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She tucked a delicate finger under the top of her black lace panties and slipped them gently down over her soft, strong thighs and let them drop to the floor, stepping out of them slowly she left them where they fell. Admiring her sleek form in the mirror she hurriedly scraped her long tousled hair into hair band, and let the lose strands fall about her delicate face. She slowly and half kneeling she picked up a bath towel that only just skimmed her thighs when pulled high enough to cover her pert and supple breasts. Gently she opened the door and stepped out into the hall, the warm air soft against her naked flesh. As she turned towards the bathroom she saw Julia walking towards her.

“Julia, you’re not going in there are you? I have a taxi booked for seven.”

“Sorry, darling I’m going out tonight as well.” was the disappointing reply.

“Please, I won’t be long, I’m not washing my hair, I just need a good scrub down to freshen up.”

“Well I’m only going to be five minutes myself, you can wait can’t you?” was Julia’s unforgiving answer.

“What time are you leaving?” she asked with increasing anger in her voice.

“Does it matter? There’s time for both of us isn’t there?”

Stepping canlı bahis forward defiantly, she almost let the soft towel fall to the floor, clutching it just in time she moved closer .

“I really need to get in, and I won’t be long.”

With just millimetres of space between them Julia smiled, as she gently brushed the lose strands of soft dishevelled hair from her face.

“I’m sure we can come to a compromise, if you like.”

“What do you mean, Julia?” she asked, confused but intrigued.

“Well, the shower is big enough for two, isn’t it?”

“You mean we could share?”

“You catch on quick, darling,” replied Julia, as she ran her fingers along the bottom of her towel, letting her long nails graze the soft skin beneath.

Enjoying the sensation, she let Julia continue, unsure but not wanting to stop. Julia ducked her head lightly and let her lips briefly sweep across hers.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before,” she whispered pulling away slightly.

“If you want me to stop, I will.”

“It feels nice.”

“Ok then,” Julia told her as she took her hand and they stepped into the bathroom.

Lifting up her arms to run two elusive hands through bahis siteleri her hair, Julia let the soft towel fall haphazardly to the bathroom floor. Julia’s hands moved from her hair to her neck, and down her back, gently sweeping over her buttocks and thighs. Pulling the towel from her lovers body, she ran her hands back up the way they came.

Nervously she reached out, running her hands over the defined curves of Julia’s hips and waist, enjoying the sensation and excitement of this new experience she fell into the kiss passionately. Julia spun her round quickly and roughly, pushing her head forward, she kissed her neck and shoulders. She stood still, quivering and letting out a quiet moan as Julia’s hands squeezed at her petite breasts hardening her pert nipples. The hands travelled slowly over her stomach and stopped caressing her pulsating womanhood.

Letting out a loud exhilarated moan she lifted her arms dramatically and her fingers began to tug roughly at Julia’s hair.

Stepping forward together they moved into the shower, and as she slumped against the wall, her legs quivering, Julia faced her with her fingers now deep inside her tight, moist hole. Kissing her neck and shoulders, Julia bahis şirketleri slowly moved down licking at her nipples and without warning sunk a her teeth into the side of her left breast. Shocked and reeling in pain and pleasure she let out an almighty orgasmic sigh.

Julia laughed exhilarated, as she moved her soft firm lips towards her pleasure zone, licking and sucking at it, tasting the juices in satisfaction. Pushing her tongue in deeper and stimulating her fresh inexperienced clitoris with her nose.

She suddenly un-entangled a hand from Julia’s hair and turned on the shower, letting the warm water run over them like a water fall. Julia looked up smiling her eyes glistening from under wet, wild hair. She grabbed Julia’s head and pushed it forcefully back between her legs, desperate to feel this new sensation again. As Julia licked and sucked freely at her juices, she felt her legs grow weaker, as entire body began to tingle with untold pleasure and satisfaction. Her hips began to jerk uncontrollably, as her wet womanhood exploded with passion. Julia pulled her head gently from between her legs, and giggling she licked her lips enjoying the taste of her lovers come. Losing all control of her body she slid down onto the shower floor, besides Julia, and under the tender caress of the water falling from the shower head. She kissed Julia roughly and passionately before beginning to return the favour…

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