Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 89

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 89 – Romancing the Nanny


I was napping beside the pool – naked and slathered up the sunscreen until I had a high gloss all over. Kate lay beside me also with a high gloss coat of oil on her, plus the residues from our lovemaking an hour prior. Occasionally, she’d change position, but always would come and kiss me as she turned from side to side. Each kiss also came with the words, “I love you.”

I kidded myself that I wasn’t napping. I convinced myself that I was being creative and thinking about business problems, but that was pure self-delusion. Every time I opened my eyes I saw Kate’s bare breasts and her body that would result in a surge of arousal.

I silently thanked a million gods for the romantic situation I seemed to have fallen into, starting with Elsa. Somehow, I accumulated ten gorgeous ‘wives’ who were as insatiable about sex as I was, plus five great guy friends who the women all loved. Besides my family, there were a few others, such as Kate, who may as well have been family, because they shared the same mindset and life attitudes that the rest of us did. Further, like Kate, I love them as well.

Elsa’s voice cut through the fog in my head. “Hi, Lover. Julie and I have a favor to ask.”


“We’d like you to make love to Julie. She’s very inexperienced and yet she wants to try participating with us. I think you should do this. I know you love her just the way the rest of us do.”

I’d opened my eyes all the way to look at the two nude women standing beside me. I felt a surge in my tumescent cock. Elsa looked eager, and Julie was blushing shyly next to her and looked as though she hoped the earth would swallow her at any second because she was so nervous. I looked at Julie and asked, “How inexperienced?”

She stepped forward at Elsa’s urging and hesitantly said, “No experience.”

I sat up and even Kate rose up on one elbow. I asked, “Virgin?”

Julie nodded. “I just …”

Elsa interrupted, “… avoided the situation whenever an opportunity got near.”

I looked at Elsa, “And I assume you would help.” There was a touch of sarcasm in my voice because of her obvious prurient interest.

Both women nodded yes enthusiastically. Kate nudged me from behind. She wanted me to do something with Julie. She whispered, “Help the poor girl become a real adult. Look at how beautiful she is. We all love her; how could you not?”

I stood and took Julie in my arms. She was naked and arousing. Her nipples were standing at attention. I responded as I looked into her beautiful face, and my dick was suddenly rubbing against her pubes as I loosely held her. “Julie, I’d be honored, but you know that you don’t have to do this to stay with us – to be our nanny or any other job we may have or even to simply have us like you – we already do. We love you just the way you are.”

Julie said in a whisper, “I know, but I want to … with you. I want you to be my first.”

Kate said to Julie in a stage whisper over my shoulder, “He’s fabulous. You’ll love it. You’ll love him.”

I just nodded to Julie and her remark, and then carefully and tenderly kissed the girl in the most romantic way I could find in that instant. As we kissed I pulled her more and more into a lover’s embrace. As our tongues started to dance together, we trapped my tumescent cock between our bodies. After some resistance, Julie moved her body back and forth to enhance the sensation for me.

I looked around to see what my next step should be.

Elsa said, “We’re all salty from our swim.”

“And I’m covered with suntan lotion. Come and let’s take a shower together.”

There were side-by-side outdoor showers on the shady side of the large villa. They were actually quite elaborate with multiple spray heads and temperature controls. We had soap and shampoo in a built-in niche between the two shower zones.

I pulled Julie into one of the shower areas and adjusted the water temperature. As the spray soaked our bodies, I took the shampoo and massaged it into Julie’s gorgeous long jet-black hair. At first she was uncertain about what I was doing, but then got into the sensual shampoo. I followed that up with a body wash that covered every inch of her body. Initially she was again stiff and resistant, but gradually loosened up.

Towards the end of my survey of her luscious body, Elsa joined me. She had some kind güvenilir bahis of special skin conditioner that we took turns rubbing into Julie’s body as she stood just outside the spray with her eyes closed. Unless I missed my guess, the purring sounds that I heard came from deep within Julie’s body.

With the water shut off, Elsa and I carefully patted Julie dry. I paid special attention to her hair. Nearby, we had hairbrushes and I used one to gently brush out her damp locks and comb through any snarls. As I brushed, Elsa started to kiss Julie – little kisses, dotted all over her upper body, and no kiss lasting too long. I did notice a tendency for Elsa to focus on Julie’s erect nipples and ripe breasts, but then she’d moved up from there with a kiss every half-inch until she got to her lips. She’d circle around her face, kissing cheeks, chin, eyebrows, nose, forehead, and then ears and neck.

