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Subject: Re: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 14 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 14 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the stern of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In previous chapters, Josh has been trained, through coercion and hypnosis, to serve the team sexually in hopes of gaining higher levels of testosterone, and becoming more athletic. In this chapter, Nate gains the Coach’s confidence to allow him to fuck Josh as desired and to make sure he does NOT cum when he is released from chastity. Josh must make his holes available to his team members and take their “Hormone”. Josh believes this will make him a better athlete. Nate makes himself vulnerable and shows Josh how he truly feels about him. Personal Note from the Author: It looks as though I could, realistically, get one chapter out per month. I am having some surgery but will be able to type one-handed, I hope. I appreciate the emails I have received from my anxious readers and, I promise, your patience will be rewarded with this story. I have two chapters to finish here before I start my next story. In the meantime, PLEASE do not hesitate to send your ideas for my final chapters. Is there anything you want JOSH to do for his team? Let me know. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Let’s work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ CHAPTER 14 Readers: Please note that this chapter will be written from Josh’s perspective. Everything seemed to change after that day. I felt more at ease with the team. I knew what was expected of me and accepted it now. I hated to admit to myself that I didn’t mind licking and drinking the team’s cum. I felt like I had a true purpose and the team needed me now. The athletes needed me. I wanted to be there for them. For the first time, I felt like a true member of the Crew team now. I was one of them now. I had a job to do and everyone knew that. I wasn’t an equal member by any means. I knew I was to prioritize the rowers and be there when needed. By serving them, I felt lucky to have a constant supply of cum. The cum that I needed to become just like them. By the way, Nate thanked me later that day for taking his cum in front of the team. I was punished for not asking permission to cum, but I think Nate understood because his cock in my mouth made it impossible to speak. I didn’t want to deny Nate from getting his cum or make him nauseous either. So, just as Nate shot his load in my mouth, I lost my cum on the floor. That merited getting my pussy hole strapped in the coach’s office as punishment. Since then, Nate has been kinda different with me. I was still his bitch, in private, but he seemed “softer” to me now and I felt appreciated more. As far as the hormone replacement therapy, the coach set up a system now. Everyone knew the process. Practices and regattas went on as usual. The difference now was that everything was out in the open. When it was time to reward an athlete with an allowed orgasm, the coach would text me the name and ask where I was located. I simply knew what was expected now. No matter where or when, the athlete needed to be serviced. It was all very discreet. There were no words spoken. The coach would text the athlete my location, he would find me and simply look into my eyes as he discreetly rubbed himself. I was not allowed to speak at all. Then I would stop whatever I was doing and simply follow him. We would usually go directly to Coach’s office and I would service the rower while the Coach did his paperwork at his desk. I was always kept in chastity to prevent any mistakes. While I was servicing the athlete, the coach would uncage me I was told to edge my throbbing cock without cumming the entire time. When the athlete emptied his hormone juice inside me, the coach would say a simple “Good boy”. He would put ice on my cock to shrink it down before putting it back into the chastity cage. I was forbidden to orgasm. So now, the Coach text me…. “Coletti”. I replied “Library” to the coach. Within minutes, Coletti came to the library found me. He would stand very close to me while he rubbed himself. I could smell him. There was no time to go to the coach’s office this time because Coletti, after a full week of cum denial, he needed to cum immediately. He pulled me back into the stacks. When we got to a secluded spot in the middle of the stacks, Coletti