Beth Comes for Me

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This is my first submission to Literotica. I hope everyone enjoys it! Who knows I may submit more if the response is positive!


“Well what do you think of the new carpets?”

Beth and I had decided to take a long lunch so that we could grab a couple of Jimmy John’s sandwiches and take them back to my house. I wanted to see what she thought of the new runners I bought for the stairs in the main entrance. My skill at interior decorating was still developing and I just needed to hear from a woman that I was picking the right colors and styles to match the furniture and drapes. Beth for one reason or another –perhaps it was just one of those innate skills all women have- seemed to be pretty good at critiquing my choices. She never insulted me she just offered helpful advice and a fresh perspective. After all I was only a man and let’s face it men are not usually known for their decorating skills.

When I didn’t get the response I was expecting I just continued to the upper landing figuring that she was still absorbing some small detail and deciding for herself if these runners needed to go back. I could feel her right behind me and heard her feet softly pad up the stairs.

“Well? What’s the verdict? Did I waste a hundred and fifty bucks or what?” I said slowly turning. I was expecting to see her looking back at the stairs, what happened instead caught me completely by surprise.

As I came about I was face to face with Beth, her eyes not looking at the carpets as I had anticipated but directly into mine. She had a look of passionate lust and I knew right then that she was not about to give me her opinion, she was going to do something far more enjoyable for us both; what exactly I was still unsure. Beth’s deep and rapid breathing told me she was coming for me, right now.

In the blink of an eye she made her move. Simultaneously her hands came up and grabbed hold of the front of my shirt and her smooth lips contacted mine in a very aggressive manner. Between her strong kiss and her hands on my chest I was now pushed up against the wall. Her warm tongue slipped -just barely- into my mouth as I gently groaned in pleasure. Beth’s hands, now flat against me rubbed my chest and pushed into my own now hardening nipples. Her swollen breasts radiated heat into me as they pressed firmly against my chest. God I loved the feel of her tits, they were so soft and feminine.

As we kissed and tongued each others mouths I slid my hands to the side of her legs. I pressed my quivering hands into her lower body and slowly slid them around to her buttocks. Her ass fit perfectly in my palms. It felt like we had been made for each other. When I had a cheek in each hand I gritted my teeth, breathed out through my nose and squeezed her butt strongly while pulling her in towards me. Her body shook ever so slightly as I dug in to her ass. I could tell that my firm grip on her bottom was a huge turn on for her; this may have also been due to the fact that my erection was now pressing directly and firmly against her pussy. Only our pants separated our throbbing genitals.

Beth’s hands were now working at the buttons of my shirt. Since our lip play was what her head was concentrating on her hands were forced to find and undo my buttons on their own. Just feeling the movement of her hands and breasts on my chest was enough to make my cock even harder. The pre cum was starting to flow and soak into my boxers as she rhythmically ground her sex into mine. This girl knew how to pleasure me so exquisitely. If I didn’t know it was impossible I’d think she was reading my mind.

As she finished with my buttons I released my grip on her rear and started them up both sides of her torso. My friction caused her shirt to become pulled out just a little from the sides of her pants. I paused for a moment as I allowed my pinky and ring fingers to slide back down confidently casino şirketleri across her exposed skin just above her beltline. A visible shiver traveled up both of our spines. My fingers momentarily slipped just a little bit under the edge of her pants and grazed –briefly- her body just beneath her panties before slipping out of her pants and continuing their journey up her torso.

Our lips separated briefly and I could feel her inhale with me, our lungs filling with the air needed to fuel our lust for each other. My hands continued to slide up her sides until I could feel the bulges of her tits squishing out of either side due to my posture against her body. They felt warm as I slowly and meticulously cupped each of them. They were both swollen with her arousal. Her hard nipples protruded through her garments and into my hands. The rapid and strong beat of her heart pulsed right into my palms. My own must have been beating at least that fast as well. Now thinking for themselves my hands took hold of each side of her shirt. I didn’t have the patience to slowly unbutton her. This shirt was coming off, now. I took hold of each side of the garment and pulled then strongly apart.

