Beth’s Summer Break Pt. 02

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Beth tries to come to terms with Gina’s infidelity, but her anger and rage almost blow her chances when an unexpected opportunity drops in her lap.

All characters portrayed are fictional and anyone engaging in sexual activity is at least eighteen years old and consenting.

Chapter 1 – BETH

I woke late and in a right old state the morning after my big discovery and was so glad the room Gina had allocated me was en-suite. I went into the small bathroom and necked a couple of pain killers. My head ached from too much wine, my throat was raw from shouting, sobbing and the vape pen, and my pussy felt like I still had one of my vibrators stuck in there. I crashed back on the bed and thanked heaven Allie had partially rescued my sanity last night.

I went back and looked through our Skype conversation again, wishing I could see her, cursing my shitty old laptop for not having a camera on it.

I had been listlessly watching other people screw each other for half an hour or so on my laptop and my left hand was trying to get me going but I wasn’t really getting there. I was about to switch to something automated when I saw a Skype message bar at the top of the screen. My heart lifted as I read the words.

AllieMac96: Hey I’m bored wot U up 2, Hammy?

Allie, my best friend, my shaggy haired, dyed-blonde Scottish lover. It’s a toss-up as to which of us is more loop-the-loop. She knows I hate shorthand and does it deliberately to wind me up.

BethThePixie: Speak properly Alison MacDonald, or I’m cutting you off.

I had no intention of cutting her off. I was glad she was there – I needed her to be there.

AllieMac96: Then good evening BethThePixie. May I politely enquire as to what the fuck you are up to?

BethThePixie: That is better, AllieMac96. Yes, you may enquire.

AllieMac96: Oh ffs, girl, WHAT YOU UP TO?

BethThePixie: Surfing porn and rubbing myself. Half-heartedly. How effing sad is that? It’s been a shit day Allie and I miss you.

I finished with the crying emoji. I meant it – I wiped away a tear and sniffed back a few more.

AllieMac96: Poor BethThePixie (sad emoji) Can AllieMac96 help?

This time I just sent back the big smiley face emoji. We had done this many times before. Our LDCS -long-distance cyber-sex as we called it. We sometimes even did it from the next room we enjoyed it so much. One of us would be in charge, giving instructions to the other. Allie was in charge tonight and she couldn’t have come online at a better time.

AllieMac96: Ok, you know the rules. Who is in control?

BethThePixie: AllieMac96 is in control.

AllieMac96: Who is going to do everything AllieMac96 tells her?

BethThePixie: BethThePixie is going to obey AllieMac96. Please tell her what she should do.

AllieMac96: Good girl. First, switch off that porn. I need your full attention. When you have done that, I want you to touch your pussy for me. Whichever hand is easiest. Up to you.

BethThePixie: Porn ditched. Using left, easier to type right handed.

AllieMac96: Excellent. Now put two fingers inside. Slowly. Then twist them. Leave them in for a long time. Wiggle them. Wiggle them round a lot. Imagine they are mine, wiggling away inside you. When they are nice and wet bring them out and lick them clean.

BethThePixie: Wiggling feels good. They taste nice. Wish I could share. All shiny clean. Can I put them back now please?

AllieMac96: Mine taste good too. Want to share as well. Yes, put them back in. Mine are back in now. Three of them. You do it.

BethThePixie: Three fingers inserted. Can I twist them?

AllieMac96: Yes you can, and press on your G-Spot. Hard.

BethThePixie: I want your pussy

AllieMac96: Can’t have it – about 500 miles away. Tough shit.

BethThePixie: No like you

AllieMac96: Yes you do otherwise you wouldn’t be putting your dirty little digits in your snatch at my command.

BethThePixie: Feels nice. Command me more…

We went on like this for ten or so minutes, and it felt so good. I longed for her to be there with me, but this was the next best thing. I now had four fingers inside me and my thumb on my clit and it was getting harder to type. Allie’s commands were getting more explicit by the minute and she was also letting me know what she was doing, but for the first time in our narrative there was a long delay.

BethThePixie: Where is AllieMac96? (sad emoji)

AllieMac96: Sorry – been to the ‘fridge.

BethThePixie: Why?

AllieMac96: Beer… and something long, green, cold and wonderful. Have you got one in your fridge?

BethThePixie: Beer yes. Other – not sure, want me to look?

AllieMac96: Yes. If no green thing bring empty bottle.

