Bikini And A Badge Ch. 09

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Jake lightly tapped at the door before entering Brittany’s stateroom. Pushing the door open slowly, he entered the bedroom, noticing she was covered.

“Hey Sleepyhead.” He spoke softly. “We’re getting ready to go out for dinner. Thought you might like to join us.”

Brittany scurried to the bathroom to get a quick shower before dressing. After fixing her hair and putting on her make-up, she sat patiently in the salon waiting for the guys. Brittany’s short, tan skirt and dressy blouse brought several compliments from the three men.

Dining at the seafood restaurant, the foursome discussed the day’s activities. Richard and Jacob had toured Nassau and the Pompey Museum. Wayne had stopped by the hospital for a visit with his brother after leaving Brittany in her stateroom.

After dinner the group decided to pay a visit to the Atlantis Casino to try their luck at the tables and slot machines. While Richard and Jake played the slots, Brittany tried her luck at Blackjack. Wayne was more interested in checking out the cocktail waitresses in one of the lounges. The guys weren’t having much luck at the slots so they decided to join Wayne in the lounge. Richard stopped by the table where Brittany was playing to let her know of their plans. After two hours and countless hands of Blackjack, Brittany’s hot streak of good luck was turning cold. Cashing in her chips, she set out in search of the guys.

They were all pretty well inebriated by the time Brittany found them. Insisting she join them for a drink, she sat between Jake and Wayne. One drink followed another till Brittany was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol taking their toll on her. Wayne’s hand on her right leg was slowly inching its way upwards toward the hemline of her short skirt. Jake’s hand was brushing her left leg, slipping beneath the skirt’s material. Waiting till both their hands were almost touching, Brittany reached below the table, taking a firm grip on both hands.

“If you two get any closer, you’ll be shaking hands.” She quipped.

Wayne and Jake looked at each other in surprise, their faces slightly blushing.

“We better get back to the boat while we can still walk.” Brittany suggested. “We can get a taxi to take us back to the marina.”

It was after midnight when the team returned to the boat. Karen was sound asleep on the L-shape lounge on the rear deck. The group’s rowdiness woke her.

“I was wondering where you guys were.” Karen said.

“How’s Trace doing?” Brittany asked.

“He’s up walking around some.” Karen replied. “His leg’s stiff as hell. They’re going to release him tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, the team awoke to the sounds of pouring down rain. Ascending the stairs to the top deck, Wayne turned on the radar system. The screen showed the storm was quickly passing to the east. While the team ate breakfast, the storm let up. The pouring rain diminished to a light drizzle.

Midmorning, Wayne and Karen left for the hospital to get Trace released. Richard and Jake were going shopping to restock the galley. Brittany changed into a bikini, deciding to lie out in the sun, which had broken through the light cloud cover. Reclining on the top deck of the cruiser, Brittany could see most of the activities going on in the marina.

A short time later, her sunbathing endeavor was interrupted by a familiar voice. Slowly opening her eyes, Brittany looked up at Evelyn’s smiling face peering down at her.

“Hey!” Brittany exclaimed. “Didn’t hear you come aboard.”

“We snuck up on ya!” Evelyn quipped. “Caught ya napping!”

“We?” Brittany inquired. “You’re not alone?”

“Brad flew back with me.” Evelyn stated. “He’s down below.”

“Great!” Brittany exclaimed. “Hopefully, he’s got some information for us.”

Brittany quickly descended the interior stairway to the salon. Langley was opening a beer he’d just taken from the refrigerator.

“Damn! You guys are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!” Langley exclaimed.

“Yeah! Right!” Brittany responded. “When Trace McCullough gets here, I’ll have him show you his rich and famous gunshot wound.”

“Got you some interesting information on three more of the women.” Langley stated.

“If it’s Bogotá.” Brittany stated. “I’m not looking forward to it.”

“Forget Bogotá.” Langley responded. “Ever heard of Cartagena?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it.” Brittany replied. “What about it?”

Langley retrieved a briefcase sitting by the couch, placing it on the bar’s countertop. The attaché was packed with folders, filled with information. Brad handed Brittany the top folder. It was filled with numerous photographs of three women. All appeared to be in their late twenties. Beneath the photos were brief dossiers on the captives. All three women were married; two had small children at home.

Richard and Jacob stepped onboard the boat. They had a cartload of supplies with them. Brittany introduced them to Brad before returning her attentions to the contents of the briefcase. Rich and Jake quickly put fatih escort away the supplies before joining Brittany.