pushed me to my knees. I was still in chastity as usual and I wondered how Coletti could follow the Coach’s rules of my forced edging. Coletti then knelt down in front of me and pulled out the key. He must have stopped by the coach’s office on the way to the library so he could unlock me. The cage slipped off and he let it drop to the floor. “You know the rules cox,” Coletti said as he stood up, “get it hard and keep it hard.” With me on my knees, Coletti pushed his cock into my mouth while I jerked my cock. I was so hard and horny that I went to the edge almost immediately. I softly moaned. “Shut up bro,” Coletti said as he slapped me, “you wanna get busted?” He pushed me around on my hands and knees, facing away from him. “You better be clean boy,” Coletti said, “Coach wants the deposit to go directly into your blood stream.” I knew that meant Coletti would cum in my ass. I had no say in the matter at all. I was there to service any rower, at any time, in any way he wanted. The coach gave me an enema bottle and lube that I was to have with me at all times. I was clean but I was not lubed. “What the fuck bitch,” Coletti said, “you’re supposed to be wet all the time.” I said nothing. Coletti wasted no time in spitting on my hole and shoving his cock into me with one long deep thrust. I covered my own mouth to remind me to stay quiet while Coletti gave me his hormone. “You have an amazing hole bitch,” Coletti whispered as he pumped quickly but quietly into my pussy. “uphhhff” I stifled myself. I kept jerking my cock but, frankly, I was afraid to touch it cause I would have cum. “Oh my fuck,” Coletti said, ” I have a nice big load of protein for you bitch.” I felt some pre-cum leaking from my cock. I didn’t want to cum but it is almost impossible to control it now. I almost wish I could suck him because he wouldn’t be smashing my prostate with every thrust, making me crazy with lust. “Don’t make a sound bitch,” Coletti said, “You want my cum in you or not?” I groaned. “Answer me bitch,” he said, “You want my macho seed inside you bitch?” “Ohhh , yes sir,” I whispered, “Pleaseeee…..” “Good boy.” He started rutting into me with short quick jabs deep in my hole. “Im gonna …. Gonna…… ahhh fuck, cum now.” He put his own hand over my mouth to keep me quiet as he rutted into me, cumming. “mmmmffffphh,” Coletti tried to stay quiet too. I was pushed flat onto the floor with the athlete on top of me breathing heavy into my ear. Even though we were both half dressed, I could feel how sweaty he was, dripping onto my face. I was surprised when he licked and bit my ear passionately before getting up and dressing. “Get up,” he said to me, “I gotta put you back in the cage bro.” I turned over and he saw my cock was still throbbing hard. “Fuck bro,” he said, “get that thing down so I can lock you up. I gotta go.” I remember the coach would sometimes pinch my cockhead to make it shrink from the pain. I tried that to myself and it seemed to work momentarily. “I’m not touching your faggot dick bro,” he said, “so you better get that thing into the cage before kocaeli escort you get hard again.” I grabbed the cage and literally stuffed my cock into it as best I could. The skin seemed to overflow but I had to get it locked before Coletti left. After some struggling, I locked it and gave him back the key. He ran out of the library and I went back to my studies. That was the typical scenario for weeks. When I would get back to the room. Nate would literally text the coach and say “Can I fuck him Coach?” I was aware of it but Nate didn’t make it obvious. I just followed his lead and assumed he had permission for everything he did to me…. or made me do to him. We would always start with a foot massage and, eventually, I would lick his feet while he talked dirty to me. “Did you get fucked good today bitch?” Nate would say with his foot in my mouth. I would nod. “Does he fuck you better than me?” I would shake my head immediately. “Nobody fucks you better than me, right bitch?” “Yeth Eer,” I would try to say YES SIR with his toe in my mouth. It seemed that Nate was slightly showing some jealousy. I felt happy about that. Maybe Nate truly liked me. I liked him. I thought about Nate all the time now. Maybe because he was my first but also because I always felt compassion from Nate. Through all the verbal abuse, I felt that Nate had sincere feelings for me. It made me want to please him more. Coach had given him the second key to my chastity cage and was