Best Summer Ever Ch. 3

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I look out the window to see that Jen’s roommate Pam has arrived. I open the door and step back into the living room.

“Hi Brad. I see that your sister has gotten our program in full swing. Nice shaved cock and all.”

“Hi Pam. Nice to see you. Yeah Jen has the program in full gear. She’s already enjoyed her first facial of the day. Let me get those bags for you. I’ll put them in Mom and Dad’s room which is where you’ll be sleeping.”

“And playing. Thanks Brad. Where’s your sister?”

“I think she went to the bathroom. It’s down the hall on the right.”

“Hi Jen, I hear you’ve already had your morning facial. How was it?

“Hi Pam. It went great. All that practice finally paid off. Not that I didn’t enjoy practicing with you and all, but having a real cock in my mouth was so much nicer. I really think Brad enjoyed it. I know I did.”

“Trust me Jen, there isn’t a guy out there that doesn’t like getting his dick sucked. You’ll have plenty of practice this summer to try different things with the guys. Which brings me to the question of where is Jeremy? It’s not right that you’ve already had your morning facial and I’m running behind schedule.”

“He should be here soon. He only lives a couple of houses down the street.”

“Brad, would you please call Jeremy, casino şirketleri and tell him his services are desperately needed.”

“Hello anyone home. Brad, Jen where you at? (Jeremy arrives)

“Hey Jeremy. Just in time.”

“Just in time for what?”

“Just get your clothes off and I’ll explain.”

“No need to explain anything Brad, I’ll be happy to show Jeremy exactly what he needs to do.”

“Jeremy, this is Pam, Jen’s college roommate. She’s staying with us for the summer.” “Hi Jeremy. Basically what I need you to do is cum on my face. It’s something you and Brad will be expected to provide each morning and night.”

And without saying another word Pam drops Jeremy’s shorts to the ground and begins sucking on his cock.

“Ummmm. I love shaved cock for breakfast. You let me know when your ready to explode and I will direct your cum onto my face.”

Pam wastes no time in getting Jeremy to the brink. She is sucking so hard on his cock you can hear the slurping sound. I’m as hard as a rock just watching.

“I’m cumming Pam. Ah yesss, Ahhhh.”

“Give me everything you got baby. Right on my face.”

And with that Pam jerks Jeremy’s cum onto her face. He shoots one incredible load as it drips off her chin. Pam rubs the cum all over her casino firmaları face and neck and what little remains licks her hand clean. Then she takes Jeremy’s cock in her mouth again and sucks it clean.

“Haste makes waste. And I hate to waste anything, including cum. Thank you Jeremy for my morning treatment. I think it’s time for a swim, my pussy needs a little cooling off and it looks like you could use a little cooling off too Brad.”

That was an understatement. Jeremy and me got our suits on and headed to the pool..

“I see Jeremy provided nicely for you,” said Jen.

“Yeah he’s got an incredible cock. This is really going to be a great experiment.”

Jen and Pam came out onto the patio and offered us a glass of iced tea before coming into the pool. Our eyes were riveted to Pam’s body. She had on a suit that could bring you to your knees. For the amount of cloth used, she might as well had been naked.

Pam was taller than sis by maybe 3 or 4 inches. She had gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She had a set of tits you could suck on for hours and never get tired of looking at. Her top was similar to Jen’s covering only the nipple area, but Pam had larger areolas which could be seen. Her bottom was a g-string but did nothing to cover her pussy güvenilir casino lips which were completely exposed. She wasn’t completely shaven like Jen was opting to leave a nice patch of strawberry blonde hair above her pussy opening.

“Well guys, what do you think of my suit?’ she asked.

” Suit is awesome but we’d rather admire your body,” Jeremy said.

“You’ll have plenty of opportunity to admire my body guys. I’m here for the whole summer so relax.”

“It’s kind of hard to relax when your sister and her best friend are standing in front of you exposing every ounce of flesh they have . It’s not like we get to see this everyday.”

“Well for the next 8 weeks, you two will explore every inch of these bodies and we will teach you both how to make love to a woman. All we ask is that you refrain from masturbating by yourselves. If at any time you feel the need to jerk off, you come to Jen or me and we will take care of business.” Pam explained.

” We are very serious about our experiment. We are trying to determine if there really are any health benefits to using cum as a skin lotion or conditioner. The only way we can do that is if we have your cooperation. We will be responsible for your dietary habits as well as we experiment with different foods to see the effect it plays in the consistency and quantity of your cum. So we will be monitoring your eating throughout the 8 weeks as well.”

I hope you are both up for it? Pam asked.

“Oh Yeah, we’re both up for it, that you can be sure of.”

To be continued…

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