Birthday Boy

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London smiled as she checked out her reflection in the mirror. “He’s going to lose it.” She didn’t really think the outfit was as sexy as some of the other things that she could have chosen but she’d spent enough time thumbing through her boyfriend’s computer to know what he liked and for some reason he was really into Kim Possible. She could personally think of a few dozen things that were sexier than a skin tight black top and loose fitting cargo pants but this was for his birthday so she was going to dress for him. She’d added a little something by wearing a thong and her pants slung low on her hips. She’d even strapped an old hair dryer on her hip.

The outfit was just part of her gift to him though. He’d accidently, mostly accidently, dropped a few hints that he wanted to take her anally. She’d long suspected that there were only two types of men in the world when it came to wanting anal. The kind who wanted it and the kind who were too smart to admit that they wanted it. Well her boyfriend had done a pretty good job of remaining in the second camp and for so long she’d been forced to consider the idea that she was wrong but just like always she was ultimately found to be right. She didn’t really mind, each of her boyfriends had had eventually talked her into it and the truth was she enjoyed it a little. It made her feel dirty.

London was constantly reminded of her decision to give her boyfriend his ultimate hole by the anal plug already buried inside her stretching her open for her boyfriend. There was no hint of it to be seen through the loose cargo pants but she turned her rump towards the mirror and wriggled it slightly. She might have remained there for a while if the doorbell hadn’t rang. “He’s here.”

London quickly pulled on a bright red wig over her naturally black hair and bounded down the stairs to open the door. “Happy birthday!” London shouted wrapping her arms around Scott’s neck and pulling him down to her lips. “I hope you like it.” She broke the kiss and spun around Kastamonu Escort slowly. “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! Did anybody even still have beepers when this show was on?”

Scott beamed a smile at her. “Wow. I must have done something extremely right to have deserved this.” He stepped into the house kicking the door shut behind him and taking her by the waist easily lifting her up into the air. “You look amazing.”

“Thanks.” Scott knew London loathed it when he picked her up overhead. It reinforced the feeling she often got that people thought of her as some kind of doll because she only five foot two, in heels, without them she fell shy of the five foot mark and she didn’t weigh a full hundred pounds.

Scott by contrast was actually quite normal sized at an even six feet, a little under two hundred pounds. The only thing about him that stood out much was he insisted on growing his brunette hair down to shoulder length. London thought it made him look a little like one of those vampires from the romance novels, not that she was complaining. As long as he didn’t sparkle she was perfectly happy with him being a blood sucking fiend.

“You did do something very right. You dated me and made me very happy.” She pulled the hair dryer from her hip and pointed it straight at his heart. “And now I’m going to have to insist that you come with me.”

“Kim’s a good girl, she doesn’t do that.” Scott replied putting his hands up at the same time.

London narrowed her eyes at her boyfriend for a moment. Boys. They couldn’t just be happy with what they had, they had to nitpick about the details didn’t they. Fortunately this time she’d planned a bit in advance, it was his birthday after all and he really did appreciate attention to detail. “Oh is that so Scott?” She cackled and tilted her head slightly to the left revealing a small metal dot pasted just beneath and behind her ear.

“A moodulator!” Scott gasped. “You’re evil Kim.”

“Not quite Kastamonu Escort Bayan but for now you better do exactly what you’re told unless you want to find out what exactly is going on. Now go on up the stairs!” Scott nodded and marched dramatically up the stairs. “You should know that I have made plans for everything hero. I have you for as long as I want you and there is nothing you can do. In fact escape is totally impossible!” She threw here head back and laughed once again. London decided right then that maniacal laughter felt pretty damn good and made a mental note to dress up as a wicked witch for Halloween.

When the two of them reached her bed room she motioned towards the bed with her gun. “On the bed pretty boy. Cuff yourself to the headboard.” Scott glanced over at her then at the bed but she looked like she was serious. She had the hair dryer pointed directly at him anyway and that meant she meant serious business so he cuffed himself to her bed. “That’s good pretty boy. That’s real good.” She purred setting the gun down on her vanity and walking over.

“What are you going to do to me!” Scott asked. He didn’t know what she had in mind for sure but he got a pretty good clue when his captor yanked his pants and boxers off her hips and flung them to the floor. “You know you won’t get away with this.”

London retrieved a bottle of oil from her dresser and started pouring it up and down the length of Scott’s dick. “I won’t?” She grinned greasing him with one hand until his cock was glistening. “Are you sure about that?” She unfastened her cargo pants and pulled them down to about mid thigh waving her ass back and forth until he caught sight of the bright red rubber butt plug keeping her stretched open for him. “I think I already have.”

Scott’s pulse doubled when he realized what his girlfriend had in mind for him. Scott had a perfect view of London’s ass when she pulled the plug free and dropped it on his belly. She poured a fresh coating Escort Kastamonu of oil down over the plump globes of her rump, making sure plenty went on and in her still spread open anus. From there it dripped down onto his belly. “You dirty fiend!” Scott gasped. London’s only response was reaching between her legs and guiding his cock into her ass.

London leaned forward gripping Scott’s ankles and started slowly pushing down onto his cock. She bit down on her lower lip to keep from squealing. It had been a few years since the last time she’d let a man take her like this. London was happy that she in control right now, later if he was good she’d let him take her. She whimpered at the feeling of being stuffed with his cock and after getting accustomed to being full she slid up until just the tip remained inside her then back down.

The sound of her hips bouncing against his hips was louder than her muffled moans and far louder than Scott’s own labored breathing. He’d never been in the position to simply watch his cock vanish into a woman’s anus before. Scott strained for a moment against the cuffs forgetting for a moment that he had had no power control anything. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“That would be the idea.” London replied picking up the pace just slightly. She didn’t need to see the look on his face when she could watch his toes curl to know he was just a few more pumps from flooding her bowels with his hot semen.

Without anything else within in his grasp Scott’s fingers clamped down around the head board when he came. “Oh my God. I never thought you’d let me do that.” Scott exhaled.

“Let you do what? I didn’t let you do anything pretty boy.” London rose up off his cock and crawled around to face him wrapping her digits around his still sensitive cock. Her smile grew while he started twitching while she squeezed the last few drops out of his cock onto his belly. “What makes you think you’re done Birthday Boy?”

“What are you talking about?” Scott asked happily playing along.

London reached out and grabbed her cell phone. “Hey, Stephanie I’ve got him all tied up.”

“You wouldn’t.” Scott’s eyes bulged. He’d known his girlfriend and his ex were on good terms and so was he but this wasn’t possible.

“Nothing’s impossible for a possible.”

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