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Subject: Being with Steve – Chapter 11 Steve’s face transitioned to one of empathy to one of sheer joy. His eyes beamed with happiness, his picture-perfect smile stretched nearly from ear-to-ear. I tried to reciprocate his enthusiasm, but was more anxious at what I had just agreed too than excited. Steve shifted his body closer to mine and pulled me in for a tight hug, nearly causing me to lose my breath, then sat straight up. “Well, I think this deserves a little bit of a celebration.” he said, winking. “Get up, go to the potty and brush your teeth. Meet me back here. Understood?” “Yes, sir.” I said, rolling myself off the edge of the bed, the short nightgown giving total exposure of my naked butt. I quickly walked into the foyer, my chastity cage gently swinging between my legs as I moved. At this point, while not overly excited about what comes after, I was excited about the possibility of having the chastity cage removed for a time, or maybe getting to give Steve another blowjob. I grabbed my backpack from beneath the table near the door, then walked quickly to the master bathroom. I paused at the mirror as I entered, curious about the person looking back at me. In the span of less than a month, I had gone from a somewhat masculine, straight college student to a cock sucking, cum swallowing, nearly diaper wearing boy dressed in a cute childish nightie that was getting prepped to possibly go insert a mans penis into my mouth. Again. By choice. I tried in vein to pat down the shaggy blondish bedhead, but accepted some defeat and figured it was good enough. After a moment on the potty and a thorough teeth brushing, took a warm washcloth and rubbed my body down and dried with a hand towel. I smoothed out the nightie and made my way back into the master bedroom. Steve met my gaze from across the room and motioned to the bed. The lights had been significantly dimmed, but I could see some items that Steve had set on the bedside table. They were difficult to make out in the low light, but I could see something long and thin, and something colorful sitting next to it. As I approached the bed, Steve swept me up into another passionate kiss. I struggled a bit to maintain my balance as my feet left the floor and my body was pressed very tightly against his. After a brief, deep kiss, Steve sat me on the edge of the bed, my legs wrapped loosely around his torso. “I really think you’re going to enjoy this, baby. You do as I say.” Steve said as he pushed me backwards into a laying position. He easily maneuvered my body, turning me over onto my belly, then lifting my torso up so I was on my hands and knees facing away from him. My nightgown drooped down to the small of my back leaving me totally exposed and vulnerable to him. Steve walked around the bed and collected the items that I had seen upon entering and walked back around to retake his position behind me. I started to become anxious that Steve was intending on fucking me right here, right now. As excited as I was for that to happen, I wasn’t ready. I turned my head slightly, attempting to see what Steve was doing behind me and was met with a wicked smile, and a blindfold in his hand. “No peeking…” he said playfully as he reached up and affixed the cloth blindfold over my head, securing it behind my head with Velcro strapping. The blindfold teamed up the dim lighting to completely restrict my visibility. All I could do in that moment was close my eyes and wait. It didn’t take long for Steve’s hands to begin exploring my body. He rubbed gently from the small of my back, over my butt, then down to the chastity cage. He lingered there, taking care to gently stroke around the cage, then lightly tickled at my scrotum. My breathing intensified as this happened. I slung my head low, the intense sensations making it difficult to not shake. I felt his hands move away, then heard the distinct pop of the lube bottle opening behind me. My breathing quickened again as I tensed my body, fully anticipating a painful insertion into my virgin bottom. I felt the cool lube spread around my hole, his fingers gently and deliberately encircling, teasing at what was to come. His hands moved away suddenly, leaving me longing for his touch. I heard the rustle of fabric to my left, then again felt his warm touch on both sides of my butt, gently spreading my bottom open. I again braced myself, biting my bottom lip, readying myself for him to enter me, but was instead greeted by a warm and wet feeling around my hole. I could feel the warmth of his breath, cooling the body temperature lube that was liberally spread around. A thousand sensations arrived at once as I felt his tongue begin to gently stroke around my hole. It was a sensation I had never imagined, and still can’t describe well. What I do know is my eyes rolled back in my head, I let out a guttural moan, and my arms collapsed below me. My head was now laying flat on the bed, my arms crossed beneath my chest, and my ass high in the air. I could feel my cock straining tighter than