Birthday Treats

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Chapter 1

Ever since Penny and I had been together we had constantly found new ways of pleasing and exciting each other, so much so that I was actually beginning to think we might soon run out of ideas, when Penny added a completely new dimension to our already full, and extremely varied sex life.

My birthday was still a couple of weeks away when she first raised the subject of how we might celebrate it. I told her that birthday’s were usually no more than just another date on the calendar to me, but she replied that she was determined to make this year’s totally different – and that although at that stage she was not exactly sure what we would do, I should keep the evening free from any other commitments.

She said no more and to be frank our life together was so eventful that I had almost forgotten what she’d said until she reminded me the evening before it. ‘Now tomorrow evening Brad, I’ve got something planned that I expect will prove to be truly special for you – so you just make sure you’re not delayed too long at the office.’

Of course after that I found myself spending various times during that day wondering just what she might have in mind; and as I not only felt both a growing sense of anticipation but often found I had also developed a totally unwanted erection, I certainly made sure I did as she’d asked.

When I got home I was greeted with a kiss that was even more passionate than usual, then a glass of champagne, and several beautifully wrapped parcels. There was some silk underwear that I guessed she’d bought from the lingerie shop we’d discovered, and a book she had obviously heard me talking about with my fellow book-fiend, Boris. But even as I was thanking her for those she said. ‘Your proper present is still to come, we’re going out, so enjoy your champagne – and as I’m going to need a bit more time than usual in getting myself ready you’ll even have time for another glass or two before I let you hit the bath-room.’

‘Well why don’t I get my stuff out of the bedroom, I can easily dress in the other room, and that way once you have showered you can take all the time you need to dress and get yourself beautiful for me.’

‘You’re a very understanding guy, darling – that’ll be just great!’ she replied, giving me a much quicker kiss before hurrying off to shower.

Having taken my time with a couple of glasses of champagne before I heard her call out that the bathroom was clear for me, I was feeling a little light-headed as I showered and changed, but even so I still poured myself another before sitting down to watch the news while I waited for Penny to get herself ready.

But of course I found it almost impossible to concentrate on what was on the screen, I was far too busy wondering just what she had planned for the evening and found the various thoughts I’d had during the day returning, giving me another of those unasked for erections.

Penny really didn’t keep me waiting that long, but when she entered I knew that if I’d had any idea of just how sexily beautiful she was going to make herself, I would have been prepared to wait far, far longer.

The dress she was wearing was a wine-red slinky number, that seemed to be literally moulded to the sensuous curves of her, and although my brain was busy imagining the reality of what lay beneath it, there was no way I could fail to appreciatively notice both the wide, and deeply plunging neckline, and the thigh-high slit up the side of it. The combination made my heart literally skip a beat or two, and I felt my cock giving an enthusiastic surge as I let my eyes drift slowly and lingeringly up and down the length of her tantalisingly gorgeous body.

‘Penny! You look absolutely stunning!’ I said in an almost choking voice. ‘Do we really have to go out? I could eat you, right here and now!

She giggled, gave me a flashingly appreciative smile, then replied. ‘Oh I’m sure you’ll be doing that – but you’ll just have to wait awhile. Anyway, I think you’ll enjoy even more the rather special treat I have in store for you.’

I watched, utterly mesmerised by the way the form-clinging dress showed off every tiny movement of her body as she turned and picked up the car keys, saying. ‘Not only don’t you know where I’m taking you, but you’ve already had the best part of half a bottle of champagne, so I’ll be driving Brad.

As Penny was an extremely good driver I had no problem with that, and even more importantly, as I have always preferred manual to automatic gear-shifts I immediately found myself anticipating the sight of even more of her legs as they operated the pedals.

She drove both fast and smoothly, and although surprised that she took off heading out of, not towards, the city centre, I was actually far too busy watching the frequent flashes of stockinged thigh to worry about much more than the increasing pressure I could feel in my groin.

But when I finally realised the direction she was taking us – up into the hills, towards the area officially known as ‘The Dress Circle’, but bahis şirketleri more commonly, at least amongst we commoners, as Billionaires’ Row – I couldn’t restrain myself from asking – ‘Just where are we going Penny?’

