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Hope you enjoy this story. All copyright is reserved to me Larry Ryder ail [always happy to receive your comments with any suggestions! I”d like that too! Tell me how you like the story so far ] I am sure that you understand that such stories are legally managed in many jurisdictions.

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The best sex I had was with Clive, and then we were joined by three others and it really added to our experience.

I am James, but they all called me Jim.

Clive and I had discovered cock play when we were about twelve or thirteen . We used to walk a lot around our remote northern town, and some how would always end up in the toilets behind the cinema where we would go to piss. Inevitably as we took our cocks out we would touch each other and get hard, and wank off until we came . Quite soon it became a daily event. I had slight tinges of guilt, I sort of felt this was wrong….but I couldn”t stop myself and he seemed quite OK with it. Usually I would cum first and leave the stall before he shot his load.

As we were both Scouts we used to camp out together over weekends, or during schools holidays. At night time I would suck his hard dick, sometimes falling asleep with his cock in my mouth. He smelled wonderful, and a few times I was blessed with shots of cum in my mouth. We didn”t kiss much, but I wish we had.

The best camp-out was a big hike when five of us went out with one tent. Clive and I knew what we wanted , but it was obvious Dave and John and Pete, had also done much the same as we did.

“I think we should sleep naked,” Dave had suggested and he had already been up to remove his shorts and underpants. His cock was almost fully hard.

I moved to touch him. Clive moved in behind him him and stroked his hole. He dipped down and pushed his tongue inside the ready and palpitating arse. Although I knew about rimming we had never tried it, but Clive lapped the hole readily and I was more than ready to follow..

John and Pete understood how this worked, I am not sure if they had done this before. But I soon felt Pete”s tongue up my my butt. I was a bit worried I was not properly clean, but he took a couple of wipes and cleaned me out. And then I felt the wonder of a tongue up my hole.

I love Scouts, we are all such dirty fuckers.

As it got later we were all having such a hot time and Steve our Troop Leader popped his head into the tent .

“Whoops,” he laughed, ” so you have all managed to settle down!!”

At this ankara masaj yapan escort time I had Clive”s cock in my mouth and Dave was fucking my arse

“So are you all OK?”, Steve laughed,

“Come on Troopie” I quipped , ” surely you can help us out”

He laughed, and shucked his shorts. His hard cock bulged obscenely from his underwear

And we knew we had a player.

“I think you might enjoy this!” he laughed

I buried my face in his arse…O fuck. The sweetest taste I have ever known.

He was probably 7 or 8 years older than we were, and we all looked up to him. To say that we would do anything for him was not too much of an overstatement.


He was a really smart guy and often very funny. He talked to each one of us individually as well as a group, and you always had the sense that he was paying genuine attention to what we had to say, and never made us feel that it was too much trouble.

He was a very hands-on leader, when it came to camping and scout-craft and used his expertise to teach us all sorts of things. And it looked as though that was about to be elevated to a new level that we had never even realised was possible.

None of us thought of him as a creepy sex predator. Looking back you can see that he liked boys in their early and mid teens. And I remember realising, when talking to Clive about it a few years later, that we had never seen him with a girl, or a boy for that matter. That would prove to be an inaccurate observation; it would seem that Troop-Leader Steve had taken particular care of most of his charges over the last few years. But there were no girls, and, well, quite a lot of boys; most of whom we knew but some we didn”t.


As he stood in front of us, I could see we all were fixed on his cock. He had a few years on us, so naturally his cock and balls were bigger than ours. But, we being just teenagers were as hard as hard could be.

Clive touched my cock, I thought I might explode and didn”t want to go off too early ….but our recovery rate was pretty amazing. So, it probably would”t matter much, each of us had the capacity to cum three or four times in a session

Dave stood behind Troopie, he felt Steve”s hard cock and knew this was a thing. He was going to be fucked by his Troop Leader, and he couldn”t wait. All of us were going to fuck and suck each other; we needed to be drained of our essential essence; semen; spunk; cum. And we were more than ready

“Whoops!” declared Clive as he shot his spunk on to who ever would take it. I was lucky to get some of it straight in my mouth It wasn”t the first time I had tasted it, and every time mecidiyeköy escort it tasted better

All the boys were pretty close to cumming and soon we were shooting our spunk over each other.

Steve kissed each of us individually and took a little drop of each one”s cum and savoured it.

