Bi Jewish Awakening Ch. 01

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My name is Miriam. I’m 5″3, brown eyes and hair, nice legs and 34d breast. I’ve been told I’m pretty nice on the eyes. This is based on a true story. My true story about how I went from being a good orthodox Jewish girl to the Bi slut I am today. Let me give you some background so you can really see where I am coming from. Growing up my family always kept the Sabbath and kosher. We weren’t super religious but we were probably more religious then the other Jews in my small New Jersey town. Like every Jersey girl I spent every moment of my summer at the beach, soaking up the sun and working on my tan. Lets just say I met a lot of guys that way. The summer after I graduated high school things started to change. I found more and more it was the girls at the beach I was looking at. Every night I would go home, run to my room and masturbate myself to an amazing orgasm thinking of these gorgeous girls. While nothing happened that summer, my life was about to change that fall.

While most people go to college as soon as they finished high school, it was common for the girls in my community to go to seminary in Israel for a year to concentrate on religious studies. It was my first day there that I met the girl who changed my life. Her name was Aviva and from the moment I met her I knew she special. Blonde, blue eyes, beautifully tanned legs, a tight stomach and a nice chest; she wasn’t your typical Jewish girl. I found out later it was because she was adopted but at that moment all I could think of was how I wanted to get to know her better. Turned out that our rooms were right next to each other and over the next couple of weeks we became fast friends. After classes we would go out drinking and dancing. We would spend every waking moment together. I was quickly falling in love with this girl. It was a new and scary experience but it was exciting too. Every time we touched it would send a shiver down my spine. Yet I had no idea how she felt. Would she freak if I told her? I needed to device a plan to find out.

As fall break approached I decided it was time to make my move. “Hey Aviva! What are you doing the first weekend of break” I asked her, hoping she didn’t have any plans yet.

“No plans as of yet, why you have something in mind” she responded with a glee in her eye. It seemed like she was really happy I asked her and maybe even a little excited.

“Well I know everyone is going away so I will have the dorm to myself, so I was thinking of just spending that weekend here. Would you like to join me? We could make dinner and have some drinks and whatnot. It could be a lot of fun.” My mind was spinning. It was if time stood still. I was looking at her waiting for an answer with no idea what was going through her mind.

Finally she responded, “Ya that sounds like a ton of fun. I can’t wait”. There was this devilish smile on her face that made my blood race. Was she thinking the same thing I was? I couldn’t wait to find out.

That weekend finally came and I couldn’t be happier. I had everything planned out. I picked out a few really sexy outfits that showed my body off nicely; picked up some wine and some scotch and we were on our way. Aviva had some shopping to do before the Sabbath started so I had some time to get ready. I ran into the shower shaved my pussy and legs. I kept my hair wet since I knew she loved trabzon escort it that way. I put on a nice black mini skirt and a tight gray sweater. I turned to look in the mirror and let me tell you I looked hot.

When Aviva got back to the dorms and saw me she was like ” Wow Mir I didn’t realize we were getting so dressed up. Let me go run in the shower and we can get this party started”

Her shower seemed to take forever. After looking at the clock I realized it was only 10 minutes but my heart was racing. About a half hour later Aviva came out of her room and my jaw dropped. She was dressed in the most sensual outfit I had ever seen her in, a very tight white practically see through turtleneck and an extremely short black pleated skirt with a slit on the left side. All I could think was WOW!

“So what you think?” she asked me. I didn’t know what to say. All I could do was just stare at her. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and all I wanted to do was take her in my arms and kiss her.

She saw my shock and started to laugh. “Well once I saw how you were dressed I wasn’t going to be outdone” she said to me giggling.

“Well you definitely look amazing. Any guy would drool seeing you like that” I said to her trying to keep my staring to a minimum.

“It seems like some girls would drool too” she said giving me a wink. I didn’t know what to think. Could she tell that I was attracted to her? Was she flirting with me? Did she dress up like this just for me?

I didn’t have the answers yet so I suggested we start dinner. It was really nice, just the two of us talking, drinking wine and sharing the stories of our lives. As the night went on and the wine flowed our conversations started to turn towards sex. We talked about the various guys we had been with and what we liked. I was surprised by how much experience she had. The conversation was definitely turning me on. I kept turning my head away from her, not wanting to stare at her. I didn’t want to be too obvious about how much I wanted to her.

Then out of nowhere she said, “You know it’s ok to look. I think you’re attractive too” I was shocked. I didn’t know how to respond.

“What do you mean?” I said trying to cover up my true feelings. ” Come on Miriam, you have been staring at me all night. It’s totally ok. I like it when you look at me. I catch you doing it all the time. You probably never even realized”

I was bright red. I didn’t know what to say. I was so embarrassed. “It’s just that…I don’t know why I do it.” It was at that moment I realized I should tell her how I feel. ” Aviva I hope this doesn’t freak you out or anything but ever since we met I have had the biggest crush on you. I didn’t know how to react. I’ve never felt this way before. I mean yah I’ve found other girls attractive but when I think of you my breath just goes away”

I finally told her. The ball was in her court now. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cheek and her eyes staring straight into mine slowly filling with tears. Before I knew it her lips were on mine. It wasn’t a big kiss. Just a gentle peck but it forever changed my life. I was utterly shocked. Aviva took my hand and started talking, “I am so glad you finally said something. I have been thinking trabzon escort bayan about you so much lately. I’ve never been with a girl before but you are just so different from every girl I have ever met.”

