Ben and Lisa’s Raunchy Evening

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Big Dick

It had been a long day. Ben spent the day cutting the lawns and cleaning the garage while Lisa had the kids all day at toddler group and then at swimming lessons. The day had been class, glorious sunshine topped up the vitamin D levels and once the kids were tucked up in bed by seven, the whiskey and wine were broken out. It had been the first evening that they got to sit comfortably on the patio furniture, the late May sun finally providing enough warmth for its use. By 8.30 though, it was time to retire indoors and admire the beautiful sunset.

“Remember our wedding night?” Lisa asked coyly, glancing out the patio door at the deckchairs.

“Oh yes!”

They both shared a smile at the fond memories of consummating their marriage on the balcony of their hotel in Croatia on a balmy night in July, 6 years previous. Ben had been sitting out in the darkness on a deckchair admiring the view of the Old Town and reflecting on their big day when Lisa came out of the shower. It was spontaneous, passionate, slightly risqué and hot as fuck!

“That night is still up at the top of my list! That, and the night on the beach in Hvar!” Ben exclaimed. “The change of venue sticks in my head.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ah, just that those nights were outside of a bedroom. I liked that.” He thought on it some more. “Our formula is very rigid now.”

“Well we don’t really have much of a choice, with three brats keeping us hemmed at the moment,” Lisa offered.

“No, I know. I’m not exactly complaining, just saying I like the thought of breaking the mould sometimes. It’s easier to be more adventurous when the scenery is different I guess.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

They both pondered in silence for a while whilst enjoying the peaceful evening. The whiskey and the wine were doing great work relaxing them.

“What kind of adventures?” Lisa asked eventually.


“You said you wanted to be more adventurous. What adventures do you mean Mr. Doherty?” Lisa asked with a smile.

“Ha! No adventure in particular really. And any adventure at the same time, I suppose. It’d be nice to be confident enough to try anything once!”

“We try stuff,” she said, slightly defensively.

“We do. But we lack the confidence of the Germans!”

“You and those feckin’ Germans!” Lisa scolded playfully.

“Well, I admire their attitudes. Or, at least that’s how they come across in porn! They don’t seem to have as many hang ups as the Irish!”

“We’re not that bad,” Lisa said.

“Really?” Ben asked with a coy smile. “Would you mind masturbating a little for me then?”

Lisa immediately smiled and turned her head away. “Maybe later.”

“See, we’re a timid bunch. What’s the worst that would happen if you masturbated a little right now? It would feel good for you and I certainly would love to see it! Nobody would get hurt.”

“I would love to be that person, Ben, but I’m just not,” Lisa said, slightly upset.

“Hi, I know that. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you exactly. I was trying to say it was an Irish thing. Trying to say it badly! It’s a Catholic guilt thing I reckon. Societal conditioning, etc.”

“I know.”

They steered clear of sex talk for a while and enjoyed another few drinks, making the transition seamlessly from tipsy to slightly drunk.

“I must have a shower,” Ben exclaimed during a stretch.

“Yeah, me too. What about a bath?”

“Now you’re talking!” he replied with a knowing smile.

They closed up the kitchen and headed for the stairs. Ben ran a big, warm bath, going heavy with the lavender bubble bath while Lisa checked in on the kids. All sleeping sound after their big day. With the bath ready, Andrea Bocelli singing softly in the background and the lights dimmed down, Ben stripped off in the walk-in wardrobe. He was 5’9″ and the Joe Wicks diet / exercise plan they had started in the springtime was really starting to show some results. He was lean and defined with a little chest hair. His 7″ circumcised cock was framed with neatly trimmed blonde public hair. His balls and his bum were kept shaven, he liked the cleanliness of it.

As he headed to the bathroom he met Lisa at the door coming in to undress. She quickly wrapped her arms around him and they embraced. Ben’s cock immediately started to swell against her as they kissed, the wine and whiskey rendering them both giddy. She ran her hands down his back and gave his ass a quick squeeze, breaking off the kiss with a smile.

“I coming now,” she said as she moved passed him to get undressed.

“Really?!” Ben asked, chuckling at the double entendre and carried on into the bathroom.

