Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 13

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We ran into Liz and Claire as we were arriving the next morning. “Hi, you two.”

Liz smiled. “Hiya. How did it go yesterday? What ward did you get?”

“Male surgical,” Alice supplied, and Claire chuckled. “Some people have all the luck. We drew gynae, which is… interesting, but -“

“But we’d much rather have a bunch of dishy guys who are maybe feeling a bit lonely, vulnerable, just begging for the company of friendly nurses,” Liz finished the sentence for her.

“I hear you,” I laughed. “Shall we see what Matron has for us?”

The lectures today moved on to nursing techniques, and I rapidly scribbled notes. “Any questions?” Ms Baines asked in conclusion.

I raised my hand, trying not to feel self-conscious. “What’s the specialty you most like?”

She looked mildly surprised. “Actually, Ms Oakes, I spent a large part of my career in post-op, what’s now your Ward 97. It can sometimes be a little more dramatic than I think you and Ms Hannigan found it yesterday.”

“Wow,” whispered Alice. “Has she really been round and checked how we all got on, and she can remember where everyone is?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” I agreed.

The afternoon was easier this time – the patient who’d been rude to Alice had obviously been discharged – and when Tim picked us up, we were talking animatedly about what we’d learned. “Hi, you two,” he grinned. “All OK?”


“And how was your pet patient?” Tim queried, raising one eyebrow.

“Phil? Oh, he’s a sweetie. He’s going home tomorrow, so he got us a thank-you card even though we’ve not really done much for his treatment.”

“I think you did a lot for his morale, anyway,” chuckled Tim.

We reached the flat, and as I opened the door an appetising aroma floated down the stairs. “Is that…?”

“Yep,” Tim grinned. “I didn’t think you’d want to wait till Sunday, so I’ve done a roast, all the trimmings. I just need to steam the veg, put the Yorkshires in, make the gravy. So, twenty minutes?”

“Just time for us to take a shower,” I nudged Alice.

“Don’t get too wrapped up in one another,” teased Tim.

“We’ll wait till after dinner,” I promised.

Despite our best intentions, Alice and I did get a little distracted as we helped one another wash, and Tim was sliding heaped plates onto the table as we arrived in the kitchen, dripping and giggling breathlessly. “This is new,” Tim chuckled. “Two gorgeous young women, naked as the day they were born and soaking wet, and apparently all I can think of is that the gravy will make my Yorkshire puddings soggy.”

“Is that some kind of euphemism?” Alice wondered aloud.

“Just eat your greens,” I laughed.

The meal lived up to its promise, and Tim brought bowls of chocolate ice cream for dessert. “You’re really spoiling us,” smiled Alice. “Is there any more of that ice cream?”

“Greedy,” he teased. “I gave you two scoops.”

I shook my head. “He doesn’t get it, Alice.”

“Don’t worry – I’ll find it when we need it.”

Tim looked mystified, then shook his head, smiling. “Whatever you two are up to, I’m sure it’ll be fun, so – lounge, or…?”

“Bedroom, definitely,” I nodded. “Oh, and we’ll do the dishes later, it’s only fair.”

We walked through to the bedroom, and Tim laid back on the bed. “OK here?”

“Mmhm.” I joined him, resting my head on his shoulder, my breasts pressed against his chest, and Alice did the same on his other side. I reached across to rest my hand lightly on her bottom, and she turned to smile at me. “Mm, nice.”

Despite our teasing, I felt my eyelids beginning to droop, and the last thing I remember was Tim’s fingers stroking my hair softly, then a kiss. “Goodnight, sleepyheads…”

It was early morning when I opened my eyes again, and Tim stirred. “You feeling rested?”

“Mmhm. Halfway through the week now, anyway.”

My fingers were still resting on Alice’s soft skin, and I felt her move. “Mmf. Time to get up already?”

“More or less. Shower with me?”

A hot shower woke us both up, and Tim had bacon sandwiches ready for us. “Got to send the troops into battle well fed,” he grinned.

When we got to the ward later that day, Dr Patel was waiting for us. “Ah, Alpha and Bravo. I hear you’re on nights next week, so you’ll have the pleasure of my company on call should anything happen.”

Alice glanced at me. “How does that work with class?”

“No class next week,” the doctor nodded. “Everyone’s on nights. But you’re still expected to do some reading.”

“We can catch up on that dictionary,” I chuckled. “And Tim will just have to tiptoe around while you’re asleep.”

