Better Later Than Never

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Better Later Than Never[ For Megan’s mom, and for other women (married especially) who have felt, and been, sexually neglected, taken for granted, and overlooked by their husbands for a long time. Take heart, for there is hope. It does not have to be the end just yet! There are options. Here’s one such option! ]After Cindy had returned home from visiting her mother and daughter in Florida, it was absolutely clear to her that she and her husband were never going to find any love left between them; and that it had disappeared a long time ago. In fact, her husband hadn’t even acknowledged her when she walked into the house, and though on the one hand that didn’t entirely surprise her, on the other it still hurt a little. They had walked right past each other without saying anything. Though her husbands cold reception had stung a little bit, it had confirmed to Cindy that she was now free to pursue a new and different future; and one that likely would no longer include her husband. That appeared to be very definitely over; and, to be honest, Cindy felt more relieved than saddened. The last four years of she and her husbands marriage had alternated between these sort of icy silences, and the sort of terrible yelling matches that often left her feeling almost sick inside. This was no way to live out the remainder of her life, and it wasn’t until her last visit to Florida, where she had fucked Willis, her mothers next door neighbor, her first-ever black man, a man her husband absolutely despised because he was black, that she had tasted the sort of sexual attention, and passion, that had never been a part of her marriage to her husband; and where she knew she had to have more of that! After her husbands cold and seemingly indifferent reception, Cindy had gone to the bedroom where she slept and texted a black man that she had met through Willis, that she’d exchanged phone numbers with in Florida; saying she was back in New York and was really looking forwards to spending some time with him; and he had replied almost immediately to say that he was looking forwards to that very much! That had cheered her up some. If her husband no longer cared for her—well then, she knew that there were other men that did! Plus, the fact that these men were black was at least part of why she was attracted to them; but only partly! Mainly, it was because they really knew how to treat a woman in bed; along güvenilir bahis with the fact that Willis had such a huge cock; something her husband decidedly didn’t have!Plus, Cindy found Willis’ big cock all the more beautiful and entrancing because of it’s gorgeous dark black color; the color of the darkest chocolate she’d ever seen. It was such a rich color. So much more intriguing than the pale, and mainly limp, little ‘penis’ her husband possessed. And Willis had fucked Cindy like she had never been fucked before. She did things with Willis she’d never done with anyone before—such as getting fucked in the ass; something she had fantasized about, but never did. She sat and recalled that first time. She’d been quite worried that she wouldn’t be able to accommodate Willis’ massive cock in her ass, but that, too, had turned out not to be a problem, and she’d truly loved being ‘taken’ like that.As they had fucked, Willis occasionally taunted her, and called her names like ‘bitch’, or ‘slut’, or ‘whore’, and though words like that would have typically angered and offended Cindy, they had had the very opposite effect on her coming from Willis!She remembered Willis telling her that he ‘owned’ her now that he was fucking her ass, and as he did, he also called her husband a ‘cuck’, and that had excited her all the more. “Your husband’s a worthless cuck,” she remember Willis saying as she felt his big black cock deep, deep inside of her ass, and Cindy had responded to by saying: “Oh, yes, yes, YESSS!!” Married to her husband, Cindy had few, if any good memories of sex with him. When they did fuck, it was over in an amazingly short amount of time; leaving her not even warmed up yet, as he rolled over and fell asleep! Then again, part of that was that he had frequently struggled to even get, let alone maintain, and erection (which, even when he did accomplish that, his penis was so small); but with Willis—he was everything her husband had never been! She had been intrigued that Willis hadn’t tried to keep her all for himself, and that he had actively encouraged her fuck other black men! In fact, he had taken her to a resort before she had left to go back to New York, and while they they had more great sex, he’d also been quite open to showing her off to other black men there; which she had found rather exciting—and it had been while there that she had exchanged phone numbers with güvenilir bahis siteleri several other black men. That was the moment when