She glanced sideways, gave me a grin and replied. ‘There’s only one rule for you this evening Brad – you’re not to ask any questions. Just relax, take whatever’s offered – and enjoy!’

The road climbed in a long curve, the houses gradually increasing in both size and luxuriousness as the views their height allowed became ever more expansive and knowing there were absolutely no commercial premises up there I grew more and more curious as to where Penny was taking us. Then, when we were at the very crown of the hill, she pulled in towards a set of truly imposing gates, wound down her window and pressed the button on the security communication device.

After not having to do more than give her name, the gates slowly swung aside and we drove down a broad, tree and shrub-lined driveway towards a well hidden house. It was three storey place, mostly white, but with an ornately tiled roof that curved out and upwards, very reminiscent, on a much more modest scale of course, of a Chinese Pagoda’s roof-line.

Before we had a chance to get out of the car, one of the two heavily lacquered front doors opened, and standing in the door-way was a young woman, who greeted us politely but warmly.

‘Welcome! Welcome to our house, we trust your evening will be most enjoyable.’ she said with a slight bow, as she ushered us into a foyer that itself was at least twice the size of our entire apartment.

I briefly took in the exquisite décor and the large number of presumably genuine Chinese and Asian artefacts and artworks, which could well have ended up making the place look like a museum but which were so skilfully arranged that they actually gave it a surprisingly informal feel. But what really held my attention was the girl herself. Although a good head shorter than Penny, her shape was, if that was possible, even more sensually curvy – curves that were displayed and accentuated by the obviously expensive, figured black silk cheongsam that tightly covered it.

Her face, although bearing traces of the distinctively erotic shape of classical Asian features, looked as though it had been modified by the inclusion of at least a few European genes; the underlying bone structure giving her a softer but also almost sensually vampish look. She saw me slowly appraising and appreciating her, gave me a twinkly-eyed smile, then asked us to follow her. We were led through an even more spacious lounge room, into a decidedly Chinese dining-room that could have easily seated twenty or thirty, and then out on to a semi-covered terrace area that directly overlooked the ocean.

I had seen such places, in films and magazines, but had never dreamed I would actually be standing in one, it was truly breath-taking. The view down over the sea – its slow waves rippling towards us, reflecting the star and low-rising moonlight, then the beach on which those waves broke sussuratingly – was fringed by the neatly trimmed vegetation that covered the area between the house and the cliff-edge.

‘Come darling, let’s sit down.’ Penny whispered as she took my hand, then led me to a candle-lit table that was already laid for two.

While I had been standing looking out across the ocean, the girl had obviously been busy because as we sat she brought two tall glasses in which ice cubes tinkled. ‘Miss Penny said you would probably enjoy a long vodka and tonic. I trust this one is to your liking.’ she said as she placed the glasses down in front of us.

I took a sip, the strength of the alcohol was obvious. ‘Thank you, it’s delicious, exactly right.’ I replied.

By then there were a score of questions buzzing around inside my head but when I looked across at Penny she guessed my confusion and, reaching across the table, she placed her hand on mine and said. ‘Brad, please, no questions. As I said before, questions and answers can wait until much, much later – for now, just enjoy. We are going to share a little time together while having some of the finest food, most excellent wine. And later? Well let’s wait and see what comes later.’ she added with a positively wicked grin.

‘OK, I’ll accept what you’re saying, try to concentrate on just the food and wine, at least for a while. But you have to understand that with you sitting there, especially looking the way you do.’ I added, staring down into the deep cleavage between her breasts that the low-cut front of her dress left on display for me. ‘With you looking like that the food and wine, no matter how good, will actually be the two things furthest from my thoughts.’

She gave a low chuckle and replied. ‘Please don’t think you are the only one suffering Brad.’

‘You mean you’re feeling sexy too?’

‘Of course I am, have been since I knew how I hoped we’d be spending tonight.

‘And you’re not going to add anything about the detail of bahis firmaları that – right?’

‘Absolutely right!’

‘OK, but presumably you know this girl from somewhere – what’s her name please? I mean sooner or later I will have to call her something.’