I caught Alice’s wink, and flashed my eyebrows at her. “That bursa escort also means we have Monday free until our shift starts, right? Maybe Tim’ll take us shopping or something.”


When we got back to the flat, we explained to Tim about our shifts. “Do you want me to make up the bed in the spare room?” he queried.

I shook my head, grinning. “We’ll have had all night to let our imaginations run away with us – it can’t be that busy on our ward, right? – while you’ve been sleeping, so when we come in, we wake you the best way.”

“Then we kick you out of bed so we can sleep,” Alice added.

Tim chuckled. “Sounds like you’ve got this all worked out.”

We fell into a routine for the rest of the week – lectures, afternoons on the ward, then home and a shower. Tim did pretty much all of the cooking, and if we weren’t too exhausted, Alice and I managed to study for an hour or so each evening after dinner. Then Tim would come in and close our books firmly. “Come on – if you promise not to crash out on me first, I know what’ll help you two sleep.” Alice was always hopeful of a foot rub, and Tim would offer without hesitation, but sometimes I’d take his place massaging Alice’s feet with the strawberry-scented oil she preferred, while Tim helped her relax in one of her other favourite ways. Then I’d tease him with still-slippery fingers, and we’d choose how to finish the evening, ending up with the three of us drifting off to sleep in one another’s arms.

Finally Saturday morning came, and it was nearly ten by the time Alice and I stirred. “Ready for coffee, you two lazybones?” teased Tim.

I stretched, seeing him unable to tear his eyes from my breasts as always. “Mm, yes please.”

We sat in bed with our coffee mugs, and Tim brought us breakfast. “You’re really spoiling us,” Alice smiled.

“It’s only fair,” he grinned in return. “I know you two have worked hard this week, but I’ve not missed out. Now, we have the whole long weekend – what do you want to do first?”

“Can we go out somewhere?” I suggested. “Maybe in the countryside, blow away the cobwebs?”

“Sure,” nodded Tim. “I know the ideal place – we can get lunch, too.”

We pulled on our clothes – “Shower later,” I flashed my eyebrows at Tim – and a few minutes later we were on our way. Our route took us out of town and up onto the moorlands, before Tim pulled off the main road. A little further on, and we stopped in a grassy parking area. “Nobody else here,” Tim grinned. “Maybe we’ll be on our own for our walk.”

A path led from the end of the car park across a field of grassy hummocks, then into woodland. “Jeans and trainers feel good after uniform all week,” Alice commented.

We got a little way into the trees, and she stopped. “Wups, actually I need to pee.”

I expected her to step further off the path, find a bush or something, but she just grinned at me. “Yell if you see anyone coming.”

Tim’s eyes were wide as Alice slid her jeans down to her knees, then followed with her panties, and crouched to do what she needed to, her stream splashing on the dead leaves, turning to a trickle, then just a few last drips. “That’s better,” she nodded, tugging her clothes back into place. “What?” she grinned at Tim’s still slightly-dazed expression. “I can tell you like that.”

We carried on into the woods, and I breathed in the fresh air deeply. “Mm.”

The trees were interspersed with the occasional grassy clearing, and at the next one we reached, I sprawled on the grass, kicking off my shoes and enjoying the coolness on my feet. “Come on, Alice.”

She joined me, and Tim leaned against a tree. “Two wood nymphs discovered,” he smiled.

I chuckled. “I wonder what wood nymphs get up to when no-one’s about.”

I reached to wrap my arms around Alice, kissing her softly, and she closed her eyes. “Mm.”

“Don’t get too absorbed,” I heard Tim’s amused voice. “We have to circle back quite a way to the car before we can get lunch.”

I released Alice reluctantly. “Later…”

As Tim had said, the path curved round slowly, leading us back to where we’d left the car. Alice and I slid into the back seat, and Tim glanced in the mirror as he pulled back onto the road. “Hope one of you brought a hairbrush,” he grinned.

The main road carried further on over the moors, and after a few minutes I pointed out of the window. “Is that it?”


Tim pulled up outside the pub, and we made our way inside, getting a table. “Carvery here too,” Tim indicated.

We queued for our food, and Tim went to the bar to get drinks for us. “Don’t know how you drink that icky-sticky stuff,” he teased as he sipped the half-pint of local beer he’d got for himself.

The bursa escort bayan meal was delicious, and we went back for dessert. “We never did get the chocolate ice cream out of the freezer,” Alice reminded me.