BethThePixie: (wait emoji)

I didn’t want to stop, but I had to obey her. I ran downstairs, remembering to remove my sticky fingers from my snatch first. I licked them on the way down. Gina kept her huge ‘fridge casino şirketleri well stocked so there was a chance. It was a Smeg, which seemed quite appropriate given the state of my fingers. I opened the door and pulled out the salad drawer. My face lit up as I grabbed what I needed, cursing as I tried to peel off the cellophane wrapper. Bloody supermarkets! I gave it a long rinse under the cold tap, dried it off and ran back upstairs.

BethThePixie: (smile emoji) (thumbs up emoji)

AllieMac96: Good girl. Rub the end of it on your pussy.

BethThePixie: It feels cold.

AllieMac96: It’s a fucking cucumber. It’s meant to be cold. Rub it some more then slide it in, at least four inches.

BethThePixie: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

AllieMac96: Mine is filling me up nicely. Rotate it. Very slowly.

BethThePixie: I can feel all the little ridges. It’s filling me up too. Can I please put it in deeper?

AllieMac96: Yes, I want you to take as much of it as you can. Very very slowly. No cheating.

BethThePixie: Oh fuck that feels so good, AllieMac96.

AllieMac96: How far in is it?

BethThePixie: A long way. I can’t get it any further.

AllieMac96: Try.

BethThePixie: Ok, but it hurts a bit.

AllieMac96: Pain is good. Further, BethThePixie, further.

I’d never had anything as deep inside me before. I pushed harder and cried out in pain as it eased further and deeper. It felt like I had taken the whole thing, but there was still almost half of it left outside. I squeezed down on it and twisted again grimacing. I had reached my limit.

BethThePixie: Can’t go deeper. Feels incredible. You?

AllieMac96: Oh fuck, BtP yes. It feels so good. How far is it in?

BethThePixie: You already asked that. Long way, no idea.

AllieMac96: I managed 11.2 inches last time.

BethThePixie: How you know?

AllieMac96: Made a mark on it, measured it. Got a lot of white sticky stuff on tape measure (vomiting emoji)

BethThePixie: LoL! Measure later too intense now. Can I come now?

AllieMac96: Do keep up BtP, I’ve fetched off twice already.

BethThePixie: Cheers, lover girl. Don’t start without me will you? Ok – my turn – going quiet – need two hands. Back… not so soon (smile emoji)

I looked down at the huge green monster sticking out from between my legs and pushed it half an inch or so further into my cunt. It looked so fucking sexy. I had no idea how deep it was, but I had to try and beat Allie. I was fascinated by the look of it. Why had I never tried this before? I traced my finger along the edge of my pussy lips as they gripped onto the cool green flesh and shivered with pleasure. I twisted it once more and holding my breath, tried to relax to get more in but I could only manage a tiny distance before I had to admit I was done.

I carefully made a little nick on the surface of the cucumber right next to my swollen pussy lips before I pulled it out to a more manageable distance, and then grabbed the end of it with both hands. I began to rock back and forth as I started to come, slamming the cucumber in and out of me like a woman possessed. I thought it was going to disintegrate I was gripping it so hard, the lovely slightly rough feel to it, the coolness against the heat of my cunt. I switched to kneeling up and fucking down on it, bucking my hips, leaning forward with my forehead on the bed covers. I so wanted to be able to bury my face in Allie’s hairy little pussy. The bed covers were muffling my moans and groans as I built momentum and I wondered if this was what Gina had felt as she rode on Mike.

I clamped my muscles down on the cucumber and gave one last massive effort, moaning wordlessly into the sheets and gasping for breath as I came hard and long, and thankful that Gina was out, let out a huge screaming sob as my climax reached its zenith.

I flopped back down, slowly removing my long green lover, now coated with my juices as Allie’s had been. I put it on the bed beside me and looked at the screen.


BethThePixie: Sorry, been somewhere else. No breath.

AllieMac96: Where?

BethThePixie: Cucumber Heaven. Think I’ll go veggie.

AllieMac96: Knew I’d get you there somehow! It’s a fruit, not a veggie anyway. So how deep?

BethThePixie: Wow, what a Skype call – I get off and I learn as well. Just a minute…

I was sure I had seen a sewing kit in one of Gina’s drawers when I searched her room so on very unsteady legs, I went into my bathroom and rinsed off the cucumber not wanting to mess up Gina’s tape as Allie had done to hers. It took a while, and I could see deep finger marks on the flesh of the fruit – as I now knew it to be – where I had been gripping it. I found Gina’s sewing box and laid the tape measure alongside my makeshift dildo and taking note of the distance hoped I put everything back as it should be.

