Better Than Disney Land

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Better than Disney Land

From my memoirs…

This is an anthology of sorts. This is the account of how my girlfriend (who four years later became my wife) and I enjoyed our first partner swapping experience.

The title is a reference to Disney Land in California, we had plans to go but canceled at the last minute because we wanted to save money.

My wife (Maggi) contributed to this by sharing her memories of a very special time.


It was late June 1986, I was in The US Navy stationed at Navel Amphibious Base Coronado California. I enlisted my senior year of high school (1983) and shipped out 5 days after graduation. I had a very pretty girlfriend back home in Tampa, Florida, we met in high school and she was two years younger than me. Her name was Maggi.

The summer of 86 she came out to stay for a month to be with me, I was fortunate I wasn’t scheduled for any deployments for two months. Maggi stayed with a cousin of hers in San Diego and we were able to spend time together each night and entire weekends.

On the weekends we would usually go to the beach, she would lay out and I would go surfing. Our favorite beach was Black’s Beach in La Jolla, it was very secluded and clothing optional. The beach was at the bottom of a precipice and there were plenty of nooks and little alcoves that lent themselves to lovers for a sexual interlude. We were both horny all the time so we would usually sneak in at least one quickie often two in a secluded spot.

One morning at the beach I met a civilian guy named Matt, he was really cool and didn’t hassle me about being in The Navy (the 80’s were not like today when it came to appreciating our active military). Matt was a good looking young man, twenty one years old, same as me, very fit with shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and really in superb shape, he was about five foot six inches tall. I mention that because Maggi and I are very tall. I was six foot four inches tall and weighed two hundred and fifteen pounds with about six percent body fat, not to brag, but I was an awesome sight. Maggie was six foot tall and was extremely fit, small breasted, A cup but an overall body that was incredible. Maggi’s muscle definition was second to none, every part of her body was tight and toned. She played high school volleyball and was playing in college on a full scholarship. Maggi was of Italian descent, had dark brown hair and brown eyes, her skin was flawless and beautifully tanned. I am Nordic, light brown/ blond hair and blue eyes, my hair was high and tight and I had the obligatory Magnum P.I. mustache.

The morning we met Matt we also met his girlfriend Kathrine, (Kat is what we called her). She was 18 and had just completed high school in San Diego. She was very beautiful, she appeared to be Asian and European mix, she had strawberry blond hair and brown eyes, very nice breasts, C cup, slightly Asian looking eyes and she was very short, only five feet tall with a rock hard body. Kat was a competitive swimmer since she was eight years old.

After hanging out together and going on a few double dates over two weeks, we were were back at our favorite spot on Black’s Beach. Maggi and Kat were finally bold enough to take it all off, Matt and I looked at each other, shrugged and dropped our shorts. It was really fun seeing Kat up close, she had just a wisp of blond pubic hair on her mound and was clean bald everywhere else.

Maggi asked her if she shaved or waxed, she said, “Neither, that’s just the way it grows.”

Maggi had an impressive full bush and she had to work to keep it trimmed so it didn’t stick out of her bathing suit, it was jet black and soft. Maggi made sure Matt got a clear view by angling her pussy toward him and parting her legs.

The day was filled with flirting and some kissing. We became very comfortable kissing back and forth, switching partners and pretending we were trading girlfriends or boyfriends. Matt and I soon displayed are full erections to the girls, we could no longer hide them. We were secluded enough as not to be seen so Matt and I stroked our cocks for the girls as they fingered themselves and encouraged us. Matt and I came with in seconds of one another. We both shot our hot streams into the sand as the girls watched with delight.

It was interesting to see another guy jacking off next to me and watching him cum, I thought, “Is that how I look when I cum?”

After a couple of hours and a nap we went into the water one last time, packed up, kissed goodby and left for our residences.

The next day we ended up at Matt’s apartment in San Diego, it was beautiful and he lived alone, come to find out Matt’s parents were both movie producers in Hollywood and were supporting him while he figured out life. We all showered together after swimming together in the apartment complex’s pool then ended up in Matt’s bahis siteleri living room naked. He had a sunken living room with a huge sectional sofa.

All of us nude, drying each other’s backs and doing a great deal of flirting.