“One for later, then,” I chuckled. “Is there another walk nearby, Tim?”

He nodded. “It’s a bit steeper, but the view’s amazing.”

A couple of minutes in the car again, and we were at the start of a path that led upwards, exposed rocks tumbled on either side. “Phew,” Alice puffed as we climbed, “you weren’t kidding.”

“My turn to pee,” I announced, and I crouched down, catching up the short summer skirt I’d chosen for our walk, tugging at my panties. My stream trickled down the slope, meandering around pebbles before sinking into the gravel, and I glanced at Tim. “Got a hanky?” I hinted, and he fished in his pocket, using the folded paper square to dry me, his fingers pressing into me just long enough to prompt a quiet intake of breath. “Hmm,” said Alice thoughtfully, “I’ll know to ask next time, too.”

I adjusted my clothes, giving Tim a quick kiss of thanks. “How much further to the top?”

Finally the path levelled out, and I shaded my eyes from the sun. “Wow.”

We’d reached the top of a steep escarpment, the ground falling away vertically beyond weathered rocks then sweeping into the valley below. “Thanks, Tim,” Alice nodded. “The view’s worth the climb.”

“And downhill all the way back to the car,” he grinned.

Alice gingerly picked her way closer to the edge of a flat rock, sitting down. “Mm, the sun’s made this warm.”

Tim and I joined her, looking out across the valley. “Gosh, we can see for miles. Isn’t that the hospital chimney?”

“Hmm, think so.”

Finally Tim got reluctantly to his feet. “Time we were getting back.”

Again Alice and I slid into the back seat. “Now we can do what we like,” I murmured, getting a roll of Tim’s eyes in the mirror.

“It’s all in your favour,” Alice teased him. “There’s only so far Beth and I can get -“

“Are you so sure?” I chipped in, grinning at her.

“- so the more we tease each other, the more likely it is we’ll tear your clothes off the moment we get home and have our wicked way with you,” she finished.

“Well, when you put it that way…” chuckled Tim, starting the engine.

Alice’s fingers slid up the inside of my thigh, and she tugged at my panties. “You can get away without these,” she hinted, and I helped her slip them down, off. “Push them between the seats,” I whispered. “With a bit of luck, Tim might give someone a lift – Liz and Claire, maybe, one time – and he’ll have to explain them.”

Alice managed not to laugh – “Especially if I act all innocent, ‘no, they’re not mine'” – and I closed my eyes as her fingertips explored me, my skirt hiding her hand from view. “There you are, Tim,” I chuckled, “nothing to see here – ohhh…”

Alice had slipped two fingers gently inside me, and she leaned across to kiss me. “Pity about my jeans,” she murmured. “Still, maybe tomorrow we’ll go out again and we can swap.”

I nodded wordlessly as she moved her fingers again, the pad of her thumb brushing gently across my nub. “Mm, Alice, got something to show you later – Tim’s a chicken, he doesn’t dare let me use it, but I think you’ll like it.”

“Sounds intriguing.” Alice moved her fingers more insistently, and I gasped. “Oh, yes… Are we nearly home?”

“Not quite,” I heard Tim’s amused reply. “I think I can concentrate on the road, though you’re making it pretty hard.”

“What’s hard, now?” teased Alice.

She leaned closer. “Whatever your surprise is, are you going to make me come?”

I managed to nod. “I promise.”

Alice smiled. “Well, whether it’s your fingers, your mouth, or something else, I can’t wait until I can feel you on me, taking me closer and closer, until -“

She gently curled her fingertips inside me, and I couldn’t help crying out as I climaxed, tightening on her fingers, hips pushing into her hand. “Ohh, god, Alice, that’s -“

I felt myself spurt, and gasped again. “Mm – you’ve made me such a soaking mess…”

The car slowed, stopped, and Tim glanced into the back seat. “Perfect timing,” he grinned. “Now, do try and make it up to the flat without startling the neighbours.”

We climbed the stairs, Alice flashing her eyebrows at me as she slid her hand up my skirt to gently squeeze my bottom. Tim closed the door, and looked at us both. “Well, seems you two were well on the way to undressing each other on the trip back.”

We finished shedding our clothes – Tim didn’t seem to notice that my panties were missing – then watched as he did likewise. “Right – no more clothes escort bursa till Monday,” he ruled.

“Are we not going out tomorrow, then?” I queried.

“Monday’s shopping, remember,” Alice chuckled. “And I’m sure Tim will be able to keep us distracted enough on a lazy Sunday.”