All I could do was smile. I took her hand in mine and brought her to my room. We laid in my bed cuddling, holding each other and kissing. We shared our feelings, our hopes and our fears. We were no longer Miriam and Aviva best friends; we were now Miriam and Aviva girlfriends.

After lying there for an hour talking things began to heat up. The feeling of her lips on mine sent shivers straight to my pussy. I was getting wetter then I had ever been. I could feel her breasts press up against mine. I moved myself on top of her grinding my wet pussy into her thigh. I’m sure she was able to feel how wet I was on her bare thigh. I moved my hands up and down her legs as I kissed her. I slowly started to kiss down her neck, nibbling her ears, teasing her till she couldn’t stand it anymore. She flipped me over taking the lead. She took off her top and all I could do was stare. There she was, the most beautiful girl, sitting on top of me, her breast there for me to see and pleasure.

“Please Miriam. Touch me. I need it” Aviva said to me with a look of pure lust on her face. She was obviously as turned on as I was.

I didn’t hesitate. I took one breast in each hand. Slowly teasing her nipples, massaging her breasts the way I like mine to be touched. I pulled on her left nipple and she moan. “Please Mir, more” She begged. I sat up and for the first time in my life took another woman’s breast into my mouth. Her nipples grew bigger and harder as I nibbled them. Aviva grabbed the back of my head making sure I wouldn’t let go. My hands crept down her body. I ran my hands up and down her inner thigh. With each pass I would move them higher and higher until I could feel the heat of her pussy. It was then that I knew it was now or never. I moved my hand over her thong-covered pussy. I could feel her wetness through the thin material. She was dripping. All I wanted at that point was to taste her pussy.

I flung her over so she was lying on her back. I kissed my way up her body, rubbing my lips over every inch of her. I nibbled my way to her ear and whispered, “I need you so bad Aviva. I’m going to make you feel so good. Just lay back and enjoy”.

I started to kiss my way down her body. Teasing her breasts a little before going down further. I ran my hands up and down her legs and slowly removed her thong. It was drenched. I kissed my way up her thighs. I would blow on her pussy but not touch it. I teased her by running my lips over her pussy slowly and gently. I would barely touch it. The heat coming from her pussy was getting hotter and hotter. I finally ran my tongue up her dripping wet slit. Her pussy opened up like a flower petal. My mouth was overcome with her juices. I ran my mouth up and down her slit flicking her clit with every pass. Her hips began to thrust against my face.

“Oh god that feels so good Miriam! Please don’t stop”, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

I slowly entered one and then two fingers into her tight pussy. I could feel her muscles contract against them as I began to fuck her. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I began to fuck her escort trabzon faster with my fingers. Her juices were dripping all over my fingers and into her ass. Her face was contorted into that of pure pleasure. I had never seen anything so beautiful…or so I thought.

Minutes later she erupted. Her body slashed up and down and I did everything I could to make sure my tongue never left her pussy.


Please don’t stop” she screamed. I continued to suck on her clit until she pushed my face away. She pulled me up to her and we kissed. She made sure to lick every inch of her juices off of my face. She definitely loved the taste.

” Wow Miriam. Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” she asked me in a teasing way.

” Oh I am definitely sure.” I said with a huge smile on my face. “But I definitely plan to do it again. We both sat there laughing and giggling like little girls. I undressed, took her into my arms and we slowly drifted asleep.

I woke up in the morning and felt something between my legs. I looked down and saw Aviva slowly licking my pussy. “Good morning sleepy head”, she said to me with a grin. “I couldn’t control myself I had to taste you.”

“Well I’m not going to stop you!” I said to her while pushing her face into my pussy. Her tongue felt so good on my pussy. I have been eaten out many times by boys I’ve dated but this was different. It was like she knew exactly where to touch and how to touch it. She licked up and down the sides of my smooth pussy lips. Sucking each lip into her mouth as her thumb rubbed my clit. I couldn’t help but moan. “Oh Aviva that feels so good. Please I need this. I have dreamed about this.”

“I will be right back. I have to get something from my room”, she said as she got off my bed. I was shocked. What could she need from her room right now? Right when she has me begging for more!!!

A few minutes later she came back into my room. Let me tell you what she brought back surprised me. In her hand was a rabbit style vibrator. “Look what I brought back for you. You are going to love this!” she said to me as she got back into bed. Before I could say anything her mouth was on my clit. She sucked and nibbled it into her mouth. I was so wet I was dripping juices down my pussy into my ass. The feeling was pure ecstasy. Then I felt her push her vibrator into me. Inch by inch she pushed it into me. Inch by inch it stretched me like I have never been stretched. Finally the whole thing was in me. I had never felt so full in my life. Then without warning she turned the beast on.

“AVIVA!!!!!!”, I screamed on top of my lungs. The feeling inside me was amazing. She began to fuck me hard with her toy. With each thrust my clit would get a jolt. It was amazing. All I could do was slash around and moan. My body was glistening in sweat and controlled by pure lust. All of a sudden my body exploded. I could feel this orgasm from every cell in my body.

A couple of minutes later I woke up and saw Aviva looking over me. ” Are you ok? You passed out for a minute.” She said to me with concern in her eyes.

“Ya I am fine. That was just so powerful. Where’d you get that thing?” I asked curiously.

“My mom actually bought it for me. Long story. I’ll tell you about it sometime.” she said giggling. ” So what now?”

“Well I’m all sweaty. I was thinking of taking a shower to clean off. Wanna join?” I asked her hoping she would say yes.

“But of course my love” she said as she bent down to kiss me. She took my hand and led me to the showers.

What happened in there was another story all together!

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