Beer Thursday Pt. 05

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Bill, Jack, Tom and Mary got to the bar just before six and were greeted by Julie. “I saved your same table and the usual beers?” Julie asked as she started to lead them back.

Mary interrupted, “Can we get another chair there? We should be joined by a fifth.”

“I have something better” Julie said and spun to the right and led them to a corner booth that would easily fit five or six. “Who else are you expecting, I can send them back.” Julie said.

“Her name is Crystal, she’s my height, blond…beautiful.” Mary replied.

“What? You asked someone to join our group without clearing with us? And a beautiful babe on top of that? Amazingly presumptive of you.” Bill said jokingly and turned to slide into the booth.

“I cleared it, she is fully vetted.” Tom laughed. “She could be Mary’s sister, but seems to reveal a bit more in her attire.”

After they were seated, Jack looked at Mary. “What is different about you? I know, you look less uptight, You’ve unbuttoned your top button. I like it. Why the change?”

“I know, Tom informed me that I was too stuffy and looked like and old school marm, so I thought I’d let some light in, so to speak. Anyhow, how was training? Did you have Patterson there? He’s so good.” Mary replied.

“Yeah, we had him for two sessions, he was good, but I think your friend has arrived.” Jack said looking over Mary’s shoulder.

Mary turned to see Julie leading Crystal back dressed in tight white shorts cut low on her flawless stomach and a red blouse tied tightly under her full breasts. Mary got up and received a warm hug. She self consciously felt her nipples harden and was aware that Crystal’s had also. “I’m really glad you came,” Mary said breaking the embrace, “you know Tom, this is Bill and Jack going counter clockwise around the booth. And this is Julie, our good friend here so you have to be nice to her.” Mary said laughing.

Crystal smiled at Julie and gave her a hug, then turning back to the booth and while holding her arms down to her side said, “I feel under dressed.” Looking around the table at everyone wearing suit coats then over at Mary, “Even you, Mary…Anyhow, it is nice to meet you all, is everyone at your company a hottie?” Crystal looked appraisingly around the table. “Mary, are all these single guys? Your husband lets you hang around with them?”

Jack got up and gave Crystal a quick hug and offered the booth. Crystal slid over between Bill and Jack and in response to Julie asking what she wanted to drink asked for a dry margarita, rocks, with salt.

Jack turned to Crystal, “Tom mentioned that you and Mary could be sisters and I’m amazed how similar you both are. Tall, blonde…great figures, however, ” looking over an Mary, “he said you dress a bit more revealingly. Any way you could work with Mary on that?”

Crystal laughed, “She lets her hair down, but apparently everyone of you needs to let their hair down. This is how you relax with suits and ties? I know, the ties are loosened, but Christ I feel naked sitting here with this group.” Crystal turned to her right and yanked the tie off Jack and pushed the coat off his shoulders which he shrugged off and hung on the hook by the booth. Then she made a show of slowly unbuttoning the top three buttons on his shirt revealing his muscular, hairy chest. She sat back admiring her work. There, that is so much better, Bill you are next. Soon the guys were sitting there looking a lot more relaxed. Crystal turned to Tom, “Perhaps you could help Mary loosen up a bit?”

Tom looked at Crystal with raised eyebrows and then at Mary. Mary shrugged and turned to face Tom who slid her jacket off her shoulders then took it and draped it over the back of the booth, then turned to look back at Crystal.

“The buttons, are you too shy to touch her chest?” Crystal ordered.

Tom looked at Mary who sat facing him like she was waiting. Tom reached over and popped the second and third buttons, then hesitated and pulled the two sides apart revealing Mary’s bulging cleavage and the top of her lacy bra.

“That’s better, now I don’t feel like I’m a stripper and I’ll be needing to give you all lap dances.” Crystal laughed.

“Speaking of being a stripper, what do you actually do?” Bill asked pulling his eyes away from Mary’s spectacular cleavage. “Are you still in college?”

“No, I work over as a waitress, but I’m really trying to get acting roles…like Penny on The Big Bang.” Crystal laughed. “I’m even from Nebraska. So, you guys are a team, how long have you worked together?”

“How long have we been at team? They put us together in 2010? So, five years.” Bill replied.

“What does your team do? Sales?”