Julie stood like a statue absorbing the sexy sensations we were providing to her. The kisses moved up and down Julie’s arms and then across her torso. When Elsa’s kisses neared Julie’s mound, Julie spread her legs slightly. Even I could smell her arousal, and Elsa was no better. She too was emitting her own distinctive and enticing aromas.

As I finished with Julie’s hair, I led our trio to the gazebo at the end of the pool deck. I’d been in there over an hour earlier with Kate, but somehow this seemed different. The place gave us a modicum of privacy, but those around the pool could certainly see some of what was happening. Julie didn’t seem to care. We lay back on one of the wide chaises.

I took over with the kisses and Julie responded with great passion. In the midst of one kiss I felt her stiffen. I glanced down and Elsa had just started to eat her out. The scene was so sexy I further hardened and my cock again rubbed against our young nanny.

To my surprise, Julie took hold of my shaft, wrapping her innocent hand around me until her fingers almost met. She stroked me several times, but then seemed unsure about what to do. I kept kissing her, and we moved to deep tongue kisses that were obviously inflating all of the passions between us. As we kissed, I could hear the slavering sounds from where Elsa was lapping up Julie’s prodigious juices emanating from her pussy.

Elsa brought a finger up to my lips directly from Julie’s love box. I lapped at the juices, and then she repeated the act only this time having Julie taste her own sexual arousal. She didn’t seem to mind in the least, but I could tell the lewd act was totally new for her.

Julie watched me watching her suck on Elsa’s finger. She asked in a husky voice, “Does it turn you on to watch me do that?”

I nodded and then kissed her lips.

When we parted, she turned to Elsa and said in a shy voice, “Do it again, please.”

Elsa dug deep this time and with two fingers. She brought them up to Julie’s mouth where she made a small show of smearing the cuntal juices on her own lips before ingesting the fingers. The entire time, Julie watched my face, obviously pleased that I was turned on by the lewd act.

I detected a sense of pride in her that she had done something so unique and sexual. I asked her, “Are you pleased that you did that? Is that a first?”

Julie nodded, “I never would have thought of doing something like that before hanging out with your family. I saw Ryan and Cindy do it a few evenings ago. It looked so … sexy, I couldn’t resist trying it.”

“You taste good.” After saying those words I lowered my head and sucked on Julie’s ripe breasts, teasing her nipples into my mouth until they were extended and white hot. I knew I was touching her erotically because I got a moan from her, but then I remembered that Elsa was also doing things to her pussy with her tongue and fingers.

When I looked I discovered that Kate was also between Julie’s legs lapping at her cunt and fingering her vaginal. She gave me a wink without disengaging from our young virginal nanny. Kate’s actions pleased me and turned me on. She had the most perfect body of anybody I knew, and I’d seen a lot of nude women among my family and friends.

Julie eventually had a small orgasm. She gasped out, “Thank you, Elsa.”

Kate made a final lap just as Elsa kissed Julie. Julie struggled to sit up to see who had brought her to a climax. She gasped, “Kate! Oh, my God. Thank you. I didn’t …”

Kate slinked up the chaise over Julie and kissed her. I think there was a further exchange of body fluids before she backed away and sashayed away. Kate had a great ass.

Elsa asked Julie, “Are you ready to become a woman?”

Julie smiled, “I thought I was, but I know what you mean. Yes, please.” She looked over at me in obvious invitation.

Julie had never let go of my cock as we’d been lying next to each other. She squeezed and pumped me a few more times and then let go. I was hard as steel. I admit that she did look worried when I got between her legs and lay my cock on her mons. My length went from her vaginal opening almost güvenilir bahis siteleri to her navel. From the outside it looked like a daunting shaft to take inside. Given Izzy’s tinier size, I looked even larger against her body. I’d show Julie later.

I ran the head around Julie’s nether region focusing on her slit, but then Elsa grabbed me and inhaled my cock. She salivated all over my shaft and then led me to Julie’s tight opening. I pushed gently into her body, making small pulses into her and going deeper on her surge forward. I didn’t encounter any maidenhead or hymen, and eventually, our groins merged completely.