she realized that she no longer wanted her marriage to keep going, and that it had been over for a long time, but had merely continued by inertia alone. But she’d worried about how her daughter would react if she knew her mother had been fucking Willis, as well as possibly doing the same with other black men. She didn’t want Megan to see her as a bad mother. Of course, Cindy was unaware that her daughter had also been fucking Willis as well, though earlier! She remember how thrilled she’d felt as Willis wore that enigmatic smile on his face as she had exchanged phone numbers with those other black men. He was obviously pleased by it, and not the least bit jealous. Afterwords, he had said: “Your too sexy not to share!””I am?” She had replied, surprised, but also pleased that he had said this to her.”Of course!” Willis had answered, smiling more broadly. “It would be selfish of me to try and keep you all to myself!” What he didn’t mention, of course, was how pleased he was to now have had Megan, her daughter, and now Megan’s mom as well!”My husband would be SO pissed—if he knew I was here with you,” Cindy had said to Willis.He grinned at that. “He’s a cuck,” he added. “And a looser if he lost interest in you. So, to hell with him. You’ve found something much better!”She completely agreed with him on both points. Her husband really was a looser; and he had lost interest in her, as a mother, and as a wife; and, she certainly had found something MUCH better. She’d discovered big black cock! And she wanted to have as much of that as she possibly could from here on out! And, to underscore that, they went back to their room and they fucked for most of the afternoon, stopping to order food up to their room, and then resuming their fucking afterwords.Now she was back in New York, and her pussy was on fire for more of that marvelous fucking she’d had in Florida, and more, much, much more of that equally marvelous black cock! Her pussy no longer belonged to her husband. He’d lost the right to it years earlier. Now it was hers to give to whoever she wished; and she wished to give it to this next black man! She even removed her wedding ring. She no longer wanted to wear it. It mocked her now. It no longer meant what it had supposed to mean. The iddaa siteleri faint mark it left on her finger would soon fade. She wondered if her husband would notice she no longer wore it. Probably not. She might as well have been invisible as far as he was concerned.She stood looking at herself in the large mirror in her bedroom. She undressed. She let her eyes scan over her naked body. She looked at her full breasts and thinking about Willis’ hands roaming over them; and how he kissed them; and sucked on her nipples—that had felt so good! She thought about how he had kissed his way down her tummy to her pussy, spreading her legs apart as he made his way there; and then, as her pulse beat more wildly, he had spent so much time and attention licking and kissing her moist pussy; and she had felt like she was melting into Willis’ bed sheets as she came, and came again; and Willis’ enthusiasm had filled her with so much joy, that she almost wept real tears, tears of real joy.And then they had fucked, and fucked, and fucked, and in a variety of positions! Willis was the first man (or any color) who had ever ‘taken’ her ass, and as she felt his huge cock head pushing deeper and deeper, she gave herself to him like that, completely, without regret or reservation; and that had been the crux of where her former relationship with her husband ended. After Willis had fucked her (and in the ass especially), there was no way back to the life she’d had with Megan’s father; and—she didn’t ever want to go back to it no matter what!She texted Willis about her upcoming meet up with this other black guy. She was excited. She hoped he was glad for her and not jealous. As it turned out, he was very thrilled!”Your a black cock whore, Cindy!” He’d texted, followed by a series of smiley faces.That excited her tremendously. Yes, she thought, I really am a ‘whore’, but I don’t care! I love being a black cock-loving whore!She replied to his text with her own. “If I’m a whore, it’s because of you!””I’ll take that as a compliment!” He replied.Cindy then took a long shower, and as she felt the warm, comforting water flowing over her, she fingered her pussy and had a nice, if somewhat quick, orgasm—and as she came, she was thinking of Willis, as well as her upcoming rendezvous with this other black man! With her finger inside her pussy, she couldn’t help but love the idea of yet another BIG black cock sliding deep, and deeper still, inside of her. God! She thought. Why didn’t I do this sooner?! But she hadn’t. So now, though a little late perhaps, she was determined to make up for that at every opportunity she could contrive to do so!The End

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