“Here’s some recent photographs of Carlos Sanchez.” Langley said. “They were taken at a distance so they’re a little grainy. There’s only one good picture of him. It was taken by his daughter.”

“He’s a big druglord. Cartagena’s his home base of operation.” He added. “DEA’s been on his ass hot and heavy the last several months.”

“If the DEA can’t take him out, how the hell do they expect us to do any better?” Brittany asked.

“They have to play by the rules, you guys don’t!” Langley exclaimed.

“What’s with the women?” Brittany asked. “What the hell does one man need with three women?”

“Guess he likes American pussy!” Langley smarted off.

“Did I hear someone say pussy?” A male voice spoke out, interrupting the conversation.

Everyone’s head turned towards the voice coming from salon’s main entrance. It was Trace, stepping gingerly as he entered the cruiser’s living area. Karen was behind him, holding onto his arm. His leg was stiff, not able to bend because of the bandages. Trace sat down in a chair across from Brittany, a glint of pain noticeable on his paled face.

Brittany made the introductions to Brad Langley, although he knew both Trace and Karen from their dossiers.

“That our next mission?” Trace inquired.

“Ours, not yours.” Brittany quickly replied. “You’re not going.”

“Like hell I’m not!” Trace exclaimed. “You’re not booting me off the team!”

“We’ll talk about it later.” Brittany responded, not wanting to start an argument in front of everyone.

The team gathered around the photographs and dossiers of the three women and Carlos Sanchez, studying them intently.

Langley handed Brittany another folder. It contained photographs of the Sanchez home. Set high on a hill overlooking the city of Cartagena, it looked like a mansion. Studying the aerial photographs of the house, she found it had only one access road leading up from the seaport city. The land around the house appeared to be professionally landscaped. It didn’t offer much, if any, cover for an assault.

Passing the folder to Richard and Jake, Brittany took another folder from the briefcase. It contained photographs of a large, luxury cruiser.

“What’s this?” Brittany inquired, looking up at Langley standing next to her.

“That’s Carlos’s new cruiser.” Brad replied. “It’s a Hatteras seventy-five foot motor yacht.”

“Sanchez bought it in Miami a month ago.” Langley added. “That’s how he’s moving the drugs out of Columbia. He loads the cocaine on the boat, then takes the stuff up to the Netherland Antilles, to the port city of Westpunt. It’s at the northern tip of the island. They make the trip every Thursday morning.”

“Then what does he do with it?” Jake asked.

“They load it onto an airplane, sometimes two planes.” Langley answered. “Depends on how much he’s got onboard. They fly it to Crooked Island, here in the Bahamas. After refueling the plane there, they take it on to Daytona Beach. That’s where it’s offloaded into other planes.”

“Sounds like he’s got quite an operation!” Wayne exclaimed. “Think of the money that bastard’s making!

“We can’t come up with an exact figure, but it’s got to be several million a month.” Langley responded.

“What about bodyguards?” Brittany asked. “He’s got to have a small army to protect his drug business.”

“According to his daughter, he’s got twenty armed guards on his payroll.” Langley replied. “But he only take two or three with him on the boat. The rest stay to guard his home, processing plant and Coca fields.”

“We’d still have seventeen or eighteen armed guards to take on if we hit him while he’s out on his boat.” Brittany stated. “That’s not good odds, especially trying not to hit the three woman.”

“They won’t be there if Carlos isn’t.” Langley said. “He takes them with him everywhere he goes. If he’s on his boat, they’ll be with him. If he‘s at his home, that‘s where they‘ll be.”

“It might be best to strike while he’s on the boat instead of at his house.” Richard suggested. “We’d have alot less people shooting back at us.”

“What about crew members?” Brittany inquired. “How many does he have on the boat?”

“Three plus the captain.” Langley replied. “And they’re all armed with handguns.”

“That’s only seven or eight men at most.” Karen stated. “Hell, I could almost take that many out by myself.”

“Don’t forget about the pilots.” Brittany remarked. “More than likely, they’ll be carrying some sort of weapons.”

“Still better odds hitting them at Westpunt than at Cartagena!” Richard exclaimed.

“That’s what I was thinking too.” Langley spoke up. “There’s a bunch of maps and aerial photographs of the port in some of the other folders.”

No one said a word for several minutes. Everyone’s eyes were trained on Brittany, waiting for a decision.

“Let’s think this over, see what we need to plan out.” Brittany escort istanbul said, breaking the silence.