He settled in to the hot bath slowly, releasing a groan of pleasure as the warm sensation mixed with the whiskey buzz swirled in his head. Lisa appeared at the door with a towel over her arm and placed her full wineglass next to Ben’s whiskey tumbler. She was gorgeous. Her blonde hair framed her pretty face, anadolu yakası escort her fringe stopping just above her big green eyes. Her 36DD breasts were simply perfect and would rival any pornstar’s, still as full and as perky as ever, even after three kids. Her dark nipples stood erect after being released from their warm bra into the cooler air. Her curves were bang on sexy, Joe Wicks and hard work trimming up her tummy and legs and her dark pubic bush was well manicured. And then there was her bum! Ben had spent many a day at work day-dreaming about her shapely behind! He was an “Ass Man” and Lisa’s was perfection.

“Any room for me?” she asked.

“Certainly!” Ben smiled. “Come on in and I’ll lick your bum!”

The statement caused Lisa to pause on her way towards the bath. “Maybe I should go to the toilet first.”

“OK,” Ben said with a shrug.

She turned back towards the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’ll go downstairs.”

On seeing his puzzled expression she explained further. “I have to poop!”

“Then poop,” he said, gesturing towards the toilet.

“No!” Lisa scrunched up her nose at the notion.

“Lisa, we’re married six years. I don’t mind. What’s the worst that can happen?”

She considered him a while, the “worst that can happen” line resonating with their earlier exchange about masturbation.

“Seriously, please poop on the toilet!” Ben said, finally lying back in the bath, the water rising to his chest. He ran his hands down his torso and then his abdomen before gripping his cock, tugging it towards his feet several times.

Lisa chewed on her lip as she contemplated her options. Pooping in front of each other was a threshold they had never crossed in all their years together. It wasn’t as though they specifically set a boundary, it’s just they each sought a little privacy for their pooping. Had she been sober she would never have entertained the idea but the wine had relaxed her.

“Fine!” she said with a smile, watching her husband gently caress himself in the bath.

“Good!” came his response with a matching smile.

“Well, if you’re sure, this might be one of those things you will want to “un-see”!”

“Lisa, you ate food, your body digested it, like 6 billion other people do every day, and you’re gonna poop. It’s not scandalous!”

“Oh, I know. I have no issue with any of it. Just making sure!” She walked to the toilet without breaking eye contact, a cheeky grin on her face, and un-ceremoniously sat down. She shrugged a little, eyes darting to the floor and back up again as if to say “I’m down!”

Ben grinned at her as he continued to stroke himself, his cock semi-erect now.

“Will you want me in there at all? You seem to be pretty happy all by yourself!” Lisa said, peering over the end of the bath as she started peeing.

“Oh, I certainly want you in here!” he said, grinning. “I’m just warming up for you. It’s what the Germans would do!”

They both laughed before settling into a slightly awkward silence. Lisa reached forward for her wine glass on the bath and took a sip. Ben maintained her gaze and gave her a smile and a wink.

“Come on then!”

“It’s coming” she said, “have patience.”

As Ben continued to stroke himself he could see a slight change in Lisa’s facial expression. Her smile diminished slightly and her eyes tensed a little as she focused. After a few seconds he heard a splash as her first poop left her body.

“No bother to you.” He said slowly, a gleam in his eye as he stroked himself out of the water, his cock fully erect now.

“No bother to me,” she replied in the same tone, same gleam in her eye. Another splash, followed by another and she sat straighter, a proud smile on her face. “See, no need to take 20 minutes like some people!”

“Hi, hi, hi, that is my Gentleman’s Time” Ben said with faux-seriousness. Lisa scoffed at him and turned to the wall to find an empty toilet roll on the holder. Nothing new there, she turned to the stack in the corner to pick a new roll, only to find it empty too.

“Ah no! I’ve no toilet roll!” Lisa cried out.

Ben sat up a little in the bath to see for himself. “Oh oh!”

“Will you go downstairs for some please?” she asked.

“I’m not getting out! Just get into the bath.”

“No! Please?” she pleaded.

“I thought you had no issue with it!”

“I don’t but I need to wipe myself. Please Ben?” she asked once more.

Ben smiled again and slowly shook his head, the gleam back in his eye. “Come on in..”

“No,” she replied, this time a little less forcefully. Ben suddenly got up, shook the water off his feet and stepped out on to the tiles. He walked over to her as she sat on the toilet, her eyes unsure as he approached. He held out his hand. Lisa hesitated but took it. He pulled her up as he flushed the toilet at the same time.