“We do sales, but also we are also IT architects. They wanted a team trained in a variety of technologies who could go into a client’s place and suggest the optimal technological solutions for whatever issues they might have. We were encouraged to work closely together and to mesh our varying skill sets escort bayan ataköy into a cohesive unit.” Bill looked around and laughed, “I’m pretty sure I completely erased any…um, sexual tension we might have had. I think I have a new skill set.” Looking at Mary, Bill added, “I’d much rather find out what got into Mary to let her hair down…and the opening on her blouse. I know this is inappropriate since we are colleagues, but I’ve thought about what you are hiding. Sorry, sorry, I shouldn’t say anything.” Bill stammered blushing.

“I’m not sorry, at first I was disappointed I wasn’t sitting next to Mary, but being here across the table, I’m over that.” Jack laughed. “Why have you been hiding those assets all these years? I’m not saying you should walk around the office with three buttons undone, but two would be appropriate. You always dress like a nun.” Turning to Crystal, “Thanks, you are a good influence on our girl here.”

Mary blushed, fingering her third button, “I think this might actually be too much and perhaps two undone is more appropriate, like you say.”

“Garbage! Leave it. You look so much more relaxed and Mary…as they say, if you got it, flaunt it. You know how much more in tips I’d get if I had those.” Julie who had come up to the table nodded down to Mary’s cleavage. “From here, the view is so much better. So, another round?”

They ordered another round and when Julie left, Jack got up and headed back to the restrooms. When he got back he stopped and looked down Mary’s blouse, quietly nodded to himself and sat back down.

Bill leaned over and quietly asked, “How was the view?”

“Better that here, you need to hit the restroom?”

Crystal laughed. “You horn dogs. It’s like you’ve never seen a woman before. Mary, the guys want to see more of you, why don’t you lean forward like we are in a private conversation…c’mon, give them a peek.”

Blushing and still fingering the third button, Mary sat forward and leaned forward towards Crystal draping her large breasts on the table and when she leaned forward her top separated farther and her breasts obviously strained at the flimsy bra. She was so red even her fleshy mounds glowed with a bright pink hue. “This is embarrassing, like I’m flashing you guys.”

Crystal reached over and clasping Mary’s hands, pulling her even farther onto the table, leaned in and kissed her on the lips, then leaned back and whispered to Mary “You’re a hit. Revel in it. Tell me this isn’t empowering, can’t you feel the effect you are having on these poor boys?” With a wink, Crystal gave a quick squeeze on May’s warm hands, let go and sat back.

Mary sat back and looked at Crystal. “You know, every one of us has three buttons, exactly three buttons undone, but why do you just have two?”

“I am not wearing a bra, and the third button is way down here.” Crystal indicated by pulling down her blouse and Bill and Jack here will get an eyeful if I undo one more.”

Mary glared at Crystal. “I’m sorry, this is not optional. This table is reserved for those with three buttons undone and you’ll either have to leave, or comply with the rules.”

Startled, Crystal looked at Mary who finally burst out laughing. “I’m kidding, but as friends of these three guys here, I think you should do it anyhow.”

Grinning, Crystal reach down and undid the final button and sitting up, proudly thrust her chest out. Mary stood and reached across oblivious to the now full exposure of her hanging, bra encased globes and opened up Crystal’s top. Sitting back down she said with a satisfied voice. “There, now I don’t feel like the only one here naked.” She then looked around the now quiet table at all the wide eyes. “God, I think the sexual tension is back. Bill why don’t you tell more about your job to Crystal so you can eventually stand up without…” Mary nodded down knowingly.

“Yeah, we have to drink up since we have the presentation to give with the director first thing. Next week is Seattle, Crystal, when we are in town we meet here every Thursday. I can speak for everyone here that you are more than welcome, in fact you added a dynamic that was definitely missing, ” Jack said pointedly looking at her exposed left breast.” and a certain ambiance previously missing. Can I perhaps give you a lift home?”

Crystal laughed. “You are absolutely sweet and normally I’d consider that offer, but there are some things I’d like to go over with Mary.” Reaching up and pulling Jack’s face over she planted a kiss right on his lips. “Nice, I’m definitely curious what else you can do with those soft lips…mmmm. But perhaps another time.”

“You guys go, I’ll get the tab, I think it’s my turn anyhow.” Mary said

Jack slip out grabbing his coat and casually draped it across his arms in front. Ted and Bill joined him and Mary and Crystal were laughing as they watched all three march out with their coats in front of their waists.