told to spontaneously edge me when ever he wanted as long as I didn’t cum. Even though Nate was the alpha and I was his sub, I felt that he cared about my well-being and seemed to watch out for me. Nate wouldn’t touch my dick, or clit as he called it, but would watch me jerk off until I took myself to the edge of cumming at least 5 times. “You know that clit doesn’t belong to you anymore, right bitch?” Nate would say to me as I edged it. “That clit belongs to me and the team now. During the season, the coach owns all our dicks now. That’s how the coach wins regattas and brings home the championships. Do you get it now?” “Yes sir,” I nodded, “I think I understand now.” “Good girl,” Nate said as he would pat my head like I was his pet. Every edging session was the same. He would make me almost cum 5 times cause he wanted to see plenty of pre-cum leaking out before he locked me up again. Nate would have to put an ice pack on my balls to shrink my cock. It was painful but I was used to the process to get my cock small enough to get it back into the cage. He would always report it back to the coach. Now, he pushed me face down on his bed. I could smell his scent all around me. His sheets and pillow were all scented with his musky natural body odor that I had grown to love. I was on my belly as he spread my legs open. “I’m gonna need another fuck real quick, bitch.” He said as he rubbed my upturned ass. “You’re gonna have to follow rules, as usual, and edge that clit too.” He pulled my cock and balls back between my legs and unlocked the cage again. “Coach wants you edging no matter what,” Nate said, “so lift your ass up and play with your clit while I fuck you.” He continued, “Coach says I need to dump another load inside you before we meet Kaito later.” I was only half listening now because all my thoughts went to the wonderful feeling in my dick. “We’re meeting Kaito?” I asked but he ignored my question. Nate started to play with my hole, sticking one finger inside. Coletti’s cum was still inside my hole. “Ahhh, nice sloppy cunt.” He said, “This cummy hole is gonna feel so good on my cock bitch.” He started to finger fuck me with two fingers now. My cock was rock hard and I felt myself go to the edge quickly. I wanted to cum to bad. I needed to cum. “The coach told me to load you up and then meet Kaito at his apartment.” With very little time wasted, I felt him come up against my ass, preparing to push it in. It amazed me how normal all this felt now. My old life was gone now. My priority now was to take his cum and get the hormone that I so desperately wanted. I knew that I couldn’t cum, so having Nate cum inside me was almost like I was cumming too. I wanted him to cum because I was not allowed too. I realized now that I was addicted to this. I NEEDED cum inside me. “Keep rubbing your clit, bitch,” he said, “but you can’t cum. Just keep it on the edge and tell me before you cum. I’ll try to stop fucking you until you calm down and then start again, understood?” I didn’t reply. Everyone knew the coach was the boss and Nate maintained his loyalty to him and the team. My roommate seemed to be focused on one thing, getting the cum out of his balls and into my ass, without me having an orgasm of my own. There was very little sucking or foreplay because I could tell Nate’s libido was through the roof. He wanted my ass and I liked that. I felt like Nate had feelings for me now. “Fuck back on my cock boy,” Nate said, “I need to cum quick.” I wanted to give Nate everything he wanted. It hurt in my ass but I wanted to be the one to make him feel amazing. So, as I continued masturbating, I fucked back against him and tried to ignore the pain. I wanted to give him a great orgasm so I blocked out my own pain and fucked against him hard. “Fuck bitch,” he groaned, “this feels so fuckin good.” He grabbed my hips and rutted into my hole. He slapped my ass. Again. “Fuck, your ass, …. Your pussy is amazing bitch,” he was babbling now. “I’m gonna cum inside that beautiful pussy now baby. Squeeze that ass.” He called me “baby”? What was happening? I squeezed my hole tightly around his cock. I had to let go of my cock because I felt like I would cum too. Nate was cumming. “UAAAAGGHHHH…. Fuckkkkkk” Nate jabbed his cock into me to the base and held still. I could actually feel the cum shooting through his cock into my hole…. My pussy… Wow, do I have a pussy? It must feel like a girl’s pussy to Nate. He has fucked tons of girls and knows what a