Maggi laid down and spread her legs to dry her pussy she clearly wanted Matt’s attention, Matt asked if he could get a closer look, Maggi was happy to let him, “Tell me what you think of her.”

Matt gently touched Maggi’s full inner lips and parted them slightly revealing her pink, wet pussy, he stroked her full bush, like you would pet a cat and then touched her clit. Maggi let out a little moan.

Matt had a raging hard on and so did I. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was seeing another guy touching my girlfriend’s pussy. He was leaking pre-cum out of his intensely hard cock. Matt’s cock was about five inches long, on the thin side, maybe a little bigger in diameter than a quarter but very nice in appearance with a disproportionately large mushroom head to top off his circumcised shaft. He had no pubic hair what so ever, clean shaven.

Maggi said to Matt, “Your cock is so perfect,” as she reached to touch it.

He leaned in, she was gentle and with two fingers she grasped it and gave it a few slow strokes.

Matt then said softly, “You know Kat really wants to suck Pete’s dick,” (I’m Pete by the way).

I was always pretty proud of my dick and I’m not embarrassed to admit I spent a lot of time measuring it when I was in my teens. I was seven and one quarter inches long and thicker than average, six inches in circumference with a slightly darker skin tone then the surrounding skin, the head shaped like a torpedo to top off my circumcised guided missile.

Kat reached over and took a firm grip, her hands were small and it made my cock look huge. She looked at Maggi and asked if she minded.

Maggi replied cheerfully as she looked at me, “No, lets share and share alike.”

Maggi had her long legs spread wide and her pussy was glistening with moisture.

Kat slid over next to Maggi, stared at her pussy and asked, “Can I touch you, I’ve always wanted to see what another girl’s pussy feels like?”

Maggi was delighted and whispered, “Yes but no woman has ever touched my kitty, I really want you to touch me.”

Kat replied, “I love looking at pussies but I was always afraid to make a move on a girl.”

I knew Maggi was bursting with desire, she loved looking at hustler magazines with me and wasn’t afraid to tell me she thought another girl was cute or that she would like to kiss a girl to see what it was like.

Before Kat could reach over and touch her, Maggi went head first into Kat’s crotch, she wanted a close look at this hairless marvel. Without even thinking she spread Kat’s lips apart and put her tongue right on the base of her now swollen clit. I was surprised she moved so fast and more than surprised I was turned on.

I remember wondering if Maggi might be bisexual, every time I asked her she just said, “I think girls are pretty, that’s all.”

She licked a few times and said, “I bet I know what really turns you on.”

She went back to licking and Kat began moaning and said, “Please let me lick you, I’m dying to know.”

They laid prone with Maggi on bottom in sixty-nine position, for about ten minutes they licked and slurped hungrily at each other’s pussy. Moans and kissing sounds were all we heard. Meanwhile Matt and I sat at either end touching and caressing the young women.

It was wild to see the size comparisons of these two, Maggi being six feet tall and Kat only five feet tall.

They separated, both mouths covered in the others’ juices. They seemed intoxicated with sexual desire, their inhibitions completely gone. They kissed passionately, we could see their open mouths and tongues, they were both so aggressive. After a couple of minutes kissing and touching each other’s breasts, they stopped and looked at each other and smiled, then they looked at me and Matt.

Maggi asked Matt for his cock, she took it with two fingers and started licking the bulbous head and then slid the entire head into her wet mouth, she bobbed slowly on the rigid shaft. Stopping only to comment on how nice it was.

Maggi was in no way an all star cock sucker, when we met she had braces, so every attempt ended very quickly and she did not seem to like the taste of cum, though she never hesitated to swallow when I did cum in her mouth.

Matt said with a breathless whisper, “You’re going to make me cum Maggi.”

Maggi stopped and gripped the base of his cock tightly, a trick I showed her to keep me from coming to soon. Saliva dripped off Maggi’s chin and Matt’s swollen mushroom head.

Kat began to tell us how she enjoyed sucking a guys cock and that she loved the taste of a guys cum, “I’ve only given canlı bahis siteleri three different guys blowjobs but their dicks all taste and smell different and so does their cum but so far I have to say I love the taste of it.”

I was pretty turned on by this and my cock was throbbing.