ever at it’s plastic enclosure, begging for release, begging for attention. Steve continued to lick for what felt like an eternity, only an eternity that was over much too soon. I could feel him shift away from me slowly, leaving me to my near out-of-body experience, every nerve on fire. “You taste delicious, baby.” I heard him say, though I was too far gone to respond. I jumped as I felt his fingers retake the position of his tongue and begin to slowly work around, then lightly in and out of my hole. My body was craving him. In that moment I wanted nothing more than for him to fuck me. I felt an emptiness in me that I never knew existed, and only wanted it filled. At that moment, I felt that I had been put on this Earth to be filled up by Steve’s dick. It was my purpose for existence. As he slowly worked his fingers in and out, I heard a faint scraping sound of plastic on the hard bedside table behind me. Soon after, I felt something cool and very smooth being placed against my hole. Not knowing what it was or how large it was, I again tensed up. The pressure lightly built against my hole, the intrusion setting off fireworks in my brain. I could feel it gently pass through my external sphincter without much pain, only a slight stretching sensation that was quite ataköy escort pleasurable. I relaxed as I realized that the size wasn’t going to hurt bad, and began to enjoy it more. I could feel the pressure deep inside of me begin to build, my body trying to signal that something new was happening, something was entering me where nothing had entered me before. I felt the bulbous head of the smooth plastic enter further, the shaft of the object smoothly gliding past my sensitive skin. I felt the pressure on the object lessen, it had apparently arrived at it’s desired depth. I could feel Steve’s gentle movements reverberate through the length of the object and strike a very sensitive area inside. “Are you ready, baby?” Steve asked from what seemed like a thousand miles away. I could only moan in affirmation, unsure of what I was consenting to be ready for. There was a faint click at the base of the object, followed instantly by a powerful pulse that seemed to hit me across my entire body at once. My face contorted from pleasure, my legs nearly giving out as my arms had moments before. I could feel my heart pound in my chest and my lungs fill with a gasp of air. I felt the pulse again, not more than a second later. Again my body convulsed around it, feeling like warm electricity was spreading through me and into my very soul. Again, the pulse. I was almost becoming too much. I was too far into ecstasy at this point, my body feeling disconnected from my mind, and unable to for a coherent thought. The pulses continued for a few more seconds, followed by a stillness that allowed me to regain the consciousness that the sensations had dulled. I could hear Steve chuckle from behind me, evidently excited that the object was having the desired effect. I took a deep breath in an attempt to rid my mind of the woozy sensation I was swimming in, but as I was escaping the sensations, the vibrations began. They were gentle at first, more noticeable in the shaft of the object that my sensitive hole had now clasped upon, but with an adjustment to position, again became powerful and focused on that spot of pleasure deep inside of me. The vibration was different than the pulse… while not as extreme, it was somewhat more pleasurable. I could feel by body begin to respond in familiar ways, my groin beginning to tingle my scrotum tightening to my body. I could feel the beginning stages of an orgasm come and go faster than nearly any point in my life. My breathing quickened, my toes gripped at the air, and I could feel the impending flood of release approach. I could feel something hard and plastic knock against the chastity cage, taking me out of the moment for a split second, but the continued vibration got me back to the cliff within a second or two. Almost as if on queue, the vibrations quickened again and pressed deeply onto the most pleasurable area of my body I’ve ever discovered. This caused the orgasmic chain reaction that tops any I’ve ever experienced before. I could feel my body begin to convulse, the convulsions in my groin pushed a powerful jet of cum from my caged dick. I gasped for air as the continued assault from the vibrations coupled with the convulsions of my orgasm forming a chain reaction that seemed went on and on and on. I could feel the tear soaked blindfold ride up on my face, pulled loose by the erratic movements of my face on the mattress. My body felt so warm and tired, like I had just run a marathon. The vibrations stopped as my body expelled the last of the cum, followed by a smooth and gentle removal of the object. My hole was still loose from the post-orgasmic glow that I almost didn’t notice that the object was out. I could feel Steve’s thumb trace lightly around my hole causing me to jump again at the heightened sensitivity. This earned another chuckle from him. Steve gently pushed my body over, rolling