“We sure did a job on them, that was fun.” bayrampasa escort Mary said as the slid into the booth next to each other. “You are not really a lesbian, are you? I mean, at the restaurant, you seemed…well, with me, you were attentive. This is awkward, you’re just going to smile at me and not say anything, aren’t you?”

Crystal laughed. “Mary, you are so fun since there is such an innocence about you, but I like guys and girls. Normally I would have rubbed against Tom at the restaurant, you would not believe how much a boob graze gets you in tips. One time I leaned over to put something on the table and brushed my nipple right across a really cute guys lips and without hesitation he sucked it right in. I got a $50 tip for a $43 bill and walked around for the next five minutes with a wet, glistening nipple. I just like to have fun with my customers, though I never accept a pick up line, ever. I have never dated a single customer…until now. I guess with you I broke a ground rule.”

Mary burst out laughing. “Don’t say ground rules, please. I know, I know it’s an inside joke and I’ll tell you about it some day. I just spent the weekend talking ground rules with my husband. But, why me? I don’t understand, I’m not a lesbian, nor bi…I’ve never even been with a woman…ever. I’m nothing special.”

“I’ll tell you later, if you come back with me, but I’d like another marg. You interested? I’ll buy.”

“Sure, I’ll have another IPA.” Mary turned, got Julie’s attention and waved her over.

“So, two weeks in a row your staying a little later.” Julie remarked “Another marg and IPA?”

“Sure, and since it looks really quiet, can we buy you a drink so you can join us?” Crystal replied. “we can have a little girl’s time.”

“It is a good time for a break and I’d love to, be right back,” And turning her head back laughing “You don’t have to buy me a drink, I work here, in fact I’ll get these.”

“I guess we aren’t going to have a private tete-a-tete,” Mary chuckled, “but I’m glad you invited her. Julie has felt like an old friend for all these years we’ve come here.”

Julie came over with the drinks and they all slid over so they were shoulder to shoulder. They talked about the guys in the bar, Julie and Crystal compared notes on the customers hitting on them, Julie knew the topless restaurant and had in fact worked there when they first opened.

“Why did you leave, the tips have to be twice as good there than here?” Mary asked.

“My dad owns this bar and he wasn’t pleased with my…attire at the other place, no offense Crystal, and so he made me part owner here if I’d leave. I actually liked the job there and yes, the tips were great and apart from the periodic gropes, the customers were really nice…I don’t get groped here though I wish Tom, Jack and Bill would grope me. They are hot and they’ve never made a single move and I get hit on all the time. I’m pretty sure I would go home with one of them if they asked.” Turning to Mary, “Don’t breathe a word of that to them. And haven’t you ever been tempted to take one, or all of them for a ride?”

“Actually, I never thought about it until last Thursday when Tom sort of confessed he wanted to do me, or as he put it, fuck me. I was shocked at first but making him describe graphically what he would do to me got me so hot I gave Bob the night of his life when I got home.” Mary laughed softly. “In fact, when he asked why I was so horny and I told him, he wanted to hear more. You’ve never seen a guy…never mind. TMI.”

“I knew that the conversation was sex, I could feel it…I actually grabbed a guy still here at closing and took him out to the parking lot,” Julie giggled, “we did it in the back seat like high school kids, I still don’t know his name, but he sure seemed happy, and I blame that on you and Tom. Christ you were sending out vibes.” Julie looked up as three frat guys came over.

“So, you ladies look like you need another round of drinks, what can we bring you? It seems a shame to have this huge booth stay half empty when we could fill it with charm and tantalizing banter.” The tallest one with his too small tee shirt revealing taut muscled torso said confidently looking down at their still open tops.

Crystal swung her right leg over Mary’s left and gently pulled Mary’s hand towards her crotch. Mary got the hint and started stroking Crystal’s slit through the thin material feeling the dampness and the warmth. She felt her nipples get rock hard realizing she was touching another woman. Julie getting the picture, leaned over and put her tongue in Crystal’s mouth who responded with enthusiasm putting her hand on the back of Julie’s head. On impulse, Julie slid her hand into Crystal’s blouse and cupped her right breast rubbing her hard nipple with her thumb. After half a minute or so, they broke the kiss, and Crystal turned to the frat guys and said, “Why? You want to buy us drinks just to watch? That doesn’t seem like that would escort bayan avcılar take care of what you need.” Pointedly looking at their newly formed tents. “What do you guys think?” Crystal asked looking over at Mary.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I want someone staring at my ass and pussy while I’m kneeling down with my tongue probing this nice slit of yours.” Mary pulled Crystal over locking mouths. Pulling away she said. “I just need to focus on you two.”