Julie gasped and had never taken her eyes from mine. I had watched her for a sign of pain or discomfort, but there seemed to be none. I only saw lust, worry, and curiosity.

Julie gasped out, “That is the most fantastic feeling in the world. Why didn’t I start doing this when I was twelve?”

“Because you were a good girl,” I speculated. She nodded.

Gradually, I started to stroke in and out of her body. With each stroke she gasped in pleasure. Her hands came to my hips, and Julie would pull me deep into her body and then urge me out again to repeat the cycle.

Elsa came close to Julie’s face and talked to her. “Doesn’t he feel wonderful? Don’t you just adore that big cock making love to your tight little pussy? I love the full feeling I get when one of the men is inside me like this. Don’t you just want to fuck all the time? I bet your dildo never felt this good.” She went on and on, varying between lewd, cute, and romantic in her statements. Often she’d kiss Julie, who seemed more focused on me but would divert for a few seconds to pay attention to Elsa.

I asked Julie if she was comfortable and she said she was in heaven. I asked whether I could cum inside her and she nodded at the suggestion and panted, “I want the whole experience – soup to nuts.” We ignored the Freudian implications of her remark.

Elsa reached between us, right next to where I was penetrating Julie, and started to stroke her clit. Julie about came unglued at the seams. “Oh, Dear God,” she gasped. “This is so wonderful.”

I told her, “Tell me when you’re about to orgasm and I’ll join you.”

I worked inside her as Elsa stroked away in sync with my strokes. We could watch as we wound Julie up higher and higher. She gasped out, “Very soon – oh, God, NOW!”

Julie was tight and snug, but was generating lubricating fluids at a high rate. I felt her vagina go into spasms around my cock as she came, and that was all I had been waiting for. I started to jet my hot cum inside her. As my second jet pulsed into her, Julie’s eyes popped wide open. “Oh, I can feel you ejaculating inside me. How … niceeeeeee!” Her eyes closed and she gave herself over to the rapture of the experience.

I eventually nestled into Julie so I could kiss her some more, but remain deep inside her. Elsa was right there too. Elsa said, “Now you know. Was it OK? Sometimes first couplings aren’t remembered all that fondly.”

Julie shook her head, “This was the greatest and most sensual experience of my life. Thank you both. I am honored.”

“We are the ones who are honored,” I told her between kisses. “You were brave to deal with this, especially in this over-sexed setting.” I glanced between our legs. “I hope I didn’t hurt you. I don’t think you bled.”

“Oh, no you were fine. I’ve used my ‘Dildie’ as I call it so much I know I didn’t have a hymen and had been well intruded on by my toy. I’d just never had a man. I never dreamed it would be someone so nice and handsome.”

Elsa smiled, “You could give her The Experience. I bet that would change her day. Celeste too.”

Julie questioned, “What do you mean The Experience?”

Elsa said, “Mark has the knack to be able to give a woman the most wonderful orgasmic experience of her lifetime. You won’t want to do it all the time, but when it happens you will have truly experienced the bliss of heaven.”

“He gave me a couple of orgasms just now making love to me. I didn’t think women could have orgasms from vaginal intercourse.”

Elsa said, “We can and do. Mark can do some amazing things, and so can the other men. They’ve studied how to be good lovers. That said, The Experience is like all the orgasms you’ve ever had or ever will have all rolled into one colossal pleasure event. You’ll love it.”

Julie shook her head, “I think I’ll look forward to that. Right now I need some water or something to drink. Also, Philip Emerson should be waking from his nap pretty soon.”


Julie and I played with Philip Emerson after I fed him from my two spigots. I had to clean off the sunscreen from both tits before feeding him. He’d become a good eater, gulping down my milk or formula right on schedule, giving up generous burps on cue, and then getting all cute and giggly after we finished dealing with his normal gastro-intestinal reflexes – he always pooped right after eating.

KC and Alice were quick to join in, claiming that iddaa siteleri they needed practice in preparing for the birth of their own children. I explained that they had plenty of time since they were each coming to the end of only their first trimester. Nonetheless, they had my son sucking on their nipples before giving him back for his final top off.

