Bessy Gets Milked

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This is the first thing I have posted on Literotica. Let me know what you think. I write short, one-shot stories. These won’t be series or continued, unless someone really thinks that I should explore the world some more. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

All characters are consenting adults, and are consenting throughout the entire piece. This little fantasy was based on an illustration that caught my imagination.


She pulled on her bonds with a low, anxious moan, her entire body straining with the desperate need to be milked. Her long, soft ears flicked and twitched at the sound of the other breeders already being milked for the day. Her long, hard cock twitched suddenly, rising to full attention.

Was that her milk maids? She had been promised two today.

Her breasts were already so full of milk they ached, her balls throbbing and tight. If they didn’t come soon, they would need to scoop her precious milk off the floor and spoon it into the lucky maid’s cunt. That had happened only once before, and by the time they were done she had been ready to go again, filling the greedy maid’s pussy with more than enough milk to get her pregnant.

She was about to call out, desperate for attention, when two young, giggling girls dressed in nothing at all finally entered her stall. She recognized them vaguely, though she knew no names. Names hardly mattered here. All the breeders were Bessy, all the maids, simply that, at least to her knowledge. And then there was Master.


The first girl, a beautiful, buxom blond (her favorite type) blushed fiercely. “Sorry, Bessy. We know you’ve been waiting. Master required some attention.”

Bessy could hardly argue with that, but her soft, lowing response wasn’t quite as understanding as it should have been. The Bull had his choice of any of the maids or heifers, that was the way it worked. But that didn’t make her need any less. She could see the signs now, though. The milky stain on the other maid’s breasts. The darkened lips of the blonde. The Bull didn’t breed the maids, that was for the breeders to do, but he did enjoy their talents.

The second maid, this one tall and lean and dark-skinned, with the over-sized tits of one who had been bred before, came forward and pressed herself against the length of Bessy’s body. She cupped her swollen balls and cooed.

“You have so much for us. I think we’ll both walk away well-bred today.” Her voice was as soft and teasing as her hands.

“Moooo..!” A more urgent low. She so desperately needed to be milked.

The blonde knelt down before her, looking up the length of that long, fat cock, and deposited a bucket just below her aching balls. She looked at her partner; “Hook her İstanbul Escort into the milking machine. I’ll go first.”

The lean, dark one pouted a little, but didn’t argue. She must have given birth more recently, if she was relegated to second. Not that it really mattered, there would be milk enough for both of them, and then more for the bucket. The dark one hooked her breasts into the cups of the milking machine. The soft suction drew the creamy fluid from her breasts instantly.

“Moooo…” The soft sound one of relief and arousal. Her cock swelled even more and threatened to burst as her the suckling sensation pulled cup after cup from her plentiful breasts.

Satisfied that the milking was successfully started, the pretty blonde pulled a low, padded horse over. She positioned it just before Bessy’s long, aching cock, then climbed on. Straddling the thing, she leaned forward and looked back at her companion.

“Help me get it in.”

Bessy was already bucking, desperately trying to get her massive breeder into that tight, juicy, warm cunt. She could see the girl’s pussy winking and spreading, already glistening with her cream, ready to take the futa-cow’s monster.


The desperate demand was answered by the darker girl. Long, soft fingers wrapped around her cock and guided it into the soft sheath offered up by the maid.

Her moaning low melded with the girl’s cry of delight as her tight cunt was stretched impossibly wide. Bessy’s hips thrust, then thrust again, desperate to burry herself deep in the cock-sheath that was the blonde. On a grunt of effort, she felt her cock breach that sacred ring, filling the slutty girl up past her cervix and into her womb.


The maid’s cries were long and high as she fucked herself over that amazing cock. It filled her up more than any of the other breeders ever had. And she had been filled by many, many breeders. But this one. Her pussy stretched wider than she had ever felt it, and she had birthed several foals and even a bull! But this Bessy’s cock… It made her scream for more!

“Yes! Fuck! More! Fuck meeeee!!”

Against the pad of the horse, she could feel the distension of her belly, the fullness, even without the mass amounts of milky cum her pussy craved. Her hips rocked faster and faster, riding that impossibly huge futa-cock as hard as she was able. Even as it pounded into her, she begged for more, and more.

Panting and moaning, her cunt tightened suddenly, her peak taking her by surprise. “FUUUUUUUUCK!! CUUUUMMMIIIIIIINNNNGG!!”


The bitch’s cunt squeezed around Bessy’s cock, milking her to orgasm. Her head thrown back on a surprised low of release. Her cock pulsed and throbbed as her balls Anadolu Yakası Escort emptied into the eager milk maid’s womb, filling her up and up and up.