me from a prone-knees up position to laying flat on my back. My eyes adjusted to the light, even as dim as it was still felt like an assault on my senses. I saw Steve’s smile enter my field of view, a wordless look of satisfaction that I could easily replicate. “Holy… shit.” I said, panting to catch my breath. “I think you liked that, huh?” Steve said with a smile. My continued panting was acknowledgement enough. After a moment, Steve pulled me into a sitting position the edge of the bed, helping to steady my body before turning back to the bedside table. I could see the colorful object sitting there, and soon became aware that this was the object that had tapped against my chastity cage right before I came. I could see my cum pooled at the bottom of the bowl, enough to nearly cover the entire surface. “Somebody really saved up for this.” Steve said with a smirk as he brought the bowl closer to me. I knew what his intent was from our last session, and while I was not enthralled with the idea in my post-orgasmic bliss, I was also not up to the debate of saying no. I sat in front of him and his wicked smile as he moved the small plastic bowl back and forth and watched as the collected cup pooled from one side to the other. Steve reached back to the bedside table and picked up a small spoon tipped with rubber. The very kind that infants eating baby food would eat with. Steve dipped the spoon in the cum and lightly stirred it around before filling the spoon to overflowing and brought both the spoon and bowl up to my face. The bowl rested below my chin, the salty small of the cum nearly making me gag. I slightly opened my mouth to accept the spoon when Steve mimicked the sound of an airplane and told me to open up like a big kid. I did as instructed and felt as the warm gooey liquid landed on my tongue, it’s warmth surprising me. I locked eyes with Steve and tried as hard as I could to appear sexy as I was eating the spoonful of cum, but the immediate reaction nearly squashed that intent. I pushed on and closed my mouth around the spoon and pulled the cum from the spoon to my mouth before collecting it and swallowing in an audible gulp. I instinctively opened my mouth to show Steve that it was empty, and was promptly met by another small spoonful of cum. After three spoons, some scraping of the bowl, and an accepted invitation by Steve to lick the bowl, I was done. “I am merter escort so proud of you, baby!” Steve said beaming. He pulled me from sitting on the edge of the bed to standing in front of him, then reached into his pocket and removed a keychain. Without a word, Steve reached down and unlocked the chastity cage and adeptly slid it off of my sensitive dick. I had become so used to wearing it that the cool air directly on my skin seemed foreign. “Looks like you got a bit on there still…” he said, extending the shaft of the chastity cage towards my face, instructing me to clean the few drops of cum off of the tip of the cage. I did as was instructed, and was met with a smile and a wink. “Let’s go clean up and get ready.” he said, turning to the master bathroom. Again, I followed. A warm bath was drawn and I was gently eased into the sudsy, flowery water. The warmth caused my muscles to immediately relax, aided by the lavender scent of the water. Steve bathed me thoroughly, not missing an inch of my body, then took a razor to the very few areas that hair was beginning to regrow. Within seconds, I was again as smooth as the day I was born. Steve left me in the tub to soak for a few minutes while he excused himself out of the bathroom, time I enjoyed by thinking back to not only the most intense orgasm I’d ever had, but the most intense sensations I had ever experienced. The thought alone caused me to get hard giving me the odd sensation of having a full erection, something I had not experienced in a few weeks now. I was nearly tempted to reach down and touch it, but thought it better to not risk it. Steve reentered the bathroom a few minutes later and reached his hand into the warm soapy water to pull the drain plug. As the water drained, he could see my erection straining, and with a smile said it was time to lock up again. Although I knew it was coming, there was still disappointment that the chastity was not over. Steve helped me stand from the tub and wrapped me in a large, soft towel that felt as if it was directly from the dryer. He dried me from head to toe, then brushed out my hair before affixing a tiny barrette to keep the hair from falling in my eyes. The large towel, coupled with my long damp hair and purple barrette make me look so feminine that I was almost uncertain if that was actually my reflection in the mirror. It was confirmed as I could see and feel a peck on the cheek from Steve, satisfied with my level of dryness. I was led back into the master bedroom naked, the lighting still dimmed, no natural sunlight coming in through the large picture windows across the room. Steve again placed me on the bed, my lower legs draping over the side at the knees. Steve turned and collected the