real pussy feels like and he likes mine!! I felt so good at that moment. Nate collapsed on top of me and I felt his sweat against my back. He kissed the back of my neck. At that moment, I felt totally fucked up. Im not gay but I have a pussy. I made a man have an amazing orgasm with my pussy just like a girl. Maybe Im not gay, but just identify with being a girl. Fuck. I am so confused now. Fuck. I didn’t move until Nate pushed off me. He pulled up his sweats and threw me a singlet. “We gotta get you back into the cage, bro.” Nate said, “that’s the rules.” He went to the quad kitchen and got some ice. I knew what was coming. I stood still as he bathed my cock and balls in the ice. “OHhhhhh fuckkkkk please Nate,” I said as the frozen pain rushed through my dick. It shrunk immediately. Nate pulled the cage on me and tried to lock it in place. There was clear pre-cum leaking out of my cage. “I don’t wanna see that cum bitch” Nate said, “Hurry and lock that thing up.” I had to reach down to pull my balls through the cage and close the lock until it clicked. “Coach will be proud of you baby.” Nate called me baby again. Wow. “We’re supposed to go to Kaito’s apartment,” Nate said, “Coach wants us to pick up some materials to register for the Championship Regatta.” I pulled up my uniform singlet and followed Nate behind him like I was his dog. There was no conversation. I could instantly feel the crotch of my singlet getting wet as Nate’s cum leaked out of my hole. I tried to keep a distance from him, knowing the smell would make him nauseous. I noticed he was texting someone as we walked. It was probably Kaito, telling him we were on our way to his place. We got to Kaito’s apartment and the door was open. He must have been expecting us. There was nobody in sight but Nate seemed to know exactly where to go. We came to a door and I could hear sounds from inside. They were actually grunting and slapping sounds. I got instantly nervous but would never question kocaeli escort bayan Nate at this point. Nate turned to me with his finger over his lips to be silent and he quietly opened the door without making a sound. I was shocked. In Kaito’s bed was a girl, tied face down and gagged. She had a beautiful ass in sexy panties and nylons with garter belt. Kaito was grunting and slapping her ass. He didn’t look up at us once. It’s as though we weren’t in the room at all. I tried not to gasp as Kaito crawled between her legs and, without warning, pushed his huge cock into her ass. His cock looked bigger than I remember it. From where we were standing, we had a perfect view of his cock fucking in and out of her ass. The girl was moaning as though she loved it. “Be a good girl now and take that fuck, slut.” Kaito said as he pounded into her pussy. Kaito was aggressive and mean as he fucked the girl. He slapped the back of her head and pulled her hair as he fucked her. When he lifted her head I could tell she had heavy makeup but was quite pretty. Holding onto her hair, he kissed her mouth and then spit into it, licking his spit off her face. It was an angry fuck. Kaito must have known we were there but never looked or acknowledged our presence. “Im gonna cum in your slutty cunt bitch.” Kaito said. “Ohhhh, yes Sir,” she moaned as he rutted into her pussy. I watched his muscular ass going up and down as he fucked her. Suddenly, I realized how wrong all this was. We shouldn’t be there but Nate actually stepped in closer to get a better view. Kaito finally looked up at Nate and nodded to him as though they had a secret way of communicating. Nate then got onto the bed and straddled the girl’s head, facing Kaito as he fucked her ass. I could no longer see the girl and only heard muffled groans from underneath Nate’ crotch. “Lift that ass up bitch.” Kaito yelled to the girl who instantly obeyed and lifted her ass higher so he could fuck it harder. He did fuck her harder. Nate leaned forward and used both hands to spread open her ass cheeks while Kaito pounded into her cunt. I don’t think it was her actual cunt cause, as I leaned forward, I could see he was fucking her asshole. “Fuck the bitch bro,” Nate encouraged his teammate while he watched his cock long stroking from tip to base into the hole. Nate started to slap her ass now too. The girl beneath him was sobbing now. Everytime Kaito pounded into her, she would yelp out loud. It looked painful. I think Kaito wanted to give her more pain than pleasure as he jabbed into her ass. I moved forward and