“I’m really curious as to how you got all this information.” She added.

“Sanchez’s daughter’s a pilot. She overshot the runway at Daytona Beach, skidded into the mud. Langley explained. “We nabbed her with a potload of cocaine.

The DEA made a deal with her if she’d spill her guts about her father’s drug operation.” He added. “She goes scott free under the witness protection program if her information pans out. Otherwise, she’s looking at alot of years in federal prison.”

Brittany stepped out onto the rear deck of the cruiser. Lighting up a cigarette, she needed time alone to think about putting a plan together. Evelyn joined her, sitting on the L-shaped lounge across from Brittany.

“I want to add a medical technician to the team.” Evelyn stated. “After what happened to Trace, I regret not having one before.”

“No. We don’t need anymore people on the boat.” Brittany retorted. “The catamaran can only hold so many people and so much equipment. If we overcrowd it, we‘re asking for trouble.”

Langley stepped out onto the rear deck of the cruiser.

“Much as I hate to say it, I’ve got to be getting back to Dallas.” He stated. “Let me know if I can be of any further help.”

“What about the last two women?” Brittany muttered. “Have you got any information on them?”

“Yeah, but you won’t like it.” Langley replied. “Let’s get this mission out of the way before you start worrying about the next one.”

After Brad Langley left, Brittany gathered the team together to get everyone’s input. It was unanimous that the strike point would be the port of Westpunt. They would attack the luxury cruiser during the offloading process while it was tied up to the docks.

“More than likely, the bodyguards will be involved in getting the cocaine from the boat to the plane.” Brittany surmised. “That should spread them out a little.”

“This short strip of land just up from the docks could be the airstrip.” Richard stated, pointing it out on one of the aerial photographs.

“This could be a cakewalk.” Wayne said. “All you’ve got to do is overtake the boat.”

“Let’s not take anything for granted.” Karen responded. “Sanchez isn’t going to just give up. He’s probably going to think we’re after his cocaine, not his women.”

“They’re not going to give up anything without a fight.” Brittany stated. “We’ve got to have a damn good attack plan or else we’re all gonna get our asses shot off.”

The team gathered around Brittany’s laptop as she booted up a map of the Caribbean. The tropical island of Aruba lay approximately seventy-five miles west of the Antilles and the seaport of Westpunt. They would dock the boats along the north shore of the island where it wouldn’t too noticeable. Leaving Thursday morning, the team would travel east from Aruba, then south after it passed by the port of Westpunt. Arriving earlier than Sanchez’s drug boat, would allow them time to get set up for the assault at the docks.

“We still need to fine tune the plan.” Brittany stated. “We’ve got a week to make adjustments and work out all the details.”

“It’ll take us about four days to make the trip.” Wayne said. “We could spend another day or two here, enjoying the sights.”

“You can enjoy the sights in Aruba.” Karen quipped. “I’m sure they’ve got girls running around in bikinis.”

Everyone got a good chuckle from Karen’s remark, even Wayne.

“If you guys want to enjoy one more night out on the town, go ahead.” Brittany suggested. “We won’t leave till in the morning. Just don‘t overdue the drinking.”

Everyone including Evelyn decided to take Brittany up on her suggestion. Brittany chose to stay on the boat with Trace so she could go over the photographs and information Langley had provided the team.

“You didn’t have to stay with me.” Trace muttered. “You could have gone out with the others.”

“I didn’t stay because of you.” Brittany stated. “I just wanted to go over the information while it’s peaceful.”

“You want some iced tea?” Brittany asked.

“How about a beer instead?” Trace countered.

“No alcohol. Not while you’re taking pain medication and antibiotics.” Brittany replied.

“Can I get some pussy to go along with the iced tea?” Trace smarted off.

“I doubt it.” Brittany responded, as she walked towards the galley.

Returning with two glasses of iced tea, Brittany sat down on the couch after handing Trace one of the refreshments. While Trace watched a movie transmitted from the dvd player, Brittany sorted through the information in the briefcase. Trace did his best to get Brittany to join him in a conversation but it only disrupted her train of thought.

“What’s it gonna take to get you to shut up?” Brittany asked in an exasperated tone.

“Some pussy might do it.” Trace quipped.

“You couldn’t handle any pussy.” Brittany responded. “Especially mine.”

“Yeah. You’re probably right.” Trace mumbled.

Brittany maslak escort sensed Trace wasn’t feeling as good as he was letting on. She noticed him rubbing his leg occasionally, as if to ease the pain.