BethThePixie: 28 cms.

AllieMac96: Centimetres? FFS girl what use is that?

BethThePixie: Sorry casino firmaları only tape I could find was metric. Bloody Gina.

AllieMac96: Oh just a min… where’s my convertor app? Hah – it’s only 11.0236 inches. I win! Lightweight!

BethThePixie: Congrats on you victory – bucket cunt

AllieMac96: (laugh emoji) (in love emoji) (tired emoji) Eat the cucumber, loser!

BethThePixie Yeuch no! (in love emoji) Miss you (crying emoji) Thanks for being here for me, needed that!

AllieMac96: Miss you too. Any time BethThePixie. Any time. Sleep well babe XXX

BethThePixie: Night night Allie you too XXX

Once Allie had gone, I found a video of a girl with long brown hair going down on a cute little tattooed girl with a nose stud and a shaggy mop of dirty blonde hair. She didn’t have Allie’s nipple bars, but she was quite a good likeness. I was far gentler with the cucumber this time and in the end I slept a lot better than I expected.

I finished re-reading our conversation and felt a nice warm glow despite the discomfort down below. I showered and felt a little better for it, and decided to give my aching pussy a bit of pampering and got rid of my stubble with my lady shave. I wished I’d done it earlier as the hours of rubbing on sandpaper yesterday had made my fingers quite sore as well. I glanced at the floor and saw my green lover half under the bed where it must have rolled off in the night. The devil in me thought for a moment about putting it back in the ‘fridge but my angel side thought better of it. Even having washed it, the smell would give it away. I’d dispose of it on my way into town. I looked at the little mark I had made on it and held it against myself unable to believe I had taken it so far. I found a laundry bag Gina had given me and with a bit of effort, I snapped it in half and popped it into the bag for later and went to wash my now smelly hands again.

Once I felt decent enough to tackle the day, I decided to give my dress another go for a change. I’d had the presence of mind to stick it in the washer at some stage yesterday. Even in the state I was in, I realised that going round in a dress smelling of stale pussy juice was probably a step too far even for me. It was still a bit crumpled but better than it had looked yesterday. Blue and flowery, quite short but not too long, though with the length of my legs, any dress is going to look quite short. I had no idea how long I had owned it and it rarely got any use, but I was again quite pleasantly surprised by what I saw in the mirror. I had decided to go into town and cheer myself up and hopefully avoid the Divine Harcourt into the bargain.

I wandered downstairs praying she’d be out. My plan was to have a quick pick-me-up coffee and then head into town for some shopping and lunch.

Maybe I’d bump into some nice guy. Or the given the way my pussy felt, preferably a nice girl. Yeah right Beth, fat chance.

There was no sign of Madame in the kitchen, so I got the coffee machine going and started looking through a few messages on my tablet. Allie had sent me a video of a cat purring contentedly and captioned it, “me last night.” Then the door to Gina’s office flew open and out she came all sweetness and light, looking a million dollars despite yesterday’s pummelling at the hands and monstrous appendage of the invisible Mike.

Well she could obviously see him, but he had been invisible to me of course.

My heart sank.

“Good morning Bethany.” A glance at her watch and emphasis on the word ‘morning’ indicated that she didn’t think much of my time keeping.

It was only half past eleven for fuck’s sake. Last time I checked, that still constituted morning. I ignored her barb. I had a few of my own coming.

“Ooh, got a coffee going? Good girl, milk and no sugar thanks!”

Fuck. There goes my Gina avoidance then.

I could barely bring myself to look at her let alone speak to her.

“Yup, no probs,” was all I could manage and I made myself busy with the coffee machine. She perched herself on a stool on the opposite side of the large table in the middle of the kitchen. Her phone was in the same spot as it had been when I had discovered her dirty little secret yesterday. I was longing to pick it up and flick to the photo gallery and shove the pictures Mike had taken of her cum-covered face back under her snooty nose. I could still hear her voice as it happened, low and husky. “Oh god, I love it when it drops down off my chin onto my tits like that.” So do I Gina, but you were the lucky bitch that got it.

Instead I placed her cup in front of her, disappointed that I hadn’t had the chance to spit in it or worse and resisted the strong urge to knock it all over her upmarket business attire.

“Thanks, darling.”

I plonked my own coffee down and took a long slow sip. I felt better as the caffeine kicked in. Strong and black, just how I like it.

Oh god, all that thought did was conjure more visions of her being ravaged by the unseen Mike. We güvenilir casino sat in awkward silence, drinking.

