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Adriana Chechik

Subject: Bill And Patrick – Chapter 5A Warning: The following story includes subjects intended for adults over the legal age. If graphic, sexual scenes involving consenting males engaging in sex acts are offensive to you, or if you are under legal age, STOP HERE! Names, characters, locations and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. This tale is planned to involve incest and raunchy acts between two very young brothers. Expect graphic scenes involving stretching, urethra play, fisting and prolapses. There’s no scat action in Bill and Patrick contents. Also, this chapter was supposed to be added before chapter 4 but I had some problems with . Here it is. (Wow, there has been two years since I last posted any update on this story. I went through a lot in my personal life and had almost no time to write! I do want to keep going but don’t know if I’ll be able to, so please your messages means the world to me. I’m also open to commissions besides my free stories so I have more strength to write kinky stuff. Contact me ail . I’m open to criticism, suggestions, corrections and requests! Send me a fun message or anything to cheer me up and I’ll be replying as soon as I can. It’s also important to know if you want me to continue Bill and Patrick’s story or to end it and start some new projects. Now for the tale: this story was planned to be Bill narrating the important facts of their story up to when he was sixteen years old where I would pick up the story and keep going. Then we are going to start fastening the pace and it will be mostly short updates followed up by breakthroughs, milestones and important stories on their hole stretching routines! Also some holes (double pun intended) are left in the story like Uncle Roger and his boyfriend having fun with the boys. I’ll write about them if there are enough people requesting for it.) Prologue � Update on the holes! For next one and a half year both I and Pat were immensely happy to have toys and plugs around to play. John, our little friend, started kocaeli escort stretching his own hole too. He was as old as me and I was twelve years old by now. It took him three months to get fucked by our cocks (one at a time) and six to start gaping. Around a year after we first had fun together he got to push a very small rosebud out and it’s slowly getting bigger. Uncle Roger was the one actually bringing toys, plugs, medicine and educating us on anal stretching. John also did get to do stuff with Uncle Roger. The old man was our swimming coach then he got to sneak up and see us boys playing. He didn’t play with us like those days near our birthday since he got a new boyfriend, Keith. There was this guilty feeling by playing with kids and he kinda didn’t want to do it anymore until we were older. However as I said he kept providing stuff so we could go on. He still enjoyed looking at our pictures though and admired us for getting John to play along. Uncle Roger also cherished John for his efforts. There were toys that helped us developing our anal techniques such as a favorite of us: a twenty-two inches long, an inch thick black double headed dildo. Usually half of it went deep inside Patrick and half of it deep inside me and we pushed it back and forth up to the point our bellies bulged. That was an awesome intense new feeling! It also helped us learning about getting fucked deep enough to have cocks going through our colon bending and straightening it out. Patrick enjoyed getting colon fucked even more than I and John did. John wasn’t able to get it in deeper than thirteen inches while me and Pat could get thirteen to fifteen inches inside. The most interesting thing is that it was thin compared to the thick stuff we were getting inside already so it allowed us to do some nice new moves. This one was all about having both Pat and my holes prolapsing big time and touching each other while we were connected by the dildo. We usually had to have some heavy anal stretching to have our rosebuds blooming an inch or so outside. Patrick could go for a two inches rosebud because he was talented at prolapsing but I was the one able to gape darıca escort a lot more. Pat wasn’t really a good gaper, his hole had a lot of difficult to open up and stay opened like mine but his ability to push it inside out was much better. Those sizes I mentioned were our biggest prolapses ever while John was at half a inch record. Well, back to the toy, we’d get it inside and pushing back and forth to the point our holes bloomed! That toy being so thin was engulfed by both our prolapsed young holes and we rubbed them together while pushing the big silicone snake around! It was pretty hard to do it though, so we managed it only in very specific few times when we had extensively overworked our holes. We had thick butt plugs too. Our biggest one was three inches thick and after some stretching, a lot lube and about half an hour warming up we could get it inside. Not only that but we started using new objects like our kid baseball bats and baseball balls to try and stretch as much as we could. Talking about balls those were some of my favorite body parts at the time and Patrick’s were getting fuzzier and bigger. I loved inserting his balls inside my asshole. The same was true to Patrick and he enjoyed having my preteen smooth boy balls and cock inside him. When we looked at our body hair we realized we were all different. It was all weird that John was very lightly hairy, I was completely smooth and Pat was beginning to show even more hair on his body parts. John also preferred the two inches thick plug a lot more since it was a lot easier for him to get it inside. Oh and our cocks, John’s was still the smallest growing up to be five inches long and one and a half inches thick. It had a nice girth for a thirteen years old boy. Mine and Patrick were just absurd being at seven inches long and around two inches thick. They were too big for a twelve old or a fourteen years old kid. We started comparing to adults in porn and a lot of them were much smaller than us. There was some knowledge shared by our father though. He admitted to us we may have some problems considering he had an almost thirteen inches long and adult wrist gölcük escort thick massive dick. It was all about his family history and genetics. They all had problems with huge cocks but most of them were growers so it didn’t show off a lot when they were flaccid. Both I and Pat were growers instead of showers. It was just daddy warning us out of fear of some trouble that might come along. However, we got excited about it so he promised that someday he’d show it off. All those toys and our cocks helped us getting a lot of anal fun alongside one and a half year after our first sexual encounter with uncle roger and John. We spent a lot of time having kinky sex which allowed us to produce a new photo book a lot naughtier than the one we had gifted our uncle. He and his boyfriend loved it a lot and were featured in some of our adventures. This was all happiness but not everyone had accepted us. John’s cousin, Nico, was a prick when we had met him for the first time. The guy called us freaks and told us our holes were useless, he said we were too stretchy and that we looked weird. He was the first to hate our stretched out holes. However, John remained a good friend and kept training his own hole. Despite his difficulties he seemed to be a boy who was enticed by looseness and stretching as much as Pat and I were. He gave up on Nico completely joining our relationship as more than a friend. Well it was around this time we met three very important people in our lives. They were also our older cousins but this time they were the right kind of guys. In the following chapters I’ll tell you how we met our boyfriends! I can reveal it to you that when I was eighteen years old we admitted in front of our families that we were dating our cousins. It meant that I, John, Pat and our three other cousins were in a semi open kind of polygamous relationship where love was nurtured between us all. It’s a hard concept to grasp. I guess I always held Patrick as my one true love but we ended up falling for other people and committing to them too. Well let’s just start it all. —————————————————————————- Don’t forget to donate to Nifty. This awesome site allows us to upload these sexy stories. I love it here and would recommend as the best erotica website in the internet. If you have some spare coins lying around throw them at , it’s worth the cause!

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