As Dave stood behind Troopie, he knew his cock was getting harder. He wasn”t sure but he rather thought that Troopie was pushing his arse back on to his hard cock. he liked this a lot. “Troopie” Steve smelt like a man. We loved that smell, it was strong, and a little bit rank. Not unpleasant but we liked it. Some of the guys called it `musk”, and we loved that smell. It was the smell of a man we loved.

Dave pulled down the front of his shorts and felt into Steve”s, he knew that Troopie wanted some serious sex. Now was the time and he was ready.

Steve reached over and grabbed Dave”s cock

“I want you ,” he whispered into his ear,

Steve pushed his very hard cock into his hole.

He had died and gone to heaven.

I had seen Steve hard before, but was never so excited as now.

“So you guys,” Steve said, ” I guess you have worked out how this goes; what goes on in Scout camp stays in Scout camp.”

We all tittered, and squeezed the cocks of the guys next to us.

Clive seemed to be fairly aware of what was going on, although he had always seemed naïve in our tentative touchings, I suspected that he had had a bit more experience than we had shared .

“Steve likes to be rimmed, ” Clive whispered into my ear. How he knew that I don”t know but he was right. I didn”t need any more encouragement. I suspect that Steve and Clive had set me up, that Troopie had discussed with my boyfriend that he wanted me to eat him out and then he was determined to fuck me senseless. This was O K with me. I had known since I was a young boy, yes, a very young boy that I liked cock. Of course in those days I had no idea what spunk was, but once I became aware I just wanted to touch it, taste it and share it.

The first time was on a camp out. Clive and I had arranged to do a fairly rugged camp. And we both knew that we liked guy stuff, `dirty stuff” if you like.

As we got ready to bed down we both took off our shorts and then our jockey shorts. We were both hard, and I laughed as I leaned over and enveloped and opened my mouth to his amazing hardness.

“I want to taste your arse,” Clive shouted at me.

I understood what he was saying, and knew that he got that I had washed myself totally clean.

I straddled his face, I knew my arse was clean. His dick was hard and my tongue was more mersin escort than ready

Neither of us felt `dirty” but both of us felt totally horny. And we knew each other”s bodies well. He liked my cock and I liked his. We had sucked each other many times and wanked each other until we came together almost every other day for five years. Some times we had attempted more adventurous penetration but had never fully fucked each other, feeling a bit afraid of hurting ourselves.

So the great thing about our Troopie Steve was that he had taught both Clive and me how to fuck and be fucked.

For this I shall be forever grateful. I love the feeling of cock in my arse, and almost as much I love penetrating my best friend. Troopie has taught us to do this well. Having fucked both of us and letting us fuck him.

I love Scouts!

On the Sunday, it was time for us all to go home and it was clear we were all a bit down about that. To be fair we all got up early to go in the shower; well it was actually an opportunity for all of us to be naked together. I stood next to Dave, and frankly I have never been closer to a harder cock. I touched him and he just groaned…I just wanted to swallow his hard dick…I would have to come back to that!

We all knew that we had been able to experience what men can do together with a lot of mutual enjoyment and no judgement. All my pals were hot and hard, and I was sorry that I would miss them in the next week.

Dave leant in and our lips touched, we hadn”t done much kissing in our group. But today seemed different. I leaned in and I saw his beautiful red hair (echoing mine) I thought I too wanted to echo this, now was the time to swallow his fuck stick.

Dave was hard as a rock, and so was I.

I leant in and our tongues sought each others” throats. I loved the taste of his mouth, it tasted of the need to be fucked and wanted cum to be spilled in him.

I wasn”t too worried about the others but was glad when Clive appeared . Let”s face it he was the one I loved.

“So” he sniggered, “I thought you would have both found each other.”

I winced, but Clive had already ducked down and taken Dave”s cock in his mouth.

He looked up at me and I just smiled. I loved seeing Clive with a hard cock in his mouth. Truthfully I could think of nothing better than taking Clive”s cock while being fucked by Dave or another guy”s cock.

I could feel pressure at my hole and the insistent cock pushed its way in. I wasn”t sure who it was.

“It”s me,” said Dave as he pushed himself into my butt,

“I want this! Let me me fuck you”

I felt light headed, but I knew that this was what I wanted.

“Just fuck me, I need to be fucked.”

Dave pushed himself back, and Clive came round and kissed first me and then Dave

“I think we can do this,” one or other of them said.

All I knew was that I had one lover fucking my arse and I was sucking the other”s cock!!!!

Scouts taught us all this, and more

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