“Hi!” she squealed as her bum got a little wet from avrupa yakası escort the water. She turned to him, a little lost in the situation, suddenly drunker than she realised. Ben turned and led her to the bath, her walk a little funny as she felt a strange mass in between her ass cheeks. He led her hands over the bath so that she stepped in.

“Kneel down please” he said gently, but assertively. As Lisa got to her knees, Ben knelt on the bathmat next to the bath. She looked at him again for direction, the whole scenario throwing her a little off balance. He gently pushed her forward so that she was on all fours in the bath. Cupping his hands underwater he lifted them out and let the contents spill down over her bum, wetting it for the first time. He rubbed the soft cheeks, his hands gliding down to the top of her legs and then back up and running up her spine. Lisa let out the breath she had been holding slowly, with a shudder.

As his hands came back down her back he positioned one on each cheek and caressed gently, slightly parting her bum for the first time to reveal a small amount of soft, brown poop within. Ben couldn’t believe how horny this was making him. He always loved Lisa’s bum, a love-making session was never complete without a thorough rimming. He would finger her ass most nights too, adding to her pleasure. But poop alone done nothing for him. That being said, here he was, caressing his wife’s dirty ass and his cock was about to explode.

Lisa regained some of her composure, her mind locking in to the situation. She was on her hands and knees in a nice warm bath, a shitty bum in the air and instead of feeling self-conscious, she found herself swaying her hips as Ben massaged her buttocks. Ben cupped his right hand in the water again and with his left he spread her cheeks and wet her inside. He then began to knead her butt again, the poop within softening and spreading along her crack with each motion. He suddenly longed to be closer to the action, the four inches of bath panelling separating him too far from his wife. He jumped up and stood into the bath between Lisa’s feet and sat down, sliding his legs between hers.

“Where are you going?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at him.

“I was getting a little cold out of the water,” he replied with a grin, the sight before him heavenly.

He wet his hands in the warm water again and rubbed slow circles around her bum, spreading her ass wide with each revolution. Then, with his left hand he held Lisa’s left ass cheek open and gently placed his right middle finger at the top of her butt crack. He slowly zig-zagged it left and right down her bum until he came to the soft poop which now occupied about 3″ of her crack. He paused for a second and then continued the zig-zag motion, gently fingering through her shit, down over her asshole and on down to the start of her pussy. Lisa let out a shivering sigh, slowly swaying her hips to Andrea Bocelli’s melody, deeply appreciating the intimacy of the act, the wine having her inhibitions sufficiently dampened. She found herself reaching under and grabbing Ben’s cock, gently stroking it in time with her own rhythm. Ben slid further down in the bath, giving Lisa easier access to his cock and leaving his face 1 foot from the sight before him.

He dipped his hands again and this time started lower down at the top of her thighs, rubbing slowly upwards, thumbs touching, grazing her swollen pussy. Lisa let out a low groan of pleasure, turning her head again to look at him over her shoulder and swaying ass. He let his hands continue up, thumbs collecting the mess in her bum, spreading it upwards and completing the move with an outward circle motion back down her cheeks, colouring the skin light brown. He repeated the circular motion several times, spreading the mess evenly over her wet bum. The air still smelled of lavender, but now with a slight hint of something more earthy.

Lisa was in ecstasy, the situation was so naughty and taboo, but intimate. She closed her eyes and cherished all the sensations, the heat of the bath water, the feel of Ben’s cock in her hand, the openness of her position over him, the coolness of the bathroom air on her wet bum. She let go of Ben’s cock and placed her hand on her abdomen. She paused a second before sliding her hand down towards her pussy, moving her fingers in gentle, deep circles between her lips, down to her wet opening and back up to her swollen clit. She let out another low groan.

The sight of Lisa masturbating while she straddled him, coupled with the raunchy view of her dirty ass near sent Ben over the edge. Carried away on a surging wave of sexual energy he quickly lifted his head towards Lisa’s ass, burying his face in her brown butt. He stuck out his tongue and began to rim her deep, her position making it easy to access her, both hands still massaging her cheeks. Lisa flinched at the move, pausing her hand between her legs and looked over her shoulder. Ben never eryaman escort missed a beat, continuing to eat out her ass, smiling eyes locked on hers, a literal shit-eating grin on his face!

