Bird With a Broken Wing

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The snowstorm was expected to be a doozy so I drove down to the settlement to pick up some things from the food market and get a full tank of gas. I was using the pickup and Sweetie, my Brittany Spaniel, was sitting on the seat beside me on her blanket. She was already wet with snow. My plan was to drive back to the house but already I knew I would have to put on chains if I expected to get there. The road to my place was a 12 mile uphill climb. It was for moments like this that I had an apartment in the back of the garage. I always had the option of staying there if I had to. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, this was no two car garage, more like a modest warehouse.

It was only about 8 miles to the garage but conditions had worsened causing a near whiteout. As I returned home there were no cars on the road except the one ahead of me which suddenly spun and went off the road sliding down the considerable berm. I stopped and looked down. That car was not going anywhere anytime soon. It was no easy thing getting down to the car. When I got there the window came down and there was a gorgeous young woman, still wearing her safety belt. She had a luminous beauty that I had rarely seen before. Some very young girls have it but it doesn’t last long.

I noticed that she had some hand controls along with the steering wheel so, being a college graduate, I knew she would never be able to climb up to the road. I also knew that I would never be able to climb up carrying her. I needed help.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m ok. Do you think I can get a tow?” she said. I laughed.

“Not a chance. I’m sure everyone is busy taking care of accidents. There will be a wait but I have an idea. Am I correct in assuming you can’t walk, you know, like climb up to the road?” I said.

She hesitated before she answered. “Correct. I couldn’t possibly get up that hill.”

“Ok, then. Let me call a friend who can help us.” I said. I called Larry Plummer, my only full time employee who luckily was sitting by his phone. I explained the problem telling him we needed some kind of sled that we could pull up to the road with the girl in it.

Larry had a new pickup with a winch so he found us in short order bringing one of those plastic sleds the kids use along with some rope and some blankets. It seemed like a stretch but once we got the girl onto the sled I was able to follow along as Larry used the winch. When we got to the road I told the girl to put her arm around my neck so I could pick her up and get her into Sweetie’s place in the truck. Then I went back down and got everything else in the car including her wheelchair, a suitcase, another bag with assorted items and what was apparently her computer. Once that was all on the sled I shut the door leaving the keys in the car. I put everything behind the seats and the wheelchair plus Sweetie in the bed of the truck.

As I sat in the truck I said, “I’m Matt Webb, what’s your name?”

“Tricia.” she said. “What kartal genç escort happens now?”

“My place is right down the road.” I said. “You will be comfortable there. I have a phone if you need to call anyone. I also have a toilet if you need to pee and food to eat, all the amenities of home. Pardon me for saying this but you don’t have many options.”

When we drove into the garage I shut the door, turned on the lights and set up her wheelchair on the floor. Once again I held her in my arms and set her down. She really was beautiful with her face so near. I wheeled her into the back of the garage where I had a small auto collection and into the apartment where I took her directly to the bathroom. The chair just fit in the doorway.

“I’ll go get the rest of your things.” I said, leaving her to it. I put her stuff next to one of the bunks in the living room where the tv was and went back to the bathroom. “Are you ok?” I called in.

“Sort of.” she said. “I could use some help getting on the toilet.” I went in and found her next to the toilet, her coat on the floor. “Can you just help me onto the seat? I need to pull my slacks down.” she said as she burst into tears.

“Hey, hey,… no crying allowed. I’ve seen girls before. I won’t suddenly become a lunatic.” I said. I held her up off the toilet seat as she worked her slacks and panties halfway down her thighs. Then she let go with a stream of urine.

“I could pee myself.” I said, as I pulled my cock out and urinated into the urinal as she looked on. “There, that makes us even.” I held her up again as she struggled to get her slacks back on. It wasn’t working, so I carried her into the main room and put her on the bunk so she could pull her pants on as she lay on her back. I saw her pubic hair and a glimpse of her slit. I still hadn’t seen her legs yet except that she wore clunky black orthopedic shoes. I brought her wheelchair back to the bed.

“Let’s make a deal, Tricia. We’re going to be together for a while so let’s accept the fact that some of the time will be intimate like the bathroom thing. Do you understand what I’m saying?” I asked. She nodded. “Good, now do you want me to help you unpack your things or anything at all. We will be sleeping in the same room so there is still that hurdle to get over. Maybe you want to take a bath, I can help you with that. You would love the Jacuzzi. Tell me what happened to you. How did you get this way?

“It happened when I was twelve. Before that I was normal. I can walk in a pool where the buoyancy takes away the weight but that’s all.” she said.

“It must have been hard for you. At that age a girl starts to think of boys and sex. How did that go for you?” I said.

“It was really hard, but after a while you just give up.” she said.

“Oh come on, you’re a beautiful girl. Anything is possible.” I said. “Can I ask you, do you have feelings down there?”

“Yes.” she said. “Yes, that part is bayan kartal escort normal.”