‘It’s Shun-shun.’ Penny answered. ‘And yes I’m sure you’ll want to use it – some time.’ Penny replied cryptically.

Chapter 2

Finally my thoughts cleared and I put down my glass and said. ‘Penny, no matter how good the food and wine are going to be – and if you continue to refuse to answer even the most basic of my questions – what are we going to talk about? We can’t just sit in silence for the next hour or so. You clearly have some sort of ideas about the rest of the evening – ideas that you are not going to tell me – so what can we talk about?’

‘Oh there are many things Brad.’ she answered with a grin. ‘For instance. I’m sure you at least glanced at some of the interesting things around us as we came through the house, your artistic eye couldn’t have failed to miss them. So we can talk about art; in general, or about Chinese and Asian art. You have obviously also noticed just how attractive Shun-shun is. We can talk about the concept of feminine beauty and how it varies from one part of the world to another. You said you were feeling sexy, and you now know that I am too. We can talk about sex, share some experiences we’ve had together – or perhaps with other people – or even about sexual experiences that we might like to have.’ she added after a long, thoughtful pause.’

She was right of course and having said so, and ignoring the idea of immediately discussing something as disturbing as sex, I opened the conversation with a comment about the pieces decorating the entrance area.

Once started the conversation flowed quite naturally, I already knew that Penny was becoming particularly well informed about Chinese and Asian art and that kept us going until the first of a seemingly endless series of quite delicious dishes began to appear. I had to admire what had been selected for us, and the way each serving had been kept relatively small, allowing us to experience a whole variety of tastes and flavours, without our stomachs becoming overfull. Then the wines that had been selected also blended remarkably well with what we were eating, and even without having the continuingly sexually alluring sight of Penny sitting opposite me, and the quietly flitting charms of Shun-shun adding to that, the meal itself would have been one of the most memorable ones I’d eaten.

Once it was clear we had each had sufficient Shun-shun cleared the table, bringing us a pot of Chinese tea, then some icy sorbets to cleanse our palates.

Even though I had never let them interrupt the flow of our conversation I had not been able to fully suppress the thoughts and memories that the mere presence of Penny triggered. Memories of the many and varied fantasies I’d created about us in past years, and of the one time that one of those fantasies had actually been turned to a reality. And it was not unnatural that those thoughts, plus what she had said about wanting to make this evening really special for me, led me on to wonder what it was that she might actually have in mind for us.

But even so I was left at a complete loss as to just how to reply when she delicately licked her spoon clean of sorbet then looked me straight in the eye and said. ‘Brad, what have you been thinking about?’

The best I could do was to ask. ‘When?’

She grinned knowingly and answered. ‘Oh, from time to time during the meal, but especially just then, while we were eating dessert. I could tell that there was clearly something other than what have been talking about going on inside your head.’

‘Was it that obvious?’ I asked, giving a sheepish smile as she nodded affirmatively.

‘Well it’s very difficult not to think about what we might have been doing, I mean if we hadn’t come out to eat.’ I replied.

‘You mean sex?’

‘Of course that’s what I mean.’

‘Well you might not have to wait too much longer. But let me ask you something. Have you ever been with two women?’

‘You mean at the same time?’


‘No I haven’t.’

‘Does the thought turn you on?’

‘I guess that would depend on who they were, and how much energy I felt I had at the time.’ I answered with a grin.

‘I see, that’s very considerate of you. So how energetic do you feel at the moment?’

‘Right now?’


I was confused and bewildered, was the line of questioning merely the result of her general curiosity, or was she serious? If so, who was the other woman she was talking about? And anyway did I want to share myself with anyone but Penny?

‘I don’t really know.’ I answered, desperately playing for a little more time to sort through the conflicting thoughts that were crowding into my brain.

At that moment Shun-shun reappeared, presumably to clear the table. ‘Well let’s find out.’ Penny said decisively, kaçak bahis siteleri then said to her. ‘Can you get away now?’

‘Of course.’ Shun-shun answered, turning her head and smiling at me. ‘It will be my very real pleasure. So please to follow me.’ she said in a low-pitched voice, as she waited for us to get up from the table and then led us off the terrace.