“Oohh…” she cried as my hands tore the buttons right off her shirt exposing her glistening cleavage to my hungry eyes. I soaked in every inch of her wonderful curves. Beth’s arms fell to her sides allowing the remains of her top to fall down around her feet. I allowed my shirt to do the same. That bra of hers had to go too I thought to my self. I pressed my lips against hers again and while kissing her reached around and released her bosom from the tight confines of that bra. She too allowed that piece of clothing to slide off of her arms and onto the floor.

Our chests were now pressed directly against each other. I could feel her erect nipples digging in to my own, God how I loved that feeling. Beth’s hands now followed my back down to my thus far undisturbed belt line. Since my belt was not as tight as hers she had no trouble slipping her hands under my belt and under my boxers cupping both of my ass cheeks directly and squeezing them similarly to what I did to her moments earlier. I gasped quietly and jerked into her body. Expecting this reaction from me she let my head slide past hers and put her lips against my ear and aggressively whispered to me.

“I want to suck your cock. I NEED to taste your cum. Will you let me take some from you?” I shuddered as she whispered this to me. Her tongue snaked into my ear just briefly causing me to shudder yet again. She was hitting all of my buttons and getting me almost into a sexual frenzy state of mind. It was so amazing it seemed like I was watching this from outside my own body.

“Take as much as you… want….” I whispered back knowing well that my balls were filled with cum just waiting to launch volleys into Beth’s receptive and eager body. With those words behind us she stepped back just a bit to give her hands space to work and began undoing my belt and my pants zipper. As she did this she glanced back up to me with her seductive eyes and without even speaking told me my world was about to get rocked. As she glanced back down to her hands and my nearly open pants I took note of her tits swaying just a bit as she worked on me. What a woman!

With my jeans loose she dropped to her knees and pushed my pants and my boxers down to the floor. As they cleared my cock it bounced charismatically out toward her face hitting her cheek and leaving a streak of pre cum on her face. She shot up a quick look and made sure I could see the cum streak on her face. She didn’t bother to wipe it off. With a sexy smile she reached up and took hold of my masculine organ.

I grunted again as I looked down and watched Beth stimulate my cock with her hand. She knew just how to stroke me. Her hand was gripping me solidly but not to casino firmaları hard and she was stroking at a slow but consistent speed. I could feel my sperm filled balls swinging gently underneath waiting patiently for their opportunity to empty their contents onto her face and into her mouth.

“Oh baby….Oh.” I moaned. Lightning shot through my soul as her lips made contact with my cock head. She sucked at the tip for a few seconds looking up at me like she was drinking from a straw. Her cheeks were caving in from the suction. The pre cum that had built up of the past couple of minutes was now making its way into her mouth teasing her taste buds with the salty preview of my most personal fluid.

As I closed my eyes and arched my head up at the ceiling I felt my eyeballs spasm a bit, my mouth now hung agape, no words were coming out just a quiet low moan. This girl was amazing. She was totally into me and this was her way of letting me know how much she cared. She clearly cared A LOT for me. My head slumped forward and I slowly opened my eyes. The pleasure coming from my cock was painting a picture on the backs of my eyelids but it just didn’t do justice to what I saw when I opened them.

When my eyelids transitioned from slits to being wide open I realized that I was looking right into Beth’s. Her gaze shot up from between my legs as she had now fully engulfed my cock in her warm, wet mouth. I was not a porn star by a long shot but I had plenty of cock for her and as she bottomed out I felt my tip slide right into her throat. It was an experience I had never felt before. As her mouth reflexively swallowed it gently massaged the most sensitive part of my sexual anatomy. The pleasure was amplified by her eye contact with me as she performed this very personal pleasure act on me. As we looked deeply into each others eyes I felt this almost indescribable connection with her, it was as if we were united on an intimate level far above what I had ever thought possible.

I jumped a bit when I felt one of her hands slide up my inner thigh and under me to cup my balls. She didn’t squeeze them she only fondled me and felt their warmth and weight in her hand. She knew that some of that cum held within would soon be making the trip into her mouth. It would be her ultimate reward for the ecstasy she was imparting upon my body. My hands, thus far hanging idly by now crept onto her shoulders and up into her hair. Beth stopped the bobbing of her head and once again looked up at me. She knew what I wanted and was more than willing to play right into my pleasurable fantasy. As she smiled I felt her teeth graze my cock just barely. She was as into this moment as I was.

