough so that it wouldn’t get hit. Oh well. He began fucking me with long deep strokes and I decided to help him finish off strong by wrapping my thumb and forefinger around his cock to add a little more sensation for him which is a trick that I learned from a girlfriend. She used to do this to me and it always made me cum big. Well it did the trick and he quickly deposited his cum deeply into my ass. As he promised, he was nice and deep inside of me as I felt his ejaculations coating my insides. He grunted and bucked up against me while holding on to my thighs like his life depended on it.With a final sigh of relief, he pulled back and his cock all but flopped out of my ass and hung there for both of us to see. Even though there was nothing but moonlight around us, I could see that his cock was wet and glistening in the low light and I decided to do something that I had never done before. I slid off the fender of the car, bent over and put him back into my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect as far as taste went since I didn’t know what my ass mixed with cum would taste like but I liked it. His cum had started to ooze out of my ass but as I squated down in front of him to finish cleaning his cock, it flowed out of me even faster. He moaned a little with pleasure as I gently licked and sucked his cock clean of his cum before he said “That feels great but I already came once at the glory hole before meeting you and I think that I’m done.” I looked up at him and let his cock slip out of my mouth before saying “That’s ok, I was just making sure.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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