Lisa smiled and responded by sitting a little more upright and thrusting her ass harder into her husband’s face. She resumed pleasuring herself and, finally being able to support herself on her knees, lifted her second hand to her chest, caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Ben continued working her ass with his tongue. It tasted a little stronger than he was used, a bitter tint underlying somewhere but in that moment it was pure nectar. He paused for air, gently slapping both cheeks at the same time and groping her ass.

“Fuck Lisa, this is so fucking hot” he gasped.

She opened her eyes and turned around to look at him. His mouth and cheeks were slightly brown, like someone had applied fake tan to the lower half of his face. He didn’t look up at her though, engrossed by the sight of her bum 5″ from him. It was Lisa’s turn to get carried away as she looked down at her husband enraptured in the act. She rose up and quickly turned around to face him, lowering again to straddle him.

“Aww..” he began to protest at loosing access to her bum but she quickly leaned forward and cupping his face in his hands, she kissed him hard. The mix of wine and whiskey and lavender, coupled with a hint of her poop was strong and intoxicating. They kissed like a couple possessed, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Ben moved his hand to her pussy, finding it wet and swollen, her lips blanched out and clit uncovered. He began rubbing her quickly, bringing her back to the brink of orgasm. She began to whimper through the kiss, breaking the lock of their mouths to cry out in pleasure. Just as she started to cum he slowed the motion, not wanting her to finish just yet. She calmed down and opened her eyes to look at him, a feral need etched across both their faces.

Ben moved his hand down further between her legs, back to her ass. He slipped his middle finger inside easily, his wet tongue having relaxed the muscle. He slowly inserted the digit passed the second knuckle as Lisa closed her eyes and grabbed him, trembling at the sensation, her ass clenching and releasing his finger in waves. The new set of awakened nerve endings firing now were akin to rediscovering sex for the first time. He slowly pulled out so that just the finger-tip remained inside and then thrust back in, each time in an effort to go deeper, each time Lisa groaned a little louder and held him a little tighter.

Finally he removed his finger completely, Lisa gasping twice as each knuckle slipped out of her bum. He brought his hand back up to her chest and rubbed his finger on her left nipple, then her right, depositing what little mess he had found, enraptured in the raunch. Her nipples instantly hardened as he caressed her breasts. He then sat up and took her right nipple in his mouth, tongue swirling over her aureole before pausing to gently bite the tip, causing another groan of pleasure from his wife as she grinded over him. He repeated the sequence on her left breast, lifting it up closer to Lisa’s face, her head tilted downwards, her mouth open in anticipation. He kissed his wife again and lifted her breast higher still, bringing her dirty nipple into the kiss. They both took turns licking and sucking her nipple clean in between kisses.

Reaching his right hand between her legs Ben grabbed his cock, wetting it slightly. With his left hand he guided her hips down towards his member and finally entered her pussy. She slid down the shaft all the way to the base, breaking off the kiss again to let out another cry of pleasure, pulling him tightly towards her chest.

Once settled, she began to move up and down on him, kissing him again. Their rhythm slowly increased to full speed, their grip on each other vice-like, the bath water a turbulent maelstrom. Within minutes Lisa’s tone raised as she came close to climax. Ben had remained quiet, all his focus was needed on not cumming in the first 5 seconds! Once he heard Lisa begin to cry out in orgasm he let his thoughts relax and erupted deep inside his wife, groaning in ecstasy.

Their climax lasted close to a minute before they slowed to catch their breath. Ben lay back, pulling Lisa forward, her head resting in the crook of his neck. They lay like that for another few minutes before she lifted her head to face him, both of them still panting slightly.

“That was…” She began, between breaths.

“…yeah!” he finished, and they both smiled wide.

As Lisa sat up they both regarded the mess they were in. Before she could think about it too much Ben splashed water over himself and over Lisa’s chest, rinsing most of the poop off. He let out a small groan of displeasure as the evidence of their raunchy evening disappeared. She smiled at his reaction. He then pulled the plug in the bath and started the shower head. In under 2 minutes they were both as clean as a whistle, standing out on the bath mat, reaching for their toothbrushes. He turned to face her and smiled bashfully.

“We can teach those Germans a thing or two!” she said with a smile and kissed him.

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