I was sitting on the edge of the sofa with the hardest dick ever, Kat went down on me and pushed me into the sofa so she could really get all of me in her mouth.

After putting it in her mouth she pulled up and said “This is a thick cock.”

We all laughed and she continued, Kat was only eighteen years old but she had mastered cock sucking. Every move with her tongue was perfect and just the right amount of pressure in the right places.

Both girls pussies were soaking wetlands and their lips spread and swollen I knew Maggie was going to beg for cock any second. Every time she got really excited she wanted nothing more than to have me fill her with my hard shaft.

Maggie was awesome at fucking, what she lacked in cock sucking she made up in fucking. She liked every imaginable position and was so flexible and so athletic, nothing was out of the question. She was easy to bring to orgasm too, just kissing her and rubbing her through her jeans would make her cum. After we dated a month in high school Maggi’s mother got her on birth control and we fucked and fucked never using a condom, she loved the feeling of my cum squirting deep inside. I always thought girls couldn’t feel like that, Maggi could. She was always soaking wet with just a little foreplay. I loved eating her out, she was so responsive and she tasted and smelled so good.

So Maggie put her arm around Matt’s and guided him on top of her, he dove his head between her legs and ate her pussy like a starving dog. Maggi arched lifting herself off the sofa, her abdominal muscles rippled revealing her six pack definition.

“She Moaned as she came, “Matt, Matt, Oh my god I knew you’d make cum like this.”

Man did she cum, Matt grabbed the towels we were using earlier to wipe up and keep his sofa from getting soaked.

Maggi wanted to feel Matt’s cock inside her, she opened her legs wide and spread her butterfly lips, he eased his mushroom head in and she moaned, he asked her, “Is it big enough?”

She said, “I’m in heaven Matt,” pulled him close and kissed him passionately.

I knew Maggi wouldn’t mind a smaller cock, her pussy was amazing and adaptable, she was very sensitive, she was an amazing lover and girlfriend. I was happy Matt was able to experience her and I was happy Maggi could experience a different man without leaving me. Up to this point I was her first and only lover.

Kat started kissing me on the mouth and neck, very deep and passionately, she whispered in my ear, “I’ve been thinking about you non-stop since we met.”

She leaned back presenting her beautiful tits, they were perfect, soft though they didn’t have any sag in them, her nipples were like pencil erasers and her areolae were about the size of a silver dollar. I licked and sucked her nipples, feeling them get hard in my mouth.

Kat let out a moan and said, “You’re as good as I imagined.”

She then took my cock into her mouth and really lubed it up, I went down on her and licked her soaking wet pussy, her vaginal opening was dilated. She lay back and spread her legs at a perfect 180 degree split. Her pussy was totally open now, I slipped my cock into her slowly, it went right in, we were lubed to the max with our own fluids.

Maggie was holding Matt and he was kissing and sucking her tits, she only had A cups but her nipples were beautiful and very responsive.

Maggi nudged Matt and she turned around on her stomach, presenting herself doggie style. The view was awesome, her lips were swollen and soaking wet, she moved into position so Matt could resume the mushroom invasion. Instead he leaned his head forward and stuck his tongue right into Maggi’s pussy hole, she loved this, he had a long tongue and Maggie squirmed with delight.

After a few minutes Matt repositioned himself and entered Maggi’s now dripping hole with his straining hard on. He began thrusting and his muscles were all flexed.

He kept it up and sounding out of breath he said, “I don’t want to cum yet, let’s make it last longer.”

Maggi was happy to help out. She turned around and held his face and kissed him while she played with his long blond hair. She stayed away from his cock, just kissing him on his mouth, neck and muscular chest.

After a few minutes Maggi looked over and said, “Pete, I can’t believe how awesome it is to see your cock going in and out of Kat’s pussy, I want you to go ahead and cum baby, l love you.”

I was really close to coming, I told Kat, she said, “I want all your cum inside of me, I’m on the pill, fill me up.”

I let go canlı bahis and with a balls deep thrust blew my load as I let out a guttural moan. She held my ass cheeks hard so I couldn’t pull out, I could feel her pussy contracting and milking my cock, it was amazing. Her chest was bright red and she was out of breath.

Matt looked over and said “Kat are you coming babe?”

