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BIKER TRAINing…BIKER TRAINing…My wife and I are members of a motorcycle club in Jackson.   As members of Apple City we enjoy the occasional charity activities, and social aspects of the club.  We have a trike, and some of the clubs frown on them, viewing them as not really motorcycles.  However, everyone at our local club is laid back and for the most part non-judgmental.  Our club is mostly made up of members from Jackson, Charleston, and a few from Columbus.Our club owns a pre-engineered building that we bought from a previous owner.   It was a business up on the ridge overlooking old US-23.    The one end is an office, with another room that was a store room, then an open area for gatherings (arranged theatre style with sofas lined up in front of a big-screen TV), and at the opposite end it has an overhead door.   The overhead door is handy to open up in the spring and fall, and for the occasional times when we need to pull a bike in to work on it.    We often times gather on the sofas to watch football games, as was the case on this day.  The former store room we converted into a king size bedroom.   The club has a regular crowd on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays.   Sundays tend to be more couple oriented events, or simply get-togethers.  Sunday evenings the club has a custom that is observed by everyone.   On Sundays on of the lady’s voluntarily “pulls a train”.   It’s a lottery system, and no one does anything they don’t want to do!  It’s the type of arrangement where as couple you are either in, or not, but you are in every week.   You can’t opt in one week, and out the next.   The weekly “host couple” can grant exceptions to rules, attendance, and what not, but it rarely becomes an issue.   Usually someone gets a call about a problem with c***d care, or a family member that has been taken to the hospital, that kind of thing.  Like I said, it’s a rare occurance.Anyway, on Sunday nights the couples that want to stay past 6:00 PM are free to, but they are automatically entered into the activities (previously outlined).   Here’s how it works:   We somehow ended up with an old malatya escort BINGO raffle ball.   You know the type they use at churches to play bingo with, spin it, and then open the cage and pull out a ball.   All the ladies names go on the clipboard.   Then they each pull a ball.   The numeral on that ball is their number in the draw.  For example, B4, that lady is number 4.   At the end of the draws, the lady drawing the lowest number is the winner.   Or the unlucky lady, however they / you want to view it.   That lady (wife / girlfriend / biker bitch – which ever she prefers) has to start having sex with the men that want to participate that night, beginning no later than 7:00 PM, and the fun ends no later than 9:00 PM.  We do this in the summer months.There is a king size bed, with lights on the night stands, a small trash can between the night stands and the bed (for used condoms), and an old time pretzel dispenser (glass dime store decanter with a lid on it) filled with condoms.    There also are 3 hall-trees in the corner.  One for the ladies clothes to hang on, one for the active guy, and one for the on-deck guy.  Some of the ladies want condoms, and some don’t.   One things for sure, all the guys respect this, cause they know it’s actually a woman’s choice to play or not to start with.   Besides, some of the ladies are not fixed, and are not on birth control either.   In any event, it’s ladies choice.   Most of the time though, the ladies opt to fuck bareback.Anyways, recently my wife pulled number 4, which was the winner!   She came outside where I was having a beer with some of the other guys and said “guess what, I guess I’m the bitch in heat tonight”.   I knew exactly what that meant.   I said, “well I guess we are not going home before 9:00 tonight”.   Now the men that want to participate also pull balls out of the hopper after the ladies to see what order they get to go into the king size bedroom.   The genelemen of the ladies typically don’t take their turn, because they get the lady all the time, so it seems selfish, or redundant, however mardin escort you want to look at it.  Tonight it was DJ with the low number (not his real name).  DJ has a reputation with the ladies as having a nice hard cock, but it’s kinda big.So anyways, DJ comes out and casually comes over to us, and lets my wife know he’s the low number winner for tonight.   She just looked at me.   She did give him a peck on the cheek, and said to him “hey, guess I better be up on my game, you be up on your game too, ok.”   He said “I’ll see ya at 7 and be nak**”, kinda giggled and walked back inside.So it’s about ten till 7, and my wife comes and gets me.   She says “c’mon, I need some emotional support”.    She leads the way and we go in the bedroom and she closes the door.  “Hey, I’m kinda nervous”.   I reassure here, and kiss her.  I tell her I love here, and that it’s not that big a deal.   She says “I know, but why did it have to be DJ first”.   She almost looked like she had a little tear welling up in here eye as she said it.   I said don’t worry it will be all right.  It’s getting close to 7:00 so I start undressing her.   While I was hanging up her clothes I said, hey just ask DJ to wear a condom, and pick out a lubricated one, that will be easier.   She said “no fucking way, I don’t even need one more millimeter of girth on him”.   I said “OK, it’s your call”.    I led her over to the bed pulled the sheet back, and she laid down, then I pulled the sheet over her.   There she was for my buddies; wearing nothing but her smile, nail polish, and her wedding ring!  I walked over to the door, and opened it, and motioned for DJ to come on in.   “Hey man, she kinda nervous so be a little nice ok”, and he nodded.   I took his jacket and hung it up, as he started to simply peel off his clothes in like record time.   He was already hard, cause he has told me several times what a cutie my wife is.   Guess he was hoping at a chance when he’d be there and it was her turn as the winner.   He pulls back the sheets and lays on her and they begin to kiss.    After about elazığ escort a minute of so I see my wife kinda spread her legs under him about 18″, so guess that meant his warmup was a gesture she needed to relax a bit.    Soon he was working his way between her legs, arching up taking his hand to guide his cock into position.   She looked over at me (non of us normally watch, in fact the door is closed during these events) and nodded.   I knew form there that she was gona be all right.    Soon he lunged forward, thrusting his cock right into her pussy.   She closed her eyes and kinda bit her lip.   I went ahead and left the room, closing the door behind me.  Anyways, DJ was done in about 10 minutes.   It’s not a endurance test, so all the guys just cum and get out, really no point in proving ones manhood or anything like that.  I know at least seven of the guys took a turn that night.About 8:40 I was watching the game, and my wife came out wrapped in a sheet and motioned for me.  I went in, as no one had been in for a while.  It appeared that the train party was about petered-out.   I sat down on the bed, and said “you doin’ all right”?   She said “yep, I still love you more than any man I ever met”.   I said “good cause I sure love you”.   I grabbed her clothes, and started helping her get dressed.   We said our good buys shortly after 9:00 and everything was normal.   All the other ladies came over and kissed her on the cheek to say good bye.  And I (held my hand out like a gentleman) helped her onto the trike.  B-T-W, DJ did come over and say bye too.   It’s not like he doesn’t have manners – LOL.Once we got home, I popped the garage door up, and we pulled in.    Once upstairs, I helped her undress, and stared the shower,   She started to pull down her G-string, and said “about 6 ounces of cum must of leaked outta me onto that thing on the way home, cause it feels like it weighs that much”.   When she got out of the shower, and brushed her teeth, she cam into the bedroom.  I was laying there nude on the bed, and she said “don’t tell me”.   I laughed and said, “ok baby, one more, but you love this one”.   I could tell she was a little bit sore, but she fucked great!   after I came, she was on top still, and she kissed me and said, “honey next time I’m the winner I’m gonna come home and fuck you to death”.   To which I said “in that case I’m gonna rig the machine next week”.

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