Mark tried to be present many of the times I was breast-feeding. He told us one day he thought it was good for the baby to hear a male voice as he fed at what he called the ‘trough of motherhood’. Often, we’d laugh and tell ribald jokes. He’d found some web site entitled Jokes and Giggles that had almost daily humor of some kind, often with lots of sexual innuendo.

Our whole group drove to Frederiksted for dinner, plus since it was the third Friday of the month there was a free jazz concert in the town park. Everybody in the town went, including us, and wore flip-flops, shorts, and t-shirts. We blended in nicely, except we were obviously a large group drifting around the various stores and such. We caught up with more jazz when all of us filed into the Blue Moon near the main pier. The owner looked relieved that we had shown up since a reservation for thirty people plus five security types fundamentally overwhelmed the small restaurant’s capabilities. There were four other couples in the place when we arrived, and to make things easier we broke up into six different groups to fill the smaller tables. The small jazz trio looked pleased to suddenly have a good-size audience and they started to really put on a show for us.

Julie was carrying Philip Emerson in a shoulder pouch that cuddled him to her body and left his little head nestled into one of her t-shirt clad breasts. One of the other female patrons came over to see the baby, and asked whether the baby was Julie’s. She smiled and pointed across the table at me, “No. It’s hers. I’m just the nanny, but I think I love the baby as much.” She jostled Philip Emerson a little to put his sleeping form on more of a display for her.

After the woman had left, I changed seats with Mike so I could sit next to Julie. I had tears in my eyes.

“Julie, you are not ‘just the nanny.'” I pulled her to me and kissed her. “You are one of her alternative mothers like the rest of us – perhaps the most important one, and what you said about loving my baby just makes me care all the more for you. I love you. We all do.” I hugged her again. Others at our table had heard our interchange and nodded. A few vocalized their love for Julie.

Julie looked a little chagrined and was quiet for a while, only speaking up to order a wine and her dinner. I noted her quiet attitude but didn’t try to force any conversation on her.

Also at our table were Mike, Stacy, Izzy, Andy, and Sean. Not at my instigation, but Stacy and Izzy somehow started to talk about The Experience. When they started I could see Julie’s attention perk up.

Stacy had asked Izzy when the last time she got The Experience.

Izzy replied, “Last week, but it wasn’t from Mark. Ryan did me. I was in seventh heaven for a whole week, and that was after having blown my mind with what he did for me. How about you?”

Stacy thought, “I guess about a month. I’m ready again. I’m hoping to get Mark to do me, but I’d forgotten that Ryan is just as skilled. Maybe I’ll seek him out tomorrow.”

Julie leaned forward and asked in her innocence, “You liked The Experience and have done it multiple times?”

Stacy swooned. Izzy answered, “It’s the best feeling in the world. Ask any of the women here. They’ve all had it from Mark or Ryan or both. Some of the other men try, but those two are sure things for a lifetime peak event. I highly recommend it.”

Stacy was nodding to show her total agreement with Izzy’s reply. She added, “Many of us only seek it every month or so because it is so intense. Me? Me? I hereby volunteer to have The Experience every day, but I’ll probably die from pleasure before year-end. They’ll list my cause of death as an excess of sexual pleasure and arousal.”

Andy teased, “Hey, the rest of us mortal males are of limited capability, but we can love you just as much.” Mike nodded in agreement.

Sean volunteered, “I really thought I’d lost Pam when she announced how much she loved Mark after he gave her The Experience. That was her first time with him, and he blew her mind. She still remembers every little thing he did. Fortunately, she still loves me.”

Several of us at the table teased him: “I can’t understand why?” “She loves you – ick.” “She must love charity cases.” “I guess they must be mercy fucks for you, huh?” Sean rolled his eyes and didn’t take any of us seriously, as we intended the ribbing. Pam was at another table laughing at all the takedowns.

After dinner, there was some dancing on the postage stamp size dance floor. I got Ryan to engage Julie, explaining what I wanted to have happen. He smiled and immediately went for the pretty girl. I took over with Philip Emerson; it was mealtime anyway and my jugs were full. As my son nursed from his shoulder pouch, I danced with Sean. He told me he loved to see me nursing and trying to dance at the same time. The baby was so content with the swaying and rocking. I think he also liked the mellow music.

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