small bottle of lube and the chastity cage and expertly applied both to me within a matter of seconds. This time, instead of a small lock, there was a small piece of plastic that resembled a barbell. Steve pushed that through the aligned holes of the chastity cage and, with a snap, the barbell was securely fixed in place. “This shouldn’t be as heavy as the brass lock, and you don’t have to worry about water or anything if we keep it on for a long time. I’ll know if you try and tamper with this, so hands off.” Steve said with a very serious tone to his voice. “Yes, daddy.” I replied, very disappointed that he was insinuating that a couple of weeks wasn’t a long time in chastity. “Okay, let’s go.” he said as he lifted me back into a sitting position and lightly pulled me off of the bed. He turned to exit the master bedroom, and I followed struggling to keep up with his quick gait. I could feel the all-too-familiar swing of the chastity cage between my legs again as I quickly walked to the stairway at the back of the house. We were met by more darkness as Steve pushed open the keypad locked door. I could see the faintest glow of the evening sun across the lake, casting a beautiful orange and purple horizon across the lake. I had to shield my eyes as Steve flipped the switch on the wall, illuminating multiple recessed lights and a dramatic iron chandelier at the center of the vaulted ceiling. Steve turned and walked over to the second keypad, pulling me like a child by the hand, gently yet firmly. The door clicked open and the light flipped on, and instantly I could see that the large closed had been transformed. All of the boxes were gone, the center of the closet now completely empty. In their place were shelves completely stacked full of an assortment of diapers that lined two walls of the closet. It was a lot to take in. The majority of the diaper were white, from what I could tell but I could see a section that were a pale pink and white. Nearly every diaper had some sort of design that I could see. There was a wonderfully sweet smell permeating the closet that reminded me of my childhood daycare center. I turned to look at the opposite wall from the massive columns of diapers and saw a large, white, wooden and cloth table with drawers across the front. On top I could see a padded surface. It only took a spilt second to recognize its resemblance to an infant’s changing table, complete with a diaper pail sitting on the floor near the foot of the table. “I got a lot accomplished while you were sleeping.” Steve said, running his hand across the padded surface of the changing table. “Where did you get this?” I asked, amazed at the oversized baby furniture. “One of the guys from my daddy group built it for me a while back. I had him bring it by today while you were out. He helped me get everything put together and stacked all of the diapers up for me. He’s very excited to meet you… when you’re ready, of course.” Steve said, emphasizing the “when you’re ready” part. “Oh.” was all I could pull out. Partly in shock that this had all come together today, and partly in shock that Steve had told someone else about me and that that person was acutely aware that I would be diapered. I decided to push that to the back of my mind, comfortable that he meant it when he said it would only happen when I was ready. Which would be never. Steve again grabbed hold of my hand and led me over to the changing table before spinning me around to face him, then easily lifted my naked body onto the soft bahçeşehir escort pink and while cloth padding. It was thicker than normal cloth, most likely waterproofed. It had very pale pink blocks, rattles, and diaper pins covering the fabric strongly solidifying it’s infantile intent. There was no question in my mind what was about to happen, and I had consented to what was about to happen not more than an hour ago. I took a deep breath and mentally prepared myself before asking Steve what I needed to do. He said nothing, just pushed me sideways onto the padded table, my head to his left. I rolled the rest of the way onto my back and readied myself for something that would become all too normal soon. I could see the joy on Steve’s face as he had me right where he wanted me. The smooth sliding of the drawer caused some vibration as it caught the stop after being fully extended. I turned my head to see Steve remove a diaper covered in soft pastel babyish shapes. It was mostly covered with plastic, but I could see that part of it was Velcro, just like a baby diaper. Steve sat the diaper near my feet and closed the drawer before moving to the one below. The same vibration as the drawer slid open, followed by the removal of a long strip of padding. Steve sprinkled a small amount of baby powder on my groin, then smoothly rubbed the powder into my skin. I could see a slight white discoloration of my skin when I looked down, the pink chastity cage prominently sitting atop my groin. Steve picked up the diaper again, and began to unfold it. I was surprised at the size of it, yet it perfectly resembled every