Kat screamed “YES!”

Maggi then guided Matt’s cock into her eager pussy and in a minute she came and fell to her stomach with her legs twitching. Matt was grinning with his hard cock still straining in mid air and his mushroom head bulging.

I told him, “Don’t stop, she wants your cum deep inside, it ok, she’s on the pill, it’s cool.”

Maggi presented her beaver again and Matt went to fucking, this time with much more speed and thrusting as hard as he could.

Maggi’s hard ass was rippling and she kept saying, “Fuck Me Matt!”

Matt came deep in Maggi’s pussy and collapsed on top of her.

We all laid there in each other’s embrace, then got up one by one to get some drinks and to clean off a bit. We all had some sodas and sat together talking naked on the sofa.

It wasn’t long when Matt stood up to get more soda and his cock sprang to life, Maggi stood up and started playing with his hair again and caressing his cock and balls, she was very gentle and looked at his rock hard cock with an eager smile.

Kat was in the kitchen putting the glasses in the sink when she saw me and noticed my cock was hard too. She came over to me quickly like a bunny hopping. She sat on my lap and we kissed passionately, moaning with desire. She jumped off of me onto the couch and stuck her ass in the air presenting me with her beaver and asshole spread apart with her hands.

She asked me, “Do you like what you see?”

I stood up and stepped so my cock was right in her view, I was throbbing, I couldn’t wait to get my cock in pussy again.

She asked, “Am I wet enough?”

I went right down on her bald swollen pussy, my nose right against her asshole. As I made her wet, her pussy opened and she started fingering her clit. Maggi saw this and came right over, she nudged me out of the way and put 2 fingers in Kat’s pussy and then a third, Kat was loving this, Matt and I on either side of her watching, we had a hand on one of Maggi’s butt cheeks and our other hand on one of her tits. She loved the attention from two men she cared about so much.

Matt’s dick was like steel and so was mine.

Maggi spoke with excitement in her voice, “Kat, I’m going all in with 5 fingers.”

Kat just moaned.

Maggi asked Kat, “Have you ever been fisted before?”

Matt shook his head no and Kat said “Not yet.”

Maggi pulled her fingers out of Kat’s pussy and began licking the back of her hand and knuckles. Kat’s pussy was dilated to the diameter of at least three fingers. Maggi went in this time with all five up to the knuckles.

Kat sucked in air and said, “I want it all!”

Maggi worked in the knuckles, tucked in her fingers as her hand disappeared, all that was left was Maggi’s wrist. Kat gasped and Maggi held still until Kat’s pussy adapted to the stretching.

Maggi was introduced to fisting by your’s truly when she was eighteen. The first time I did this she was frozen with pleasure, her clit was swollen larger than it had ever been, I slowly thrust my fist in and out and each time I touched her clit she gasped. She came three times and when I pulled out she came again, than she begged me to fuck her. To my surprise her pussy went right back to tighten down on my cock it just felt smoother. I was so turned on I came in 2 minutes and Maggi was exhausted.

Maggi never came out and asked to be fisted, she gave me subtle hints like, “My pussy needs stretching” or she would gape her pussy while I ate her out.

Kat started moving back and forth on Maggi’s fist, Maggi responded with thrusting and retreat. Matt moved into position and slid his mouth under Kat’s pussy, licked her clit. I was behind Maggi and she tweaked her hips backward so I could put my dick right in her wet pussy. Kat took Matt’s mushroom head into her mouth and we were all thrusting in unison. It was amazing! Kat came, Matt came and his cum squirted over Kat’s head onto her back, I came all over Maggi’s ass and Maggi came as she pulled her fist out of Kat’s pussy, then Maggi lowered her mouth to Kat’s still gaping pussy and licked all over it, she was consumed with sexual excitement.

It took us a while to relax and come down from such a sexual high. After we cleaned up we ordered pizza, sat around naked talking about ourselves and planning our next get together.

It was amazing how comfortable we felt with each other, our chemistry was perfect. We were so carefree and enjoyed each other’s company so much.

After a couple of hours I needed to get Maggi back to her cousin’s apartment and I need to get back to base.

Kat and Matt thanked us and we thanked them with kisses goodby and plans to do this again very soon.

Continuing soon…

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