Penny took my hand and whispered. ‘As I have said before, don’t think too deeply about anything that happens, just enjoy it, Brad’

We followed Shun-shun back through the lounge and foyer, then she led us up the curve of a sweeping flight of stairs. The decor was a continuation of that on the ground floor of the house and although under other circumstances I might have paused to admire some of the truly excellent works of art hanging on the walls, with my increasing curiosity as to just what lay ahead, and Shun-shun’s tightly pert bottom swaying hypnotically from side to side in front of me, I virtually ignored them.

Having reached the top we were led along an equally exotically appointed corridor, passing several doors before Shun-shun opened one and stood aside to let us enter.

The room was large, dimly lit, and tastefully furnished with various lounge chairs and tables. The walls were hung with silks, decorated with more oriental paintings and lavishly mirrored. But I only gave those things a passing glance, my eyes were immediately drawn to the far end, where there was what I guessed must have been classified as an Emperor sized bed. Then, but off to one side, through an already opened doorway I also saw just a section of what was clearly a spa-room.

Even while I was still taking in the various furnishings and decorations Shun-shun led Penny down towards that oversized bed – then she half turned, and said to me. ‘You’ll find everything you need to make yourself a drink, in that tall cabinet behind you, for now, just relax Brad.’

Not having the foggiest notion of what was going on, another drink did seem like a good idea and when the opened cabinet doors revealed a fridge, and above it shelves lined with both glasses and an almost exhaustive array of liquors, I poured myself another vodka and went and sat on one of the lounge chairs.

By then Shun-shun was standing behind Penny, coiling her hair – and having done that, fastening it with two ornately large grips. But once done, her hands and fingers lingered there; gently stroking the coils, Penny’s neck, her neck and then her shoulders – slowly, lightly, with infinite patience, finger-tips trailing, sometimes flutteringly so, back and forth with feather-light tenderness.

I admit I didn’t notice the movement, but at some stage Shun-shun’s fingers must have somehow slid the spaghetti thin shoulder straps down off Penny’s shoulders, because I realised that those fingers were moving lower, down her upper arms, and every now and then even slipping around to include the swelling curve of Penny’s breasts.

It was only then that I remembered a brief conversation Penny and I had had some months earlier, when we were tentatively talking about odd fantasies we had each sometimes conjured up. It then that, with some embarrassed discomfort, I had admitted that one of mine was to be able to watch two beautiful women making love to each other.

Was this Penny’s special birthday present to me? She and Shun-shun fulfilling that fantasy.

If so, did I really want them to do that? How would I feel to know my special girl was responding to someone else’s touch, their caresses?

But at the same time – knowing the depth of the bond that had grown between Penny and I – the idea of being able to watch these two, undoubtedly beautiful girls, doing what I had often imagined, was of course exciting. Extremely exciting!

So I continued slowly sipping my drink, watching whatever the girls had in mind to do unfolding before me.

I didn’t have to long to wait; it wasn’t long before Shun-shun slid Penny’s dress down over her hips, exposing her bra-less breasts and the skimpy, also wine-red thong that was all she’d had on beneath it.

Even though by then I had of course seen Penny’s naked body countless times, seeing her like that – standing in just sheer grip-top stockings and thong, with Shun-shun’s hands and fingers wandering caressingly over it – was one of the most erotically arousing sights I thought I’d ever seen. And although I thought that right then my reactions to them were likely to be the furthest of their thoughts, I couldn’t just sit there as I was – and as the increasing pressure from my straining cock was becoming decidedly uncomfortable, I stood and began stripping my own clothes off.

Shun-shun quickly removed Penny’s thong, then with a deft movement, and a couple of slight wriggles, her own dress, and the plain, hip-length shift she’d also had on, fell around her feet.

I finally saw that although she might be small, she very definitely was all too perfectly proportioned – in fact, mouth-wateringly so.

Her breasts were, if anything, even more hand-itchingly tempting than Penny’s; not quite as full of course, but appearing to be even firmer, set a little higher on her chest and their shape and silky skin making them look to be even more tightly full.

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