The fingers of my hands ran through her hair massaging her scalp and searching out the perfect point to hold her head. My hands took hold of her partially by her hair and partially by holding her head tightly. I took great care not to pull too hard on her hair but I let her know that I had a firm hold on her head. It was as if I now could control her head and use it for my own pleasure.

I slowly raised her off my organ. Her suction increased as her lips neared the tip of my penis. She did not want it to leave her mouth. To please us both I stopped withdrawing from her oral cavity and reversed direction pushing her head back down on me slowly, letting her get used to my control over her body. She allowed me to handle her head as if it was my own masturbatory accessory. It was however better than anything I could imagine. Her mouth and head was a living, breathing, and thinking pleasure for me. I struggled to absorb the feeling of Beth’s mouth as her head struggled to absorb my cock.

As she got used to the thrusting I was doing with her head I slowly increased my pace drawing her wet lips up and down my shaft with ever increasing speed. My hips were also thrusting in to meet her face as güvenilir casino I now pounded my cock into her hard and deep. The deepest of my strokes once again pushed the head of my cock into the confines of her throat. It felt almost like a little pussy wrapped around my cock head.

I tightened my grip on her now rapidly moving head. I could feel her breathing heavily out of her nose and into my pubic hair. I was sure she could smell my own unique smell as she pushed her nose into my rough hair. This was going to be the end game for her as I could feel the sperm boiling in my balls. I released my grip on her head and let her continue the thrusting and sucking. She maintained a steady pace on me and continued sucking hard. She wanted that salty reward for her efforts. Her work was rapidly going to pay off too. I could feel my climax building.

She knew that I was getting close too. Her hand feeling my balls was now acutely aware that my sack was tightening up. An undeniable sign that I was about to deposit some sperm in her eager mouth. Even though I would have loved for this pleasure to continue, forever if possible, the thought of cumming in her mouth was almost enough to send me right over the edge.

Out popped my penis from her eager lips. She laid the head on the tip of her outstretched tongue and jerked it oh so good right into her mouth.

“Come on baby. Give it to me. Gimme that sperm!” She panted as she jerked me, my cock aimed right at her mouth.

“Shoot that hot, healthy load into me! I want to soooooo bad! Give it to me!” I could see her free hand working on her pussy through her jeans. She must have been so very horny from performing this lewd act on me she needed some relief herself! I would give it to her in just a few minutes.

The dirty talk did it for me. It always did. What was a guy supposed to do with all this stimulation? The decision was made without my consent however as I felt those oh so familiar contractions begin at the base of my cock.

“I’m coming baby! I’m coming right now! Here it comes!” I gasped as the first shot launched it self right across her tongue impacting the back of her mouth. She immediately slowed her strokes to match the pace of my orgasm. She loosened her grip on my shaft just a little to allow plenty of room for her wonderful reward to squirt itself out and into her mouth the whole time never breaking eye contact with me. I didn’t even see her blink. I was going to squirt hard.

And squirt it did. My cock throbbed in her hand as shot after shot pulsed strongly from my throbbing organ and into her body. She received it so well too. As was expected more than a few drops dribbled down her chin and one by one dripped onto her ample tits, coating her nipples and breasts with a milky clear layer of potent male ejaculate.

The ejaculation finally stopped after a half dozen large shots and a handful of smaller squirts and dribbles. Her mouth and extended tongue were coated with my jizz.

As she released her grip on my only barely softened penis she dropped her hands to her thighs. Moaning gently she extended her tongue and opened her mouth as wide as she could to show me what I had just deposited in it. Then still without breaking eye contact withdrew her tongue, closed her mouth and swallowed. When she had finished swallowing she opened her mouth again and stuck her tongue out to show me that my cum was gone. The sight was almost enough to make me blow yet another load.

“Mmmmmm…..” moaned softly as she rubbed her belly. “Thanks soooo much for my lunch.”

God she knew how to turn me on.

Slowly she stood up. Her cum coated face and tits dragging across my body as she stood. I pulled her up close to me and kissed her deeply. I could taste my own flavor on the inside of her mouth. She was too perfect.

Breaking the kiss for a moment I asked “Do I have time to fuck the shit out of you before we go back?”

“Hmmmmm……. I think you do.” She replied with a smirk as she started working on her own belt.

“Oh and nice job on the runners. They look great!”


What a girl indeed!

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