saw his entire cock come out completely and drive into her cunt to the base on every stroke. “Hold the bitches cunt open while I seed her bro.” Kaito groaned. “Fuck, here it comes cunt. Take my fucking sperm….. UGHH” Kaito drove into her. UGHGHHG, fuckkkkk soooo fuckin gooood…. Fuck Fuck FUCkkkkkk. Eventually he collapsed on her back, covered in sweaty sheen, as he breathed into her ear. Nate moved back next to me. “Fuckin nice bro,” Nate said to Kaito, “but how’d you do it?” Kaito looked at me and then Nate but made no comment. We were all thinking the same thing but nobody spoke. I was afraid to say anything but couldn’t help but think he broke the team rules. There was supposed to be no girls for the entire season until after the championship regatta. “How’d I do what?” Kaito asked Nate. “Well, you know the rules bro,” Nate replied, “no girls until after the season. Does the coach know you are fucking chicks again?” “First of all bro, you are the one breaking the rules, fucking this faggot,” Nate said as he pointed to me. “What makes you think I broke any rules any way.” Kaito said as he stood up to wipe the sweat off his body. He truly had a beautiful body covered with hair but not too much to show his perfect muscularity. When he finished wiping himself down, he reached over to turn the girl over. She was wearing a chastity cage! She was a he! She had beautiful sexy legs in lingerie, crotchless panties that completely exposed her cock in a pink plastic cage. “Yo, that’s Kyle.” Nate announced. “You were last year’s coxswain.” “I couldn’t give up a good thing bro.” Kaito said, “Coach said no girls but I need to fuck. I am not gay but I needed to improvise. After training Kyle to take dick last year, I realized he was the perfect alternative. Now that she is addicted to cock and cum, it works out for both of us. I need it, and Kyle wants it.” “Yo Kyle,” Nate said, “this is your replacement, Josh.” Kyle looked at me and looked down at my bulge through the spandex. “Hey,” Kyle said as he looked at my bulging chastity cage, “you’ll get use to the cage, don’t worry. You’re doing a good service to the boys. That’s your job now. “Ahh, nice to meet you I guess,” Josh replied as he subconsciously covered his cage. Kaito slapped Kyles panty covered ass. “Come here and clean this up bitch.” He said as he pointed to his slimy cock as he fell back on the bed. Kyle jumped and turned around, keeping his ass lifted and legs spread. “You see how she’s trained to keep her pussy up and exposed boy?” Kaito said to me as he pointed to Kyle’s spread legs. While Kyle sucked Kaito’s cock clean, Nate walked behind the former coxswain to see the view. “Fuck yeah,” Nate exclaimed. “The bitch still has cum dripping out of her hole”. I went over to look at Kyle’s dripping asshole. Nate was right. There were streams of white leaking out of her/his ass. “Fuck,” Nate said, “its making me nauseous Josh. I’m serious, I’m gonna puke if you don’t get rid of this cum right now.” I couldn’t believe what Nate was saying. I know what he needed me to do and the thought almost made me nauseous as well.” “Clean her up boy.” Kaito yelled at me. “She can’t clean herself, can she?” I was close enough for Kaito to reach out and slap the back of my head. Without thinking, I dropped to the bed. I looked up at Nate, who hand his hand over his mouth as though he was holding back his vomit. He looked at me with crazy eyes and frantically pointed to Kyle’s wet dripping asshole. I actually felt bad for Nate and wanted to help him so I leaned on my hands and knees and brought my face to his panty covered ass. I could smell the ass and cum scent as I reached out with my tongue. “You gotta get all of it Josh.” Nate said. When he calls me by my real name, I know he is being serious, so I started licking Kaito’s cum off Kyles hole. I did it for Nate. At first, I thought it was awful but, after a few licks, I didn’t mind it at all. I decided to get Kyle’s asshole very clean and dug my tongue into his hole. “Ohhhh,” Kyle moaned on Kaito’s cock. “Clean that pussy.” Kyle rotated his ass on Josh’s face, loving the softness of his tongue licking his hole. Nate came closer and pushed my face into Kyle’s asshole while spreading his pink hole with his other hand. “You have to get it all bitch,” Nate said as he encouraged me to suck out Kyle’s hole. “That’s a good boy. Eat your captain’s cum from his bitch’s hole.” As I was eating, Nate spoke to Kaito. “This is a fuckin awesome deal, bro.” He