baby diaper that I have ever seen. He sat the unfolded diaper between my legs before removing the long strip of padding and peeling a plastic backing to expose a sticky surface. The padding was placed into the open diaper, covering the inside from top to bottom. “Up we go, baby.” Steve said as he lifted my ankles with ease, causing my butt to slightly rise off of the table. As he held my legs up, I could feel the plastic and soft padding slide under the small of my back. Steve repositioned a few times and used his free hand to stretch the diaper out to his liking, then gently lowered me back onto the surface of the table. I could feel the bulk of the diaper below my butt and lower back, elevating me slightly off of the table. “Aww, baby… this is your very first diaper!” Steve exclaimed, seeming overcome with happiness beyond what I had seen from him before. My legs were pushed lightly apart at the knees by Steve as he pulled the thick diaper up between my legs. I could feel the large bulk even with my knees apart which caused some concern on my ability to walk normally in this thing. Steve enclosed my torso with the diaper, then snugly placed the Velcro fasteners on both sides of the diaper, then smoothed it out and admired his handy work. The bulk was unexpected as I tried to bring my knees together. I could get them relatively close without much effort, but the last small gap was near impossible thanks to the new bulk between my legs. I hadn’t noticed when Steve stepped back that he had also removed his phone from his pocket and was snapping pictures of me clad in only my diaper. I took a sharp breath in with this notice, ready to fuss about the picture when Steve immediately reassured me that these were only for us and he’ll delete them off of his phone very soon. I could only stare blankly at him after that, still in shock that evidence of this existed now. Steve approached the table, sliding another drawer open and removing a pale purple garment. He held it in front of him and began to unfold the purple and laced onesie. There were tufts of lace on the puffy baby-doll arm holes, and a small skirt made of purple fabric lined with more lace. Steve rolled the onesie up in is hands before lifting my head and sliding it through the neck opening. He took pause after my head was through to clasp two buttons on either side of the neck opening, then continued to pull it down my body. I could feel the soft fabric move under my body before covering the diaper. Steve pulled at the onesie to bring the front and rear together, then clasped the 5 snaps together. He again moved back to capture the moment with his phone, my face burning with embarrassment. Steve pulled me off of the table gently, helping regain my balance from the newly acquired bulk prominently noticeable between my legs. The skirt of the onesie lightly draped over the diaper, doing very little to hide the bulk, but providing some covering. I adjusted the onesie slightly, straightening out the fabric to better fit my body, then looked up to Steve to see him nearly in tears as he saw me standing there. “You’re even better than I imagined you would be.” he whispered, moving in for a passionate kiss. I could barely feel his hands as he gripped the back of my diaper, the padding dampening his fingers into a vague pressure. He kissed me for quite a while before moving away, and again admiring his new plaything. I shied away again as the phone was removed and even more pictures were taken. I was beet red from embarrassment as Steve had me pose in different positions to show of my new clothing. He had me pull up the skirt and show the bulk of the diaper, then had me pull the leg opening to the side, confirming beyond a shadow of a doubt that an infantile disposable diaper lies below the purple and lace onesie. Once satisfied with the photo shoot, Steve pulled a pink and white oversized pacifier complete with white ribbon clip from the table and affixed it firmly to my left chest, then lifted the nipple of the pacifier and placed it firmly between my lips. I was led back downstairs to the media room, struggling to grow accustomed to walking with the added bulk between my legs, only able to achieve ambulation with an obvious waddle. I was led to the couch and instructed to sit, then joined by Steve. “Do you remember when we first talked how I told you about the cardinal rules?” he asked. I shook my head in affirmation. “Do you remember what rule one was?” he pressed. I again shook my head in affirmation and spoke “no mathurbathion” as best I could around the nipple of the pacifier. “Very good baby. It’s time for rule two. You are to never remove your diaper under any circumstance unless I give you expressed permission. There are no exceptions. You are never to remove your diaper yourself. Is that absolutely clear?” he said with a stern tone. “Yeth.” I said, muffled by the pacifier. “Very good, baby. Now lets eat, I’m starving.” he said, leading me into the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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