“That’s half the battle right there.” I said. “Not being able to walk is just a technicality. Can I take your shoes and socks off for you. You won’t need them in here. I didn’t wait for an answer. She watched as I took them off. An act like that is very intimate. Her feet and toes looked normal, there was no atrophy. “Does that feel better?” she nodded again. “If you want we can sit in the Jacuzzi together. We can wear our underwear. Don’t answer just yet. Think about it while I make us some dinner.

By this time it was dark outside, the wind howling. I grilled a sirloin med rare and let it rest as I made us Mac & Cheese. I served it with some Pepsi. We each had several slices of the tender pink beef. For dessert we had vanilla ice cream on a piece of yellow cake. I saved some of the steak for Sweetie along with some dry dog food. The two of them were already friends. We talked at the table for a while as the weather man made his pitch on the tv.

I told her about myself. School at MIT and how my girlfriend of 16 years, Meili, married her organic instructor at Harvard. Meili had been the only girl in my life since the age of four, we were neighbors. We grew up together, learning about sex together. We were lovers for years. Her family was Chinese. She and her two brothers learned to speak English while I became proficient in Mandarin. When she left me I went sort of crazy, leaving MIT where I could expect a career in linguistics. It took me a year to pull myself together. By that time I was building this place in North Western Maine. My wealthy father left me rich when he died and my own business interests had done well too. I became a drop out.

“That’s quite a story.” she said.

“I’m ok now.” I said. “This isn’t really my house, by the way. I made this apartment for days like this when getting to the house is not possible. The road to the house is twelve miles long. I live up in the hills. It’s very beautiful. up there. I hope you can get to see it.”

Tricia used the phone and told her friend in Canada who was expecting her that she would be late, maybe a day or two. We talked some more, turning to adolescent sex and masturbation. She got teary again. “It’s all I have.” she said.

“Well, much of the time it’s all I have too. People are pretty much the same.” I said. After a while she said she wanted to sleep. “At least take most of your clothes off.” I said. “I plan to sleep in my underwear.” So I helped her again pulling her slacks off. She sat up and removed her shirt leaving her bra on. She had an A cup, I swear. “For God’s sake take that off.” I said, but she refused. Once she was tucked in I sat in the kitchen where I could smoke next to the exhaust fan. I sat thinking about this new wrinkle in my life drinking some Old Forester and smoking a butt. I couldn’t help but wonder if sex with a cripple could be good. I looked escort kartal bayan at the weather and watched Hard Talk until I got in my bunk for the night.

At two am she woke me up. Matt, I have to poop.” she said. I took her to the bathroom and left her on the toilet. She needed no help this time until it was time to go back to bed. She thanked me as I pulled the covers up for her. Needless to say there were more bathroom issues in the morning and Tricia wanted to put fresh clothes on from her suitcase. I gave her some space. Then we had breakfast together. Even with her morning face she was lovely. There was little we could do as the highway crews plowed the highway. I could not imagine how we were going to get her car back on the road. It would be a project.

Sweetie went outside to do her stuff as I showed Tricia my modest car collection, nothing exotic. I had a MGTF, a 1949 chopped Mercury coupe “a la James Dean”, a mint Austin Healey, a one off Ferrari used once in a hill climb race, a mint Morgan and a Mercedes 600 sedan. None of it interested her very much. That afternoon we watched a movie together sitting side by side on the couch. I made pop corn and we both had a beer. The bathroom thing kept coming up but Tricia seemed ok with it now. She let me watch when she pissed and watched when I pissed. Actually it was kind of funny. She remained barefoot. I made spaghetti for dinner with a fresh bread I baked myself.

That evening she agreed to go into the Jacuzzi. I carried her into the bathroom wearing her panties and bra and sat with her in the warm swirling water wearing my underwear. The only problem was my erection, not at first but as I sat in the water. It wasn’t going away. When I sat her down to dry herself off she could see it.

“Sorry. I can’t help it.” I said. She could see my cock under the damp cotton underwear.

“Is that because of me?” she asked.

“Sure, the whole weird situation I guess.” I said. “Don’t you find that all this is charged with sex?”

“I can see your point.” she said. “I should be out of here soon.”

I carried her back to her bunk and sat on mine putting on dry underwear and my jeans as she watched. I was damned if I was going to hide. When I saw her again she was wearing shorts and a tshirt with no bra. She came out to the front part of the garage where my truck and car were parked and watched as I swept the place up. I put the truck on the lift and put on chains.

By that time it was getting late. Tricia found she was able to get on the toilet without my help and then got into bed. In the evening I made arrangements to have her car pulled up onto the road and brought to the garage. The car sat outside by ten in the morning. I got it started and turned on the heater, cleaning it off with the scraper.

I sensed that she wasn’t so keen to leave anymore but I had mixed feelings about it and made no move to encourage her to stay. I liked my life the way I was living it, alone, with the dog and my chickens, cooking for myself and playing with the girls of the cleaning service who came once a week and another girl who lived in the settlement.

After helping her get her things into the car I watched her drive away feeling what was obviously relief that I had escaped a honey trap.

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