said, “You trained her well and now she is addicted to you.” “That is what’s supposed to happen bro.” Kaito replied, “Coach knows exactly what he’s doing and you’re next, don’t worry.” I didn’t know what they were talking about but I was half focused on cleaning up all of Kaito’s cum now. Suddenly, Nate pulled my face back guided me back to a chair. “Sit boy,” he said as Kaito walked toward me with his cock swinging between his legs. “What do you think?” He said to me holding out his still swollen cock. “Did she do a good clean up job, or what?” He put his cock just inches from my face. “Any more pussy smell on my dick boy?” He didn’t expect an answer and stepped back to look me in the eyes. “If you’re smart,” he continued, “this will be our little secret. You won’t mention this to a soul if you know what’s good for you faggot.” “He’s yahya kaptan escort not gay Kaito,” Nate stuck up for me, “Don’t call him a faggot, bro.” I loved Nathan at that moment. “Whatever,” Kaito said, “Just keep your fucking mouth shut bitch cause you’re next.” I was going to ask Kaito what he meant by that last comment but Nate quickly pulled me up. “Come on, let’s go.” He said, “we can pick up the Coach’s paper work later.” We walked out and headed back to our dorm room. The thought of Kaito fucking that sissy bitch would not leave my brain.” When we arrived at the dorm I asked Nate what Kaito meant by that last comment. “What did mean by saying “I’m next”, Nate? I asked him as he fell back on his bed. “Don’t worry about that boy,” Nate replied as he rubbed his cock through his shorts, “there’s something else we need to talk about now.” He crooked his finger to beckon me to come to him. “Uh-ohh” I thought to myself as I walked over to his side of the room. He pointed to the floor in between his legs as he dropped his shorts with only his jockstrap on now. I took my place on my knees at his feet as I was accustomed to now. He was rubbing his jock pouch while looking down at me, as I waited for him to speak. “Come here baby,” Nate said as he pulled my face into his crotch. “Just smell while I try to explain something to you.” I leaned in and smelled his musky man scent as he spread his legs to expose his asshole hiding underneath as well. “You know I am straight Josh,” Nate started, “but this hormone therapy is literally killing me. I have needs Josh but I also have a problem most guys don’t have. Not only do I need to empty my balls daily, but I also can’t look, smell or taste sperm without getting totally nauseous. I can’t really jerk off like most guys even if the Coach allowed it. I used to jerk off in the sink and aim my shots to go directly into the drain, but the team is not allowed to do this any more.” Nate pulled my face closer to his jock pouch. He was getting hard. “Lick the pouch boy.” He said very casually as he continued to talk. “Coach has not allowed us to fuck girls for the whole season and I can’t, realistically, jerk off either. Do you see my problem baby?” Josh was becoming softer now, calling me “baby”. “Im gonna just come right out and get to the point.” He said as I was thinking the same thing. “I like girls Josh.” Nate said, “I can use your ass to take my cum, but you’re a guy. Afterwards, I have felt like it was wrong because you didn’t like it and, frankly, either did I.” Suddenly, Nate sat up and leaned down to look at me in the eyes. He brought his face directly in front of me, with our noses almost touching. I was still on my knees, between his legs as he sat in front of me glaring down. “Josh,” he said softly with our mouths almost touching. “Do you like me?” I was dumbfounded. Shocked and speechless. I just stared back at him. “I mean, I know I’ve been kinda rough on you,” Nate said, “but you know my intentions of helping you join the team were sincere, right?” I didn’t know where this was going. I just nodded. “So, I mean, you like me as a person, right?” He asked again. I nodded. “Well, I like you too,” he said as he laid back on the bed pushing his crotch back in my face. “I mean, I like you as a guy… a roommate… you know.” “Sure Nate,” I finally got the courage to speak. “Well,” Nate continued, “you know Im straight and don’t like boys,… that way… but you seem different Josh. I mean, I don’t look at you like a boy. I mean, the way you take care of me is awesome.” “Take care of you?” I asked. “Yeah, you know what I mean.” He continued. “I like girls.” I like the way they dress and smell. I like pussy. I