It should have ended there, a panting mess of milk maid, and her cock ready for the next girl. But her hips continued to thrust and the girl did not dislodge herself from the cock owning her. Instead, they continued on their lewd dance. Bessy felt her balls pulse and throb in warning, but it came too late. Another long, low of pleasure as her cock poured load after load into the swelling milk-maid.

The tall, dark maid watched, her hand shoved deep up her own cunt, as her friend was filled and filled and filled. She watched the blonde’s belly grow fat and bloated with milky cum. Watched as her eyes rolled back in extended pleasure. Oh Fuck! Was this what she had to look forward to? Was this blissful fullness what was coming next.

She should have stepped forward after that first milking. Should have pulled her friend free. But she couldn’t. Her legs were weak with her own orgasm, her girl-cum running in rivulets down her thighs, her hand shoved deep up her own desperate cunt. She could only watch as her friend grew fatter and fatter with the milk of the horny heifer.

She was fat with cum, fatter than she had been just before giving birth to her latest foal. The skin of her belly burned with the stretch, and that only pushed her higher into her orgasm. She gasped for breath and strained to hump against the cock buried deep inside her.

“Mo- moooooorrree!! Fill… Filllme!! Breeeeeeeeeedmeeeeee!”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt one more huge wave of cum enter her womb, filling her to bursting. The precious babymilk that would seed her womb and keep her fat with foal spilled back from her cunt, splashing down into the bucket left just for that purpose.

On a soft groan, the tall, dark maid finally pulled her hand free from her quaking pussy. Stepping forward on unstable legs, she pulled her friend free of the still rutting heifer. Cum poured from the girl’s gaping cunt, but far less than one would think. Her belly remained swollen and fat as she was pulled to the straw-strewn floor to recover her wits.

Wanting to see her own destruction, the darker girl lay down on her back, her legs spread wide to either side of Bessy’s wide, curvy hips. With one hand, she cupped her own breast, and with the other, she took hold of that massive red cock and fed it into her own stretched pussy.

A gasp tore through her as the cum-madded heifer slammed deep. She had thought she had prepared. With all the other heifers, her own fist was more than enough to prepare her well-used cunt. But with Bessy… No… with Bessy her well-stretched pussy stood Kartal Escort no chance.

She screamed as the rutting heifer slammed through her cervix, so lost to her own pleasure she was unable to help herself. Not that the maid would have stopped her. This was her mission, her one task in life. To be bred and fucked and bred again by heifers just like this Bessy.

She watched in astonishment as her belly distended with he size of the massive cock invading her womb. She was built for this, literally made just for this. But even so, it astounded her that that massive cock did not simply tear straight through her womb and out through her lips. She was mesmerized by the sight, captured and enraptured as she watched the monster appendage thrust in and out, her dark skin rippling with every thrust.

So caught by the sight, she did not even register the signs of impending orgasm. The only warning she received was a long, low ‘mooooooo’ before her belly was filled with gallon after gallon of milk. Her eyes wide and trapped on the sight of her gently rounded tummy growing fatter and fatter. So caught by the sight and sensation, her own orgasm took her by surprise, rocketing her into a new plane of existence. And still she watched her belly grow.

Bessy lowed and moaned as her balls emptied themselves into the greedy cunt before her, and the milking machine drained the last of the milk from her breasts. Panting and spent, she hung from her restraints, her cock still hard and deep in the twitching girl’s ruined cunt.

It was nearly an hour before anyone thought to check on the two missing maids. One of the ranchers was finally sent to look for them when they didn’t return for their normal feeding time.

He entered the stall, ripe with the scent of cum and milk, and sighed at the sight before him.

The two maids were unconscious still, one in the hay, her belly still gently bloated, her cunt leaking cum.

Shaking his head, he looked to the other maid. The girl was still as full as if the Bessy had just filled her up. So full, she would be unable to walk without help. These girls…

On another sigh, the rancher got to work setting things to rights. He unhooked the breeder’s breasts, and pulled her semi-hard cock free of the dark-skinned maid. This one would definitely be with foal, if the size of her belly and the scent of her was anything to go by.

He helped the semi-conscious heifer to her bed in the corner and made sure her water and feed were fresh for when she woke up.

Then he returned to the two unconscious maids. A quick call for help and he and a junior rancher had them both on stretchers, ready to return to the big house. He made a note to have the hay changed in the Bessy’s stall, then left the futa-heifer in peace. She would have another round of milking in a few hours.

And it sounded like the Bull had taken an interest in her. He chuckled softly to himself as he left the barn. Oh yes, this Bessy would need all the rest she could get. Because soon it would be her turn to be bred.

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