It was late when the rest of the team returned to the boat. Evelyn still had her room reserved at the Marriott so she had gone back to her hotel.

The next morning, Brittany awoke early. Karen was sound asleep next to her. Brittany slipped on her short robe and crept out of the stateroom. The guys were sitting out on the rear deck, drinking coffee. Brittany fixed herself a cup before joining them.

Wayne had his charts out, plotting the course to Aruba. It would be a long trip, taking almost four days to make. The team would cruise southeast along the southern shores of the Bahamas continuing on course till it passed by the northern coastline of Haiti. Turning south, they would cruise through the strait between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. From there it was almost a straight shot southward to the northern coastline of Aruba.

“What if we run into bad weather?” Brittany inquired. “Will there be ports where we can seek shelter?”

“I’ll keep us within twenty miles of shoreline as much as possible.” Wayne replied. “We’ll still need to keep a close eye on the radar screen. These tropical storms can pop up out of nowhere.”

“We should probably go through the weapons and ammunition.” Brittany suggested.

“Jake and I can go through everything.” Richard offered. “We’ll get Karen to help us.”

“Richard, I need to have you get some log time at the wheel of the powerboat.” Brittany stated. “Just in case, you have to take over the driving chores.”

“Aren’t you gonna let Trace handle the driving when you guys make the assault?” Jake asked.

“Depends on how is leg is.” Brittany answered. “I’ve got a feeling it’s bothering him alot more than he’s letting on. I‘m not risking the team‘s safety just to satisfy his ego.”

“Is it Trace’s ego you’re worried about or is it him you’re worried about?” Wayne queried.

“Both.” Brittany confessed. “I’m worried about both.”

Brittany left the men sitting at the table. After taking a shower, fixing her hair and slipping into a skimpy black bikini, she checked on Trace in his stateroom. He was sitting up in bed with a pillow propped at his back.

“How ya feeling?” She asked.

“Pretty good.” Trace responded, his eyes checking up and down Brittany’s tanned body.

“I wanna look at you leg.” Brittany said. “It probably needs some attention.”

“You wouldn’t realize how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” Trace smarted.

“I meant you injured leg.” Brittany responded. “Karen can take care of the other.”

Brittany removed his bandage. The wound looked much better. After cleaning the skin around the gunshot wound and applying medication, she put on a new bandage, being careful not to wrap it to tight.

“I probably better get to a pharmacy and pick up more bandages.” Brittany stated, walking towards the stateroom door.

“Why don’t you stay and spend a little time with me?” Trace suggested. “Just the two of us, alone.”

Hesitating for a brief moment, Brittany closed the door, twisting the lock into place. Untying the top of her bikini, she tossed it onto the dresser. Releasing the knots at the sides of her bikini, she let it fall to the floor. A big smile quickly appeared on Trace’s handsome face as Brittany climbed on the bed.

Scooting him down till Trace was flat on his back, Brittany pulled his white briefs off, tossing them to the floor. His huge cock was already hard, eager to slip inside Brittany’s hot pussy.

Brittany straddled Trace’s muscular form, pressing her firm breasts against his chest. Their lips meshed in a passionate kiss. Trace’s strong arms embraced Brittany, holding her tightly to him. Slipping her tongue between his moist lips, Brittany swirled it inside his mouth, teasing him.

The firm shaft of Trace’s cock rested against the moist folds of Brittany’s pussy. Moving her pelvis up and down, she moistened his rod with her wetness. Her lips moved slowly over his face, down onto his bare chest. Her fingernails teased his delicate nipples. Placing light kisses on them, she nibbled at them with her lips.

Brittany kissed down over Trace’s tummy. She felt his hard cock as it brushed against her firm breasts. Grasping his cock near the base, Brittany teased the head against her erect nipples, stimulating her own sensations. Trace put his hand on the back of Brittany’s head, gently urging her to suck his cock. Brittany teased the head of his dick with her tongue, flicking at the sensitive underside. Trace’s tense body flinched as the sensation heightened his desires. Placing her lips at the tip, she slowly lowered her lips around the hard shaft, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Lifting her mouth upwards, her lips clenched tightly around his shaft. Brittany’s teeth barely grating against the sensitive skin, tantalized his sexual cravings. Brittany rapidly bobbed her head up and down Trace’s cock, lubricating it with her saliva. Trace’s body tensed as she brought him nearer to a climax. Gradually slowing her oral stimulations down, Brittany felt his tensions subside.

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