like how pussy smells and tastes.” He paused, “but the coach has made strict rules about no girls during the season. Then I saw Kyle and realized that Kaito isn’t breaking the rules cause he’s not fucking a girl. Coach encourages me to fuck you Josh, but I do it just cause I have to empty my balls. I want more than that Josh. Don’t you understand?” “You want me to dress like Kyle?” I asked. “Its more than that Josh. I mean, you know I don’t kiss guys… I don’t even wanna think that you have a cock cause that makes me puke. I want to feel like I can be myself with someone. You can understand that right?” Of course I could understand it. I haven’t felt like myself since I joined the team. I said nothing. I looked up at Nate he suddenly sat up again and grabbed me under my arms to pull me up on top of him. It felt awkward to be on top of him. I have never experienced that. He rolled over and laid on top of me. He dropped his head next to mine with his mouth right next to my ear. “I want you to be my girlfriend Josh.” Nate whispered as he kissed my ear. “Nate, you’re not gay so how can I be your girlfriend?” The minute I said that I realized that I should say I’m not gay but I was only thinking about Nate now. “Cause I need a Kyle, Josh.” Nate said, “I need you to be my girl, not my buddy. I need to fuck like real men do and you have such a nice sweet pussy Josh.” I thought about denying that I have a pussy but that would ruin the mood, so I let it go. Nate was now rubbing and grinding his hard cock against my hips. He was always hard now. I was caged. “You are not allowed to cum anyway Josh.” Nate said, “Maybe if I fuck you, you can have an orgasm too. You know, like a real girl does. So, you see, it’s a win win for both of us baby.” Nate was grinding and getting hornier now. “Don’t you want me Josh? I will be a good boyfriend to you, I promise.” Nate was so cute at that very moment. I wanted to obey him and do things for him. I don’t know why. “Yes,” I said softly, “I will do it Nate.” “You will?” Nate pulled back to look at him, “You will be my girl? Do you know what that means Josh?” I just stared at him. “You are no longer Josh. You will be my cunt, or my bitch, or my slut. You will do whatever I say at all times. You will have no choices. I will decide evetything for you, including what you wear and who you fuck outside the team.” “Outside the team?” I said, “What makes you think I will fuck anyone outside the team?” “Because you will obey me.” Nate explained, “My real girlfriend will be my whore. She will simply obey me or be punished. I will be more than just your boyfriend. I will be your owner and your master” He waited awhile. “You agreed to be my girlfriend right?” I paused. “This is your last chance Josh.” Nate said as he kissed my ear, “from now on, you are only my roommate, or you’re my girlfriend, who will know her place as my submissive bitch. He grinded his cock in between my legs. I naturally lifted my legs to let him into my asscrack. “That means you will have to be a girl Josh. A real girl in my eyes. A girl who dresses for her man and serves her man in whatever way he chooses.” He stopped suddenly. Paused and brought his face directly in front of mine, nose to nose. He said, “I need to believe that I am fucking a real girl, OK Josh?” He stared at me with those beautiful puppy eyes. I wanted to make Nate happy. Ever since he first fucked me before our first race, he was right, I did love his cock inside me and the feeling I had when it rubbed against my G spot. If I was being truthful to myself, I loved it and I loved Nate for helping me realize it for the first time. He said I would be addicted to his cock and he was right. I needed Nate as much as he needed me. “Yes,” I groaned as I felt his cock head rub across my asshole. “I will be your girlfriend Nate.” –to be continued— READERS: Again, Thank you to all the emails I have received with comments and ideas. I love your perverted ideas and have tried to incorporate them into the story. Let me know if there is something you want Josh to experience. Also, please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE… Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive male vs male power struggle. I believe that sexual control of one man over another is a huge turn on for me. NO, ALL MEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. LOL. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails.

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