Crystal turned to the boys, “Sorry, maybe next time if I’m alone.”

After they sheepishly left and their laughed subsided, wiping the tears away Julie said, “Sorry about that Crystal, I’ve never grabbed another woman’s boob before, but it seemed like the right thing to do and may I say it sure felt nice.”

“God that was hot. No, you were perfect and Mary here knew exactly what to do. Those boys are going to be stroking their dicks thinking about this for weeks. I am pretty sure they believe we are flaming lesbians. Hell, who needs them anyhow – you know men are good for just one thing.” Crystal asked.

“I know, making a baby.” Mary replied

“No, opening pickle jars.” Crystal laughed. “Mary, not that I mind, but you can stop fingering me now.”

Mary jerked her hand back. “Wow, sorry. It felt natural, I just touched another woman, Bob is going to love hearing about this.” She chuckled.

Julie got up. “Thanks, I needed the break, as fun as this has been, I’ve got to get back to work.” Flexing her hand and laughing, “Crystal, I might not wash this hand again.”

Crystal looked at Mary. “Do you have to get home? Would you like to come back to my place, it is not far and I have something to show you.”

Mary laughed. “How many times have people asked me home to show me something? Of course I can come over. I told Bob not to expect me home early tonight.”

“Yeah,” Crystal said chuckling, “I have heard that enough. What is it guys want to show us poor little girls? I’ll bet it’s how easily they open pickle jars.” Laughing, she slid out of the booth.

Mary said, “Let me take care of the bill, no, you’re good I’ve got this, and I’ll meet you in the parking lot.

Mary followed Crystal home and actually it was so close, they could have walked. “This is just three blocks, amazing. You never came to the bar before?” Mary asked when they got out of their cars.

“No, I didn’t even know it existed. I always drive east, so I rarely go back that way, come on in, I think the house is fairly decent.” Crystal held open the door for Mary.

Mary looked around and was stunned by the decor. “This is beautiful, did you decorate this all yourself?”

“Yes, I like nice, comfortable things. Plus I make decent money so I don’t mind investing it on a house. But, thanks” Crystal replied. “Can I get you a drink?”

“No, three is past my limit, I’m a one to two beer kind of gal.” Mary chuckled.

Crystal put on some music and indicated the living room. “Sit where you like, make yourself comfortable.”

Mary sat on the chrome and leather couch and Crystal came over carrying a glass of wine and sat next to her.

“I have a confession to make Mary. I know this looks like I’ve brought you back to seduce you, get you naked and sweaty, and I really do want to do that, but I really do want to show you something.” Holding up a finger she went down the hallway soon returning with a DVD. “I want to show you this.” She crouched down and put the DVD in the tray, turned on the TV and came back to sit next to Mary. As the opening Playboy logo came up, Crystal put her hand on Mary’s thigh and tenderly stroked the inside of her thigh. “Wow your thigh is like silk, so smooth.”

On the screen a tall blonde was walking in from the side fully dressed, but obviously aware of the camera following her. Her name scrolled across the bottom which meant nothing to Mary, but she was stunned that this beautiful sexy babe looked just like her. As the DVD continued this beauty got completely naked and posed in various situations on chairs, stairs, the bed, etc.. The screen froze when Crystal paused it.

“Who is that? She could be my twin, except her boobs are bigger, but ever her hair is the same.” Mary said. “This is why you picked me up at the restaurant? You like her and you…”

“She’s a former Playmate of the year, and yes I picked you up because of her. But, not because I have the hots for her, I mean, I’d do her, she is gorgeous. I need you help with something, with an ex-boyfriend.” Crystal looked pleadingly, “Don’t freak out. I’m not seducing you so I can tie you up and have me ex come over to ravage you, quite the opposite. I want to torture him. Let me explain.”

“My boyfriend Chip is obsessed with her. I’ve caught him jerking off to this video and to her pictures in magazines. I have nothing against guys who jack off, hell I do it, but he’s even said her name when he was cumming in me. His wallpaper on his phone is not me, but a picture of her. I reluctantly put up with this, but a couple of weeks ago, we started to make out on the bed with our heads down towards the foot of the bed, which I thought was different, but what the heck. He was on top of me, we’re both naked and he’s dry humping me. Is this TMI?” Crystal asked.

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