She sipped her coffee and broke the brief silence, nodding at my little blue number. “You look nice like that. Scrub up well, lass.”

“Oh, er – thanks!” I must have looked stunned as I certainly felt it – a compliment from the walking wardrobe! “I wore it yesterday when I went out as well.”

“Oh right, where did you go then?”

“Oh not far, just needed to sort out a few things for Dad…”

I then added, … you know, like ring him to say that his girlfriend was getting her tits and face sprayed with cum by a black guy who had just taken her up the shitter with his monster cock and then she did ass to mouth on him as she screamed for him to shoot his fucking load all over her.

Well that is what I would have said if I wasn’t such a weak little wimp.

Instead it went unsaid in my head and I let the words trail off into silence.

“Oh that’s nice of you. He didn’t mention anything he needed to me,” she said calmly. “He seems to be doing ok over there doesn’t he? We’re keeping in touch by Skype every day. But god, I miss him, Bethany. He’s such a lovely man, your Dad. Off to Singapore next I think.”

I nearly threw my coffee at her, the hypocritical cow. I was so mad at her I didn’t trust myself to respond, so I decided to see how good a liar she was.

Pretty good, I’d bet.

“So how was lunch? You do seem to be in ‘ladies that lunch’ mode a lot at the moment!” I tried a sweet smile, but I doubt it made it past ‘girl sucking a lemon’.

She never missed a beat. “Oh yes, Melanie is setting up a new salon and is putting together her business plan, so I’m helping her out with some free advice. Well, it gets me some nice free lunches anyway. I’m seeing her again on Friday – getting close to her application to the bank.”

Well it certainly does get you something I thought, filing away the Friday afternoon slot for my now regular solo flight. It was happening so often I’d be qualifying for frequent flyer points soon. Welcome to Air Hamilton. We can fly you anywhere. Single passengers only.

I pressed on in my quest to make her lie.

“Where did you go, anywhere nice?”

She paused for just a beat, presumably accessing a pre-rehearsed routine from somewhere in supplementary storage. “We went to that new American style diner – the one on the High Street. Then back to Mel’s for a few more cheeky cocktails and a look at her business plan.”

Business plan? There’s a euphemism for Big Black Cock I’ve never heard before!

“Food okay?” I asked innocently.

“Yes, not bad at all…” She paused, smiling. “Bit filling for me though, huge portions – I couldn’t finish it all!”

Fucking hell woman, who’s playing with whom here? You got huge portions all right, but you did fucking finish it, didn’t you? And probably went back for seconds. Eat all you can at Mike’s buffet.

She was good, I gave her that. Years of practice in the art of deception, no doubt. I took another sip of coffee. “Sounds good – I might have a look when I am in town. I love American food. I got a real taste for it when we went across to the West Coast a few years ago.”

My turn to pause, and then I decided to go for the jugular. I went all little girly on her and tried to ooze enthusiasm I didn’t really feel. I leaned forward and looked her in the eye for probably the first time that morning.

“Ooh do they do those foot long hot dogs, like in the States? I love those. They just never seem to end!” I held my hands apart, about the distance I imagined Mike’s cock would cover. “About this big… I’ll never forget the first time I tried one. God it tasted so good! It was so big, I nearly choked on it! Bloody hell if they do have them, you’ll never be able to keep me away from the place!”

Give her credit, she nearly pulled it off.

She began almost stammering. “Erm, well, not sure to be honest. Didn’t see the menu. Er, well, like, you see Mel said the house burgers were great so we just went straight for them. Really nice they were. Tasty. Big, yes really nice. Erm… check the website, yes, good idea – the website… that will have the menu, won’t it? Route 66 it’s called…” Her gushing narrative stumbled into embarrassed silence.

I thought I was going to crack up. I had never seen her flustered like that and was rather pleased with myself for thinking it up. She even had the good grace to colour up a little and I could see a nice little flush on her neck and cheeks. She was shuffling awkwardly on her stool and began to play with her hair.

She made a big show of looking at her watch, an obvious distraction move. “Hell is that the time – my taxi will be here in a minute. Meetings, eh? Well lovely talking, Bethany, we must do this more often. Get to know each other better, like we said, eh?” She had calmed a little, but she was still babbling and uncomfortable. Two things I had never associated with her before.

“Yes that would be nice,” I said, thinking, No fucking way – and I know you better than you think, lady!

She could hardly get out fast enough. She grabbed a few things from her office and dived out the front door with a perfunctory wave and, “Laters!”

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