“Anybody hungry again yet?” Tim asked.

“Don’t think so. Put the kettle on?”

We took our coffee through into the bedroom, and Tim sat in the chair. “Now, didn’t I hear you promise Alice something, Beth? I take it you don’t need me just yet.”

“Mmhm. Close your eyes, Alice.”

She complied, and I opened the bedside drawer, holding up the item I had in mind, for Tim to see. “Oh, yes,” he nodded.

I picked up the bottle of vanilla-scented liquid, making sure what I held in my hand was slippery everywhere, then took a deep breath, parting my thighs and carefully sliding one end inside me. “Oooh…”

“Sounds like somebody started without me,” teased Alice.

“Nearly ready,” I promised. I sprawled back on the bed, one knee bent, displaying the other part of the toy to its best advantage. “OK, you can look now.”

Alice opened her eyes. “What – oh!”

She caught sight of the very convincing erection in deceptively soft-looking pink that now curved from between my thighs. “Oh – god, Beth, that is hot. A bit scary, maybe, but hot.”

Her fingers strayed downwards, touching herself. “Mm, Alice, you want me to put this in you, don’t you,” I breathed.

She nodded wordlessly, and I beckoned. “Kneel on the bed…”

Alice complied, and I moved behind her, pressing the tip against her pink star. “Like this, maybe?”

“Mm – ” gasped Alice – “yes, Beth, if you want.”

I looked over my shoulder at Tim, raising an eyebrow. “See – Alice isn’t scared.”

I shifted the toy, moving the end up and down just inside Alice’s already-wet entrance, then pushing forward a little so that the shaft slid over her nub. “Mm,” she moaned, “that feels good, you could definitely make me come like that.”

I nodded. “But I want to know what it’s like to be right inside you, thrusting…”

Alice moaned again. “Oh god, Beth, yes, enter me.”

I slid the full length of the toy inside her, my hips meeting the soft skin of her bottom. “This feels amazing,” I breathed.

I moved one hand around to cup her breast, the nipple almost painfully hard. “Shall I touch you as well?”

Alice nodded wordlessly, and my fingers moved down between her thighs, finding her nub. “Now…”

I drew back a little, then thrust again while my fingertips brushed her. “Feels like Tim’s doing it?”

“Mm, but different too,” Alice managed.

I pulled her closer, pressing my breasts against her back so that they flattened, my nipples hard on her skin. “But Tim can’t do this, can he…”

“God,” she moaned, “no, that’s really special.”

I hadn’t been paying attention to Tim – I’d assumed he was watching mesmerised as Alice and I tried something utterly new – but I felt his hands gentle on my shoulders, his breath on the back of my neck. “I thought you might not mind if I joined in.”

He must have picked up the bottle when my attention was elsewhere, and I felt cool slipperiness on his fingers as he touched my other entrance, then the oh-so-delicious pressure of his tip pressing irresistibly into the centre of the ring of muscle. I gasped as he slid inside, and I leaned forward to murmur to Alice. “Just in case you’d begun to wonder, Tim’s in me too…”

“Ohh…” she gasped, “that turns me on even more, imagining you between us.”

I circled my fingers more insistently on her, and every time I moved in her I felt Tim’s hardness shift distractingly inside me. Tim’s hand slid between my thighs, his fingertips on my nub, and I gasped. “How can I give Alice what she needs when you’re doing that?”

I heard a soft chuckle behind me. “As long as you both come before I do, you’ll just have to work that out.”

His other hand cupped my breast, and I yielded to the inevitable, gasping in Alice’s ear as Tim thrust harder, fingers moving on my nub, fingertips pressing a nipple just hard enough to sting a little. “Oh – oh god – yes -“

My body shuddered, breasts pressing again into Alice’s back, the movement of my hips pressing the toy deeper into her, and in my distracted haze I heard her own cry of release, her hips pushing back against Tim’s fingers still on me. “Mm, Beth…”

We were both breathing rapidly as our mutual pleasure subsided. “Now,” I heard Tim’s murmur, “one last thing.”

He moved in me again, and I heard his breath catch. “Oh, yes, now,” I murmured. “We’ve both had what we needed, now it’s your turn to be satisfied, this time it’s my body, but Alice will have you in her when you want -“

Tim’s cry of pleasure sent a thrill through me, and I felt him thrust hard once, then again, warmth spurting deep into me as his fingers tightened on my breast…

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