Big Dick made me Dizzy

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Big Dick made me DizzyI love talking on the phone with Darrell the guy that installed my cable last week. He saw my body when I opened the door he started to speak but couldn’t. He is a visual person, he loves Big tits big hips and Big ass. I have them all. I like to see the reaction of guys when they come to my house that I share with my GF of 3 years. She doesn’t know I like to do that. If she know she would be extremely pissed. Darrell came inside mouth open and obviously staring at my tits and ass. He saw I lived with my GF and he was surprised. He asked if me and my sister would like the premium channels she looked at him and said “No me and my GF only want basic cable. That’s on the order that’s what we want.” He was just fishing to find out her and I relationship. He look like a dog in heat. He followed me around when my gf wasn’t looking. He asked me if he could ask me some questions because his sister is a lesbian also. I agreed just to hear these sexual questions. I told him wait until my gf leave for work which would be in 5 minutes. She kissed me goodbye in front of Darrell. He is Jamaican he didn’t believe in two women together. He asked me if I could sit down and he ask me these questions. I had to here this. He stood up in front of me. He pulled his BIG FAT THICK LONG CURVED DICK out and asked me if I think his dick would hurt or help a lesbian. I guess he could tell I liked dick if he didn’t sense that he is just crazy to pull his massive cock out to a customer. I just stared moving around in my chair as he came a little closer. It was a pretty dick. Then he jerked it a little getting izmir escort closer to my face. “Do you think my dick can make a gay woman str8? He asked.I told him I wouldn’t know seeing i’m bi-sexual. He smiled. He started rubbing on it faster. He wanted to make me feel his cock he kept grabbing for my hands. I pulled away. Told him NO. He told me His Dick has magic his dick and sperm. He told me his cum shoot extremely far. And his cock jerks up and down when inside some good pussy. In that case that shit will Jerk up down and around. He slowly put his cock inside his pants, not hiding anything his cock made an L shape in his pants. I told him I had to leave and if he wanted to talk more about lesbian woman he can call me on my cell. He called me when he left my apt. He told me he want me to rub my pussy from his head down all the way down his shaft. I know that would feel so good. But I wouldn’t dare let Darrell know what he’s saying was driving me crazy. I needed to lay down in my bed while he talked. He would talk about his dick inside MY pussy so much I masturbated to his happiness inside me. Yes I do love dick, but I love my gf also. I would talk to him about cheating and how his dick made me feel when he came to connect my cable. He told me to send him a picture of my tits only. I did it then sent me a video of him jerking off to my picture. One day maybe two weeks later. Darrell and I were talking and he told me he wanted to come over and have “LUNCH” with me for his lunch break because he was close. He came inside sat down on the couch Not where lunch is to be served. He grabbed escort izmir me kissed me and pulled my top over my tits and started sucking. I ended up on the floor don’t know how. He was eating my pussy and squeezing my tits and pinching the nipples. I was squirming all over the floor begging for him to stop. I knew if he continued I would,,,,,, Yup just like I said legs up and I was moaning from his dick inside me. He fucked me like it was a sport and he had to win. I have never been fucked like that before. He went round and round inside me. Long Long Strokes. Soft slow but strong strokes to a banging that made me squirt all over his dick and balls. That’s when I came. I was done. I came before him. He had a lot of proving himself to me. He fucked me and didn’t cum for over 30 mins. My pussy is extremely tight. All I have to do is squeeze my pussy a little and most guys would let go and cum. Not him he was determined to make me str8. I must of came 4 times before he shot that cum inside me so far I bet it’s still traveling. He he came that was it….I started cummin AGAIN. He’s load was very powerful. His dick jumped inside me his cock was amazing. He said to me my gf can’t shoot inside me like he did. Darrell was so anti-lesbian. He told me ALL women should get dick at least 5 times a week. His sperm is not to be wasted on inside my pussy or mouth. It has to be inside not just on the ass cheeks, not just on my pussy but inside me every time we have sex. He’s very arrogant and head strong. He came over one time when my gf was home because his dick got hard and he wanted me to drain it for izmir escort bayan him. I told him don’t knock on the door and was he crazy. I got dressed to my gf I was going for a walk and run. She hated to run. I knew I had better meet up with him, he asked me before he stuck his dick inside me if I would Lick his dick and suck on it for a bit. I did it. But he shot his load in my mouth he held my head. Made me swallow. I almost choked his cum come out really aggressive and powerful just like Darrell. I told him I had to go. He said NO. He need some pussy. And I had the best he told me. He love to fuck me with my legs up and receiving his manhood. He was proud of his THICK DICK. He would pound me for over and hr. I was sore and weak. And my pussy was filled up with his cum. He told me to leave it in there. I need that lubracation he told me. It was dripping out anyway. But I listened to him. I knew i was tired and Dizzy from his Big DIck. I went into the house sweaty and weak. She asked me how was my work out. I told her intense. I washed my mouth out and tried to squeeze all of his cum out of my pussy. But I knew there were a lot still in there. The next morning, I was ready for him I told him to come over before his shift. He came over dick rock hard. I rubbed his dick all over my BIG ASS CHEEKS he pushed me forward next thing I knew I was being fucked doggie style. HARD. VERY HARD and fast. I came all over his dick squirted and came two times while he FUCKED ME SOOOO HARD I was become addicked to his dick. For about a month we had sex every day. I was worn out and Pregnant. I asked him what was I suppose to do about this. He told me get my tubes tied. So we can have endless sex every single day. I liked that but I didn’t know what to tell my GF. He told me He wasn’t going to stop ever to make me and keep me straight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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